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AAPG ePosters

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AAPG Annual Convention and Exhibition 22-25 April 2012, Long Beach, California
  ePS Pattern Recognition in a Digital Age: A Gameboard Approach to Determining Petrophysical Parameters, Daniel A. Krygowski and Robert M. Cluff, Search and Discovery Article #40929 (2012).
AAPG Annual Convention and Exhibition 10-13 April 2011, Houston, Texas
  ePS Basin Evaluation Comparison: Paradox, San Juan and Black Mesa Basins Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona, USA, Thomas P. Bulling and Corine Prieto, Search and Discovery Article #10360 (2012).
  ePS Facies Architecture of a Compound Incised Valley System in the Ferron Notom Delta, Southern Utah, Yangyang Li and Janok Bhattacharya, Search and Discovery Article #50494 (2011).
  ePS Petroleum Hydrogeology of Southwestern Saskatchewan, Anatoly Melnik and Benjamin J. Rostron, Search and Discovery Article #80189 (2011).
  ePS The Deep Water Drilling Tolerance Window: Walking a Fine Line, Case Histories from Gulf of Mexico,
Selim S. Shaker, Search and Discovery Article #40796 (2011).
  ePS Stratigraphy, Diagenesis and Fracture Distribution of the Three Forks Formation, Williston Basin,
Vasilisa V. Nekhorosheva and J. Frederick Sarg, Search and Discovery Article#50462 (2011).
  ePS Fault Development and Syn-Rift Basin Structure Within the Corinth Rift, Greece,
by Rebecca Bell, Lisa McNeill, Jon Bull, and Tim Henstock, Search and Discovery Article #30163 (2011).
  ePS Geometry of Upper Jurassic Sponge/Microbial Bioherms: 3-D Georadar Analysis and Modelling, Swabian Alb, SW-Germany,
by Martina Boldt and Thomas Aigner, Search and Discovery Article #40754 (2011).
  ePS Yinggehai (Red River) Strike-Slip Fault Zone Displacements and the Tectonic Evolution of the Yinggehai Basin, South China Sea - Insights from Numerical Simulations,
by Huyen Bui, Yasuhiro Yamada, Toshifumi Matsuoka, and Amos Nur, Search and Discovery Article #40758 (2011).
  ePS A Petrophysical Model to Estimate Free Gas in Organic Shales,
by Michael Holmes, Dominic Holmes, and Antony Holmes, Search and Discovery Article #40781 (2011).
  ePS Primary Controls on Organic Carbon Content in UK Upper Mississippian Gas Shales,
bySven F. Könitzer, Sarah J. Davies, Michael H. Stephenson, Melanie J. Leng, Sarah E. Gabbott, Lucia Angiolini, Joe H.S. Macquaker, Christopher H. Vane, David Millward, Ian A. Kane, Search and Discovery Article #80175 (2011).
  ePS Facies-Belt Pinch-Out Relationships in a Distal, Mixed-Influence Shallow-Marine Reservoir Analogue: Lower Sego Sandstone Member, Western Colorado, USA,
by Berit Legler, Virginia Stacey, Benoit Massart, Howard D. Johnson, Gary J. Hampson, Christopher Jackson, Matthew D. Jackson, Rodmar Ravnas, and Marcus Sarginson, Search and Discovery Article #50411 (2011).