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AAPG Annual Meeting, April 18-21, 2004 – Dallas, Texas


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Oil and Gas Interests Are Securities: Consequences for Deal Promotion
by David M. Abbott

Subsurface Well-Log Correlation of Arsenic-Bearing Lithofacies in the Permian Garber Sandstone and Wellington Formation, Central Oklahoma Aquifer (COA), Cleveland County, Oklahoma
by Ben N. Abbott, Stanley T. Paxton, Robert W. Puls, and Jamie L. Schlottmann

Role and Contribution of Reservoir Characterization in Improving Hayrocarbon Recovery, Zeit Bay Field, Gulf of Suez
by Samir Ahmed Abd El-Aal,  Khaled Mohamed Abd Allah, and Abd El-Azim El-Sayed

Reservoir Facies within the Deepwater Sandstones of the Falcon Field – Western Gulf of Mexico 
by Ken Abdulah, Kim Doud, Myron Cook, David Keller, Mark Bengtson, Terry Jensen, and Bevan Alwin

Free Gas and Gas Hydrate: Proof of the Coexistence in Marine Environment and Implication for the Hydrate Formation 
by Friedrich Abegg, Johannes Freitag, Gerhard Bohrmann, and Warner Brueckmann

Significance of Gas Extracted from Marine Sediments to Evaluate Subsurface Hydrocarbon Generation and Charge 
by Michael A. Abrams

Discrete Fracture/Fault Network Models and Structural Uncertainty 
by Rolf V. Ackermann

Integrated 4D Physical Simulation of Tectonic Processes and Hydrocarbon Dynamics in the Neogene Thrust Belt of Eastern Sicily 
by Juergen Adam, Rolando di Primio, Juliette Lamarche, and Magdalena Scheck-Wenderoth

Connectivity in Carbonate Reservoirs: Solving Tough Plumbing Problems 
by Aaron J. Adams, Wayne M. Ahr

Outcrop Analog for Lateral and Vertical Reservoir Heterogeneity in the Late Jurassic-Age Hanifa Formation, Saudi Arabia 
by Roy D. Adams, A.G. Al-Dhubeeb, M. M. Al-Khalid, N. S. Alnaji, G. Wyn ap G. Hughes, and R. L. Lindsay

Hydrothermal Dolomite and Hydrocarbon Reservoirs 
by Wayne Merrill Ahr 

Microbial Buildups as Hydrocarbon Reservoirs 
by Wayne M. Ahr, Dylan Morgan

Seismic Derived Velocity Models For Drillability Assessment: Resolution Requirements and Scaling Strategies 
by Martin L. Albertin

Exploitation of the Chicontepec Turbiditic Plays, Central Mexico 
by L. Octavio Alcazar-Cancino, J. Manuel Rodriguez-Dominguez, and Luis Robles-Vega

High Resolution Sequence Stratigraphy of Permo-Triassic Khuff Carbonate Reservoirs, Ghawar Field, Saudi Arabia – A Field-Scale Characterization Study 
by Raid K. Al-Dakhil, Ghazi A. Al-Eid, Aus A. Al-Tawil, Rick R. Davis, and Shoaib M. Rawasia

Optical-Radar-DEM Data Integration for Mapping Morphologically-Defined Structures in Extensional Tectonic Regions: Examples from the Afar Depression, Ethiopia 
by Mengesha Alebachew, Allison Kennedy Thurmond, and Mohamed G. Abdelsalam

Seal Integrity, Trapping Mechanism, and the Retention of Large Hydrocarbon Columns in Stratigraphic/Subtle Traps 
by Jack Allan, S. Qing Sun

Neotectonic Deformation and Hydrocarbon Accumulation in Russia 
by Mark Allen, Eric Blanc, Clare Davies, Adrian Heafford, Robert Scott, Stephen Vincent, and Larisa Voronova

Faults and Fractures in Anticlinal Reservoirs in the Middle East and South Caspian Regions 
by Mark Allen, Eric Blanc, and Christopher Wibberley

A Sedimentologic and Plant Taphonomic Evaluation of the Early Middle Devonian Trout Valley Formation, Maine 
by Jonathan P. Allen, Robert A. Gastaldo

Variations of In Situ Stresses as Indicators of Active Fractures and Faults 
by M. Lee Allison

Interoperability of Databases and Software Tools: Building Geoinformatics and the Cyberinfrastructure 
by M. Lee Allison, Chaitan Baru

Sealevel, Climate, and the Causes of Marine Biological Diversity 
by Warren D. Allmon

Seal Character and Variability Within Deep-Marine Depositional Systems: Part II -Seal Quantification and Prediction 
by William A. Almon, William C. Dawson

Sequence Stratigraphic Controls on Dolomitization, Structural Deformation and Fracture Distribution in Carbonate Strata, the Cupido Formation, Sierra Madre Oriental, Northeast Mexico 
by Younis K. Altobi, R. K. Goldhammer, and Daniel J. Lehrmann

Geologic Controls on Neogene Deep-Water and Shelf Gas Plays, Laguna Madre-Tuxpan Continental Shelf, Eastern Mexico
by William A. Ambrose, Tim F. Wawrzyniec, Khaled Fouad, L. F. Brown, Shinichi Sakurai, David C. Jennette, Edgar H. Guevara, Mario Aranda Garcia, Ulises Hernández Romano, Ramón Cárdenas Hernández, Eduardo Macías Zamora, and Suhas C. Talukdar

Fault Deformation Studies of Rootless Detachments: Implications for Assessing Regional Extension 
by Mark H. Anders, Christopher D. Walker, and Nicholas Christie-Blick

How Did the Quaternary Submarine Fans of the Antarctic Region Form and What Do They Tell Us About the Role of Sediment Mass Transport in Fan Evolution? 
by John B. Anderson

The Relationship between Sequence Stratigraphy, Depositional Systems, Salt Tectonics, and Compressional Folding in the Central US Gulf of Mexico 
by Gillian M. Apps, Frank J Peel

The Identification of The Depostional Environments of the Cruse, Forest and Morne L’Enfer Formations in the Southern Half of the Gulf of Paria, Trinidad, West Indies 
by Curtis Archie

Upper Pennsylvanian Cyclothems in East-Central Idaho: A Record of Relative Sea-Level Fluctuations on the Western Margin of Laurentia 
by Bonny J. Archuleta, Michael C. Pope, Matthew L. Tremblay

Stratigraphic Framework and Architectural Evolution of Channel and Lobe Complexes – West Africa /Nigeria 
by Luci M. Arienti, Marco A. S. Moraes, Valter R. Etgeton, Ricardo T. Castellani, and Jair R. de S. Soares

Statistical and Geostatistical Analyses of Coal-Bed Methane Production in the Raton Basin, New Mexico and Colorado 
by Bill W. Arnold,  J. Matthew Herrin, and Paul M. Basinski

Outcrop-based Investigation of Thin-siltstone Beds in Basin Floor Fan Deposits and their Effects on Reservoir Flow 
by M. J. Arnot, G. H. Browne, and P. R. King

Structureless, Coarse-Tail Graded Strata of the Neoproterozoic Isaac Formation (Windermere Supergroup), Western Canada: Indicators of Internal Hydraulic Jumps 
by  R. William C. Arnott, Suzanne F. Leclair

Influence of a Silled Basin on the Deposition of the Lower Jurassic Nordegg Member (Fernie Formation) of Western Canada 
by M. M. Asgar-Deen, C. L. Riediger

Use of Upper Jurassic Coral-Microbial and Thrombolite Reef Buildups of Northeast Spain as Outcrop Analogs for Upper Jurassic Microbial Reef Petroleum Reservoirs 
by Marcos Aurell, Beatriz Bádenas, Ernest A. Mancini, William C. Parcell, and Juan Carlos Llinas

Deformation Structures in Poorly Consolidated Clastic Sediments of Varying Grain Size 
by Atilla Aydin, Peter Eichhubl

CO2 Sequestration Potential Of Texas Low-Rank Coals 
by Walter B. Ayers, Jorge L. Garduño, Henri Morand, Duane A. McVay, Rahila I. Ramazanova, and Jerry L. Jensen

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Seismic Reservoir Description and Uncertainty Estimation: Examples from Clastic Basins 
by Ran Bachrach, Nader Dutta

Lower Cretaceous Microbial Deposits, Northeastern Gulf of Mexico 
by Marcello Badali

Slope Channel Evolution: Near-Surface Depositional Processes Inferred from 3D Seismic Data, Offshore Nile Delta, Egypt 
by Gianluca Badalini, Jonathan Redfern, Andrew Samuel, Roger Heath, Stuart Burley, Nick Steel, and Ramadan Ramadan

Gassmann Revisited: Variations in Dynamic Shear Modulus of Carbonate Rocks 
by Gregor T. Baechle, Ralf J. Weger, and Gregor P. Eberli

Extent of the Devonian Mandata Shale May Control Gas Production from the Silurian-Devonian Helderberg Group, West Virginia (U.S.A.) 
by Noelia Baez, Christopher S. Swezey, John E. Repetski, Robert L. Ripperdan, and E. Charlotte Sullivan

Karst Breccia and Bank Collapse Breccia; Implications for Reservoir Characterization of the McMurray Formation, Alberta, Canada 
by Corinne A. Bagdan, S. George Pemberton

Exploration Technology Strategy and Centralized Management Systems 
by Mike Bahorich, Lisa Stewart, and Mike Cavanaugh

The Effect of Porosity Preserving Clay Coating on Permeability: Examples from Deeply Buried Sandstone Reservoirs Offshore Norway 
by Inger Bakken, Ruth Elin A. Midtbø, and Johannes M. Rykkje

Geochemical Methods Beyond Cl/Br for Distinguishing Brines 
by Konrad J. Banaszak

Visualizing Reservoir Architecture and Connectivity in Pompano Field, Gulf of Mexico, a Deepwater Slope Channelized System 
by Laura A. Banfield, Stan G. Davis, Ginny Riggert, Joshua C. Turner, Holly L. Harrison, Karen L. Lubke, and Russ A. Schrooten

Changes in Latitude, Changes in Attitude: Two Outstanding Modern Occurrences of the Teredolites Ichnofacies 
by Kerrie L. Bann, Murray K. Gingras, and James A. MacEachern

Revised Subsurface Cambrian Sub-Knox Lithostratigraphy for Ohio Suggests the Proto Illinois-Michigan Basin Was Separated from the Rome Trough and Proto Appalachian Basin by Precambrian Paleotopography 
by Mark T. Baranoski

The Stratigraphical Evolution of the Paraíba Basin, NE Brazil: a Basic Analysis Using Sequence Stratigraphy Tools 
by José Antonio Barbosa, Ebenezer Moreno Souza, Mário Lima Filho, and Virgínio Henrique Neumann

Incised Valley Fill Stratigraphic Model for Upper(?) Pennsylvanian, Bedrock Aquifers in Central Lower Michigan 
by David A. Barnes

Climate Change and Shelf Physiography -- Their Role in Shaping Sequence Architecture: An Example from the East China Sea 
by Louis Bartek, Robert Wellner, and Jeff D. Warren

Understanding Hydrocarbon Recovery in Deepwater Reservoirs: Modeling Outcrop Data in the Third Dimension 
by Mark Barton, Ciaran O'Byrne, Carlos Pirmez, Brad Prather, Pieter Slik, Ru Smith, Gary S. Steffens, and Frans Van der Vlugt

Identifying Low Resistivity Pay in the Cotton Valley Sand Using a Pulse Neutron Tool 
by Terry G. Bates, James W. Hankla, Thomas E. Voytovich, and Gary Hall

Preliminary High Resolution Sequence Stratigraphy of upper Mississippian (Chesterian) Age Mixed Siliciclastic and Carbonate Facies from South-central Idaho to Southwest Montana 
by Liselle Batt 

Gas Hydrates of the Northern Gulf of Mexico from Standard Processing of Vertical Line Array and Deep-towed Data: Structural Control on Seafloor Deformation and Slope Destabilization 
by Bradley M. Battista, Camelia Knapp, Erika Geresi, Tom McGee, Ross Chapman, Allen Lowrie, and  J. Robert Woolsey

Oblique Shortening Following Oblique Extension: An Experimental Study of Their Relative Influence on The Geometry of Inversion Structures 
by Mark S. Baum, Jennifer A. Elder Brady, Roy W. Schlische, and Martha Oliver Withjack

A Local Source for Hypersaline Mineralizing Fluids in Southeast Ireland: Implications for Deep Circulation Along Extensional Faults in a Tectonically Complex Region 
by Stephen P. Becker, Zsolt R. Nagy, Jay M. Gregg, Aaron W. Johnson, Kevin L. Shelton, and Ian D. Somerville

The Influence of Microbial Populations and Hydrology on Natural Biodegradation of Subsurface Crude-Oil Contamination 
by Barbara Bekins, Frances Hostettler, Ean Warren, William Herkelrath, Geoff Delin, Hedeff Essaid, and Isabelle Cozzarelli

3D Cretaceous Rudist Reef Reservoir Model; Integration of GPR, RTK GPS, and LiDAR 
by J. A. Bellian, Charles Kerans, Ted Playton, Xavier Janson, James Jennings, and Paul Dunn

Factors Influencing Slope Channel Turbidite Development: Insights from Recent Channel Systems and Application to Reservoir Prediction 
by Andrei V. Belopolsky, Mick Casey, Kristian E. Meisling, Samuel R. Johnson, Rosemarie T. Ramkhelawan, Virginia Riggert, L. Micaela Smith, Lonnie J. Blake, Robert A. Hutton, and Peter J. Evans

Impact of Gravity Modeling in the Foz do Amazonas Basin, Offshore NE Brazil 
by Peter Bentham, Mark Longacre, and Kevin Boyd

Mackenzie Delta: Mobile Shale System and Exploration Implications 
by Christopher L. Bergquist, Peter P. Graham, and Dennis H. Johnston

Petroleum System Analysis of the Orinoco Platform, Offshore Eastern Venezuela 
by Luis M. Bernardo, Adry Bissada

Architecture of the Rhone Subaqueous Delta: Stepped-Sea-level Rise and Avulsions 
by Serge Pierre Berné

Deltas Revisited 
Janok P. Bhattacharya

Four-Dimensional Analysis of the Whittier Fault, Los Angeles Basin, California: A Model for Oil-Productive, Inverted Half-Grabens Associated with Continental Transform Fault Systems 
by Tom Bjorklund

Compaction Driven Fluid Flow in Overpressured Compartments 
by Knut Bjørlykke, Unn G. Gundersen, and Jens Jahren

Optimum Surface Geochemical Methods Applied to the Faerows-Shetlands Region, N.E. Atlantic Margin 
by Malvin Bjoroy, Ian L. Ferriday, and Wallace G. Dow

Value Creation through Exploration 
by David Black

Calibration of the AAPG Geothermal Survey of North America BHT Data Base 
by David Blackwell, Maria Richards

Comparative Studies of Modern, Quaternary and Ancient Seaways: Building Depositional Models for Hydrocarbon Exploration and Production - A Review 
by Stuart Blackwood, Shuji Yoshida, Ron Steel, Robert Dalrymple, Allard Martinius, and Rob Gawthorpe

Cores and Cuttings - An Extraordinary Resource 
by Beverly Blakeney DeJarnett, Laura C. Zahm

Fluvial System Response to a Climate Aberration- Characterizing the Paleocene/Eocene Thermal Maximum in the Wasatch Formation, Western Colorado 
Andrea M. Blecha

Signatures of Climate vs. Sea-Level Change in Quaternary Incised Valley-Fill Successions: Examples from the Texas Gulf Coast 
by Mike Blum

Early Paleozoic Tectonics and Stress Fields from 3-D Seismic Attributes, Central Basin Platform, West Texas 
by Charles H. Blumentritt, Kurt J. Marfurt, E. Charlotte Sullivan, Alfred Lacazette, Michael Murphy

Natural Gas Resource Assessment at DOE's National Energy Technology Laboratory 
by Ray M. Boswell

Regional Structural Setting and Evolution of the Northeastern Deep Gulf of Mexico 
by Renaud Bouroullec, Paul Weimer, and Olivier Serrano

Late Neogene Paleobathymetry, Relative Sea Level, and Basin Margin Subsidence, Northwest San Joaquin Basin, California 
by J. Richard Bowersox

Estuaries and Incised Valleys 
by Ron Boyd, Robert Dalrymple, and Brian Zaitlin

Comparison of the Cretaceous Paddy Estuary, Canada and the Modern Hervey Bay, Australia – Insights from Analog Modeling 
by Ron Boyd, Dale A. Leckie

Geochemical Forms of Phosphorus in Sediments of a Sludge Disposal Lake 
by John R. Branom, Dibyendu Sarkar, and Rupali Datta

Design and Operational History of a Non-Hazardous Oil and Gas Waste Disposal Cavern on the Texas Gulf Coast 
by Carl L. Brassow

Use of Dipmeter Data in the Definition of the Internal Architecture of Point Bar Deposits in the Athabasca Oilsands: Implications for the Middle McMurray Formation in the Hangingstone Area, Alberta 
by Howard Brekke, Richard Evoy

Response of Shallow Marine Biotas to Sea Level Fluctuations: Environmental Tracking and the Persistence of Biofacies 
by Carlton E. Brett, Patrick I. McLaughlin

Gravity Calculations from 3-D, Geologically-Driven Models: A New Approach 
by Graham Brew

Fluvial Facies Models for Petroleum Geologists 
by John Stuart Bridge

Play Analysis and Digital Portfolio of Major Oil Reservoirs in the Permian Basin: New Mexico 
by Ronald F. Broadhead, William D Raatz, Shirley P. Dutton, and Eugene M. Kim

Gas Hydrates in Seabed Sediments Offshore Trinidad/Barbados 
by James M. Brooks, Bernie B. Bernard, and Neil S. Summer

Deep Water Surface Geochemical Exploration Coring: Hit Rates, USBL-Positioning and Target Size 
by James M. Brooks, Bernie B. Bernard, Neil S. Summer, and Gary A. Cole

Use of Geochemical Modeling for the Prediction of CO2 Fate in Geological Reservoirs : Some Problems and Some Solutions
by Etienne Brosse, Caroline Magnier, and Benoit Vincent

Strategic Play Analysis – Advantages of a Fully Stochastic Approach 
by P. Jeffrey Brown

Estimating Paleo Heat Flow in Cratonic and Foreland Basins: a Proposed Methodology with Application to the Delaware Basin Area, West Texas and New Mexico 
by Alton A. Brown

Potentiometric Mapping of Deep Aquifers Using Environmental Head 
by Alton A. Brown

Role of Lowstand Deposition in Mobilizing Shale Ridges that Established Successive Shelf Edges, Oligocene Frio Formation (32-23.6 Ma), Gulf of Mexico Basin, South Texas 
by L. Frank Brown, Robert G. Loucks, Ramón H. Treviño, and Ursula Hammes

The Ellison Miles Geotechnology Institute and Brookhaven Community College: Partnering for Geoscience Outreach and Education 
by Diane K. Brownlee

The Rio Doce Canyon System in the Northern Espirito Santo Basin, Offshore Brazil: A Model For Interpreting Ancient Deep-Water Sand Transportation Fairways 
by Eugene R. Brush, Joseph C. Fiduk, Frank Love, Peter Gibbs, Stiig Brink-Larsen, and George Farrow

Structural Styles of Hydrothermal Dolomite Reservoirs in the Michigan Basin 
by Ron Budros

Reducing Uncertainty in Burial And Thermal History Modeling of The Colville Basin, Alaska North Slope 
by W. Matthew Burns, Daniel O. Hayba, Elisabeth L. Rowan, and David W. Houseknecht

Geology of the Upper Devonian Grosmont Carbonate Bitumen Deposit, Northern Alberta, Canada 
by Beate E. Buschkuehle, Matthias Grobe

Acid Gas Injection into Upper Devonian Carbonates in West-Central Alberta, Canada - Analogues for Geological Sequestration of Carbon Dioxide 
by Beate E. Buschkuehle, Karsten Michael, Kristine Haug, and Stefan Bachu

Facies Geometry Delineation & Rock and Fluid Property Distribution from Multi-Attribute Classification and Data Mining Technologies: A New Paradigm in the Generation of Hydrocarbon Prospects 
by Jay Byers, M. Turhan Taner, Richard Uden, Maggie Smith, and Naum Derzhi

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Bridging the Gap Between Sub-Seismic Geological Heterogeneity and Large Scale Dynamic Data: A Streamline Approach 
by Jef Caers

From Borehole to Basin - 3D Numerical Modelling of the Cap Seal in the Penola Trough, Onshore Otway Basin, South Australia 
by Bronwyn A. Camac, Suzanne Hunt, and Peter Boult

Deformation Associated with Emplacement of Allochthonous Salt in the Perdido Fold Belt, Gulf of Mexico 
by Rion H. Camerlo, Stacy A. Smith

Clinoform Geometries; Evolution, and Sediment Distribution: Examples from the Norwegian North Sea and the Megara Basin, Greece 
by Kathryn L. Canner, Steve Corfield, Emma Finch, and Tom Dreyer

Enhanced Porosity Development in the Arab-D as a Result of Alteration by Hydrothermal Fluids 
by Dave L. Cantrell, P. K. Swart

Nevada-Arizona-Utah: Pattern Recognition & 3D Visual-Spatial Analyses of Fold-Thrust Structure with Multi-Phase Reactivation and Inversion 
by James A. Carpenter

The Cutting Edge of Debate in Extensional Tectonics 
by James A. Carpenter

Models for Environmentally Sound and Economically Viable Carbon Dioxide Sequestration Opportunities 
by Timothy R. Carr, Alan P. Byrnes, Martin K. Dubois, and Scott W. White

Exploration Risk and Uncertainty: Why Should We Accept Them? 
by Peter D. Carragher

Risking and Ranking Petroleum Migration Models 
by Dan Carruthers

Integrated Pore Pressure Prediction for the HPHT Rhum Gas-Condensate Field, Block 3/29, UKCS 
by Stephen Cawley, Tim Watts

Cyclical Deepwater Sedimentation in a Ponded Mini-Basin, Donkey Bore Syncline, South Australia 
by Nathan Ceglar, Mark R. W. Reilly, Tobias H. D. Payenberg, and Simon C. Lang

Thrust Faulting in the Frontal Ouachitas and the Arkoma Basin in Southeastern Oklahoma: Implications for Gas Exploration 
by Ibrahim Cemen, Marline Collins, Steve Hadaway, Osman Kaldirim, Gultekin Kaya, Justin Evans, and Kris McPhail

The Borealis Field, North Slope, Alaska: Integrated Field Development Planning in a Heterogeneous Reservoir Sand 
by Philip F. Cerveny, Frank A. Paskvan, Francis O. Rollins, Bruce W. Smith, Tina R. Foster, Margaret S.. Wong, and Donald W. Ince

Carmen Field: Increasing Reserves and Exploration Potential with Sequence Stratigraphy 
by Alejandro A. Chalco

The Effect of Stress Path on Reservoir Compaction and Permeability 
by Alvin W. Chan, Mark D. Zoback

Surface Geochemical Evaluation Of Green Canyon BLK.608, Gulf Of Mexico: A Comparison Of Seabed Seeps And Reservoir Hydrocarbon Fluids 
by Ahmed Chaouche, Peter Gamwell, and James Brooks

Conventional and Continuous Oil and Gas Accumulations - A Spectrum, Not a Dichotomy 
by Ronald R. Charpentier, Troy Cook

Rock Properties - The Link Between Wireline and Pre-Stack Seismic Data
by Alvaro Chaveste, Bruce Hill, and Darrel Corcoran

Mechanisms of Compaction of Quartz Sand at Diagenetic Conditions 
by Judith S. Chester, Steven C. Lenz, Frederick M. Chester, Andreas K. Kronenberg, and Richard A. Lang

Outcrop Analogs in Utah: Templates for Reservoir Characterization and Modeling 
by Thomas C. Chidsey, Craig D. Morgan, and Kevin McClure

Reservoir Geological Application of a New, Improved Wireline Borehole Imager and New Image Interpretation Software: Examples from Fort Worth and Permian Basins 
by Vivek Chitali, John Quirein, Tegwyn Perkins, Ron Stamm, and Chuck Edmiston

Thrust Tectonic Movement Provided Hydrocarbon Traps Through The VLE 400 Fault in The Maracaibo Basin, Venezuela 
by Byeonggoo Choi, Joel S. Watkins

Source Areas of the San Solomon Spring System, West Texas: Chemical and Isotopic Evidence 
by Ali H. Chowdhury, Cindy Ridgeway, and Robert E. Mace

Redevelopment of a Mature Field in the Face of Seismic Uncertainty: Vermilion 252 Field, Gulf of Mexico 
by Leonard Cichowski, Roel Garcia, Robert James, David Paddock, and Dan Shan

Successful Degradation of Benzene Groundwater Plume at a Former E&P Location in East Texas After Application of Oxygen Release Compound 
by Y. Lynn Clark, Mark Kevin Boyd, and Jennifer A. Rode

Subsurface Mapping of Hydrocarbon Reservoirs Using Selective Analysis of Soil or Sediment Particle Surfaces 
by J. Robert Clark, Gregory T. Hill, and Reed Tompkins

Developing Effective Programs for Enhancing Geoscience Education: The Role of the State Geological Survey 
by Sigrid J. Clift

A Re-Examination of Clastic Shoreface and Shelf Facies Models 
by  H. Edward Clifton

Style and Timing of Andean Contraction, Middle Magdalena Basin and Cordillera Oriental, Colombia 
by Peter R. Cobbold, Luis A. Gomez

Structural Interpretation of the Monagas Foreland and Thrust Belt, Eastern Venezuela 
by Luz Sophia Cobos

A Delicate Balance 
by Michael D. Cochran

Representation of Geological Heterogeneities by a Forward and Stochastic Modelling of Meandering Fluvial System 
by  Isabelle Cojan, Olivier Fouche, Simon Lopez, and Jacques Rivoirard

The Deepwater GoM Petroleum System: Seepage Distribution Using Piston Coring and Their Definition 
by Gary A. Cole, Rick Requejo, Alan Yu, Jim Brooks, Bernie Bernard, John Zumberge, and Stephen Brown

Choosing the Right Analog 
by  J. L. Coleman

Comparative Analysis of the Petroleum System Potential of Delta-front Deep Water Reservoirs of the World’s Great Rivers 
by  J. L. Coleman

Advances in the Collection and Isotopic Analysis of Mud Gases 
by Dennis D. Coleman, Steven R. Pelphrey, and Todd M. Coleman

Occurrence of Gas Hydrate and Associated Free-Gas Accumulations on Hydrate Ridge, Offshore Oregon, USA 
by Timothy S. Collett, David S. Goldberg, Aleksandra Janik, and Gilles Guerin

Wellbore Completion Methods and Water Production of CBM Wells in the Powder River Basin 
by Lourdes B. Colmenares, Mark D. Zoback

Reactivated Forced Folds on the Arabian Penisula 
by Thomas C. Connally, Donald A. Rodgers

Reducing Seal and Charge Risk by Detecting Fluid Migration Pathways Using Seismic Data 
by David L. Connolly, Fred Aminzadeh, and Herald Ligtenberg

Natural Fracture Patterns within the Raton Basin of Colorado and New Mexico 
by Scott P. Cooper, Paul M. Basinski, Rich Larson, James M. Herrin, and Russell G. Keefe

Lithology and Fluid Prediction: Well Ties and the “Rock-Physics Bottleneck” 
by Richard Cooper, Matthew Carr, Naum Derzhi, M. Turhan Taner, Richard Uden, Jack Petrovich Dvorkin, Joel Walls, and Gary Mavko

Morphology and Kinematics of Deformed Salt-Bearing Areas Investigated by Physical Modeling 
by Elisabetta Costa, Cristian Cavozzi, and Nicolò Doglioni

Reservoir Management of Fractured Carbonate Fields 
by Gary D. Couples,  J. M. Questiaux, and N. Ruby

The Outlook for Gas Hydrates in the Western Black Sea: Technology and Economics 
by Constantin Cranganu, Boyko Nitzov

Map-Based Charge Modeling in the Eastern Black Sea, Offshore Georgia 
by Steven G. Crews

Bridging the Gap from Seismic to Sub-Seismic Reservoir Heterogeneities with Limited Well Control 
by  Syrie .V. Crouch, David. C. Brown

Computer Animations in Public Outreach: Geologic Animations in Visitor Centers of National Parks 
by Ryan Crow, Paul Weimer, John Roesink, Jay Austin, Richard Couture, Byron Boyle, William Hood, Laura Crossey, and Karl Karlstrom

Comparison of Fluvial, Deep and Shallow Delta-Front Channels-Fills Builts by Lateral Accretion in the Montanana Fluvio-estuarine, Morillo Turbidites and Sobrabe Delta Systems, (South-Central Pyrenees, Spain): Implications on Sediment Transfer Mechanism from Shelf to Deep Basin 
by Philippe Crumeyrolle, Eduard Remacha, Philippe Razin, Ferran Bolano, Gemma Gual, and Ferran Climent

Extensional Tectonics and Salt Structures, Marib-Shabwa Basin, Yemen 
by Istvan Csato

Porosity Reduction in Meteoric-Marine Mixing Zones: Case Studies Illustrate some of the Controls on Calcite and Aragonite Precipitation in Mixing-Zones 
by Anita E. Csoma, Robert H. Goldstein

A New Upper Oligocene Oil Play in the Southern Burgos Basin, Mexico 
by Antonio Cuevas Leree, Rogelio Muñoz-Cisneros, Pedro Silva-Saldivar, Victor Hugo De la Rosa-R, Esmer O. Rivas-R, Jesus Gonzalez-O, and Ramiro Fernandez-Turner

Historical Synopsis and Geological Framework of Hydrocarbon Plays, Continental Shelf, Southwestern Gulf of Mexico 
by Antonio Cuevas-Leree, Mario Aranda-Garcia, Juan R. Roman-Ramos, and Jose Morales-Marin

Geology of the Basin-Centered Gas Accumulation, Piceance Basin, Colorado 
by Stephen Cumella

Lacustrine-Sourced Oils of the Cuu Long Basin, Vietnam: Composition, Origin and Exploration Significance 
by J. A. Curiale, W. G. Dow

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Producing Heavy Oil in Deep-Waters> The Success Case of the Jubarte Oil Field, Campos Basin, Southeastern Brazil 
by Hercules Tadeu Da Silva,  Robert. A. Bonora Vieira, and Fernando T. Fontes

Integrated Log Analysis for Facies Identification and Permeability Prediction in a Complex Carbonate Giant Field 
by Chawki Dabbouk, Hamad Bu Al-Rougha, Hedhili B. Mohamed Gossa, Paolo Ferraris, and Muatasam H. Al-Raisi

Physical Rock Properties of Gas Hydrate Bearing Sediments, Geophysical Modeling, Inversion and Quantitative Volumetric Estimation in the Deepwater Gulf of Mexico 
by Jianchun Dai, Haibin Xu, Fred Snyder, Lecia Muller, Adam Koesoemadinata, Diana Gillespie, Gary Wool, and Nader Dutta

Update on Coalbed Methane Desorption Results from the Kenai Peninsula, Cook Inlet Alaska 
by Todd A. Dallegge, C. E. Barker

Integrated Sedimentological and Forward Seismic Modelling of the Cook Formation (Oseberg field, offshore Norway) 
by Rory Dalman, Marinus Eric Donselaar, Tom Dreyer, Stefan Luthi, and Gerrit Toxopeus

Time Evolution of Meandering Submarine Channels 
by Himangshu Das, Chris Reed, and Alan Niedoroda

Quaternary Stratigraphy and Sedimentology of the Ganga-Yamuna Interfluve, Himalayan Foreland Basin, India 
by Ananda S. Dasgupta, Rajiv Sinha, S. K. Tandon, and Martin Gibling

Effect of Soil-Aging on Geochemical Fate of Arsenic in Pesticide-Contaminated Soils 
by Rupali Datta, Dibyendu Sarkar

Early History of Surface Geochemical Exploration 
by Martin J. Davidson

Hydrothermal (thermobaric) Dolomite and Leached Limestone Reservoirs: General Principles Genetic Connections, and Economic Significance in Canada 
by Graham R. Davies

An Integrated Study of the Sedimentology, Stratigraphy and Coal Petrography of the Sunnyside Member of the Blackhawk Formation, Book Cliffs, Eastern Utah 
by Roy C. Davies, John A Howell, Stephen Flint, Claus Diessel, and Ron Boyd

Identifying High Resolution Records of Base-Level and Climate Change Using Coal Seam Micro-Stratigraphy 
by Roy C. Davies, John A. Howell, Stephen Flint, Claus Diessel, and Ron Boyd

Petrographic Analysis, Sequence Stratigraphy and 3-D Modelling of the Sunnyside Coal Seam, Blackhawk Formation, Book Cliffs, Eastern Utah 
by  Roy C. Davies, John A. Howell, Stephen Flint, Claus Diessel,  and Ron Boyd

Fracture Characterization Across a Complex Structure: Arbuckle Anticline, Oklahoma 
by Russell Davies, David W. McDonald, Alton Brown, and Rob Knipe

A Field Study of Rift through Passive Margin Development and Laramide Deformation in Triassic and Jurassic Strata of the Sierra Madre Oriental, NE Mexico 
by Matthew H. Davis, R. K. Goldhammer, Randall Marrett, and Dan Lehrmann

Seal and Reservoir Characterization of Upper Slope Fan Lithofacies: Example of High-Frequency Variability 
by William C. Dawson, William R. Almon, and Steven J. Johansen

Volume Visualization, Fast Track Interpretation, and Interactive Crossplot Analysis Lead to Discovery. A Case Study from Santos Basin, Brazil 
by Don Dean, Kim Cline, Bob Blackmur, Allan Kean, Marian Hanna, and Dave Smith

A Detailed New Look at Structures in the Ardmore Basin, Southern Oklahoma, USA 
by Steve Decker

Stratigraphic and Sedimentologic Model of the Lower to Middle Miocene, U3 Sandstone (Merecure Formation) to M3-M4 Sandstones (Oficina Formation), Chimire-Boca Field, Anzoátegui State, Eastern Venezuela 
by Manuel Delgado

Stratal Architecture and Paleoclimate in Continental Depositional Systems: The Record of Landscape Evolution in the Upper Triassic Chinle and Upper Jurassic Morrison Formations, Colorado Plateau, USA 
by Timothy Demko, Stephen Hasiotis

Implications of the Uncertainty of the Dynamic Fault Seal Behavior, Ormen Lange, Norway 
by Ron den Ouden, Claudia Guargena, Kåre Langaas, Sigbjørn Kalvenes, Joe Cartwright, Ramon Loosveld, Nicola Moller, Irfan Ahmed, Eirik Berg, and Liv Stuevold

Eolian Facies in Southeast Utah and Northwest Colorado, and Reservoir Quality 
by Pierre-Andre Depret, Richard P. Langford

Quantitative Approach to Oil Biodegradation in Reservoirs 
by Daniel Dessort, Joelle Hy-Billot, and Francois Montel

Hydrocarbon Neighbourhoods and Migration Limits: Results from Co-interpreting Geochemical and Geophysical Data in Brazilian Basins 
by William G. Dickson, Craig F. Schiefelbein, and Mark Odegard

Sequence Stratigraphy of the Lower Sekwi Formation, Selwyn Basin, Northwest Territories, Canada 
by Kelly A. Dilliard, Michael C. Pope, Stephen T. Hasiotis, and Bruce S. Lieberman

Relative Sea Level Change, the Intermediate Disturbance Model, and a Turnover Event in the Evolution of Cerithioidean Gastropods 
by Stefano Dominici, Thorsten Kowalke

Fluid Migration around the Machar Salt Diapir UK Central North Sea: Impact on Porosity and Permeability of a Fractured Carbonate Reservoir 
by Helen Doran, R. S Haszeldine, C. Taberner, and A. E Fallick

Automated Interpretation of Faults and Channels in 3-D Seismic Data 
by Geoffrey A. Dorn, Francis A. (Mick) Coady, Gwen S. Pech, Paul Weimer, Raquel Cepeda, David Lyle, and James Carlson

Regional Mapping of Formation Waters from Brine Chemistry Integrated with Petrophysical Data 
by John H. Doveton, Dana Adkins-Heljeson

Theory and Practice of a Web-based Intelligent Agent in the Location of Pay Zones on Digital Well-Log Files 
by John H. Doveton, W. Lynn Watney, and Geoffrey C. Bohling

Salinity Source Determination Utilizing Salinity Diagrams and Chemical Analyses Data from the Central Texas Panhandle 
by John Franklin Drake, Nathan A. Randolph

Deep-Burial Dissolution in Dolostone Reservoirs: Similarities Between the Devonian Keg River of Western Canada and the Ordovician Ellenburger of West Texas 
by Jeffrey J. Dravis

Refinement of James Limestone Depositional and Diagenetic Models and Play Relationships on the Western Florida Shelf 
by Jeffrey J. Dravis, David Rolling, Joe Casey, and Stewart Sampson

High-Resolution Geological Modelling of a Basin-Floor Fan – Simply a “Box” of Sand? 
by Nick Drinkwater, David Hodgson, David Hodgetts, and Stephen Flint

Comparison of Three Isolated Carbonate Platforms in La Popa Basin, Mexico: Implications for Depositional Bathymetry and Halokinetic Sequence Development 
by Dominic C. Druke, Katherine A. Giles, and Mark G. Rowan

Effects of Different Delta Types on Continental Slope and Deep-Sea Fan Sedimentary Architecture Genesis in a Relative-Sea-Level Fall/Lowstand Context: Examples from the Manicouagan Peninsula, Canada 
by Mathieu Jacques Duchesne, Bernard François Long

Laboratory Constraints and Models of Pressure, Hydrate, and Stability in Shallow Mississippi Canyon Sediments (MC 855), Deepwater Gulf of Mexico 
by Brandon Dugan, Jack Germaine, William Winters, and Peter Flemings

Basin Modeling Approach to the Prediction of Fault Rock Properties in High Net-to-Gross Reservoirs 
by William F. Dula, Eddie McAllister

Similar Workflow, Unique Solutions – Integrating the Cores and Well Logs in Constructing the Sequence Stratigraphic Framework of Three Carbonate Reservoirs at Wafra Field 
by  Dennis W. Dull

Earth Science Education in Texas: Tragedy Averted ? 
by David E. Dunn, Edward C. Roy

The Role of Multi-dimensional Basin Modeling in Integrated Pre-Drill Pressure Prediction 
by Stephan J. Duppenbecker, James E. Iliffe, Mark J. Osborne, and Toby Harrold

Detection of Shallow Hazard Formations Using High-Resolution Seismic Data and Inversion Based on Rock Physics 
by Nader Dutta

Digital Play Portfolio of a Major U.S. Oil Province: The Permian Basin 
by Shirley P. Dutton, Eugene M. Kim, Caroline L. Breton, Ronald F. Broadhead, and William D. Raatz

Assessment of Undiscovered Petroleum Resources: Cretaceous Travis Peak and Hosston Formations, Jurassic Smackover Interior Salt Basins Total Petroleum System, Louisiana-Mississippi Salt Basins Province, Northern Gulf Coast Region 
by T. S. Dyman, S. M. Condon, R. R. Charpentier, T. A. Cook, R. A. Crovelli, T. R. Klett, M. D. Lewan, R. M. Pollastro, C. J. Schenk, J. W. Schmoker

Controls on Fluid Distribution in the Alaskan North Slope Petroleum Systems 
by Leon Dzou, S. Cheree Stover, and Andy Pepper

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Compaction, Stresses, and Velocity in High Overpressure 
by Daniel Ebrom, Philip D. Heppard, Michael Tompkins, and Leon Thomsen

Turbidite Deposition During Forced Regression in a Ramp Margin: Turonian Lower Ferron Sandstone Member of the Mancos Shale, Central Utah 
by  Chris M. Edwards, David Hodgson, Stephen Flint, and John Howell

Sub-seismic Fault Zone Architecture Characterisation from Core and Outcrops 
by Ewart Edwards, Ned Porter, Tim Needham, Rob Knipe, Russell Davies, Phil Jones, Quentin Fisher, Anren Li, Graham Phillips, Mike Kay, and Diana Condliffe

Structural and Stratigraphic Control on Migration Pathways in Jurassic Aztec Sandstone at the Valley of Fire, Nevada 
by Peter Eichhubl, W. Lansing Taylor, David Pollard, and Atilla Aydin

Methane Carbon Stable Isotopes in Petroleum Systems: PVT Controlled Migration and Reservoir Modeling 
by Bernd Eilrich, Armin Kauerauf

Petroleum Systems Analysis and Comparison of Inversion Structures (Turtles and Half Turtles), Eastern Salt Canopy Trend: Deepwater Gulf of Mexico 
by Richard Eisenberg, Wes Combs, Matthew Johnson, and Kevin Eastham

Mud Gas Isotope Logging (MGIL) – A bona fide Geochemical Success Story in Contemporary Hydrocarbon Exploration 
by Leroy Ellis

Anatomy of a Point Bar: Outcrop Modeling Using Lidar Data of the Upper Cretaceous Williams Fork Formation, Piceance Basin, Colorado 
by Amanda Ellison, Matthew Pranter, Rex D. Cole, and Penny E. Patterson

New Approach to Analysis Behind Casing Using Cased Hole Resistivity, Geochemical Logging, Epithermal Neutron Cases from Kuwait 
by Ahmed Elsherif

Third Generation (3G) Sequence Stratigraphy 
by Ashton F. Embry

The Catskill Delta Complex: An Ancient Hydrocarbon System with Black Shale Acting as Source, Reservoir, and Seal during Multiple Phases of Pressure Generation 
by Terry Engelder, Gary Lash, and Staci Loewy

Leveraging Capabilities of Gocad for Assessing Hydrocarbon Migration 
by Alex Erendi, Joao V. A. Keller

Variations in Predicted Reservoir Heterogeneity Due to Multiples Modes of Folding in Basement-Involved Foreland Anticlines 
by Eric A. Erslev, Peter H. Hennings

Regional Tectonics, Stratigraphy, Reservoir Characterization, and Petroleum Systems in an Eocene Foreland Basin, Maracaibo Basin, Venezuela 
by Alejandro Escalona, Paul Mann

Comparing Basin-floor Fan and Slope-fan Depositional Processes and Architecture in the Pab Outcrops and Other Examples 
by Rémi Eschard, Philippe Joseph

A Mineralogy-Based Model for Limits to Gas Production Drawdown in the Vicksburg Formation, Nueces County, TX 
by Eric Eslinger, Robert Everett, and Scotty Tuttle

Net Pay from Petrophysical Analysis of 29 Wilcox Wells, SW Bonus Field, Wharton County, Texas, using a Multi-Well and Multi-Dimensional Clustering Analysis Coupled with a Mineralogy-Based Forward Modeling Procedure 
by Eric Eslinger, Robert Everett, Scotty Tuttle, and David Dennard

Sealing Capacity and Petrographic Characteristics of Eocene Marine Mudrocks, South-Central Pyrenean Foreland Basin, Spain 
by Frank G. Ethridge, Sally J. Sutton, William C. Dawson, William R. Almon, and Jarrad G. Berg

Three-Dimensional Modelling of a Turbidite Channel Complex from Outcrop Restoration (Pab Formation, Pakistan) 
by Tristan Euzen, R. Eschard, O. Lerat, R. Deschamps, and E. Albouy

Stratigraphic Modelling of Deep Offshore Turbiditic Fans Deposits. Application to the Pab System (Maastrichtian, Pakistan) 
by Tristan Euzen, D. Granjeon, R. Eschard

Improving the Value Proposition of Exploration in Our Industry 
by Steve Evans

Subsurface Deposition on the Abyssal Plain of the Congo Fan 
by Douglas G. Evans

Geochemical Indications of Fractured Carbonate Reservoirs in New York from ASTER Data 
by John R. Everett, Ronald J. Staskowski, and Robert D. Jacobi

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Facies Trends and Modelling Strategies within Slope Turbidite Systems: Insights from 3D Modelling of Outcrop and Subsurface Data from the Middle Eocene Ainsa System, South Pyrenean Foreland Basin, Spain 
by Oriol Falivene, Pau Arbués, John A. Howell, Oscar Fernández, Josep Anton Muñoz, and Mariano Marzo

Discussion for Some Problems of Multiple Disciplines Research on Narrow & Thin Sand Oil Reservoir 
by Baocai Fang

Modeling a Structurally Complex Reservoir - Boquerón Field - Eastern Venezuelan Thrust Belt 
by C. L. Farmer, R. M. Marksteiner, and R. A. Clark

**Balancing Energy and Environment for the 21st Century 
James W. Farnsworth

Geological Uncertainty Management in Integrated Reservoir Modeling Studies: Example from Onshore Niger Delta 
by Oluwaseyi Adedamola Fatoke, Denis Chantreau, Mona Kalu, Muyiwa Awojuyigbe, and Fred Osoro

Comparison of Pliocene Slope Channel Levee Systems of the Western Nile Delta to the Overlying Modern Sea Floor Turbidite Processes 
by Vince L. Felt, Tom R. Williams, Don Easley, Mohamed Ahmed Fathy, and Sherif Montasser

Thermal History and Hydrocarbon Generation in Turpan Basin, Northwestern China 
by Qiao Feng, Yiqun Liu, and Wan Yang

Gas Hydrates in Submarine Mud Volcanoes, the Southern Caspian Sea 
by Akper A. Feyzullayev, Chingiz S. Muradov

Variations in Structural Style of Salt Bodies and Related Structures in the Espirito Santo Basin, Offshore Brazil 
by  Joseph C. Fiduk, Gene Brush, Lynn E. Anderson, and Peter B. Gibbs

Holocene Depositional History of the Burdekin River Delta of Northeastern Australia: a Model for a Low-Accommodation, Highstand Delta 
by  C. R. Fielding,  J. D. Trueman, and J. Alexande

Talara Basin Petroleum System: Geochemical Characteristics of Oils and Correlation with Possible Source Rocks from NW Peru 
by Andrea Fildani,  ZhengZheng Chen, Michael Moldowan, Andrew Hanson, and Stephan Graham

Controls on Natural Levee Development in the Columbia River, British Columbia, Canada 
by Manuel Filgueira-Rivera,  Norman D. Smith

Seismic Expression of High-Frequency Shelf-Edge to Basin Floor Depositional Systems and their Sequence Stratigraphic Subdivision: Eocene of Spitsbergen 
by  Emma Finch, Rob Gawthorpe, Ron Steel, and Steen Petersen

**Decarbonization: Impact on Economy and Environment 
by William L. Fisher

Environmental Releases from E&P Operations in Oklahoma: Type, Volume, Causes and Prevention 
by  J. Berton Fisher, Kerry L. Sublette

Sr Isotope Constraints on Isolation Events in Marginal Marine Successions: an Example from the Late Miocene Mediterranean and its Implications for Sea Level Change in the Black Sea 
by R. Flecker, S. de Villiers, R. M. Ellam

Topographic Control on Distal Deltaic Sedimentation in a Structurally Active Setting: the Mio-Pliocene Delta of the Palaeo-Amur, Sakhalin, Russian Far East 
by R. Flecker, D. I. M. Macdonald

Assessing the Amplitude of Climate-Driven Sea Level Fluctuations using Global Climate Model Simulations and their Implications for Sequence Stratigraphic Interpretation 
by R. Flecker, P. J. Valdes

Probabilistic Modeling of Fracture Density Constrained by Outcrop Data and Geomechanics 
by Juan-Mauricio Florez-Nino, Gary Mavko

Near Surface Geochemistry Assists in Evaluating Development Practices for Optimized Microbial Enhanced Oil (MEOR) Recovery in Shallow Heavy Oil Reservoirs in Southwestern Missouri 
by John V. Fontana,  James H. Viellenave, Shari Dunn-Norman, Estella Atekwana, Anuj Gupta, Daopu Numbere, Larry Britt, Michael Smith, John Pelger, and Eric Davis

3D Architecture of the Early Pleistocene Vouraikos Gilbert-type Fan Delta, Gulf of Corinth, Greece 
by Mary Ford, Edward Alun Williams, and Fabrice Malartre

Stratigraphic Packaging and Syndepositional Extensional Tectonism: A Preliminary study of the Dolomia Principale, the Dolomites, N. Italy 
by Robert Forkner

The HYACINTH Project - Pressurised Samples from the Seabed for Continental Margin Research 
by Timothy J. Francis

Prediction and Mapping of Deep-Water Slope Carbonate Reservoirs using Seismic Data, Tengiz Field, Western Kazakhstan 
by Brent P. Francis, L. J. (Jim) Weber, Steve Bachtel, Paul M. (Mitch) Harris, and Dennis Fischer

Sleipner/Utsira CO2 Geological Storage Full Field Flow and Geochemical Coupling to Assess the Long Term Fate of the CO2 
by Johann Frangeul, Long Nghiem, Emmanuel Caroli, and Sylvain Thibeau

A Geometric Approach to Determining Sub-Seismic Fault Block Strain 
by Nathan M. Franklin, David A. Ferrill, Darrell W. Sims, Alan P. Morris, Michael P. Rigney, Ernest A. Franke, and Michael J. Magee

Build-and-Fill Sequences: Predictable Patterns of Creation and Destruction of Paleotopography in Small-Scale Sequences 
by Evan K. Franseen, Robert H. Goldstein

The Effects of ENSO Cyclicity on Deltaic Progradation: Examples from the Modern Brazos Delta 
by Carmen M. Fraticelli, John B. Anderson

Rapid Approaches to Mapping and Interpreting Fault Seal Properties within Reservoir Modeling Packages 
by Steve Freeman, Simon Harris, Rob Knipe, and Russell Davies

Improved Characterization of Fractured Formations Using Array Lateral Log Technology 
by Michael A. Frenkel, Michael Walker

Bioavailability of Arsenic in Pesticide-Applied Cotton Soils of Texas 
by Abraham Frias, Dibyendu Sarkar

Just Do It! Large-Scale Storage of Greenhouse Gas in the United States and Abroad 
by S. Julio Friedmann, Susan D. Hovorka

CO2 Leakage Risks at a National Carbon Storage Test Center, Teapot Dome, Wyoming 
by S. Julio Friedmann, Dag Nummedal, Vicki Stamp, and Mark Milliken

Predicting Petroleum Phase and Composition in Undrilled Prospects 
by Andreas Fuhrmann, Rolando di Primio, and Brian Horsfield

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Natural Fracture and Diagenetic Controls on Producibility of Low Permeability,Upper Cretaceous Williams Fork Formation and Cozzette Sandstones, Piceance Basin, Colorado 
by Julia F. W. Gale, Leonel Gomez, Randall Marrett, Jon E. Olson, Stephen E. Laubach, Jon Holder, Peggy Rijken, and Stephen P. Cumella

Using Ichnology to Determine Relative Influence of Waves, Storms, Tides, and Rivers in Deltaic Deposits: Examples From Cretaceous Delta Complexes in the Western Interior Seaway, Wyoming-Utah, U.S.A 
by M. Royhan Gani, Janok P. Bhattacharya, and James A. MacEachern

Oblique Inversion of the Makassar Straits Rift System and the Role of Basement Faults : Insights from Analog Models 
by Anthony Gartrell, Chris Hudson, and Brian Evans

Biostratigraphy Web Portal: Giving the Petroleum Geoscientist Access to Key Data 
by Anthony Gary, William E. Full, and Garry Jones

Combined Salt-Related Thin-Skinned Tectonics and Crustal Tectonics in the Algerian Deep Waters (SW Mediterranean): Evidence from the MARADJA Research Cruise 
by Virginie Gaullier,  J. Deverchere,  J.-P. Bouillin, C. Bracene, E. Calais, A. Kherroubi, B. Mercier de Lepinay, P. Le Roy, H. Pauc, B. Savoye, and A. K. Yelles

Distal Multidirectional Contractional Salt Tectonics in The Deep-Water NW Mediterranean: Evidence from The PROGRES Cruise, North-Balearic Basin (Contribution to the EUROSTRATAFORM European Programme, Contract No EVK3-00200) 
by Virginie Gaullier, Laurence Droz, Marina Rabineau, Eliane Le Drezen, Alain Normand, Juan Baztan, Gwenael Jouet, Guy Rothwell, Sara Colas, Giuseppe Verdicchi, Antonio Cattaneo, Cedric Bonnel, Fabienne Duval, Estelle Le Roux, and David Amblas

AUV Investigation of Bush Hill and Bush Lite Sites 
by Robert A. "Tony" George

Seismic Calibration of the Proposed DOE/JIP Drill Site in Atwater Valley 14 in the Gulf of Mexico: Initial Results in Expected Future Development 
by  Erika Geresi, Ross Chapman, Tom McGee, and J. R. Woolsey

How Much Should I Borrow? Reflections of a Lender Who Went Straight 
by Robert D. Gershen

Sequence Stratigraphy of the Southern Gangetic Plains, India: Quaternary Alluvial Sequences Created by Climate Change and Tectonism 
by Martin R. Gibling, S. K. Tandon, R. Sinha, and M. Jain

Plio-Pleistocene Structural Evolution of the Columbus Basin, Offshore Trinidad, West Indies 
by R. G. Gibson, K. Meisling, P. A. Bentham

Geological Storage of Carbon Dioxide: Assessing the Suitability of the Early Cretaceous in the Barrow Sub-basin, NW Australia 
by Catherine M. Gibson-Poole, Simon C. Lang, Jürgen E. Streit, Allison L. Hennig, and Claus J. Otto

Halokinetic Sequences within a Depositional Sequence Stratigraphic Framework 
by Katherine A. Giles, Timothy F. Lawton, and Mark G. Rowan

Large Scale Coastal Behavior in Deltas: An Overview of the Danube Delta 
by Liviu Giosan, Cornel Olariu, Janok Bhattacharya, and Emil Vespremeanu

The Barnett Shale: Not so simple after all 
by Natalie B. Givens, Hanqing Zhao

Estimating Net:Gross from Visual Inspection of Data Histograms: Examples from Deepwater Turbidites 
by Douglas Goff

Origin and Structure of The Cretaceous Toe-Thrust Belt, Offshore Northern Angola: Possible Control on Sedimentary Patterns 
by  Douglas Goff, Greg Schoenborn

Source Rock Prediction: Carpathian-Central Asia Case Study 
by Jan Golonka, Nataliya Y. Bocharova, Mary E. Edrich, Wolfgang Kiessling, Michal Krobicki, Robert Pauken, and William Wildharber

Predicting Macrofracture Spacing from Small Rock Samples: Testing New Analytical Techniques Using Microfracture Spacing 
by  Leonel Gomez

Mesozoic Evolution of the Turan Domain from Paleogeographic Reconstructions: Implications for the Central and South Caspian Basins 
by Irene Gomez-Perez, Larisa Voronova, Mark Allen, and Christine Brouet-Menzies

Controlled Instantaneous Supersaturation: Experimental Carbonate Precipitation Under Geologically Plausible Scenarios 
by Luis A. Gonzalez, Vionette De Choudens, and Jennifer R. Rogers

A Practical Inversion Methodology for Multi Offset P-to-S Elastic Impedance (PSEI): Application Using Well Logs and Synthetic Seismic to Discriminate Fizz Water from Commercial Gas 
by Ezequiel F. Gonzalez, Tapan Mukerji, and Gary Mavko

Geological Framework of the Mesozoic Plays of the Tampico-Misantla Basin 
by J. Francisco Gonzalez-Pineda, Juan M. Alvarado-Vega

A Source-to-Sink View of the Ganges Dispersal System Since the Last Interstade 
by Steven L. Goodbred

Climate Change Impacts and Signal Preservation in the Ganges-Brahmaputra Delta Sequence 
by Steven L. Goodbred

Toward a Unifying Model of Monsoon-driven Delta Systems: IGCP-475 DeltaMAP Project 
by Steven L. Goodbred, Yoshiki Saito, and Zhongyuan Chen

Unconformity, Karst, Hydrocarbons, Minerals, Environments, and Structures Present in the Cambrian-Ordovician Knox Group in Kentucky 
by Patrick J. Gooding

Carbonate Slope Reservoirs: Insight from the Evaluation of Modern Slope Deposits in the Bahamas 
by G. Michael Grammer

Use of 3D Stratigraphic Forward Modelling to Reduce Reservoir and Trap Uncertainty 
by Didier Granjeon, Peter Burgess, Henne Lammers, Cees van Oosterhout, Kees van der Zwan, Remi Eschard, and Philippe Joseph

3D Stratigraphic Modelling of the Mahakam Delta : Interactions Between Deltaic Progradation, Carbonate Buildups, and Turbidites 
by Didier Granjeon, Jenny Morante-Garcia, Richard Labourdette, Enzo Insalaco, Philippe Crumeyrolle, Remi Eschard, and Philippe Joseph

Using History to Predict Future Product Prices 
by Richard G. Green

High-Resolution Seismic Stratigraphy of Mississippi Sound, Alabama: Multiple Stages of Incision, Channel Fill and Avulsion 
by Larry Greene, Antonio Rodriguez

Mississippi Valley-Type Mineralization and the Development of Dolomite Petroleum Reservoirs 
by Jay M. Gregg

Outcrop-Based High Resolution Gamma-Ray Characterization of Arsenic-Bearing Lithofacies in the Permian Garber Sandstone and Wellington Formation, Central Oklahoma Aquifer (COA), Cleveland County, Oklahoma 
by Gregory A. Gromadzki, Stanley T. Paxton, Robert W. Puls, and Jamie L. Schlottmann

The Orinoco Delta, Venezuela: Sedimentation Near an Active Plate Margin 
by Edgar Guevara, Andres Aslan, W. A. White, J. A. Raney, and  J. C. Gibeaut

Use of Biostratigraphic Data in The Definition of The Geological Framework of The Neogene in The Southern Laguna Madre-Tuxpan Continental Shelf, Eastern Mexico 
by Edgar H. Guevara, Héctor F. Ruiz-Ruiz, William A. Ambrose, Julieta Martínez-García, Juan Rico-Pérez, Tim F. Wawrzyniec, Mario Aranda-García, Khaled Fouad, Shinichi Sakurai, and Luis Sánchez-Barreda

Vertebrate Fossils as Indicators of Accommodation/Sediment Supply Ratios in Fluvial Systems: The Bird Perspective 
by Bonnie E. Gulas-Wroblewski, Anton F. Wroblewski

Current and Future Directions of DOE Petroleum Environmental Program: Produced Water Issues 
by Daniel Gurney

Spatial Variability of Organic-Rich Rocks: A Critical Element for Defining the Petroleum System of Pennsylvanian Carbonate Reservoirs of the Paradox Basin, SE Utah 
by John M. Guthrie, Ruben Uribe, and Kevin Bohacs

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Deformation and Failure in Two Classes of Porous Sandstones 
by Bezalel Haimson

Applications of Pyrolysis to Optimize Oil Field Development in Saudi Arabia: Part 1 - Prior to Drilling Phase 
by  Henry I. Halpern, Peter J. Jones, Salman M. Al-Qathami, and Khalid R. Al-Malki

Using Helicopter Electromagnetic Surveys to Determine the Fate of Water Co-produced with Coalbed Natural Gas in the Powder River Basin of Wyoming 
by Richard W. Hammack, Garret A. Veloski, Terry E. Ackman, James I. Sams, and Richard Cool

Gas Reservoir Compartmentalization in Lowstand Prograding-Wedge Deltaic Systems: Oligocene Upper Lower Frio Formation, South Texas 
by Ursula Hammes, L. Frank Brown, Ramón Treviño, Randy Remington, Robert G. Loucks, and Patricia Montoya

Solving the St. Louis Formation Reservoir Puzzle in Kansas: Application of a Regional Carbonate Cyclostratigraphic and Diagenetic Reservoir Model for Exploring in Mature Areas 
by Ursula Hammes, James Lakings

Facies Architecture and Stratigraphy of “Stray” Shelf Sandstones, Late Cretaceous Mancos Shale, Northern Utah and Colorado 
by Gary Hampson

Spatial Variations in Formation Water Geochemistry on the Field and Reservoir Scale, Upper Wilcox, Southeastern texas 
by Jeffrey S. Hanor, Kathleen A. Moran

Oils and Source Rocks of the Ordos Basin, North-Central China 
by Andrew D. Hanson, Bradley D. Ritts

Source Rock Maturity in Santanghu Basin, Northwestern China 
by Jianrong Hao, Yiqun Liu, Wan Yang, Qiao Feng, and Qin Cao

The Significance of Studying the Slope Breaks in Jurassic Large-type Down-warped Lake Basins, Junggar, China 
by Liu Hao, Wang Yingmin, and Wang Yuan

Predicting Pressure and Saturation Changes from Elastic Wave Velocities in a CO2-Flooded Coal Bed Methane: A Modeling Study 
by Jerry M. Harris, Olusoga Martins Akintunde, Tapan Mukerji, and Jaime Urban

New Detailed (1:63,360-scale) Mapping of the Brooks Range Northern Foothills and Rangefront, Kanayut River Area, Alaska 
by E. E. Harris, C. G. Mull, P. R. Peapples, and D. L. LePain

Accurately Representing Complex Fault Damage Zones within Reservoir Models 
by Simon Harris, Attila Vaszi, Noelle Odling, and Rob Knipe

Using Core and Log Data to Redesign a Waterflood in the Dundee Limestone Formation (Middle Devonian), South Buckeye Oil Field, Gladwin Co., MI 
by William B. Harrison, Robb Gillespie, and David A. Barnes

Integrated Pore Pressure Analysis for Prospectivity and Drillability in the South Caspian Basin 
by Toby Harrold, Greg Riley, Nazim Abdullayev, Stephan Duppenbecker, Nicolas Mine, David Day, and Kelk Simon

Seismic Imaging of Diagenesis: A Tool for Studying Hydrothermal Dolomite Systems 
by Bruce Hart, Kamal al Atroshi, Justine Sagan, and Juliana Tebo

Fault Seal Analysis in the Temana Field, Offshore Sarawak, Malaysia 
by Shutaro Hasegawa, Rasoul Sorkhabi, Shoji Iwanaga, Naofumi Sakuyama, and Othman Ali Mahumud

Linking Biota, Soils, Hydrology, and the Soil-Water Budget in northeastern Kansas: Developing Ichnologic Signatures as Proxies for Ancient Climates through Actualistic Studies 
by Stephen T. Hasiotis, Daniel I. Hembree, Krystan L. Myshrall, Emily A. Laut, Rachel Mathis, and Jennifer R. Rogers

Examples of How Ancient Soil Biota Mediated Features in Paleosols: Lower Eocene Willwood Formation, Wyoming 
by Stephen T. Hasiotis, Mary J. Kraus

Does Micro-quartz Really Preserve Deep Porosity in Geopressured Sandstones? 
by R. Stuart Haszeldine, Mark Wilkinson

Use of Natural Gas Compositions to Identify Michigan Basin Petroleum Systems 
by Joseph R. Hatch, Christopher S. Swezey, and William B. Harrison

An Objective, Spreadsheet-Based Approach to Parameter Estimation for Basin-Scale Numerical Modeling 
by Daniel O. Hayba, W. Matthew Burns, and Elizabeth L. Rowan

Novel Approaches in Quantitative Petroleum System Analysis 
by Zhiyong He

Physical Aspects of Salt-Sediment Interaction and the Evolution of Minibasins 
by Richard J. Heaney

Casts of Modern Continental Burrows as Trace Fossil Analogs in the Reconstruction of Paleoenvironment and Paleoclimate 
by Daniel I. Hembree, Stephen T. Hasiotis

Benthic Community Replacement in Late Neogene Sedimentary Sequences of New Zealand: Influence of Changing Sea-Level and Sedimentary Dynamics in Space and Time 
by Austin J. W. Hendy, Peter J. J. Kamp

A New Exploration Play Concept From the Idea to the Drill Bit – The Search for Reservoir Sands in Deep-Water Facies of the Late Cretaceous Olmos and San Miguel Formations, Webb County Texas 
by John R. Hennessy, Jory A. Pacht, Samir Ghazi, and H. Matt Pickrel

Fault and Stress Modeling of Alpine Field with Application to Drilling Difficulty Mitigation 
by Peter H. Hennings, Laurent Maerten, Rico Ramos, Milt B Enderlin, Robert Krantz, David Shafer, Chip Alvord, and Cliff Crabtree

Miocene Depositional and Chronostratigraphic Framework: Relation to Potential Gas Exploration in the Burgos Basin, Northeastern Mexico 
by Tucker F. Hentz, Michael V. DeAngelo, Tim W. Wawrzyniec, L. F. Brown, Shinichi Sakurai, William A. Ambrose, Antonio Cuevas, and  J. Javier Hernández Mendoza

Pressure Prediction and Drilling of the Deep Sub-salt Play at Pompano Field, Deep Water Gulf of Mexico 
by Philip D. Heppard, Holly L. Harrison, David F. Greeley, Lewis F. Kuhmichel, and Brett W. Cocales

Revitalizing an Old Oil Province: A Second Look at the Golden Lane Plays and Renewed Drilling Activity 
by Ulises Hernandez-Romano, Raul Hernandez-de-la-Fuente, Abelardo Escamilla-Hernandez, and Raul Hernandez-Martel

Charge Analyses of Oil and Gas Fields within the SECC Block, Columbus Basin, Trinidad and Tobago 
by Stephen P. Hertig

Structural Evolution of an Inversion Anticline and Commercial Development of Horizon Field, Dutch North Sea 
by Robert G. Hickman, Mike Hursey, Paul van Daalen, Daniel van Staalduinen, and Fred Houtzager

The Indian Basin, New Mexico: A Tectonically Valved Hydrothermal Dolomite Reservoir 
by Erik J. Hiemstra, Robert H. Goldstein

Paleogene Sedimentation and Deformation in the Buried Offshore Balkanides – Petroleum System Concepts for a Compressional Fold and Thrust Belt in a Subsiding Oceanic Basin, Deep Water Western Black Sea 
by R. Eric Higgins, Michal Nemcok, and Dian Vangelov

Three-dimensional Geometry and Kinematics of an Evaporite-cored Detachment Fold Complex: An Example from the Sierra Madre Oriental, NE Mexico 
by I. Camilo Higuera-Diaz, Mark P. Fischer, and M. Scott Wilkerson

Petroleum Systems of the Permian Basin, Usa 
by Ronald J. Hill, Daniel M. Jarvie, Brenda L. Claxton, Jack D. Burgess, Mark H. Tobey, and Jack A. Williams

When Did the Nile Begin?: Remote Sensing Analysis of Paleo-Drainages Near Kom Ombo, Upper Egypt 
by  Emily A. Hinz, Robert J. Stern, Allison K. Thurmond, Mohamed G. Abdelsalam, and Mamdouh M. Abdeen

Scales of Lateral Petrophysical Heterogeneity within Dolomite Rock Fabrics as Determined from Outcrop Analogs: Implications for 3-D Reservoir Modeling 
by Colette Hirstius, Matthew Pranter, and David A. Budd

Hydrothermal Dolomitization in the Carboniferous of the Irish Midlands — Analogues and Implications for New Reservoir Types 
by Murray W. Hitzman

Preparing a Business Plan for a Petroleum Exploration and Production Venture: A Critical Step in Launching a Successful Enterprise 
by G. Warfield Hobbs

Model Building and Structural Modeling using Remotely Sensed Data 
by Dan Hodge, Mike Ohlers, Stuart Bland, and Delphine Roques

Reservoir Modeling of Deepwater Basin Floor Fans, Karoo Outcrops, South Africa 1: Methods of Data Collection, Model Building and Interrogation 
by David Hodgetts, Nicholas Drinkwater, Eirik Vik, David Hodgson, Stephen Flint, Erik Johannessen, and Stefan Luthi

Sequence Hierarchy in Lowstand Deposits of the Karoo Basin, South Africa 
by David Hodgson, Stephen Flint, Richard Wild, David Hodgetts, and Nicholas Drinkwater

Reservoir Modeling of Deepwater Basin Floor Fans, Karoo Outcrops, South Africa 2: Insights into Fan Evolution and Reservoir Prediction 
by David Hodgson, David Hodgetts, Stephen Flint, Nicholas Drinkwater, and Erik Johannessen

3-D Model of a Channelized Lower Submarine Slope from the Tanqua Depocentre, SW Karoo Basin, South Africa 
by David Hodgson, Rosalind King, Richard Wild, Shaun Waite, Stephen Flint, and David Hodgetts

Effects and Impact of Early and Late Stage Anaerobic Biodegradation 
by Albert G. Holba, Lisa Wright, Leon I. Dzou, B. J. Huizinga, Jim J. Hickey, Stephen G. Franks, and Mark H. Scheihing

The Enigma of Long-term Tectonic Control on Deposition Yet Low Cumulative Strain: Insights from Holocene Fluvial Strata in the Active New Madrid Seismic Zone 
by John Holbrook, Whitney J. Autin, Stephen Marshak, and Tammy M. Rittenour

Is Climate the Real "Rainmaker" in Fluvial Lowstand Deposition? A Look at the Concept of Base-Level Buffers and Buttresses and the Comparative Role of Sea Level and Climate in Architecturally Complex "Lowstand" Fluvial Sandstone 
by John Holbrook, Franca Oboh-Ikuenobe

Fluid Flow During Compaction Localization 
by  David J. Holcomb, William A. Olsson

Gas Hydrates in the Deep Water Gulf of Mexico – A Status Report of the ChevronTexaco JIP – DOE Research 
by Stephen A. Holditch,  Emrys Jones

Modeling of CO2 Saline Aquifer Sequestration and the Effects of Residual Phase Saturation 
by Mark Holtz,  Christine Doughty, Joseph Yeh, and Susan Hovorka

On the Development of Salt-Related Structures in the Polish Trough 
by  Robert Hooper, Lech Antonowicz, and Ewa Iwanowska

Developing a Business Plan for Carbon Sequestration in the Gulf Coast 
by Susan D. Hovorka

Geology and Stratigraphic Architecture of the Upper-Cretaceous Wall Creek Member, Frontier Formation, Powder River Basin, Wyoming: An Outcrop Analog for Top-Truncated Mixed-Influence Lowstand Deltas 
by Charles D. Howell, Janok P. Bhattacharya

Estimates of Sedimentation Rates from Sediment and Faunal Interactions within an Ancient Delta Lobe, Wall Creek Member, Frontier Formation, Powder River Basin, Wyoming, U.S.A 
by Charles D. Howell, Janok P. Bhattacharya, and James A. MacEachern

Dare I (Hope) Field and The Rest of the Story--Dare I (Cook) Field, Concho County, Texas 
by Harvey H. Howell, Lance Harwerth, and Gary K. Rice

Visualization Based Volume Interpretation Reveals More Geological Information 
by Eileen Huang, Bowen Bai

The Significance of a Deep-Water Glossifungites Surface in the Upper Cretaceous Cerro Toro Formation, Chilean Patagonia 
by  Stephen M. Hubbard, Michael R. Shultz

Influence of Precursor Salt Structures on Thrust Faulting, Deep-water Lower Congo Basin, Gabon 
by Michael R. Hudec, Martin Jackson, and David Jennette

New Geochemical Evidence of Hydrocarbons Along the La Popa Salt Weld, La Popa Basin, Northeastern Mexico 
by Samuel M. Hudson, Tim Lawton, and Brenda Buck

Comparison of Laboratory and Geologically Produced Clay Smears 
by Nick Hudyma, Zoe K. Shipton

Seismic Modeling of Paleokarst Heterogeneity In Carbonate Platform Strata: An Example From The Upper Permian Yates Formation of West Texas and New Mexico 
by David Hunt, Steen Petersen, and Susanne Lund Jensen

Reservoir-Fluid Characterization and Reservoir Modeling of Potential Gas Hydrate Resources, Alaska North Slope 
by Robert B. Hunter, Robert R. Casavant, Roy A. Johnson, Mary M. Poulton, George J. Moridis, Scott J. Wilson, Scott Geauner, Justin Manuel, Casey Hagbo, Charles E. Glass, Kenneth M. Mallon, Shirish L. Patil, Abhijit Dandekar, and Timothy S. Collett

Linked Variations in Sea Level and Sediment Supply Produced by Low-Frequency Climate Cyclicity During the Late Paleozoic 
by Jacqueline E. Huntoon, Russell Dubiel, and John D. Stanesco

3-D Analysis of Vuggy Porosity, Indian Basin Field, New Mexico 
by Neil F. Hurley, Sherif I. Gowelly, and Teresa Maita

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A First Step Towards Quantitative Seismostratigraphic Inversion 
by Matthias G. Imhof

A Quantitative Stratigraphic Model Based on Nonlinear Anisotropic Diffusion 
by Matthias Imhof

Forward Modeling of Salt Tectonic Response to Sedimentary Loading and Basin Subsidence 
by Steven J. Ings, Lykke Gemmer, and Christopher Beaumont

Theoretical Modeling of Localized Deformation Structures in Porous Sandstone 
by Kathleen A. Issen, Vennela Challa



The Role of Volcanism, Inversion, and Neotectonics in the Puget-Willamette Lowland Petroleum System, Washington and Oregon 
by James S. Jackson

Progressive Effects of Shortening Superposed on Formerly Extensional Diapirs and Faults: Insights from Serial Profiles in Deep-Water Lower Congo Basin, Gabon 
by Martin P. A. Jackson, Michael R. Hudec, and David C. Jennette

Fault Systems in New York State and Carbonate Reserviors: Trenton/Black River and Younger Plays 
by Robert D. Jacobi, Gerald Smith, John Fountain, J. P. Fagan, and Industrial Associates

Case Study of Intergrated Approach to the Cleanup of Ogallala Groundwater Impacted by Oilfield Brine, Haskell County, Kansas 
by Michael Jacobs, Kevin Hopson, Al Potter, and T. Neil Blandford

Hydrocarbon Exploration and Petroleum System in the Domi (Fukue) Basin, Southern Offshore Korea 
by Heeran Jang

Constraints on the Strength of the Gas Hydrate-Rich Sediments from Borehole Breakouts - Implications for Slope Stability Near Hydrate Ridge on the U.S. Continental Margin Off-Shore Oregon 
by Aleksandra Janik, D. Goldberg, D. Moos, J. Sheridan, P. Flemings, J. Germaine, and B. Tan

Outcrop-Based 3D Synthetic Seismic of Early Permian Deep Water Carbonate Deposits, Victorio Canyon, West Texas 
by Xavier Janson, Charles Kerans, Jerome Bellian, Ted Playton, and W. M. Fitchen

Karstification of the Lower Cretaceous Tuxpan Detached Platform, Golden Lane, Mexico 
by Xavier Janson, Robert Loucks, Charles Kerans, Alfredo Marhx, and Carlos Reyes

Geochemical Characterization of Thermogenic Gas and Oil in the Ft. Worth Basin, Texas 
by Daniel M. Jarvie, Richard M. Pollastro, Ronald J. Hill, Brenda L. Claxton, Mark H. Tobey, and David A. Wavrek

The Miocene in the Gulf of Hammamet Basins - Tunisia - Stratigraphy, Sedimentology and Petroleum Targets 
by R. S. Jeddi, P. F. Burollet

Identification of Dinosaur Tracks in Palustrine-lacustrine Deposits of the Morrison Formation: Their Significance to Lacustrine Sequence Stratigraphy 
by Debra S. Jennings

Accommodation Transformation of Cretaceous Qinshangkou Formation, Songliao Depression, Northeast China 
by Zaixing Jiang, Hongbo Lu

Charge Factors in Gas Migration Passway in the Yinggehai Basin, South China Sea 
by Ye Jiang, Qiang Xu

Inferring Permeability Attributes of a Fault from Multiple Types of Temporal and Spatial Hydraulic Data: A Case Study 
by Brann Johnson

Dolomite Cements and Their Included Fluids in the Irish Midlands: Coupling Solid (13C, 18O and 87Sr/86Sr) and Fluid (Halogens and Trace Elements) Geochemistry to Understand Multiple Fluid Interactions During Brine Migration 
by Aaron W. Johnson,  Kevin L. Shelton, Jay M. Gregg, Ian D. Somerville, and Wayne R. Wright

High-Frequency Cyclicity Modified by Coastal Facies Architecture, Campanian Eagle Formation, Bighorn Basin, Wyoming 
by Kimberly A. Johnson, Donald J. P. Swift

Groundwater Availability in the Northern Segment of the Edwards Aquifer, Texas 
by Ian C. Jones

Significance and Development of Heterogeneous Dolostones in the Tertiary Succession on Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac 
by Brian Jones

Free and Adsorbed Gas Relationships within Macroseeps 
by Victor T. Jones

The Influence of Sediment Supply on Braided Alluvial Architecture: An Integrated Field and Experimental Study 
by Merren Jones, Phil Ashworth, Jim Best, and James Hodson

Applications of Pyrolysis to Optimize Oil Field Development in Saudi Arabia: Part 2 - "Real-Time" Application on Horizontal Wells 
by Peter J. Jones, Henry I. Halpern, Matthew W. Dahan, Gerhan Aktas, Isaac B. Ishak, Salman M. Al-Qathami, and Khalid R. Al-Malki

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3D Petroleum Systems Modeling Offshore Brazil – From Regional to Prospect Scale Hydrocarbon Generation and Migration 
by Marek Kacewicz, Mark Filewicz, Chip Morgan, Yusri Yusri, Mark Andreason, Gregg Blake, Frank Bilotti, Tom Elliott, Joe Curiale, Elizabeth Johnson, Russell Davies, and Henry Lickorish

Darcy vs. Invasion Percolation – Do they complement each other? 
by Marek Kacewicz, Wenlong Xu, Dan Carruthers, and Thomas Hantschel

Enhanced Stratigraphic Resolution around the Paleocene/Eocene Boundary: A Biostratigraphic Proxy for the CIE 
by Alicia Kahn, Marie-Pierre Aubry

Three "G's" are better than Two: Integration of Surface Geochemical Data in Petroleum Exploration Efforts for the Woodbine Prospect, Polk County, Texas 
by David Kaiser, Alan H. Silliman, and Wayne Wells

Granular Deformation of Quartz Sand: Critical State Failure Model and Implications for Clastic Rocks 
by Stephen L. Karner, Judith S. Chester, Frederick M. Chester, Andreas K. Kronenberg, and Andrew Hajash

Hydrothermal Brecciation Associated with Calcite Precipitation and Permeability Destruction in Mississippian Carbonate Reservoirs, Montana and Wyoming 
by David Allen Katz, Gregor P. Eberli, Langhorne B. Smith, Jason Kislak, and Peter K. Swart

Channelised Turbidity Currents: New Experimental Insights Into Flow Structure and Secondary Flow 
by Gareth Keevil,  Jeff Peakall, and Jim Best

Critical Accidents in Paleo-geography and Oceanography Induced by Abrupt Changes in Base Level, Signaled by Hard or Firm Grounds in Shallow Water Clastics and Carbonates 
by Christopher George St. Clement Kendall

Outcrop-Based Lithofacies and Depositional Setting of Arsenic-Bearing Permian Red Beds in the Central Oklahoma Aquifer (COA), Cleveland County, Oklahoma 
by Kathleen M. Kenney, Stanley T. Paxton, Robert W. Puls, and Jamie L. Schlottmann

Microbial and Cement Boundstone Dominated Flanks (and Reservoirs) of an Isolated Carbonate Platform 
by Jeroen A. M. Kenter, Paul M (Mitch) Harris, Giovanna Della Porta, Dennis Fischer, and L. James Weber

Production from the Steep, Deep Flanks of an Isolated Carbonate Platform 
by Jeroen A. M. Kenter, Paul (Mitch) Harris, Dennis Fischer, and L. James Weber

Stratigraphic Patterns and Controls on Reservoir Quality of the Giant Poza Rica Field, Albian, Cretaceous, Mexico 
by Charles Kerans, Robert Loucks, Xavier Janson, Alfredo Marhx, and Carlos Reyes

Impacts of Petroleum Production on Ground and Surface Waters: Results from OSPER “A” Site, Osage County, OK 
by Yousif K. Kharaka, William N. Herkelrath, and Frances D. Hostettler

3D Seismic Pore Pressure Analysis in Deep Water Fold and Thrust Belts: A Map and Volume Based Flow Balance Approach 
by  Bill Kilsdonk

A Geological Introduction to the Northern Lights Project of the Athabasca Oil Sands Deposit 
by Errin K. Kimball, Virginia L. Odegaard, and S. George Pemberton

Extra-Foreland Source to Turbidite Sink in the Early Karoo Basin, South Africa 
by Rosalind King, Belinda Van Lente, Graham Potts, David Hodgson, Daniel Andersson, Richard Worden, Stephen Flint, and De Ville Wickens

Geologic Assessment of Undiscovered Oil and Gas Resources of the Mowry Composite Total Petroleum System, Greater Green River Basin, Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming 
by Mark A. Kirschbaum, Laura N. R. Roberts

Inversion and Re-inversion of the Northern Rio Grande Rift, Southern Colorado 
by Charles F. Kluth

Absheron Allochton of the South Caspian Sea: Evidence for Slope Instability in Response to Gas Hydrate Dissociation 
by Camelia C. Knapp, James H. Knapp, and Christopher Mitchell

Structural Uncertainty and Scenario Modeling for Fault Seal Analysis 
by Rob Knipe, Steve Freeman, Simon Harris, and Russell Davies

Comparison of Gore and Microbial Surveys, Southern Tunisia Stratigraphic Play 
by Craig Allen Knutson

Modes of Evolution of Deep-water and Fluvial Channels 
by Ven Kolla, Henry Posamentier, Mochammad Fachmi, and Lesli Wood

Mineralogical Controls on Seal Capacity in the Muderong Shale, Carnarvon Basin, North West Shelf, Australia 
by Gillian E. Kovack, David N. Dewhurst, Mark Raven, and John G. Kaldi

Phanerozoic Taphonmy of the Marine Benthos and the Secular Patterns in the Metazoan Fossil Record 
by Michal Kowalewski, Susan M. Kidwell, Anna K. Behrensmeyer, John Alroy, Franz T. Fursich, Robert A. Gastaldo, Matthew A. Kosnik, Roy E. Plotnick, and Raymond Rogers

Applications of Gas Chromatographic Fingerprinting to Reservoir Management: Case Studies from the Niger Delta 
by F. M. Kpenkaan

Oblique Inversion Structures and 3D Processes: Results from Analog Models 
by Robert W. Krantz, Mary K. Johns, and Erik Lundin

The Auger 4D Case Study: Exploiting A Gulf of Mexico Turbidite Field By The Use Of Time Lapsed Seismic Surveys 
by Tom Kratochvil, Jim Bikun, Charles Tixier, Helena Zirczy, Tim Beattie, Pete Bilinski, Elli Tchouparova, Klaas van Luik, and Sid Weaver

Paleozoic Carbonate Mud-Mounds: Global Abundance and Paleogeographic Distribution 
by Federico F. Krause, Christopher R. Scotese, Carlos Nieto, Selim G. Sayegh, John C. Hopkins, and Rudolf O. Meyer

USEPA's Oil and Gas Environmental Research at the National Risk Management Research Laboratory (NRMRL) and National Center for Environmental Research (NCER) 
by Bala Krishnan

Geochemical Prospecting of Hydrocarbons in Frontier Basins of India 
by B. Kumar, D. J. Patil, G. Kalpana, and C. Vishnu Vardhan

Performance of High Resolution Induction Tool (HRI) in WRBC 
by Balaram Kundu, K. K. Prasad, and Chatar Singh

Relationship Between Reservoir Properties of the Galesville Sandstone and Diagenesis of Eau Claire Shale, Cambrian of Illinois Basin 
by Mojisola A. Kunle Dare

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A Workflow for Building and Validating Static Reservoir Models for Fractured Reservoirs for Direct Implementation into Dynamic Simulators 
by Paul La Pointe

Development and Validation of a Fractured Reservoir Model for the Circle Ridge Field, Wind River Basin, WY 
by Paul La Pointe, Jan Hermanson, and Mike Dunleavy

3D Sedimentary Modeling of Turbidite Systems using GOSED and Object Modeling Tools (Ainsa Sub-basin, South Central Pyrenees, Spain) 
by Richard Labourdette, Philippe Crumeyrolle, Eduardo Remacha, Ferran Climent, Ferran Bolaño, and Gemma Gual

Modeling of Fine-scale Sedimentary Heterogeneities of Laterally Offset Stacked Channels in Turbiditic Channel Complexes 
by Richard Labourdette, Jo Ann Hegre, François Temple, and Enzo Insalaco

Rapid Structural Interpretation Utilizing Newly Developed Seismic Attributes: Interpretation Methodology and Workflows 
by Alfred Lacazette, Kurt J. Marfurt, Charles. H. Blumentritt, and Isabel C. Serrano

These “Karst” Features in the Ellenburger Are Really Pull-Apart Basins 
by Alfred Lacazette, Charlotte Sullivan, and Mike Ammerman

A Broader View of Framework Weakening 
by Richard W. Lahann

Sequence Stratigraphy and Facies Architecture of the Shelf Systems of the eastern margins of the Tobosa and Midland Basins, Texas 
by Paul David Lake, Christopher George St. Clement Kendall

Depositional systems and Facies Models for Low Energy Clastic Coastlines within Low Latitude, Semi-Enclosed Seas 
by  Joseph J. Lambiase, Abdul Razak Damit

Facies, Morphology and Sedimentary Processes on Two Modern Deltas in NW Borneo: Implications for Subsurface Deltaic Successions 
by Joseph J. Lambiase,  Abdul Razak Damit

Reservoir Analogues of Ephemeral Lacustrine Deltas and Terminal Splays - Examples from the Lake Eyre Basin, Central Australia 
by Simon C. Lang, Tobias H. D. Payenberg, Mark Reilly, and Jochen Kassan

On Geological Uncertainty in Reservoir Modeling and Prediction 
by David K. Larue

Geologic Models and Flow Simulation Studies of a Shoreface Reservoir: From Stratigraphic Characterization to History Matching 
by David Larue, Feng Jian, Alexandre Castellini, John Toldi, and Adwait Chawathe

Gaining New Insights into the Stratigraphy of the New Albany Shale of the Illinois Basin through an Integrated Study of Well Cores and Gamma-Ray Logs 
by Ovidiu Remus Lazar, Juergen Schieber

Assessment of Casing Leaks from Wells in Oil and Gas Fields and Gas Storage Fields to Determine Environmental Hazards in Areas of Urban Development 
by Rufus LeBlanc, Victor T. Jones

How to Design an Exploration Surface Soil Gas Geochemical Survey: Illustrated by Application Examples from the Hugoton Embayment of SE Colorado and SW Kansas 
by  Rufus LeBlanc, Victor T. Jones

GPR Survey of a Delta Front Reservoir Analog, The Wall Creek Member, Frontier Formation, Wyoming, U.S.A 
by Keumsuk Lee, M. Royhan Gani, Xiaoxian Zeng, George A. McMechan, Willliam R. Griffin, D. Nahid Sultana, Janok P. Bhattacharya, Carlos L. V. Aiken, and Xueming Xu

Controls on Differential Evolution of Triassic Carbonate Platforms of the Nanpanjiang Basin, Guizhou, Guangxi, and Yunnan, South China 
by Daniel J. Lehrmann, Paul Enos, Marcello Minzoni, Donghong Pei, Paul Montgomery, and Jiayong Wei

Outcrop Expression of Sequence Boundaries in the Albian-Cenomanian Nanushuk Formation, Central North Slope, Alaska 
by  David L. LePain, Paul J. McCarthy, and Russell Kirkham

Variability of Rift-Climax Stratigraphy in the Hangingwall to a Rift Border Fault: The Thal Fault, Hammam Faraun Fault Block, Suez Rift, Egypt 
by Chris Leppard, Rob Gawthorpe

Along-Strike Variations in Reservoir Characteristics of Macaronichnus segregatis-Burrowed Upper Shoreface and Foreshore Sandstones, Lower Cretaceous Glauconite Formation, Alberta, Canada 
by John P. Lerette, James A. MacEachern

Surface Exploration Successful in Finding Alberta Leduc Pinnacle Reefs 
by Leonard A. LeSchack, Richard E. Wyman, and John R. Jackson

Sedimentological and Ichnological Variation in Estuarine Point Bar Deposits, McMurray Formation (Aptian), Northeastern Alberta 
by Curtis D. Lettley, S. George Pemberton

Methodology for Integrated Calculation of Total Gas-in-Place for a Heterogeneous OM-Bearing Sequence 
by Jeffrey R. Levine

What is the Role of the Geologist in Assessment of Continuous-Type Gas Accumulations? 
by Jeffrey R. Levine, Creties Jenkins

Kinematics to Geomechanics - an Exercise in Predicting Reservoir Deformation and Flow 
by Helen Lewis, James A. Guest, Lisa Hammond, and Stephen A. Hall

Evolving Upscaled Permeabilities and Seismic Responses in Numerical Models of Deforming Fracture/Flow Systems 
by Helen Lewis, Stephen A. Hall, Gary D. Couples, Mark Reynolds, Gillian Pickup, Jingsheng Ma, and Xavier Macle

An Integrated Study Using Multicomponent Induction Data, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, Borehole Image and Core Data in Tacata Field, Eastern Venezuela Basin 
by Angela Lezama, Ashok Sinha, German Gomez, and María Barboza

VSP Survey Modeling for Safe Usage of Salt Caverns 
by Yingping Li

Coalbed Methane in the United States: A GIS Study 
by Samuel H. Limerick

Fluid Migration along Faults? A Study of South Timbalier 54, Gulf of Mexico 
by Robert E. Little, Jeffrey Nunn

New Quantitative Fluorescence Techniques for Reconstructing Hydrocarbon Charge History 
by Keyu Liu, Peter Eadington

Re-Evaluation of Middle Cretaceous Subsidence in the Southern Wyoming Foreland Basin 
by Shaofeng Liu, Dag Nummedal, Peigui Yin, and Hongjun Luo

Controlling Factors on the Occurrence of Microbial Buildups in the Upper Jurassic Smackover Formation, Eastern Gulf Coastal Plain 
by Juan Carlos Llinas

Contourites and Related Outer Shelf/Upper Slope Sediments, Boquillas Formation, West Texas 
by Brian E. Lock, Ashley Walker Fife

Porosity CAT-Scan Signature Changes Related to Variations of Sedimentation Rate: Theoretical and Physical Modeling versus Field Deposits 
by Bernard François Long, Francis Moore, and Mathieu Jacques Duchesne

Complex Fluid Evolution in a Hydrothermal Dolomite Reservoir - Devonian Clarke Lake Gas Field, Canada 
by Jeff Lonnee

Hydrothermal Dolomite Model - Old Concept and New Challenges 
by Jeff Lonnee, Hans G. Machel

The Value of Digital Outcrop Data in Reservoir Modeling 
by Tore M. Loseth, Jan C. Rivenæs, John B. Thurmond, and Ole J. Martinsen

Fault Seal / Fault Conduit Behavior at South Eugene Block 330, Offshore Louisiana: Observations and Modeling Results 
by Steven L. Losh, Lawrence Cathles, and Jennifer Adams

Hydrothermal Overprint on a Complex, Coalesced, Collapsed Paleocave System 
by Robert G. Loucks

Depositional Facies and Reservoir Quality of the Deep-Water, Lower Cretaceous Tamabra Carbonate Slope Reservoir in the Poza Rica Field, Mexico 
by Robert Loucks, Charles Kerans, Xavier Janson, Alfredo Marhx, and Carlos Reyes

Fold Belt Development Espirito Santo Basin, Brazil 
by Frank R. Love

Exploration of the Whitehorse Trough (Yukon, Canada): Petroleum Potential of a Frontier Basin 
by Grant W. Lowey

Review of Geologic Processes and Continental Margin Evolution 
by Allen Lowrie, Bradley M. Battista

Hydrate Exploration and Exploitation within Five Years in the northern Gulf of Mexico 
by A. Lowrie, P. A. Dean, Carol Blanton Lutken, Erika Geresi, and Tom McGee

The Lower Mississippi Canyon: Possible Loci of Multiple Mass-Wasting Events 
by A. Lowrie, P. A. Dean, Carol Blanton Lutken, Erika Geresi, and Tom McGee

Striving to Improve Earth Science Education, K - 12 
by Peggy Lubchenco

Poikilotopic Anhydrite Enhances Reservoir Quality 
by F. Jerry Lucia, Rebecca H. Jones, and James W. Jennings

Brine Injection Potential in Upstate New York: Making Salt-Cavern Storage Work in Areas Remote to Ocean Disposal 
by Courtney M. Lugert, Langhorne B. Smith, Richard Nyahay, and Stephen Bauer

Effect of Climate Change on Miocene Temperate-Water Carbonate Sequence Development, Murray Basin, South Australia 
by Jeff Lukasik, Noel P. James

Guadalupe Restoration Project - Multi-Faceted Approach Towards Resolution of Environmental Concerns 
by Paul David Lundegard, Gonzalo Garcia

Tectonostratigraphy of Foreland Basins: the Upper Cretaceous in the Greater Green River Basin, Southwestern Wyoming 
by Hongjun Luo, Dag Nummedal

Insights from the Analysis of High-resolution 3-D Seismic and High-density Well Data in a Paleocene Shallow Fluvio-deltaic Reservoir with Low Net Deposition, Suriname (South America) 
by Stefan M. Luthi, Israel Rivera Rabelo, Aernout Schram de Jong, and Hilbrand Haverkamp

Complex Geology Creates Difficult Interpretational Scenarios in Hydrated Areas Along Western Flank of Mississippi Canyon, Northern Gulf of Mexico 
by Carol Blanton Lutken, Erika Geresi, Tom McGee, Warren T. Wood, and A. Lowrie

Grain-size Distributions of Associated Bedforms: Resolving Depositional Slope in Sandy Braided Rivers 
by Ranie M. Lynds, David Mohrig, and Paul L. Heller

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Ichnology of Deltas: Organism Responses to the Dynamic Interplay of Rivers, Waves, Storms and Tides 
by James A. MacEachern, Janok P. Bhattacharya

Chronologic Modeling of Faulted and Fractured Reservoirs Using Geomechanically-Based Restoration 
by Laurent Maerten, Frantz Maerten

3-D Geomechanical Techniques to Better Characterizing Complex Structural Models: (i) Slip Inversion and (ii) Restoration 
by Frantz Maerten, Laurent Maerten

Modeling Petroleum Systems in the San Joaquin Basin, California 
by Leslie B. Magoon, Kenneth E. Peters, Allegra Hosford Scheirer, Carolyn Lampe, Donald L. Gautier, and Paul G. Lillis

Nature and Timing of a Mini-Basin Infill During the Last Glacial/Interglacial Sea-Level Cycle (Northwestern Slope of the Gulf of Mexico) 
by Gianni Mallarino, André W. Droxler, Laurent Labeyrie, R. T. (Rick) Beaubouef, Vitor Abreu, and Yvon Balut

Evaluating Uplift Rates, Subsidence Rates, and Origin of Drowning Unconformities Using Marine Cements 
by Gianni Mallarino, R. H. Goldstein, and Pietro Di Stefano

Statoil: We Deliver What We Promise 
by William V. Maloney

Upper Jurassic Shallow Water Thrombolites from the Northeastern Gulf of Mexico 
by Ernest A. Mancini, Juan Carlos Llinas, and William C. Parcell

Sequence Stratigraphic Analysis of Continental and Shelfal Strata, Northern Gulf of Mexico 
by  Ernest A. Mancini, T. Markham Puckett

Along-strike Segmentation of Pliocene-Recent Normal Fault Systems, Eastern Offshore Trinidad 
by Paul Mann, Wood Lesli, and Sean Sullivan

New Techniques for Characterizing Fracture Spacing: Examples from Northeastern Mexico and Central Texas 
by Randall Marrett, Julia Gale, and Leonel Gomez

Results from Recent Deep-Water Drilling in the Newfoundland Basin, East of Hibernia Field 
by Kathleen M. Marsaglia, Michela Arnaboldi, Richard N. Hiscott, Thomas K. Pletsch, Alastair Robertson, Masaaki Shirai, Richard C. Wilson, Anna Engstrom, Gianreto Manatschal, Therese Shryane, R. Mark Leckie, and Ocean Drilling Program Leg 210 Scientific Party

Sand Provenance from Source-to-Sink: Preliminary Results from Two Case Studies in New Zealand 
by Kathleen M. Marsaglia, Dawn James, Shawn Shapiro, Alissa DeVaughn, Kevin Rivera, and Luz Noelia Rodriguez

The Triassic Argilo Gréseux-Inferieur (TAG-I) of Algeria: High-resolution Chemostratigraphy as a Correlation Tool in Proximal to Distal Fluvial Facies 
by John Martin, Tim Pearce, Ken Ratcliffe, David Lawton, Andrew Hughes, and Fadila Bessa

Along Strike Variations in Thrust Fault Termination: Insights from new seismic data across the Darby (Hogsback) Thrust, Uinta County, Wyoming 
by Kevin Martindale, John Byrd, Van S. Mount, Tom Bergstresser, and Scott Young

Slope Facies Models Revisited: Is There A Unique Classification Scheme? 
by Ole Martinsen, Trond Lien

Beyond Outcrop Visualization: Building Reservoir and Depositional Models in a CAVE Environment 
by Ole Martinsen, Tore M. Loseth, John Thurmond, Trond Lien, Xueming Xu, and Carlos Aiken

Maturity History of the Source Rocks Below the Mensa and Thunder Horse Fields, Mississippi Canyon, Northeastern Gulf of Mexico 
by Veit Matt, Renaud Bouroullec, Paul Weimer, Todd Lapinski, and Aaron van den Berg

Regional Maturity Patterns of the Tithonian and Turonian Source Rocks in the Northeastern Deep Gulf of Mexico 
by Veit Matt, Renaud Bouroullec, Paul Weimer, and John Roesink

Carbonate Platform Stratigraphy and Evolution, Pliocene to Holocene, Northern Offshore Belize 
by S. J. Mazzullo

Out of the Mire: New Perspectives on Facies Models for Coal and Coal-Bearing Strata 
by Peter J. McCabe

Autocyclic vs. Allocyclic Controls on Aggradational Channel Progradation, Back Fill and Avulsion 
by William D. McCaffrey, Ben Kneller

An Integrated Seismic Study of the Proposed DoE/JIP Drill Site in Atwater Valley Block 14 
by Tom McGee, Ross Chapman, Camelia C. Knapp, Erika Geresi, Brad Battista, Mike Morley, and J. R. Woolsey

Thermal Regime of the Midcontinent El Dorado Oil Field (Kansas) Interpreted from High Resolution Temperature Logs 
by Jason R. McKenna, Daniel F. Merriam, and David D. Blackwell

Inquiry Teaching in the Geosciences 
by John McKinney

Faunal Gradient Analysis of “Shoal” Carbonates: Uncovering the Role of Siliciclastic Sediment Starvation in Producing Widespread Skeletal Sediments 
by Patrick I. McLaughlin, Carlton E. Brett

Geostatistical Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD) Reservoir Characterization for the Athabasca Oil Sands, Alberta, Canada 
by  Jason A. McLennan, Clayton V. Deutsch

Supply-Driven Cyclicity in the Deepwater Gulf of Mexico 
by Lawrence D. Meckel

Reservoir Characteristics of 4th-Order Early Lowstand Deposits in the Deepwater Greater Mars-Ursa Basin, Mississippi Canyon, Northern Gulf of Mexico 
by Lawrence D. Meckel, David A. Mercer

Application of Design of Experiments to Expedite Probabilistic Assessment of Reservoir Hydrocarbon Volumes (OOIP) 
by W. Scott Meddaugh, Stewart Griest, Denise Pfeffer, and Paul Montgomery

Stochastic Reservoir Modeling and Workflow Evaluation, C3-C4 Interval, Central Fault Block (CFB), LL-652 Reservoir, Venezuela 
by William S. Meddaugh, J. Saul Moros, and Wendell Olivier

The Lutetian Aínsa Sequence: An Example of Small Turbidite Systems Deposited in a Tectonically-Controlled Basin 
by Jesse John Melick, Giovanni Benevelli, Giorgio Cavanna, Roberto Tinterri, and Emiliano Mutti

The Importance of Sediment Composition and Early Diagenesis on the Later Development of Pressure Solution in Periplatform Carbonates, ODP Leg 166, Sites 1003 and 1007 
by Leslie A. Melim, Kimberly M. Haggitt, and Melinda Wamsley

Retention of High Matrix Permeability in Carbonates During Progressive Burial 
by Susan E. Melzer, David A. Budd, and Anthony J. Park

Geomorphic Evolution of Morgan Peninsula, AL: Influence of Incised Valley Architecture on a Progradational Barrier 
by Craig T. Meyer, Antonio B. Rodriguez, John B. Anderson, and Alexander R. Simms

The Perdido Fold Belt: Evolution of an Exploration Play Concept 
by David B. Meyer, Larry Zarra, and Scott Neal

Prediction of Reservoir Quality in Deep-water Depositional Systems, Norwegian Sea: Facies and Temperature History as Controlling Factors 
by Ruth Elin A. Midtbø, Trond Lien, and Ole Martinsen

Tectonic Evolution and Hydrocarbon Migration Synchronization in the Tacata Area 
by José F. Mijares, Maria Silva, Wilfredo Maestracci, and Euries Gil

The University Oil and Gas Field; Hydrocarbons, Reservoirs, and Future Potential 
by Byron Miller, Chacko J. John, Brian Harder, and Reed Bourgeois

Hydrocarbon Typing with Neutron Sonic 
by Marc Miller, David Johnston

Sedimentology and Ichnology of the Upper Cretaceous (Cenomanian) Upper Bahariya Formation in the Khalda Concession, Western Desert, Egypt 
by Sean B. Miller, George Pemberton, and Fred Wehr

Preliminary Geologic Characterization of the Chicot Aquifer in Southwest Louisiana - Acadia, Allen, Beauregard, Calcasieu, Evangeline, and Jerfferson Davis Parishes 
by L. Riley Milner, Sean McLaughlin

Erosional Remnants in Deep-Water Channel Systems: Outcrop and Subsurface Characterization 
by Jon Minken, Roger Slatt, and Henry Posamentier

Application of Air Circulation Technology for Remediation of BTEX Plume in the Groundwater at a Natural Gas Plant, Winkler County, Texas 
by Gregory A. Minnery, Hugh B. Robotham, and David B. Vance

Three-dimensional Structural Model of the Cantarell and Sihil Structures, Campeche Bay, Mexico 
by Shankar Mitra, Gerardo Correa Figueroa, Jesus Hernandez Garcia, and Antonio Murillo Alvarado

Controls on the Morphology and Development of Deep-Marine Channels, Eastern Offshore Trinidad and Venezuela 
by Kristine L. Mize, Lesli Wood, and Paul Mann

Sedimentation at the Foreset Toe as a Choke Point in Clinoform Dynamics 
by Jeré A. Mohr, John B. Swenson, Chris Paola, and Lincoln F. Pratson

Adjustments within Trains of Dunes Driving Bar Growth in a Sandy Braided Channel 
by David Mohrig, Douglas Jerolmack

The Origin of Shale Diapirs, Salt Dome Initiation, and Sedimentary Volcanism 
by John N. Monroe

Rates and Character of Opposite-Sense Small-Scale Tectonic Rotations Associated with Sinistral Transcurrent Shear Zones, Cabo de Gata Region, SE Spain 
by Paul Montgomery, Evan K. Franseen, Robert H. Goldstein, and Mark W. Hounslow

Cyclostratigraphy, Lithostratigraphy and Geostatistical Modeling of the Upper Jurassic Smackover and Norphlet Formations, Hatter’s Pond Field, Mobile County, Alabama 
by Paul Montgomery, W. Scott Meddaugh, William C. Dawson, Mary J. Hegmann, and William K Gibbs

Controls on Lower and Middle Miocene Reservoir Sand Distribution in the Ultra-Deep Water Gulf of Mexico 
by Michael G. Moore, Gillian M. Apps, and Bryan C. Delph

The Ultimate Frontier in the Peruvian Fold and Thrust Belt 
by Miguel Mora-Glukstad, Paul Martinez, Gerardo Diaz, and Estuardo Alvarez-Calderon

Mechanisms of Porosity Reduction of the Upper Cretaceous Sandstones in the Eastern Venezuela Basin: Carito Oil Field 
by Julymar M. Morantes

Estimation of Seismic Velocities in the Hydrate Stability Zone Using Ship Noise at a Vertical Hydrophone Array 
by Mike Morley, Ross Chapman, Tom McGee, and J. R. Woolsey

Facies, Sequence Stratigraphy and Flow Units in the Eocene C-4-X.01 Reservoir, LL-652 Area (Lagunillas Field), Western Venezuela 
by J. Saul Moros, William S. Meddaugh

Structural Analysis of Misis Frontal Thrust System, Iskenderun Basin, Turkey 
by Alan P. Morris, David A. Ferrill, Craig Davis, Gary Fortier, Haki Naz, Tevfik Efecinar, Emrah Can, and Ismail Yilmaz

Sequence Stratigraphy and Depositional Model of a Bioturbated Shelf Sandstone Reservoir: the Bridport Sands, Wessex Basin, UK 
by Jenny E. Morris, Gary Hampson, Gavin Ward, and David Richard

Debris Flow Distribution and Controls on Slope to Basin Deposition, Offshore Trinidad 
by Lorena Moscardelli, Lesli Wood, and Paul Mann

Basement Control in Southern Subandean Thrust Belt Development and its Implications in Hydrocarbon Trapping. Northern Argentina and Southern Bolivia 
by Alfonso Mosquera

The Influence of Mesozoic Tectonics in Hydrocarbon Trap Formation, Central and Southern Portion of Neuquen Basin, Argentina 
by Alfonso Mosquera, Facundo Fuentes

Oil Play in the Pre-Cuyo “Basement” of the Huincul High, Los Bastos Block, Southern Neuquen Basin, Argentina 
by Alfonso Mosquera, Héctor J. Villar, and Guillermo A . Laffitte

Trapping Mechanism of the X-Structure Gas Accumulation, Offshore Taiwan: A New Look at An Old Find 
by Duenchien Mou, Fu-Chen Su, and Jhy-Shing Ting

Geometry, Kinematics and Exploration Implications of Basement-Involved Wedge Structures: Examples from the Southern Margin of the Hanna Basin, WY 
by Van S. Mount, Thomas Griffith, Garett Hodne, and John Byrd

Eolian Facies Models 
by Nigel P. Mountney

Analysing Acoustic Microscope Images to Estimate Textural Scales and Anisotropy in Kerogen Shales 
by Tapan Mukerji, Manika Prasad

Petroleum Systems of the Carboniferous Sediments of Onshore Nova Scotia, Eastern Canada and Feasibility of CO2 Sequestration 
by Prasanta K. Mukhopadhyay, Paul J. Harvey, and D. Jack MacDonald

New Life for Old Data: Brown Field Reservoir Characterization and 3D Geological Modeling from the West Baram Delta Province, Offshore Sarawak, Malaysia 
by Matthew Mulcahy, Tanwi Basu, A. Wahid Musbah, Gavin Douglas, Howard D. Johnson, Kamarolzaman B. Yahya, and Mustafa Suleiman

Hydrocarbon Potential of the Tuman River Area of North Korea (DPRK) 
by  Robert C. Mummery

Formation of Gas Hydrates in Southern Caspian Sea 
by Chingiz S. Muradov

Evaluating Marine Gas Hydrates with 4-C OBC Seismic Data 
by Paul E. Murray, Milo Backus, Michael DeAngelo, Sergey Fomel, Robert Graebner, Bob Hardage, and Lesli Wood

Regional Tectonics, Differential Subsidence, and Sediment Flux to the Southern South China Sea during Pliocene to Recent Time 
by Mychal R. Murray, Steven L. Dorobek

Principles of Autostratigraphic Analysis: Implications from Flume Experiments 
by Tetsuji Muto, Ron Steel

Stratigraphic Architecture and Facies Characteristics of Ancient Delta Systems of Tectonically Active Basins 
by Emiliano Mutti

Cross-Stratified Sandstones and Multiple Beds: Evidence of Internal Flow Divergence in Turbidity Currents Caused by Submarine Topography 
by Emiliano Mutti, Roberto Tinterri

Simulating Sinuous Channel Incision in Flume Experiments: a Key to Understand the Processes in Meandering Canyons and Channels 
by François Métivier, Eric Lajeunesse, Pierre Lancien, and Marie-Christine Cacas

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Heat Flow and Deep Sedimentary Temperatures in the Eastern Gulf of Mexico 
by Seiichi Nagihara, Kelly Opre Jones, Michael Jones, Michael Smith, James Brooks, Bernie Bernard, Neil Summer, and Trevor Lewis

Heat Flow in Texas 
by Petru T. Negraru, David D Blackwell, and Kamil Erkan

Quantification of Wellbore Fracture Intensity and the Correlation to Historic Wellbore and Field Performance 
by Ronald A. Nelson

The Use of Soil Gas Surveys to Delineate Subsurface Structure: Cross-Strike Discontinuity Locations for the Bass Island Trend in Western New York 
by Travis A. Nelson, John Fountain

The Influence of Varying Resistance to Orogenic Advance on the Structural Styles of the Onshore and Offshore Balkanide Thrustbelts - Controls on Trap Development in the Western Black Sea Basin 
by Michal Nemcok, R. Eric Higgins, and Dian Vangelov

Sequential Organization of the Aptian-Albian Lacustrine System of the Araripe Basin, Northeastern Brazil 
by Virgínio Henrique Neumann, Lluis Cabrera

Physic Stratigraphy and Deformations of the Carbonate Lacustrine System (Aptian-Albian) Outcrops of the Araripe Basin, NE Brazil 
by Virgínio Henrique Neumann, Agnelo Leite Silva

Geological and Geochemical Factors Influencing the Emerging Coalbed Gas Play in the Cherokee and Forest City Basins in Eastern Kansas 
by K. David Newell, Troy A. Johnson, W. Matthew Brown, Jonathan P. Lange, and Timothy R. Carr

Geologic Factors Controlling Natural Gas Migration from the Yaggy Underground Gas Storage Site, Kansas 
by Susan E. Nissen, W. Lynn Watney, Saibal Bhattacharya, Alan P. Byrnes, and David Young

Carbonates versus Clastics: Their Sedimentological Impact on 3-D Reservoir Modeling 
by Jon Noad

Comparison of Near-surface Depositional Settings in Two Large 3D Surveys, Deepwater Tarfaya-Agadir Basin, Offshore Morocco 
by Jerry A. Nott, Lawrence C. Nolte, R. Craig Shipp, and Andrew S. Hume

Reservoir Characterization for CO2 injection at a National Carbon Storage Test Center, Teapot Dome, Wyoming 
by Dag Nummedal, S. Julio Friedmann, Peigui Yin, Quingsheng Zhang, Mark Milliken, and Vicki Stamp

Sequence Analysis of Petrophysical Data for Improved Formation Evaluation 
by Roy Nurmi

Analysis of the Devonian Black Shale in Kentucky for Potential Carbon Dioxide Sequestration and Enhanced Natural Gas Production 
by Brandon C. Nuttall, James A. Drahovzal, Cortland F. Eble, and R. Marc Bustin

Provenance and Diagenesis of the Cretaceous Wall Creek Sandstone, Frontier Formation, Powder River Basin, Wyoming 
by Stephanie Nyman

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The Geology and Mineralization of Enyigba Lead-Zinc(Pb) Lode, Enyigba, Ebonyi State. Nigeria 
by Ayodele Olatunji Ogundiran

Basin Topographic Influence on Delta Progradation, in the Modern Lacustrine Red River Delta, Lake Texoma, Texas/Oklahoma 
by Cornel Olariu, Janok Bhattacharya

Development of Analysis Techniques of Close-in 3-D Photorealistic Mapping: Deepwater Turbidite Deposits at Big Rock Quarry, Arkansas 
by Mariana Iulia Olariu, Xueming Xu, and Carlos L.V. Aiken

Response of Brachiopod Communities (Permian, Glass Mountains, Texas) to Third-Order Sea Level Changes 
by Thomas D. Olszewski, Douglas H. Erwin

The Impact of Dynamic Behavior of Fault Zone to Field's Production and Development Strategies 
by U. O. Onyeagoro, S. J. Naruk

Environmental Impacts of Oil Production on Soil, Bedrock, and Vegetation at the U. S. Geological Survey OSPER Study Site A, Osage County, Oklahoma
by James K. Otton, Robert A. Zielinski, Bruce D. Smith, and Bobby D Keeland



Integrated Geologic Modeling and Simulation, North Blowhorn Creek Oil Field, Lamar County, Alabama 
by Brian Panetta

Mapping Middle Jurassic Microbial Buildups, Cody, Wyoming: Implications for Stratigraphic Correlation of Middle Jurassic Units across the Bighorn Basin 
by William C. Parcell, Leah Kasten, Kimberly Minks, and Monica K. Williams

Development of Middle Jurassic Shallow-Water Microbial Buildups in Association with Mixed Carbonate and Evaporite Deposition, Bighorn Basin, Wyoming 
by William C. Parcell, Monica K. Williams

Middle Cretaceous Deep-Water Vocontian Deposits (SE France): an Alternative Upper Slope Sedimentation Model 
by Olivier Parize, Gerard Friès, Jean-Loup Rubino, Luc-Georges Bulot, Patrice Imbert, Nicolas Fiet, and Jean-Louis Latil

Diagenesis and Mechanical Compaction in Clastic and Carbonate Sediments: Sediment Heterogeneity and Mass-transfer 
by Anthony Park, David Budd, Geoffrey Thyne, and Peter Ortoleva

Overpressuring and Fracturing of New Albany Shale in the Illinois Basin: Insights from Automated Information Theory and Basin Simulation 
by Anthony J. Park, John B. Comer, Micah L. Foust, John A. Rupp, Dong-Hoon Sheen, Jejung Lee, Kagan Tuncay, and Peter J. Ortoleva

The Morphology and Flow Fields of Three-dimensional Dunes, Rio Paraná, Argentina: Results from Simultaneous Multibeam Echo Sounding and Acoustic Doppler Current Profiling 
by  D. R. Parsons, J. L. Best, S. N. Lane, R Kostaschuk, O. Orfeo, M. Franklin, R. J. Hardy, and J. Fraser

Sorption Capacity of Coal in the Black Warrior Basin of Alabama: Implications for Carbon Sequestration and Enhanced Coalbed Methane Recovery 
by Jack C. Pashin, Richard E. Carroll

Glacial-Eustatic Control of Coalbed Methane Reservoir Distribution (Pottsville Formation; Lower Pennsylvanian) in the Black Warrior Basin of Alabama 
by Jack C. Pashin, Dorothy E. Raymond

Rare Earth Element (REE) Analysis of Fossil Vertebrates from the Pierre Shale, Central South Dakota, and Interpretation of the Original Paleoenvironment 
by Doreena Patrick, D. E. Grandstaff

Experimental Insights into Overbank Processes in Submarine Channels 
by Jeffrey Peakall, William D. McCaffrey

How Complex Do Kinetic Models Need to Be? 
by Andrew Pepper

Paleogeography of the Lower to Middle Miocene,T to M3/M4 Sandstones(Oficina Formation),Chimire-Boca Oildfield,Anzoátegui State,Eastern Venezuela 
by Jorge Pérez

Incised Valleys within Tidally Influenced Deltaic Strata: Torrey Member of the Lower Triassic, Moenkopi Formation 
by Timothy E. Perkins, Diane L. Kamola

Tectonic Map of Trinidad and Tobago 
by Krishna M. Persad

Modeling Petroleum Systems on the North Slope of Alaska 
by Kenneth E. Peters, Kenneth J. Bird, Leslie B. Magoon, Carolyn Lampe, Paul G. Lillis, and Mahendra K. Verma

Integration of Advanced Technologies Unravel the Complex Nature of a Major Hydrocarbon System Offshore Mid-Norway 
by Kenneth Petersen, Gary H. Isaksen

The View from the Middle: E&P from the Perspective of a Corporate Risk and Portfolio Manager 
by Henry Pettingill

Integrating Landsat ETM+, RADARSAT, and SRTM Data to Aid Oil and Gas Exploration in Southern Tunisia 
by Sherrie A. Peña, Mohamed G. Abdelsalam, and Kevin Woller

Early-Stage Aerobic Biodegradation of Illinois Basin Crude Oils: A Comparison of Laboratory and Field Experiment Results 
by Sarah R. Pietraszek-Mattner, Lisa M. Pratt

Hindcasting Offshore Gulf of Mexico Reserves through Monte Carlo Continuous, Monte Carlo Discrete, and Fuzzy Arithmetic Risk Analysis 
by John D. Pigott, David L. Harn

Petroleum System Model of the Mesopotamian Basin and Zagros Fold Belt, Iraq, and its Application to Hydrocarbon Resource Assessment 
by Janet K. Pitman, Thomas S. Ahlbrandt, Mahendra Verma, and Douglas Steinshour

A Geologic/Petroleum-System Model of the Downdip Tuscaloosa-Woodbine Trend and its Application to Assessment of Gas Resources 
by Janet K. Pitman, Russell Dubiel, and Phillip Nelson

Incorporation of Stratigraphic Heterogeneity in Reservoir Models of the Temblor Formation, Coalinga Area, California: Integration of Geologic Models and 3D Seismic Data 
by Jaime L. Piver, James W. Castle, Rex A. Hodges, and Matthias Imhof

Integrating Ichnofossils and Substrates to Interpret Avulsion in Floodplain Deposits in the Upper Jurassic Morrison Formation, Big Horn Basin, Wyoming 
by Brian F. Platt, Stephen T. Hasiotis, and Mary J. Kraus

When During the Lowstand Do Basin-Floor Fans Form: Implications from Eocene Central Basin of Spitsbergen 
by  Piret Plink-Björklund

Assessing the Giant Barnett Shale Continuous (Unconventional) Gas Accumulation, Barnett-Paleozoic Total Petroleum System, Bend Arch-Fort Worth Basin, Texas 
by Richard M. Pollastro

System, Bend Arch-Fort Worth Basin, Texas
by Richard M. Pollastro, Ronald J. Hill, Daniel M. Jarvie, and Craig Adams

Geologic and Organic Geochemical Framework of the Barnett-Paleozoic Total Petroleum System, Bend Arch-Fort Worth Basin, Texas 
by Richard M. Pollastro, Ronald J. Hill, Daniel M. Jarvie, and Craig Adams

2003 Assessment of Undiscovered Technically Recoverable Oil and Gas Resources of USGS Province 045, Fort Worth and Hardeman Basins, Texas and Oklahoma 
by Richard M. Pollastro, Timothy S. Klett, Ronald R. Charpentier, Christopher J. Schenk, Troy A. Cook, and Ronald J. Hill

The Stratigraphy and Evolution of the Mississippi Canyon, Gulf of Mexico 
by Henry W. Posamentier

Turbidite Facies Models; Integrating Subsurface and Outcrop 
by Henry W. Posamentier, Roger Walker

Visualisation and Digital Storage of Sedimentological Data 
by Jeremy Preston, Andrew Hurst, David Harrison, and Chris Harlow

The Global Occurrence of Microbial Reefs in the Early Triassic 
by Sara Brady Pruss, David J. Bottjer

Stratigraphic and Sedimentological Characterization using Micro-Resistivity Imaging Logs in Wells Drilled with Non-Conductive Mud 
by Michael Puchalski, Mitch D. Pavlovic

Hypothesis Based Learning (HBL): An Exciting Method for Teaching Earth Science 
by James O. Puckette, Stanley T. Paxton, Richard A. Marston, Thomas A. Wikle, and Jonathan C. Comer

Distribution of Optimal Steam-Assisted Gravity Drainage Reservoirs within the McMurray Formation (Lower Cretaceous) of Northeastern Alberta 
by Peter E. Putnam, Shawna Christensen

Geological Influences on Steam Chamber Growth within Steam-Assisted Gravity Drainage Reservoirs, Lower Cretaceous McMurray Formation, Northeastern Alberta, Canada 
by Peter E. Putnam, Shawna Christensen

On the Stratigraphic Evolution of a Structurally-Confined, Submarine Basin—Carboniferous Ross Sandstone, Western Ireland 
by David R. Pyles

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Geostatistical 3D Reservoir Modeling of Mississippian St. Louis Carbonate Reservoir Systems, Kansas 
by Lianshuang Qi

The Impact of an Ocean Anoxic Event on the Phytoplankton Flora of the Early Jurassic 
by Antonietta Quigg, Bas van de Schootburge, Mimi Katz, Susanne Feist-Burkhardt, Yair Rosenthal, and Paul Falkowski



Depositional Geometries of an Avulsive Fluvial System Controlled by Peat Compaction (Neogene, Most Basin, Czech Republic) 
by Michal Rajchl, David Ulicny

Oil Field Produced Water Discharges into Wetlands – Benefits and Risks to Wildlife 
by Pedro Ramirez

Relations between Shallow Shelf Carbonate Facies and Water Depth, South Florida 
by Eugene C. Rankey

The Role of System-Internal Dynamics on the Generation of Peritidal Carbonate Cycles: Insights from Modeling and Field Observations 
by Eugene C. Rankey, Peter Burgess

Localized Observations of Deformation Band Formation and Behavior in Sands 
by Amy Rechenmacher, Nidal Abi Saab

Electro-Dialysis Reversal Remediation for Chloride Contaminated Groundwater - A Case Study 
by A. Joseph Reed

The East Breaks Fold Belt: An Anomalous Contractional Regime of the Western Gulf of Mexico 
by Timothy A. Reed, Myron J. Cook, Andrew R. Stephens, and Kim A. Doud

Transgressive Surfaces of Erosion in the Viking Formation of Southeast Central Alberta 
by Lynn T. Reich, S. George Pemberton

Ichnology and Sedimentology of the Doe Creek Member of the Kaskapau Formation: The Importance of Recognizing the Nature of Fully Marine Trace Fossil Suites 
by Scott A. Reid, George Pemberton

Reservoir Characterization Studies: Yukon Flats Basin, Alaska 
by  Rocky R. Reifenstuhl

Alaska Peninsula and Bristol Bay: Frontier Oil and Gas Basin 
by Rocky R. Reifenstuhl, Donald W. Brizzolara

Mud Mounds vs. Deltas: Sea-level Controlled Sedimentation in a Orogenic Foreland Basin (Cantabrian Zone, Upper Carboniferous, NW Spain) 
by John J. G. Reijmer, P. Schäfer, A. Schäfer, and H. J. Wallrabe-Adams

Wavelet-Based Remote Sensing Data Fusion 
by Dianwei Ren, Mohamed Abdelsalam

Re-evaluation of Miocene Evidence for Extreme Crustal Extension Across the Death Valley Region, California 
by Byrdie Renik, Nicholas Christie-Blick

Origin and Distribution of Hydrocarbon Gases in the Columbus Basin of Trinidad: An Emerging Gas Province 
by A.G. Requejo, Zvi Sofer, David L. Stansbury, Craig F. Schiefelbein, and James L. Brooks

What Do We Count in Cyclostratigraphy?: The Influence of Sea Level, Climate, and Diagenesis on Aragonite Cycle Formation 
by Lars Reuning, John J. G. Reijmer, and Christian Betzler

Effective Fluid-Flow Properties of Load-Sensitive Fractured Bedding Plane Pavements in Large-Scale Structures Influenced by Flexural-Slip: Coupled Matrix-Fracture Flow Systems 
by Mark A. Reynolds, Gary D. Couples, Helen Lewis, Jingsheng Ma, and Gillian E. Pickup

Educational Outreach: the Need From the National Perspective 
by Robert W. Ridky

North American Resources: Lessons from The 2003 National Petroleum Council Study of North American Supply And Demand And Market Attributes 
by W. C. Riese, R. R. Charpentier, T. M. DeCort, M. Gentle, M. S. Hupp, K. Logan, K. B. Medlock, A. J. Slaughter, G. C. Stone, G. H. Tsang, and L. P. White

Clinical Methods for Pre-Drill Calculations of Reserves And Risk: Results of An Analysis of Historical Company Data And An Outline of Methods 
by W.C. Riese, W. A. Hill

Diagenetic and Sea-Level Controls on Porosity Preservation: An Example from Oolitic and Crinoidal Carbonates, Mississippian, Kansas and Missouri 
by Matthew E. Ritter, Robert H. Goldstein

High Quality Electrical Images While Drilling Open a Wider Window on Near Wellbore Geology 
by René N. Ritter, Volker Krueger, Matthias Gorek, Christian Fulda, Stephen A. Morris, Jeremy Lofts, Ansgar Baule, and Roland Chemali

Paleozoic Reservoirs and Petroleum Systems of the Onshore Ordos Basin, China 
by Bradley D. Ritts

Sedimentology and Ichnology in the Upper Triassic Baldonnel Formation (western Canada): Implications for Palaeoenvironmental Analysis 
by Demian J. C. Robbins, George Pemberton

The Role of Organic Matter-Clay Mineral Assemblages on the Transportation and Sequestration of Organic Matter from Source to Marine Sink 
by Amelia C. Robinson, Isabel P. Montanez, and Peter J. Hernes

Sedimentological Model of the Paleocene to Lower Miocene Naricual Formation, Carito Norte and Carito Oeste Oilfields, Monagas State, Eastern Venezuela 
by Jesús Rodríguez, Solange Angulo, and Manuel Delgado

Microbial Precipitation of Dolomite in Methanogenic Groundwater 
by Jennifer Roberts Rogers, Luis A. Gonzalez, and G. L. Macpherson

Gas Hydrate Catalysis from Biosurfactants-Bentonite Interactions that Impact Sediment Stability 
by Rudy E. Rogers, Charles E. Woods, Tao Ding, Guochang Zhang, Jennifer L. Dearman, and Brian Kelleher

Assessing Subeconomic Natural Gas Resources in the Anadarko and Uinta Basins 
by Kelly K. Rose, Ashley S. B. Douds, James A. Pancake, H. R. Pratt, and Ray Boswell

Holocene Climate-Induced Variations in Carbonate Sedimentation on the Leeward Slope of Great Bahama Bank 
by Sven Roth, John J. G. Reijmer

Physical and Temporal Linkage between Proximal Loading and Extension and Distal Deposition and Contraction in the Northwestern Gulf of Mexico Basin 
by Mark G. Rowan, Kerry F. Inman, and  J. Carl Fiduk

Burial and Thermal History Model of a Cross-Section through the Central Appalachian Basin, Ohio and West Virginia 
by E. L. Rowan, R. T. Ryder, C. S. Swezey, J. E. Repetski, R. D. Crangle, M. H. Trippi, and L. F. Ruppert

Upper Miocene Sequence Stratigraphy of Rostov Dome, Russian Platform, Eastern Paratethys 
by Dmitry Ruban, Wan Yang

Predicting the Subsurface Distribution of Gas Hydrate in the Northern Gulf of Mexico 
by C. Ruppel, D. Hutchinson, B. Dugan, and P. Hart

Integrated Stratigraphic Framework of Cretaceous Strata, Offshore Sable Island, Scotian Basin - Eastern Canada 
by Mihaela Stefan Ryer, Robert A. Sullivan, Jim Dyess, Carl B. Kaupp, and Saverio Spagnuolo

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Integrated Stratigraphic Study of The Turonian Wall Creek Member, Frontier Formation, Powder River Basin, Wyoming 
by Junaid Sadeque, Janok P. Bhattacharya

Seismic and Structural Analysis of a Hydrothermally Dolomitized Trenton-Black 
by Justine Sagan, Bruce Hart

Characteristics of an Unusual Reservoir Facies in the Lower Cretaceous Cogollo Group, Maracaibo Platform, Venezuela 
by Guillermina Sagasti, Langhorne B. “Taury” Smith, Alejandra Rinaldi, and Gregor P. Eberli

Petrophysical Evaluation of Miocene-Pliocene Gas Reservoirs: Veracruz and Macuspana Basins, Mexico 
by Shinichi Sakurai, William Ambrose, D. C. Jennette, Mark H. Holtz, Shirley Dutton, K. Fouad, T. F. Wawrzyniec, Dallas Dunlap, Edgar H. Guevara, Francisco M. Grimaldo-Suarez, Leonardo Enrique Aguilera-Gomez, and Jose A. Rodriguez-Larios

Depositional Environments of Lower Pennsylvanian Reservoir Sandstones, Southwestern Kansas 
by Galo Aristides Salcedo

Facies-Controlled Hydrothermal Dolomite in Devonian Reservoirs, Western Alberta Basin, Canada 
by Arthur Saller

A Sequence Stratigraphic Model for Late Cenozoic Deltaic Basins in Southeast Asia 
by Arthur H. Saller, Jesse Noah, Rhys Schneider, and Alif Prama Ruzuar

A High-Resolution Seismic Study in the Gulf of Mexico 
by Richard Salter, Marcelo Benabentos, Julio Perez Aldana, and Antonio Cuevas Leree

Understanding Petroleum Fluid Distributions in Sedimentary Basins using Headspace Gas Data 
by Cadi Santiago, Andrew Pepper

The Role of Oligocene Formations in Hydrocarbon Generation and Accumulation in the Histria Petroleum System of the Romanian Shelf of the Black Sea 
by Mihai Saramet, Gheorghe Gavrilescu, and Constantin Cranganu

Detailed Analogs for Paleokarst Reservoirs: Promise and Problems 
by Ira D. Sasowsky

Ichnology of a Passive-Margin Condensed Section, Eocene Tallahatta Formation, Alabama 
by Charles E. Savrda, Richard G. Urash, and John Counts

Towards a High-Resolution Multiscale Stratigraphy: A Chemiostratigraphic, Cyclostratigraphic and Biostratigraphic Approach 
by Cunha Scarparo, Armando Antonio, Seirin Shimabukuro, and Rogério Loureiro Antunes

Direct Measurements of pH and Dissolved CO2 Concentrations in H2O-CO2 Brine Mixtures to Supercritical Conditions 
by H. Todd Schaef, B. Pete McGrail

Geologic Sequestration of CO2 in Basalt Formations 
by H. Todd Schaef, B. Peter McGrail, and Stephen P. Reidel

An Illustrative Example for Determining the Influence of Geologic Economic Drivers for Clastic Coast Reservoirs Utilizing Stochastic Reservoir Modeling Techniques 
by Claude Scheepens

Structural Styles and Evolution of a Transpressional Plate Margin and Fold-Thrust Belt; the Kirthar Range of Western Pakistan 
by Daniel D. Schelling, John M. Hurst, and Amir Ayub

Assessment of Undiscovered Oil and Gas Resources of the Burgos Basin Province, Northeast Mexico 
by Christopher J. Schenk, Thomas S. Ahlbrandt, Ronald R. Charpentier, Timothy R. Klett, Donald L. Gautier, Mitchell Henry, Richard M. Pollastro, Gregory F. Ulmishek, and Jean N. Weaver

SEM and TEM Study of Silica Diagenesis in Shales from the Cretaceous Blackhawk Formation, Book Cliffs, Utah: Implications for Sealing Capacity 
by Juergen Schieber

Fractal View of Sequence Stratigraphy 
by Wolfgang Schlager

M-Factory -- the Principal Carbonate Production System of Mud Mounds 
by Wolfgang Schlager

Recognizing Strike-Slip Indicators on Seismic Data and Why it Matters 
by Greg Schoenborn

Geochemical Clues to Pressure History and Diagenesis of Chalks, Skjold Field, Danish North Sea 
by Peter A. Scholle, Troels Albrechtsen, and Dana Ulmer-Scholle

The Dynamic Nature of Hydrocarbon Microseepage: An Overview 
by Dietmar Schumacher

Geochemical Exploration in North Africa:Recent Successes from Algeria, Tunisia, and Egypt 
by Dietmar Schumacher, Daniel Hitzman

When Seismic is Not Enough: Improving Success by Integrating High-Resolution Surface Geochemical Data with Seismic Data 
by Dietmar Schumacher, Daniel Hitzman, Luis Clavijo, and Daniel Malizia

Variation and Complexity: Monterey Reservoirs of California 
by Jon R. Schwalbach, Stuart Gordon, Charles O'Brien, William Benmore, and Cynthia Huggins

Preliminary Assessment of Worldwide Coalbed Methane Resources 
by Andrew R. Scott, Donna F. Balin

GIS Applications of DSDP-ODP Data for Hydrocarbon Exploration 
by Marylin P. Segall, Robert K. Sawyer, Greg Nash, Jacob Umbriaco, Christopher Kessler, and Elizabeth Dudley-Murphy

Application of the Re-Os Chronometer to Hydrocarbon Systems 
by David Selby, Robert Andrew Creaser

Trap Styles in a Multi-Detachment Fold and Thrust Belt, Tarim Basin, Western China 
by Sandro Serra

Structural Interpretation of The Dollarhide Field in West Texas Utilizing New Seismic Attributes 
by  Isabel C. Serrano, Alfred Lacazette, Charles H. Blumentritt, Kurt J. Marfurt, and E. Charlotte Sullivan

Use of Relational Database and GIS Tools to Assess Carbon Sequestration Volumes: The MIDCARB Database 
by Beverly Seyler, Scott M. Frailey, Timothy R. Carr, James A. Drahovzal, Brandon C. Nuttall, John A. Rupp, Wilfrido Solano, and Lawrence H. Wickstrom

3D Mechanical Modeling of Displacement Trajectories in Fault Related Folds: Insights and Implications for 3D Restoration 
by Ryan Shackleton, Michele Cooke

Solving the Whiting Problem with Short-Lived Isotopes: Still no Fish 
by E. A. Shinn, M. Marot, and C. W. Holmes

Late Generation Biogenic Gas Systems on Shallow Basin Margins 
by George W. Shurr, Derric L. Iles

Carbonate Petrography and Geochemistry of Middle Pennsylvanian Coal Balls (Herrin Coal): Evidence Regarding Coal-Ball Formation And Fossil Plant Preservation 
by Fredrick D. Siewers, Tom L. Phillips

Tectono-Stratigraphic Evolution of the Southern Tethyan Margin, North Africa and Arabia: An Updated Sequence Stratigraphic Interpretation 
by Mike Simmons, David Boote, David M. Casey, Roger B. Davies, Peter R Sharland, and Owen Sutcliffe

Going Beyond the Tripartite Model of Incised Valley Fill 
by Alexander Ray Simms, John B. Anderson, Patrick Taha, and Antonio Rodriguez

Heavy Metals in Sediments of a Sludge Disposal Lake 
by Neal Simpson, Dibyendu Sarkar

Rapid Evaluation of Extensional Fault-System-Controlled Reservoir Connectivity 
by Darrell W. Sims, Alan P. Morris, David A. Ferrill, Rasoul Sorkhabi, Nathan M. Franklin, and Deborah J. Waiting

Architecture of Upper Slope Strata, Upper Brushy Canyon Formation, Northern Delaware Mountains 
by Bradford J. Sinex, Micheal Gardner

Sedimentology and Facies Architecture of a Transgressive Sandstone: The Cretaceous Hosta Sandstone, New Mexico, USA 
by Peter J. Sixsmith, Gary J. Hampson, Sanjeev Gupta, and Howard D. Johnson

Structural and Stratigraphic Development of the Reelfoot Rift Basin 
by Kenneth M. Skinner, Richard Pawlowicz

Widespread Anhydrites of the Lower St. Louis Limestone (Meramecian) 
by Laura Slade, Rick Abegg, and Chris Maples

Trapping Styles and Reservoir Characterization of Deepwater Reservoirs: Comparison of 33 Field Examples from Gulf of Mexico, West Africa and Brazil 
by Rod Sloan

Structural Interpretation and Net Sand Estimates in a Non-Conductive Mud Environment using Micro-Resistivity and Acoustic Borehole Images Integrated with Dielectric Data 
by Andy Smalley, Mitch D. Pavlovic, and Stephen Dymmock

**U.S. Fossil Energy Policy for the 21st Century 
by Michael A. Smith

Hydrothermal Alteration of Carbonate Reservoirs: How Common Is It? 
by Langhorne B. Smith

Sequence Stratigraphy and the Deep-Water Record 
by Ru Smith, Pete Burgess

Upper Devonian Sands in New York State: Examples of Storm-Generated Offshore Sand-Ridges 
by Gerald J. Smith, Robert D. Jacobi

Earth Science in our Nation’s Schools 
by Michael J. Smith, Laura L. Middaugh

Effects of Gas Hydrate on Seafloor and Borehole Stability in the Deepwater Gulf of Mexico – Seismic Prediction and Drilling Results 
by Michael A. Smith, William W. Shedd

Electrical Conductivity Geophysical Methods Applied to Subsurface Mapping of Produced Waters 
by Bruce D. Smith, Joanna N. Thamke, and Jeffery G. Paine

Seismic Analysis and Characterization of Gas Hydrates in the Northern Deepwater Gulf of Mexico 
by Fred F. C. Snyder, Lecia K. Muller, Nader Dutta, Deborah R. Hutchinson, Patrick E. Hart, Myung W. Lee, Brandon Dugan, Carolyn Ruppel, Warren T. Woods, Richard Coffin, R. Evans, and Emrys H. Jones

Restoration Inversion – Coupling Structural Restoration with Finite Element Fluid Flow Modelling in Four Dimensions—Examples from the North Sea and Black Sea Basin 
by Adam Spargo, David Meredith, Graham Williams, Jay E. Leonard, and Thomas A. Schutter

Using a Relative Geologic Time Volume to Identify Stratigraphic Features 
by Tracy J. Stark

Utility of ASTER for Detecting Hydrocarbon 
by Ronald J. Staskowski, Christopher M. Jengo, and John R. Everett

Isolated Basinal Sandbodies of the Western Interior Basin Revisited 
by Ron Steel, Jeff Crabaugh, Bob Dalrymple, Randi Martinsen, Szczepan Porebski, and Shuji Yoshida

Using High-Resolution Ground Penetrating Radar to Investigate the 3-D Sedimentologic Architecture of the Pleistocene Miami Oolite 
by Kelley Steffen, Gene Rankey, Ralf Weger, Mark Grasmueck, and Don McNeill

Seismic Forward Modeling of Upper Carboniferous – Lower Permian carbonate buildups, North Greenland and the Barents Sea 
by Lars Stemmerik, Steen Agerlin Petersen, Bjarne Rafalesen, and Rasmus Rasmussen

Experimental Observations Pertinent to the Mechanical and Thermal Stability of sI Methane Hydrate/Sand Aggregates 
by Laura Stern, William Durham, Stephen Kirby, Sue Circone, and Mike Helgerud

Shale and Salt Hold Key to Improved Seismic Interpretation 
by Simon Stewart, Peter Bentham

Predicting the Remaining Hydrocarbon Resources of the UK Continental Shelf: 'Top-Down' vs 'Bottom-Up' Methods 
by Susan J. Stoker, P. Haile, Joy C. Gray, Ian J. Andrews, T. D. Cameron, and M. Cave

Prioritising Exploration Leads in the Sudan Using Magnetic Alteration Oil Seepage Signatures Recognised in High Resolution Aeromagnetic Data 
by Vaughan C. A. Stone, W. Heiko Oterdoom, and J. Derek Fairhead

Core Description Reveals Patterns of Reservoir Compartmentalization in the Leonardian/Guadalupian (Permian) San Andres Formation, Vacuum Field, Lea County, New Mexico 
by Emily L. Stoudt

An Experimental Study of Predicting Stratal Geometry and Preservation Potential from Relative Sea Level 
by Nikki Strong, Wonsuck Kim, Ben Sheets, John Martin, Michael Kelberer, Chris Paola, and Lincoln Pratson

Increasing Compliance Among Small Independent Oil and Gas Producers for Remediation of Brine Spills: KISS and Cost 
by Kerry L. Sublette

Reducing the Assumptions - AVO Processing Tools from BP's AVO Workbench 
by Victoria Sublette

A GIS Approach to Estimating Sediment Yields from SE Asia 
by  Simon M. Suggate, Robert Hall

Seaward Changing Tidal Signatures in a Palaeoproterozoic Estuary, Västervik Basin, SE Sweden 
by Lena Sultan, Piret Plink-Björklund, Lennart Björklund, and Stefan Claesson

Multi-Spatial Resolution Digital Elevation Models for Studying the Evolution of Complex Drainage System: The Gorge of the Nile, Ethiopia 
by D. Nahid Sultana, Mohamed G. Abdelsalam

The Geochemistry of the Bijaygarh Shale of the Vindhyan Supergroup, India: A Mid- Proterozoic Source Rock 
by Sohini Sur, Juergen Schieber, and Santanu Banerjee

Rock-Fluid Systems Characteristics of Rocky Mountain Laramide Basins: An Example from the Wind River Basin, Wyoming 
by Ronald C. Surdam, Zun Sheng Jiao, and Yuri Ganshin1

Clastic Shelf Deposits 
by John R. Suter

A New Look at the Distribution and Geochemistry of Surface Sediments from the Bahamas 
by Peter Koenraad Swart, John J. G. Reijmer, Sven Roth, Lars Reuning, and Kelly Bergman

The Influence of Climate on the Sediment Load of Rivers 
by James P. M. Syvitski

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Observed Patterns in Late Burial History 
by Conxita Taberner, Mateu Esteban

Fault Seal Controls On Gas Column Heights, Offshore Netherlands, Southern North Sea 
by John R. Tabor, Jay P. Busch, William F. Dula, and Stephen J. Naruk

An Overview of Ethiopian Sedimentary Basins and Their Petroelum Potential 
by K. Tadesse, A. Hunegnaw, and G. R. Keller

Fluvial Response to Base Level Change: The Role of Temporary Sediment Sequestering on the Brazos Alluvial and Coastal Plains 
by Z. Patrick Taha

A Robust Method for Q Estimation 
by M. Turhan Taner, Sven Treitel

Comparison of Multivariate Statistical Algorithms for Wireline Log Facies Classification 
by Hong Tang, Christopher D. White, M. Royhan Gani, and Janok Bhattacharya

An Exceptionally Large Detached Fault Block: San Pedro Ridge, Offshore Côte d’Ivoire, West Africa 
by Gabor Tari, Eva Moldovanyi, James Molnar, and Gary Walters

The Folded Belt of the Marginal Ridge, Deep-Water Cape Three Points, Ghana 
by Gabor Tari, James Molnar, and David Valasek

High Temperature Quartz Cementation and the Timing of Hydrocarbon Accumulation in the Jurassic Norphlet Sandstone, Offshore Gulf of Mexico, U.S.A 
by Thomas R. Taylor, Richard J. Stancliffe, Calum Macaulay, and Lori Hathon

3-D Seismic Imaging of Porosity in Jurassic Carbonates: Smackover Formation, Southern Alabama 
by Juliana Tebo, Bruce S. Hart

Coal-Bed Methane Activity in the Illinois Basin – An Update 
by Steven Tedesco

Regional Gas Content and Permeability Trends for the Coals in the Interior Basin, USA 
by Steven Tedesco

The Critical Element in Coal Bed Methane – Permeability 
by Steven Tedesco, Trent Green

Pilot Tests In The Illinois And Western Interior Basins To Determine Commercial Productivity From Pennsylvanian Aged Coals 
by Steven Tedesco, Trent W. Green, and Stephen R. Wolfe

Capillary Resistance and Trapping of Hydrocarbons - A Laboratory Experiment 
by Gunn Mari Grimsmo Teige, Christian Hermanrud, Wibeke Hammervold Thomas, Hege Marit Nordgård Bolås, and Ove Bjørn Wilson

Comparative Arsenic Stress Response in Monocot Seedlings 
by Chacharee Therapong, Rupali Datta, and Dibyendu Sarkar

Sedimentology of the Wandrawandian Siltstone in the Southern Sydney Basin, NSW, Australia: Record of a Middle Permian Glacial Period? 
by Stephanie G. Thomas, Christopher R. Fielding, and Tracy D. Frank

From Collection to Utilization: Outcrop Analog Data in a 3D World 
by John B. Thurmond

Controls on Rift Stratigraphy Inferred from a Combined Seismic Stratigraphy and Stratigraphic-Modelling Approach: An Example from the Paleogene to Miocene Fluvio-Lacustrine Series of the Lokichar Basin, Northern Kenya Rift
by Jean-Jacques Tiercelin, Michael Soreghan, Didier Granjeon, Thierry Nalpas, Delphine Rouby, and Stephanie Boulet

Reducing Uncertainty in Reservoir Quality Modeling by Avoiding Common Quality Control Pitfalls 
by Rick C. Tobin

Effectiveness of Grain Coatings on Preserving Reservoir Quality in High-Temperature, Deep Burial Settings 
by Rick C. Tobin

Gas Hydrates Studies Using High Pressure Glass Micromodels 
by Bahman Tohidi, Ben Clennell, Ross Anderson, and Jinhai Yang

Experimental Investigation of Marine Gas Hydrate Formation and Production 
by Bahman Tohidi, Ben Clennell, Jinhai Yang, and Maria Llamedo

Overpressure Impacts on AVO analysis 
by Marco A. S. Toledo, Antonio C. Buginga Ramos

A Field Study to Assess the Value of 3d Seismic Data in Reducing Uncertainty in the Forecast of Hydrocarbon Production 
by Carlos Torres-Verdin, Maika Gambus-Ordaz

Depositional Architecture for a Coastal River in a Sequence Stratigraphic Framework, Sabine Pass, Texas and Louisiana 
by Kristy L. Tramp, John B. Anderson

How Much Can I Borrow? The Fundamentals of Energy Financing 
by Edward P. Travis

Scanning 3D Volumes for Subtle AVO Anomalies 
by Galen Treadgold

Preliminary Report on the Ichnofossils of the Lower Cretaceous Cedar Mountain Formation, North-Central Utah 
by Emily S. Tremain, Stephen T. Hasiotis, and Julie A. Maxson

An Example of Slope-Parallel Shale Ridge Triggered by Thin-Skinned Lateral Extension, South Texas 
by Ramón H. Treviño, Bruno C. Vendeville, Robert G. Loucks, L. Frank Brown, Ursula Hammes, Patricia Montoya, and Randy L. Remington

Evolution of relay ramps in salt detached settings: examples from the Canyonlands Grabens SE Utah and offshore West Africa 
by  Bruce Trudgill, David Dutton

Insights from the Petroleum Systems of the Campos basin, Eastern Brazil: An Integrated 3D Petroleum Systems Modeling Approach 
by  Robert G. Tscherny, Björn Wygrala, and Peter Eisenach

The Role of Climate in a Sequence Stratigraphic Framework: Recent Progress and Future Challenges 
by Torbjörn E. Törnqvist

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Pore Properties of Gas Hydrate-Bearing Sandy Sediments: Geological and Geochemical Implications for Subsurface Occurrence of Natural Gas Hydrate 
by Takashi Uchida, Amane Waseda

Evolution of Depositional Geometries of Fluvial Through Shallow-Marine Sequences, Bohemian Cretaceous Basin, Czech Republic: Interplay of Relative Sea-Level Change and Reactivation of Basement Fault Zones 
by David Ulicny, Lenka Spicakova, Jiri Laurin, and Stanislav Cech

Sequence Stratigraphy and Depositional Architecture of a Linked Shelf-Edge Delta-Estuary System in the Battfjellet Formation, West Spitsbergen, Norway 
by Carlos A. Uroza, Ron Steel



Laboratory Investigation of Compaction Localization and its Coupling with Fluid Flow 
by Veronika Vajdova, Sheryl Tembe, Patrick Baud, and Teng-fong Wong

High-Frequency Tectonic Sequences in a Cretaceous Foreland 
by Boyan K. Vakarelov, Janok P. Bhattacharya

Reconstructing the Original Composition of Biodegraded Oils using Aromatic Hydrocarbons 
by  Ben G. K. Van Aarssen, Steven J. Fisher, and Trevor P. Bastow

Structural and Stratigraphic Evolution of Mensa/Thunder Horse Areas, Mississippi Canyon, Northeastern Deep Gulf of Mexico 
by Aaron Van den Berg, Todd Lapinski, Renaud Bouroullec, Paul Weimer, Veit Matt, and John Roesink

Urban Redevelopment of Oilfields - Problems and Solutions 
by Kevin Van Hook, Bob Kent

The Effect of Physical, Geochemical, and Microbiological Heterogeneity on the Assessment and Remediation of Contaminated Soil and Groundwater 
by David B. Vance

Deep-Water Upper- and Mid-Fan Channel-Fills from the Sandino Forearc-Basin: Depositional Processes and Facies Architecture 
by Claudius Vandré, Christian Brandes, Imke Struß, and Jutta Winsemann

Exploration and Development of Gas Fields in the Tertiary Veracruz Basin 
by Renato Vazquez-Benitez, Victor Valdivieso-Ramos

Geophysical Evidences of Shallow Gas and Gas Hydrates Along the Continental Margins of India 
by  M. Veerayya

Role of Curved Detachment Pinch-Outs on the Formation of Arcuate Fold-and-Thrust Belts 
by Bruno C. Vendeville, Christine R. Fox

Integrated Prediction of Pressures and Fluid Flow in the Netherlands Central North Sea Graben 
by Hanneke Verweij, Pascal Winthaegen, Erik Simmelink, and Barthold Schroot

Seismic Stratigraphic Framework for the Upper Cretaceous in the NPRA 
by Marco F. Vignali

Shoreline Mobility of Mesotidal Sandy Beaches in the Northeastern Brazil: Implications to Oil and Gas Exploration on the Potiguar Basin (NE Brazil) 
by Helenice Vital, Flavo Elano S. Sousa, Zuleide M. C. Lima, Marcelo dos Santos Chaves, Iracema Miranda Silveira, and Venerando E. Amaro

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Source-to-Sink: A Systems Approach to Sedimentation and the Stratigraphic Record 
by Lowell E. Waite, Eugene C. Rankey

Facies Models Re-visited 
by Roger G. Walker

Re-examination of Field Evidence for Extreme Crustal Extension in the Mormon Mountains, Southeastern Nevada 
by Christopher D. Walker, Mark H. Anders, and Nicholas Christie-Blick

Vector 3C-3D Depth Migration of Salt Images Using Limited VSP Data 
by Dapeng Wang, Yingping Li, John O'Brien, and Brian Mallick

Early Cambrian Oceanic Anoxic Event in China and Petroleum Geological Implication 
by Feiyu Wang, Pingan Pang, and Shuichang Zhang

A High-impact Gas Discovery in a Maturing Basin (Western Canada) 
by Marian Warren, Andrew Lowe, and Murray Gilhooly

Regional Correlation and Character of Coal-bearing Zones, Wilcox Group, North-central Louisiana: Implications for Coalbed Gas Exploration 
by P. D. Warwick, F. C. Breland, A. W. Karlsen, and P. C. Hackley

Collaborative Geo-Engineering Reservoir Characterization and Modeling on the Web 
by W. Lynn Watney, John H. Doveton, Timothy R. Carr, Geoffrey C. Bohling, John Victorine, J. P. Pakalapati, Saibal Bhattacharya, Alan P. Byrnes, Glen Gagnon, Ken Stalder, Melissa Moore, Martin K. Dubois, Willard J. Guy, and Kurt Look

Got Gas? Innovative Technologies for Evaluating Complex Reservoir Zones 
by David A. Wavrek, Dennis Coleman, Steve Pelphrey, Don Hall, Mark Tobey, and Daniel M. Jarvie

Shale, Salt, and Gravitational Sliding – a Threesome of Intrabasinal Tectonic Accommodation Processes with Examples from the Western Gulf Of Mexico 
by Tim F. Wawrzyniec

Termination of the Offshore Northern Gulf of Mexico Structural Style, Burgos Basin, Mexico 
by Tim F. Wawrzyniec, Tucker Hentz, Michael De Angelo, Antonio Cuevas, J. Javier Hernández Mendoza, and Luis A. Sanchez-Barreda

Late Cenozoic Intrabasinal Deformation in Offshore Laguna Madre-Tuxpan Continental Ahelf and Related Deepwater Mexican Ridges Fold Belt 
by Timothy F. Wawrzyniec, John Swenson, William Ambrose, Khaled Fouad, Mario Aranda, Eduardo Macías Zamora, and Luis A. Sanchez-Barreda

The Effects of Patchiness and Time-Averaging on the Stratigraphic Signal of Biotic Composition in the Type Cincinnatian Series (Upper Ordovician) 
by Andrew J. Webber

Tropical versus Temperate Zone Lacustrine Source Rocks: Examples from Takutu Basin, Guyana, and General Levalle Basin, Argentina 
by Robert E. Webster

Atlas of Petroleum Fields and Discoveries, Central Mississippi Canyon and Atwater Valley, Northeastern Deep Gulf of Mexico 
by Paul Weimer, Jay Austin, Veit Matt, Renaud Bouroullec, John Roesink, Todd Lapinski, John Martin, and Sarah Melton

Sequence Stratigraphic Setting of the Neogene Sediments, Mississippi Canyon and Northern Atwater Valley, Northeastern Deep Gulf of Mexico 
by Paul Weimer, Renaud Bouroullec, Jay Austin, John Roesink, Hector Gonzalez, John Martin, Ryan Sincavage, David Pyles, Veit Matt, and Sarah Melton

An Overview of the Habitat, Distribution, and Classification of Worldwide Mud Diapir Provinces 
by Andrew C. Weinzapfel

Bridge the Missing Scales in Reservoir Heterogeneity Modeling 
by Renjun Wen

Characterization and Application of Sorbed Gas by MicroDesorption CF-IRMS 
by Michael J. Whiticar

Diagenetic Model: Deep Panuke Reservoir, Nova Scotia, Canada 
by Richard A. Wierzbicki, Nancy J. Harland

Easy_Fest versus BDI-Uncertainties in Pre-drill Prediction of Biodegradation Degree in Subsurface Petroleum Reservoirs 
by Arnd Wilhelms, Michael Erdmann, and Steve R. Larter

Sealing, but Active Faults: The Role of Frictional Stability and Transient Dilation? 
by Scott J. Wilkins, Stephen J. Naruk

Acoustic Measurements of Bedform Dynamics 
by J. J. Williams

Stratigraphic Framework for Microbial Buildups in the Middle Jurassic (Bajocian and Bathonian), Bighorn Basin, Wyoming 
by Monica K. Williams, William C. Parcell

Atlantis Subsalt Imaging 
by Mark C. Williams, Qiang Sun, Scott Michell, John D. Oldroyd, Ramsey R. Fisher, and Ken H. Matson

Investigating the Range of Interpretation Uncertainty in Poorly-Imaged Seismic with Structural and Geomechanical Modeling 
by Sherilyn C. Williams-Stroud, Freddy Yip, and Haiqing Wu

Geometry of Heterogeneities within Fluvial Point Bar Deposits 
by Brian J. Willis, Christopher D. White

The Petroleum Prospectivity of the Melut Rift Basin, Sudan 
by Kerri L. Wilson, Alex G. Blacque, Alan G. Collins

Diachronous Erosion Surfaces: Theory, Examples, and Implications 
by Charles D. Winker

Strength and Physical Properties of Sediment Containing Laboratory-Formed and Natural Gas Hydrate 
by W. J. Winters, W. F. Waite, B. Dugan, D. H. Mason, and I. A. Pecher

Reality Checks for Basin Centered Gas Play Risk Assessments 
by Christopher N. Wold, Jay E. Leonard, Brett Edwards, Robert Coskey, P. Jeffrey Brown, and Marshall Titus

High Resolution Deep-Towed Seismic Investigation of Fluid Expulsion Sites in the Gas Hydrate Province off Vancouver Island, Canada 
by Warren T. Wood, George D. Spence, John Pohlman, Dennis A. Lindwall, Charles H. Megnin, Richard B. Coffin, and Joseph F. Gettrust

Orbital Cycles, Climate, and Diagenesis: High Resolution records from OAE2, New Jersey Coastal Plain 
by James D. Wright, Benjamin S. Cramer, Kenneth G. Miller, and Miriam E. Katz

Relative Influence of Eustacy and Tectonism on Valley Incision and In-Filling in the Latest Cretaceous and Paleocene, Southern Wyoming 
by Anton F. Wroblewski

Capillary-Pressure Based, Water Saturation Models for Heterogeneous Sandstone Reservoirs 
by Tao Wu, Robert R. Berg

Depositional and Structural Evolution of the Upper Miocene Depositional Episode, East-Central Gulf of Mexico 
by Xinxia Wu, William E. Galloway

Deepwater Depositional Style of the Upper Miocene Depositional Episode, East-Central Gulf of Mexico 
by Xinxia Wu, William E. Galloway

Decision Support Systems in Petroleum Exploration - Assessing Geologic Risks 
by Bjorn Wygrala, Armin Kauerauf, Robert Tscherny, Thomas Hantschel, and Peter Eisenach

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Recent Significant Gas Discoveries in China: Influence on National Energy Structure and Future Gas Exploration 
by Chenxia Xie

Response of Marine Gas Hydrate Systems to Environmental Changes - Role of Hydrate Dissociation 
by Wenyue Xu

Petroleum Systems and Plays of the Offshore Bohai Gulf Basin, China 
by Tianguang Xu

Integration of New 3D Photorealistic Outcrop Mapping with a Previous Reservoir Characterization Study 
by Xueming Xu, Carlos L. V. Aiken, and John Thurmond

The Comparative Analysis of Oil-Gas-Bearing Basins of East Siberia and Northern China on the Expample of Lena-Tungus and Tarim Basins 
by Shubao Xu, Quan Chen, Mao-Yuan Yan, V. E. Gavura, A. S. Nemchenko-Rovenskaya, T. N. Nemchenko, and Jianjun Wang

Sequence Stratigraphy Pattern of the Yinggehai Transform Extensional Basin, South China Sea 
by Qiang Xu, Ye Jiang

Study on a Modified-Density Flow, Shedding Flow and Their Significance in the Oil and Gas Exploration in the Yinggehai Basin, South China Sea 
by Qiang Xu, Ye Jiang

Generation and Accumulation of Quaternary Biogenic Gas in the Eastern Qaidam Basin, NW China 
by Tianguang Xu, Chenxia Xie



Tectonic and Sedimentary Evolution History and Petroleum Systems in the Ordos Basin, Central China 
by Yongtai Yang

Transgressive Ravinement on an Epeiric Shelf as Recorded by a Limestone Conglomerate in the Upper Pennsylvanian Leavenworth-Heebner-Plattsmouth-Heumader Depositional Sequence, SE Kansas and NE Oklahoma 
by Wan Yang

3D Visualization of VSP Solutions 
by Jie Yang, Jie Zhang, Yingping Li, Fran Doherty, and James Jackson

Lithology-Based Pore Pressure Prediction Success: Example from a Gulf of Mexico Mini-Basin 
by G. Yardley, G. Couples, A. Aplin, Y. Yang, and R. E. Swarbrick

Reservoir Characteristion of Fractured Cambrian Reservoirs in Zones 1a and 1c of the Hassi Messaoud Field, Algeria 
by S. Yawanarajah, A. Benbakir, F. Guehria, and M. Touami

Comparative Investigations of Lacustrine Basin Slope-Breaks and Continental Shelf Slope-Breaks 
by Wang Yingmin, Liu Hao, and Xin Renchen

Architectural Element Analysis of Regressive vs. Transgressive Tidal Sandstone Outcrops: Upper Cretaceous Sego Sandstone, Book Cliffs, Utah 
by Shuji Yoshida, Ron Steel, Robert Dalrymple, and James MacEachern

Regional Present-Day Minimum Horizontal Stress Profile of the North Sea and Top Seal Integrity 
by Amgad I. Younes

Q-Based Pore Pressure Prediction - Slow Down and Listen to the Frequencies 
by Roger A. Young, Robert D. LoPiccolo



Dramatic Carbonate Reservoir Facies Illustrated in Cores from the Teaching Collection of the Bureau of Economic Geology 
by Laura C. Zahm, Beverly Blakeney DeJarnett

Using Seismic Geomorphology to Characterize Depositional Systems in Oligocene Growth-Faulted Intraslope Subbasins, Offshore South Texas 
by Hongliu Zeng, Frank Brown, Robert G. Loucks, Ramon H. Trevino, Ursula Hammes, and Randy Remington

Integrating Detailed Stratigraphic Architecture with 3D Seismic for High-resolution Reservoir Modeling 
by Hongliu Zeng, Charles Kerans, and Stephen Ruppel

Mechanical Constraints on Trishear Kinematic Models of the Backlimbs of Fault-Bend and Fault-Propagation Folds 
by Li Zhang, Judith S. Chester

Thermal Maturation and Physical Properties of Barnett Shale in Fort Worth Basin, North Texas 
by Hank Zhao

High Precise Seismic Sequence Stratigraphy of Hetaoyuan Formation Subtle Traps in Nanyang Seg, China 
by Fengqin Zhi, Qi Li, and Suwei Shao

Structural Control on Hydrocarbon Accumulation in the Intermontane Santanghu Basin, Northwestern China 
by Dingwu Zhou, Wan Yang, Yiqun Liu, Qiao Feng, and Jianrong Hao

Inference of the Spatial Distribution of the Permeability of a Fault from Analysis of 3-D Quasi-Steady State Hydraulic-Head Data 
by Elena Zhurina, Brann Johnson

Exploration for Mesozoic Gas Plays in the Sabinas and Maverick Basins of North-Central Mexico 
by Genaro Ziga-Rodriguez, Antonio Cuevas-Leree, and Abel O. Pola-Simuta

Determination of the Full Stress Tensor and Application to Problems of Fault Seal and Wellbore Stability 
by Mark D. Zoback

Crude Oils Provide Molecular and Isotopic Clues about OAEs 
by John Zumberge, Roger Summons

Changes in the Composition of Miocene Marine Mollusk Assemblages of the Central Paratethys in Relation to Tectonic Events and Relative Sea Level Changes 
by Martin Zuschin, Mathias Harzhauser, and Oleg Mandic

Sequence Stratigraphic Evolution of Las Vegas Bay in Lake Mead, NV 
by Jonathan G. Zybala, Andrew D. Hanson, David C. Twichell, Mark J. Rudin, and Brenda J. Buck

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