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AAPG Pacific Section Meetings


2022 CGS & PSAAPG Monterey Formation Research Conference, November 4-5, Ventura, CA

2022 CGS & PSAAPG Monterey Formation Research Conference, Nov. 4-5, Ventura, CA; Abstracts #91203 (2022).


Middle Miocene Organic Carbon Accumulation Rates in the Monterey Formation in the Santa Barbara and Santa Maria Basins, California, Scott Hornafius, #51696 (2022).


Influence of Tectonics, Burial History and Sediment Composition on the Temperature and Depth of Diagenetic Transition from Opal-A to Opal-CT in the Subsurface San Joaquin Basin, California, Kenton J. Crabtree, Richard J. Behl, and Allegra Hosford Scheirer, #51695 (2022).


Using Sequence Stratigraphy to Refine Estimates of Sediment-Component Accumulation Rates in the Monterey Formation, Jon Schwalbach and Kevin Bohacs, #42579 (2022).


Monterey Formation Overview and Context for New Research, Richard J. Behl, #51694 (2022).


Tephrochronology of the Monterey and Modelo Formations, Jeffrey R. Knott, Andrei M. Sarna-Wojcicki, and John A. Barron, #42578 (2022).

2020 AAPG Pacific Section Convention, 2020 Vision: Producing the Future, Mandalay Beach, Oxnard, CA, April 4-8, 2020 (Cancelled).

2020 AAPG Pacific Section Convention, 2020 Vision: Producing the Future, Mandalay Beach, Oxnard, CA, April 4-8, 2020 (Cancelled); Abstracts #90372 (2020).


Comparative Methodology for USDW Determination to Support Abandonment of Offshore Rincon Oil Field, Daniel Schwartz, Terence O'Sullivan, and Eric White, #20490 (2020).


Case Study: 25 Years of Historic Hydrocarbon Seep Studies in Santa Maria Basin, Offshore California Using Seismic and Stratigraphic Data (1995 through 2020), Joseph Saenz, Thomas O'Neil, and Frank Denison, #11346 (2020).


Hydrogeologic Repository and Colombia Water Well Installation, September 2018, Joseph Saenz, Kimo Zaiger, Andrew Tiedman, Chad Mitchell, and Robert Nordahl, #80724 (2020).


Ventura Basin Oil Generation, Timing, Migration, and Entrapment, Stuart Gordon, #11333 (2020).


PS Depositional Facies, Depositional Processes, and Reservoir Quality of the Miocene Sandstones of the Midway-Sunset Oil Field, San Joaquin Basin, CA, USA, Olawale E. Olabisi, #20481 (2020).


EA Anomalous Uplift at Pitas Point and the 2019 Ventura River Earthquake Swarm: Whose Fault is it Anyway?, Craig Nicholson, Christopher C. Sorlien, Marc J. Kamerling, Thomas E. Hopps, and Egill Hauksson, #30663 (2020).


How Not to Squander Billions on Your Next Unconventional Venture, Creties Jenkins and Mark McLane, #42537 (2020).

2019 Pacific Section AAPG Convention, Long Beach, California, April 1-3, 2019.

AAPG Pacific Section Convention 2019, Long Beach, California, April 1-3, 2019; Abstracts #90339 (2019).


Offshore in the West, Joan R. Barminski, #70398 (2019).


Monterey Formation as a Groundwater Resource, Jordan Kear, #80702 (2019).


A Re-Look at Borehole Images: What Are We Missing?, Jon Schwalbach, Tom Hauge, John Harris, and Eric White, #42380 (2019).


PS Detrital Zircon Geochronology and Sediment Transport of the Miocene Stevens Sandstone: Characterizing Turbidite Channel and Fan Complexes of the San Joaquin Basin, California, Mark Korte-Nahabedian and David Kimbrough, #51566 (2019).


A Preliminary Characterization and Kinematic Analysis of Fractures within the Miocene Vaqueros and Topanga Formation, Point Mugu Rock, Ventura County, California, John P. Detring, #51569 (2019).


PS A Hydrocarbon Seep Model of Large Bedded Barite Deposits in the Devonian Slaven Chert of Central-North Nevada, Harpreet Batther, Jochen Nuester, and Russell S. Shapiro, #51565 (2019).


A Path to a Carbon-Neutral Oil Industry in California, Steven Bohlen, #70387 (2019).


Exploring New Energy Frontiers with Petroleum Geoscience Talent and Technology, Edith Newton Wilson, #70386 (2019).

2018 Pacific Section AAPG Convention, Bakersfield, CA., April 22-25, 2018

A Simplified Shaly-Sand Model To Provide Qualitative If Not Quantitative Insight into Observations, Donald G. Hill and D. O. Seevers, #42377 (2019).


Data Analytics for Greenfield Production Forecasting - A Case Study of Antelope Shale, Manish Lal and Tae Kim, #42319 (2018).


Recoverable Petroleum Beneath the City of Los Angeles, Donald L. Gautier, #20445 (2018).


Alamo Schist North of Alamo Lake, Arizona, William J. Elliott and Joseph L. Corones, #51521 (2018).


U-Pb Age of Continental Red Beds North of Alamo Lake, Arizona, William J. Elliott and Joseph L. Corones, #51517 (2018).


Organofacies and Paleoclimate Controlled Genetic Oil Families in the Onshore/Offshore Santa Maria Basins, California, Ken Peters, Paul Lillis, Tom Lorenson, and John Zumberge#11092 (2018).


Mature Basin Exploration: Detailed Geochemical Surveys Lead to New Pays), Dietmar (Deet) Schumacher, #42253 (2018).


Groundwater Districts of the Sacramento Basin, Scott Hector and Karen Blake, #80637 (2018).


PS Climate, Water Table, and Sedimentary Controls on the Evolution of a Wet Vertebrate Ecosystem, Lower Jurassic Aztec Sandstone, Valley of Fire State Park, Southern Nevada, Mario V. Caputo and Stephen M. Rowland, #51491 (2018).


Integrated Reservoir Characterization of a Miocene Submarine Fan System, Midway-Sunset Oil Field, San Joaquin Basin, California, USA, Olawale Olabisi, #20431 (2018).


PS Mineralogical and Geochemical Characterization of the Miocene-Oligocene Santos Shale, Southern San Joaquin Valley, California, Nicholas Mitchell and Junhua Guo, #51492 (2018).


Oil and Gas Fields Around Mount Diablo, Tim Elam and Scott Hector, #20433 (2018).


Reinterpretation of Tulare Depositional Environments and Reservoir Distribution, a Case for Two Depositional Sources in North Midway Sunset Oil Field, San Joaquin Basin, California, Emily Fisher, #20432 (2018).


Using Deep Learning and Distributed Machine Learning Algorithms to Forecast Missing Well Log Data, Chijioke Ejimuda and Emenike Ejimuda, #42234 (2018).


PS Using Size and Shape Characteristics to Differentiate Between Beach and Fluvial Conglomerates in Cenozoic Tecuya and Kern River Formations, Southern San Joaquin Valley, CA, Samuel McKinney, Jeffrey Buehler, Kenneth Watson, and David Miller, #51490 (2018).


The Kern River Reservoir of the Kern River Field: A Closed System, Matthew Van Grinsven, #20430 (2018).


What is Next for the “Mature” Sacramento Basin? The West Side Story, A Brief Look into the Lower Cretaceous and Upper Jurassic Rock, Robert Sterling, #11091 (2018).


Characterization of Five Unconventional Diatomaceous (Opal-A) Reservoirs, Monterey Formation, San Joaquin Valley, Dave Larue, Chris Hager, Tom Merrifield, Gena Evola, David Crane, and Phil Yorgensen, #11090 (2018).


In the Deep Subsurface of the San Joaquin Valley, are the Monterey, Kreyenhagen and Moreno Formations Continuous Oil Accumulations Analogous to the Bakken Formation?, Dave Larue, Mark Mercer, and Mark Smithard, #11089 (2018).


Case Studies of An Effective Methodology to Collect Formation Water to Meet Regulatory Requirements for Formation Water Sampling, Vet Tran, Nayi Arismendi and Tapan Biswas, #42231 (2018).


Monterey Formation Lithofacies: Linking a Complex Story of Deposition and Diagenesis to Help Unravel Stratigraphic Relationships, Jon Schwalbach, Kevin Bohacs, and Will Berelson, #51488 (2018).


The State of Aquifer Exemptions, Jeff Kimber and Matt Van Grinsven, #80633 (2018).


PS Capistrano Formation Source-to-Sink Analysis, Orange County, California, Daniel E. Schwartz, #51489 (2018).

AAPG Pacific Section Meeting, Anchorage, Alaska, May 21-24, 2017

AAPG Pacific Section Annual Meeting, Innovating the Future: Discovery to Recovery, Anchorage, Alaska, May 21-24, 2017; Abstracts #90302 (2018).


Undeveloped Petroleum Potential of the Offshore Santa Maria Basin, California, James H. Ballard, #11067 (2018).


Iniskin Peninsula Conventional and Unconventional Exploration Targets, Jurassic Tuxedni Group, Lower Cook Inlet Onshore, Alaska, David B. Buthman, #51470 (2018).


Meso-Cenozoic Evolution of the Chukchi Borderland - Constraints on the Tectonic Development of the Amerasia Basin, Arctic Ocean, Ibrahim Ilhan and Bernard J. Coakley, #11056 (2018).


PS Petroleum Exploration History and Subsurface Geology of the Castle Mountain Fault Anticline Near Houston, South-Central Alaska, Richard G. Stanley, Peter J. Haeussler, Christopher J. Potter, Laura S. Gregersen, Diane P. Shellenbaum, Paul L. Decker, Jeffrey A. Benowitz, David K. Goodman, Robert L. Ravn, and Robert B. Blodgett, #30526 (2017).

AAPG Pacific Section and Rocky Mountain Section Joint Meeting, Las Vegas, Nevada, October 2-5, 2016

Petroleum Generation and Migration from the Oil Shale Interval of the Eocene Green River Formation, Uinta Basin, Utah, Ronald C. Johnson, Justin E. Birdwell, and Tracey J. Mercier, #10967 (2017).


Evolution of the Lower Tertiary Elko Formation, a Potential Lacustrine Petroleum Source Rock in Northeast Nevada, Ronald C. Johnson and Justin E. Birdwell, #10966 (2017).


Aliso Canyon Gas Storage Leak Disaster and Response, Jeremy Platt, #70252 (2017).


Hitting the Jackpot During Oil-Gas Price Collapse: The Consumer, Jeremy Platt, #70251 (2017).


Thickness and Extent of Clay Layers in the Pleistocene Tulare Formation near Elk Hills, California: Implications for Water Disposal Operations and Timing of Structural Growth, Paul Bowles and Janice Gillespie, #30496 (2017).

  PS Carlin-Type Gold Deposit Development as an Analogue for Unconventional Hydrocarbon Field Development, Daniel M. Sturmer, #30498 (2017).


Geology and Drilling Results from Two of the Most Recently Discovered Oil and Gas Fields in Nevada, Noble's Humboldt and Huntington Oil and Gas Fields in Elko County, Nevada, William J. Ehni, #20384 (2017).


Virtually Eliminate Dry or Sub-Economic Wells in Over-Pressured and Normal-Pressured Fields: Jonah Field and Anadarko Basin Case Studies, Rick Schrynemeeckers, #20383 (2017).


Optimizing Lateral Placement and Production While Minimizing Completion Costs: an Eagle Ford Case Study, Rick Schrynemeeckers, #42030 (2017).


Exploration and Development of the Neal Hot Springs Geothermal Resource, Malheur County, Oregon, Ian Warren, #80584 (2017).


Lightning Analysis for Mapping Faults and Identifying Exploration Sweetspots, H. Roice Nelson, Jr., #41987 (2017).


PS 2014 Wyoming Stratigraphic Nomenclature Chart, Lyn George, Don Cardinal, and Gary Winter, #42029 (2017).


A Look Back at the Prospect Generation of Cedar Hills-East and Lookout Butte Fields Williston Basin (The First Economic Resource Play), and Codell Resource Play North Denver Basin, Steve Kirkwood, #20382 (2017).


Origin of Petroliferous Dolomitic Beds in the Uteland Butte Member, Lower Green River Formation, Uinta Basin, Utah, Federico Rueda, Hans G. Machel, and Michael D. Vanden Berg, #51362 (2017).


Unconventional Resource Play Potential of the Pennsylvanian Leo/Minnelusa Formations of the Powder River and Denver Basins: A Perspective via Integrated Petroleum Systems Analysis, Michael Cheng, Tony Kratochvil, Jeff Dunleavy, Brian Hebler, and Roy Fitzsimmons, #10916 (2017).


Old Well Rescue: Don't Euthanize, Revitalize! A Workflow, Susan Nash, #41997 (2017).


Eight Success Elements for New Ventures, Susan Nash, #41996 (2017).


No Money Down Revitalization: Build Your Own Business Opportunities, Susan Nash, #41995 (2017).


Historical Development of Well Stimulation and Hydraulic Fracturing Technologies, Stephen M. Testa, #60053 (2017).


The Great Basin Center for Geothermal Energy: Past, Present and Future, Bridget Ayling, #80575 (2017).


Characterization of Pliocene Repetto Formation Turbidites at Ventura Avenue Field, Ventura, California, Jon Schwalbach, Jay Holloway, and Elizabeth Steel, #20378 (2017).


A Petrophysical Model to Distinguish Water-Wet and Oil-Wet Fractions of Unconventional Reservoir Systems Using Triple-Combo Log Suites, Michael Holmes, Antony Holmes, and Dominic I. Holmes, #41978 (2017).


Our Current Working Model for Unconventional Tight Petroleum Systems: Oil and Gas, Steve Sonnenberg and Larry Meckel, #41968 (2016).


PSGeochemistry of the Mancos Shale as Shown by the Fees Federal 2-6-8-101 Well, Mesa County, CO, William C. Hood and Rex D. Cole, #51337 (2016).


Oil Fields in Railroad Valley Nevada, Louis C. Bortz, #20376 (2016).


The Wildcatters, the Regulators and the Prize: Chronicles of the Cat Canyon Oil Field, Santa Barbara County, CA, Joe Nahama, #20375 (2016).


The Graneros-Greenhorn Petroleum System, a Possible New Resource Play, Rocky Mountain Region, USA, Steve Sonnenberg, Hannah Durkee, and Craig Kaiser, #10898 (2016).


Undeveloped Petroleum Potential of the Western-Most Santa Barbara Channel, Offshore California, Jim Ballard, #10899 (2016).


Hydrogen Index as a Maturity Proxy – Some Pitfalls and How to Overcome Them, Mark H. Tobey and Catherine E. Campbell, #41964 (2016).


Monitoring and Analysis of Surface Deformation with InSAR and Subsurface Data, San Joaquin Valley, California, Graham E. Brew, Mizue Horiuchi, Pieter Bas Leezenberg, and Arjan Tabak, #41963 (2016).


Turning Brown Fields into Gold Fields with Wettability Alteration, Geoffrey Thyne, #41962 (2016).


A Geologic Comparison of the Oil Window and Dry Gas Window within the Tow Creek Member of the Niobrara Formation in the Piceance Basin of Northwestern Colorado, Marcus J. Hinricher and Steve Sonnenberg, #10892 (2016).


Insights into Niobrara Stratigraphic Architecture and Diagenesis, Wattenberg Field, Denver Basin, Colorado, Steve Sonnenberg, #20373 (2016).


Wolfcamp Horizontal Play, Midland Basin, West Texas, Peter K. Blomquist, #10890 (2016).


PSConceptual Geological Model about Hydrocarbon Flow Trough Fractures in Siliciclastic Sequences of the Chicontepec Formation, Daniel E. Bolaños-Rodríguez, Manuel Cruz-Castillo, and Adriana Acosta-Ángeles, #41953 (2016).


Velocity Modeling with Complex Tectonics; Example from the San Joaquin Forearc Basin, California, Lisa Alpert and Josué Rosas, #41950 (2016).


Incorporating Complex Geology in Basin Models: Example from a Forearc Basin; San Joaquin Valley, California, Lisa Alpert and Carolyn Lampe, #41949 (2016).


Reducing Geologic Uncertainty in Seismic Interpretation, Jim Bock, #41947 (2016).


PSControls on Hydrocarbon Accumulation Model for the Neogene traps, Bohai Bay Basin, China, Hua Liu, Donggao Zhao, and Youlu Jiang, #10891 (2016).


PSA Petrographic Analysis of the Lower Bakken Shale and Pronghorn Member of the Bakken Formation, Williston Basin, Jingqi Xu, Dipanwita Nandy, and Steve Sonnenberg, #51330 (2016).

AAPG Pacific Section Meeting, SEG & SEPM, Oxnard, California, May 3-5, 2015

Pacific Section AAPG, SEG and SEPM Joint Technical Conference, Catch the Energy Wave, May 3-5, 2015, Oxnard, California, Abstracts #90215 (2015).


PSLithostratigraphy of the Upper Miocene Monterey/Modelo Formation along Camino De La Cumbre, Sherman Oaks, California, Benjamin Davidson, #51170 (2015).


Structural Development and Tectonic Role of the Arrowhead Mine Fault, Pahranagat Shear Zone, Nevada, Michael D. Evans and Wanda J. Taylor, #51169. (2015).


PSInternal Architecture Of the Proto-Kern Canyon Fault At Engineer's Point, Lake Isabella Dam Site, Kern County, California, Zachary S. Martindale, Graham D.M. Andrews, Sarah R. Brown, William C. Krugh, and Junhua Guo, #51168 (2015).


PSUpdated Nomenclature for Plio-Pleistocene Formations in the Onshore Ventura Basin, Los Angeles and Santa Barbara 30' × 60' Quadrangles, Brian J. Swanson and Pamela J. Irvine, #10758 (2015).


Mineralogy and Diagenetic History of the Temblor Formation Sandstones, McKittrick Oil Field, California, Alyssa Beth Kaess, Robert A. Horton, Shruti Shertukde, and Monique Armijo, #20318 (2015).


Write Off the Pacific Offshore? or the Last Best Hope for New Pacific Discoveries, Kenneth A. Piper and Michael R. Brickey, #30409 (2015).


Think Small for Nascent Alternative Energy Technologies, Kenneth A. Piper, #41658 (2015).


PSUpdated Mapping of Active Surface Traces of the San Cayetano Fault Zone between Fillmore and Piru, Ventura Basin, Southern California, Brian P.E. Olson, #10757 (2015).


Codell Sandstone: A Review of the Northern DJ Basin Oil Resource Play, Laramie County, Wyoming and Weld County, Colorado, Robert H. Sterling, Richard J. Bottjer, and Kevin H. Smith, #10754 (2015).


Evolution of the Southwestern Midcontinent Basin During the Middle Pennsylvanian: Evidence From Sequence Stratigraphy, Core and XRF in Southeastern Colorado, William R. Drake, Caleb J. Pollock, Bo Henk, Justin B. Anderson, and Kristopher M. Clemons, #10753 (2015).


Geology, Water Quality and Aquatic Life in Malibu Creek: An Unusually Severe Example of Geologic Impacts, Randal Orton, #80464 (2015).


Challenges and Values of Formation Testing in Tight Sand in Monterey Formation Using Modular Dynamic Tester (MDT), Manish K. Lal, Viet Hoang Tran, and Larry E. Drennan, #80463 (2015).


Mandated Monitoring For Potential Hydraulic Fracturing Impacts Upon Groundwater In California: Update On SB-4 Expert Recommendations, Joseph P. Morris and Bradley K. Esser, #80462 (2015).


Offshore Renewable Energy and the California State Lands Commission, Holly Wyer, #80461 (2015).


Kinematics and Timing of Deformation of Nellis Dunes Recreational Area, Nevada, Shaimaa Abdelhaleem and Wanda J. Taylor, #51120 (2015).


PSTight Oil Potential in Neogene Monterey-Like Biosiliceous Shale of Japan, Satoru Yokoi and Takashi Tsuji, #51119 (2015).


Development of Kern County's Rose Oil Field, Dan Wynne and Mel Patel, #20316 (2015).


PSEstablishing the Base of Underground Sources of Drinking Water (USDW) using Geophysical Logs and Chemical Reports in the Southern San Joaquin Basin, California, David Kong and Janice Gillespie, #80468 (2015).


Geological, Hydrogeological and Related Subsurface Conditions Affecting Well Integrity: How Do We Identify and Evaluate Potential Risk Factors Based on Available Data?, Brent Miyazaki, #80457 (2015).


Produced Water Disposal in the Southern San Joaquin Basin: A Direct Analog for Brine Leakage in Response to Carbon Storage, Preston Jordan and Janice Gillespie, #80459 (2015).


Identifying and Addressing Environmental Effects and User Conflicts For Offshore Wind on the West Coast, Andrea Copping, #80456 (2015).


Using Oil Field Chemical Analyses to Determine Salinity Gradients and the Depth to Underground Sources of Drinking Water in Kern County's Oilfields, Janice Gillespie, Joshua Meyer, David Kong, and Stephen Anderson, #80458 (2015).


PSUsing B4 LiDAR and CRN Age Data to Constrain Slip Rates Along the San Andreas Fault System at Millard Canyon, San Gorgonio Pass, Ian Desjarlais, Doug Yule, and Richard Heermance, #41652 (2015).


Processing the KTK 3D seismic Survey for Azimuthal Information: San Joaquin Basin, California, M. Lee Bell and Gary Myers, #41649 (2015).


Geological and Structural Interpretation of Ado-Ekiti Southwest and its Adjoining Areas Using Aeromagnetic Data, Ayodeji Jayeoba and Dare Odumade, #30407 (2015).


Hydrocarbon Production from the South Ellwood Field and the Effects on Naturally Occurring Oil and Gas Seeps, Christer B. Peltonen and James R. Boles, #23010 (2015).


Miocene Teleost Fish From Chino Hills: Preliminary Results From The Vila Borba Project, San Bernardino County, California, Benjamin Scherzer, #51104 (2015).


Lateral Variation of Siliceous Sedimentary Lithofacies in the Upper Monterey Formation, South Belridge-Lost Hills Fields, Kern County, California, Hannah Erbele and Richard Behl, #51103 (2015).


Woodford Shale Source Rock Characterization in a Horizontal Well, Tom Arnold, Andrew Sneddon, Sheng Wu, Andrei Deev, and Yongchun Tang, #51096 (2015).


BOEM Pacific Region's Offshore Renewable Energy Program, Tracy Logan, #80449 (2015).


Simple Screening Technique for Identifying Commercial Potash, Donald G. Hill, #41628 (2015).


Well Log Quality Control: What You Don't Know Can Hurt You, Donald G. Hill, #41627 (2015).


The Challenges of Developing and Implementing a Groundwater Monitoring Plan to Comply With SB-4, M. Jane Ellis-McNaboe, Ashley Bylow, Joshua Meyer, and Cara Costamagna, #80448 (2015).

AAPG Pacific Section Meeting, SEG & SEPM, Bakersfield, California, April 27-30, 2014

2014 Pacific Section AAPG, SEG and SEPM Joint Technical Conference, April 27-30, 2014, Bakersfield, California; Abstracts #90191 (2014)


Vein Structures and Intrastratal Microfractured Zones Interpreted in Cores of Late Miocene Diatomite, Midway Sunset Field, California, Bonnie Bloeser and Mary Nelis, #20263 (2014).


Using Borehole Image Logs to Characterize a Major Fault in the Ventura Avenue Field, Jon Schwalbach, Thomas Hauge, Michael Glascock, Plamen Ganev, Jaron Lucero, and Ralph Coldewey, #20255 (2014).


Remediation Exit Strategy - Defining When to Turn Off an Engineered System, Leslie A. Klinchuch, and Jim Kang, #80383 (2014).


PSUsing X-Ray Microtomographic Imaging to Conduct Fluid Flow Simulations on Porous Media, Kasey A. Todd, Heather C. Watson, Tony Yu, and Yanbin Wang, #41382 (2014).


BLM Update - Proposed Hydraulic Fracturing Rule and Additional Environmental Data Requirements, Jeff Prude, #80382 (2014).


Oil and Dolomite in the Monterey Formation of California, Richard J. Behl, #50974 (2014).


Latest Pleistocene Through Holocene Lake Levels From Tulare Lake, CA: Testing Results Using The Smear Slide Technique, Kelsey Padilla, Lindsey Medina, Ashleigh Blunt, and Rob Negrini, #41381 (2014).


Modeling of the Steam Chamber Growth During SAGD, Eric Bathellier, Olivier Lerat, Axelle Baroni, and Gerard Renard, #41380 (2014).


PSDiagenetic and Compositional Controls of Wettability in Siliceous Sedimentary Rocks, Monterey Formation, California, Kristina Hill, and Richard J. Behl, #50973 (2014).


PSFilling in Gaps in the Sedimentary Record: An Integrated Study of Microfacies and Discontinuity Surfaces in Devonian Epeiric Sea Carbonates, Iowa, Christopher M. Bowie and Mara E. Brady, #30340 (2014).


PSPreliminary Quantification of Neogene Extension Across the Owyhee Plateau Of SW Idaho, Robin Richardson, Graham D. M. Andrews, and Sarah R. Brown, #50972 (2014).


PSUpdates to the Regional Geologic Map of the Los Angeles 30' x 60' Quadrangle, C.J. Wills, R.H. Campbell, P.J. Irvine, and B. J. Swanson, #30339 (2014).

AAPG Pacific Section Meeting, SEG & SEPM, Monterey, California, April 19-25, 2013

2013 Pacific Section AAPG, SEG and SEPM Joint Technical Conference, April 19-25, 2013, Monterey, California; Abstracts #90162 (2013).

  Core Description, Lithofacies Interpretation and Sedimentological Characterization of a Mixed Provenance Alluvial Fan: the Pleistocene Tulare Formation, Midway Sunset Field, Kern County, California, Emily Fisher, #20200 (2013).
  Mechanical Stratigraphy of the Monterey Formation and Relationship with Sedimentary Cycles, Montaña de Oro, California, Heather Strickland, Michael Gross, and Richard J. Behl, #50834 (2013).
  Geothermal Energy Potential Within the Los Angeles Basin and Its Co-Location With Solar and Wind Renewable Energy Resources, William E. Glassley and Elise Brown, #80301 (2013).
  Geothermal Exploration on the Island of Montserrat, Caribbean, Bastien Poux, Paul Brophy, and Gsuemnicht Suemnicht, #80300 (2013).
  Interpreting Sediment Dispersal in Western North America from Detrital Zircon Ages, William R. Dickinson, #50818 (2013).
  California and Other Modern Basin Floor Seismo-Turbidite Sedimentology: Implications for Active Tectonic Margin Stratigraphy and Reservoirs, Hans C. Nelson, Chris Goldfinger, and Julia Gutierrez Pastor, #50814 (2013).
  Geochemistry of Shallow Water Shales from the Virgin Limestone, Nevada, USA: Evidence for Periodic Shallow-Water Anoxia Following the Permian-Triassic Mass Extinction, Shawn Sullivan and Adam D. Woods, #50813 (2013).
  Markley Submarine Canyon or Something Different? A New Eocene Canyon in the Sacramento Basin, Northern California, Raymond Sullivan and Morgan D. Sullivan, #30275 (2013).
  Fracture Imaging and Permeability Fairway Mapping, Charles Sicking, Jan Vermilye, Peter Geiser, Alfred Lacazette, and Laird Thompson, #41150 (2013).
  Chemometric Recognition of Genetically Distinct Oil Families in the Los Angeles Basin, K. E. Peters, L. Scott Ramos, and J. E. Zumberge, #41149 (2013).
  Using Microseismic Event Radiation Patterns and Source Parameters to Better Estimate Stimulated Reservoir Volumes, Michael Doerksen, #41137 (2013).
  Detailed Lithostratigraphic Characterization of the Monterey Formation at Chico Martinez Creek, California, Annie Mosher, Jon Guillaume, and Richard Behl, #50801 (2013).
  Structural Interpretation of the Dixie Meadows Geothermal Prospect using Joint Modeling of Gravity and Magnetic Data, Paul C. Schwering and Robert E. Karlin, #80293 (2013).
  Gas Well/Water Well Subsurface Contamination: Tools of Investigation, Rick Railsback, #80292 (2013).
  Microseismic, 3D, and Log Image Data for Unconventional Targeted Drilling and Treatment, Mark Houston, #41135 (2013).
  Tectonic Characterization of the THUMS-Huntington Beach Fault, Offshore Southern California, Sergey Ishutov, #30271 (2013).
  Neotectonics of the Greater Monterey Area, California, Joseph C. Clark and Lewis I. Rosenberg, #50799 (2013).
  BP Alaska Heavy Oil Production from the Ugnu Fluvial-Deltaic Reservoir, Josef Chmielowski, Search and Discovery Article #80289 (2013).
  Structural and Stratigraphic 3D Seismic Interpretation of Middle Cretaceous in South East Muglad Basin, Sudan, Dorar Hamdoba Elshaikh Saror and Zuhar Zahir Bin Tuan Harith, Search and Discovery Article #30269 (2013).