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AAPG Rocky Mountan Section Meetings


AAPG Rocky Mountain Section Meeting, Bismarck, North Dakota, June 4-6, 2023

2023 Rocky Mountain Section Meeting, Bismarck, North Dakota, June 4-6, 2023; Abstracts #91206 (2023).

  A Facies and Flow Unit Approach to Porosity Occurrence in the Madison Reservoirs (Frobisher-Alida and Tilston Intervals) of Western North Dakota, David M. Petty, #11382 (2024).
  Red River "B" Reservoir Properties on the Nesson Anticline, North Dakota, David M. Petty, #11381 (2024).
  Utilizing Borehole Image Logs to Evaluate Depositional Trends in the Uinta Basin, Utah, Joshua T. Sigler, Luke J. Fidler, Matthew A. Jones, and David Hinz, #11380 (2023).
  Beyond the Uteland Butte Part II: Delineating Stacked Pay Sweet Spots for Development Optimization, Joshua T. Sigler, Luke J. Fidler, and Matthew A. Jones, #11379 (2023).
  Key Performance Drivers of Oil Production from the Upper Castle Peak Member of the Green River Formation, Uinta Basin, Utah, Matthew Jones, Josh Sigler, Luke Fidler, Riley Brinkerhoff, and EPOCH, #11377 (2023).
  PS Lithospheric Flexure Maps for the Paradox Basin Using Graphic Correlation Data, Donald L. Rasmussen, #11378 (2023).
  PS Evaluation of Hybrid Prediction Models for Accurate Rate of Penetration (ROP) Prediction in Drilling Operations, Abdelhakim Khouissat, Dr. Mohamed Riad Youcefi, Ghoulem Ifrene, and Doina Irofti, #42586 (2023).
  PS New Achievement in the Effect of Clay Mineral on the Movement of Hydrocarbons in the Source Rock, Fatemeh Saberi and Mahboubeh Hosseini-Barzi, #51701 (2023).
  PS Investigating the Sediments of the Pabdeh Formation in Zagros Basin, Iran, Fatemeh Saberi and Mahboubeh Hosseini-Barzi, #51700 (2023).
  PS Horizontal Stresses Prediction Using Sonic Transition Time Based on Convolutional Neural Network, Esmael Makarian, Ayub Elyasi, Fatemeh Saberi, and Olusegun Stanley Tomomewo, #42587 (2023).
  PS Salts Removal as an Effective and Economical Method of Bakken Formation Treatment, Mousa Almousa, Olusegun Tomomewo, and Yeo Howe Lim, #80740 (2023).
  Characteristics of Sandy Hyperpycnite Deposits on the Southern Margin of Eocene Lake Uinta, Castle Peak Member of the Green River Formation of Northeastern Utah, Riley Brinkerhoff, Matthew Jones (Presenter), Luke Fidler, and Josh Sigler, #51699 (2023).
  PS Machine Learning Application for Shear Velocity Prediction in Ahnet Basin, Algeria, Abdeldjalil Latrach, Nassim Bouabdallah, and Aimene Aihar, #42584 (2023).
  PS Machine Learning Algorithms for Predicting Liquid Loading in Gas Wells, Nassim Bouabdallah, Abdeldjalil Latrach, Aimene Aihar, and Adesina Fadairo, #42583 (2023).
  Beyond the Uteland Butte Part I: If it's Not Red, Is It Even the Wasatch?, Luke Fidler, Joshua T Sigler, and Matthew A. Jones, #11376 (2023).
  PS Integrating Borehole Imaging and Full Waveform Dipole Sonic Data to Estimate Fracture Porosity in Tight Formations: A Workflow for Accurate Characterization of Natural Fractures, Doina Irofti, Ghoulem Ifrene, Fethi Ali Cheddad, Safouane Djemai, #42582 (2023).
  PS Exploring Underground Hydrogen Storage Options in North Dakota: A Review, Aimen Laalam and Dr. Olusegun Stanley Tomomewo, #80738 (2023).
  PS Characterization of Fractured Reservoirs: Mapping Fracture Networks and Linking Fracture Density to Reservoir Properties using Core and Borehole Image Data a Case Study, Ghoulem Ifrene and Doina Irofti, #51698 (2023).
  PS Advancing our Understanding of Non-linear Flow Behavior in X-Crossing Fractures through 3D Printing Technology, Ghoulem Ifrene, Sven Egenhoff, Doina Irofti, Nicholas Bittner, Tyler Newman, #42581 (2023).
  PS Comparing Fishbone Drilling and Hydraulic Fracturing in Ultra-Low Permeability Geothermal Reservoirs, Aimene Aihar, Nassim Bouabdallah, Ghoulem Ifrene, and Doina Irofti, #80737 (2023).
AAPG Rocky Mountain Section Meeting, Denver Colorado, July 24-27, 2022

2022 AAPG Rocky Mountain Section Meeting, Denver Colorado, July 24-27, 2022; Abstracts #91201 (2022).

  New Horizontal Play Targeting Fluvial Sandstones in a Basin-Centered Gas System around Jonah Field, WY, John Hoopes, Greg Gromadzki, William Drake, Cory Christie, Amanda Johnson, and Adam Midgley, #11370 (2022).
  Importance of Probability Distributions on Volumetric Characterizations in Resource Assessment, David M. Advocate and Kenneth C. Hood, #42577 (2022).
  Niobrara Production from the Lowry-Bombing Range Area Denver Basin, a Deep-Basin, Paleostructural Trap, Stephen A. Sonnenberg, #11369 (2022).
  Depositional Architecture of a Turbiditic Sandstone Complex, Lower Green River Formation, Uinta Basin, Utah, Matthew A. Jones, Joshua T. Sigler, Lucas J. Fidler, Tanner A. Posy, and Dusty L. Parker, #11366 (2022).
  Characterization of an Unconventional Resource, Uteland Butte Member, Lower Green River Formation, Uinta Basin, Utah, Lucas J. Fidler, Joshua T. Sigler, and Matthew A. Jones, #11365 (2022).
  Using Pore System Characterization to Subdivide the Burgeoning Uteland Butte Play, Green River Formation, Uinta Basin, Utah, Riley Brinkerhoff, Mike Vanden Berg, and Mark Millard, #11364 (2022).
  Strain Segregation between Ductile and Brittle Stratigraphy – Characterizing the Sand Wash Fault System, Uinta Basin, Utah, Riley Brinkerhoff, John McBride, Sam Hudson, Douglas A. Sprinkel, Ron Harris, Kevin Rey, and Eric Tingey, #11363 (2022).
  Pitfalls of Model Driven Unconventional Development – The Stratigraphic Trends that Drive Oil & Gas Productivity in Divide County, North Dakota, Riley Brinkerhoff, Tim Nesheim, and Mark Millard, #11362 (2022).
  Well Music: Translating Well Data to Music for a New Perspective, Alan Lindsey, #42574 (2022).
  Methodology to Estimate Thermal Maturity from Petrophysical Calculations of Gas/Oil Ratios, Michael Holmes, Antony M. Holmes, and Dominic I. Holmes, #42572 (2022).
  Multidisciplinary Approach to Niobrara Gas Development in an Overlooked High Temp, High Pressure Reservoir: A Southeast Piceance Case Study, Barrett A. Lavergne, Keith Jagiello, Steve Sturm, and Salar Nabavian #42573 (2022).
  Market Evidence of Reserve Adjustment Factors and Risk Adjusted Discount Rates in a North American Unconventional Play, Nicholas D. Kernan, #11360 (2022).
  The Offshore Mancos Play in the San Juan Basin: Productive Carrier Beds within the Mancos Petroleum System, Ronald F. Broadhead, #11359 (2022).
  Organic Petrography of the Ordovician Red River Kukersite Tight Oil and Gas Play, Williston Basin, North Dakota, U.S.A., Wayne K. Camp, Juergen Schieber, Maria Mastalerz, and Timothy O. Nesheim, #11358 (2022).
AAPG Rocky Mountain Section Meeting, 2020 Vision: Turn Hindsight to Foresight, Grand Junction, CO., September 13-15, 2020 (CANCELLED)

AAPG Rocky Mountain Section Meeting, 2020 Vision: Turn Hindsight to Foresight, Grand Junction, CO., September 13-15, 2020 (CANCELLED); Abstracts #90374 (2020).

  EA Quantifying Reservoir Architecture of the Upper Cretaceous Panther Tongue Sandstone, Star Point Formation, Spring Canyon, UT, Claire Atlas, #51682 (2020).
  EA When Doodlebugs Ruled the Earth: Pseudo-Geophysical Devices in Oil Exploration, Dan Plazak, #42558 (2020).
AAPG Rocky Mountain Section Meeting, Cheyenne, Wyoming, September 15-18, 2019

AAPG Rocky Mountain Section Meeting, Cheyenne, Wyoming, September 15-18, 2019; Abstracts #90357 (2019).

  Linking Stratigraphic Architecture and Petroleum System Elements of the Niobrara Formation to Oceanographic and Far-Field Tectonic Events, William R. Drake, #11354 (2021).
  A Hydrothermal Dolomite Model for the Cheyenne Wells and Smoky Creek Fields, Colorado, R. Mark Maslyn, #20492 (2020).
  Salt Creek - A Wyoming Giant and a Cast of Characters, Sam L. Pfiester, #20485 (2020).
  EA The Difficulty in the "Transgressive Seas" Explanation for Organically Enriched Rocks Is a Fundamental Problem with Applied Sequence Analysis, and it Is the Misunderstanding of the "Condensed Section", D. M. Parker, #70405 (2020).
  EA Can "Volcanic Tephra Fall" Replace "Sea Level Transgression" as the Dominant Driver for Organically Enriched Rock Formation and Their Cyclic Deposition at the Well-Studied Cenomanian-Turonian Boundary (OAE2; 93-94 Ma)?, D. M. Parker, #70404 (2020).
  EA Some Geoscientists Are Concluding that Organic Enrichment of Rock is by Volcanic Ash Fall. The Implications Are Dramatic; But Are They Probable?, D. M. Parker, #70403 (2020).
  Sequence Stratigraphic Framework of the Late Devonian (Frasnian) Duperow Formation in Western and Central Montana, Chris Steuer, David W. Bowen, and Chuck Calavan, #51648 (2020).
  Regional Correlation of Carboniferous Heath and Tyler Strata from Central Montana to the Williston Basin, North Dakota, USA, Richard J. Bottjer, Stephan H. Nordeng, and Timothy O. Nesheim, #30651 (2020).
  Using Sequence Stratigraphy to Optimize Target Selection in Tight Sandstone Reservoirs of the Rockies (and Beyond), Jeffrey A. May, #51643 (2020).
  Using Sequence Stratigraphy to Optimize Target Selection in Shale Plays of the Rockies (and Beyond), Jeffrey A. May, #51642 (2020).
  The Past, Present and Future of Niobrara/Mancos B Horizontal Development in the Piceance Basin, Jason Eleson, #42500 (2020).
  Fluvial Architecture and Sequence Stratigraphy of the Burro Canyon Formation Using UAV-Based Outcrop Models, Southwestern Piceance Basin, Colorado, Jerson J. Tellez, Matthew J. Pranter, and Rex D. Cole, #51640 (2020).
  Structural Divisions of the Bighorn Mountains and Western Powder River Basin, Gary Gill Bible, #11298 (2020).
  PS Potential Shale-Oil Reservoirs in the Eastern Bighorn Basin, Wyoming, B. Toelle, M. Pankau, R. Lynds, and P. Tahmasebi, #11296 (2020).
  Revisiting the Upper Cretaceous Niobrara Petroleum System in the Rocky Mountain Region, Mark W. Longman and Barbara A. Luneau, #51635 (2020).
  The Importance of Detrital Dolomite in Upper Devonian Carbonates: Examples from the Bakken/Three Forks Petroleum System (Williston Basin) and Dyer Formation (Northwest Colorado), Mark W. Longman and Donna S. Anderson, #51634 (2020).
  Mancobrara Stratigraphy Unraveled: A Tale of Mancos to Niobrara Stratigraphic Continuity Across the Upper Turonian to Campanian Western Interior Seaway, Robin L. Swank, #30649 (2020).
  Diagenesis and Porosity Development within the Lower "B-Zone" Birdbear Formation, McKenzie County, Williston Basin, North America, Francis Chidi Nwachukwu, Stephan H. Nordeng, Chioma J. Onwumelu, Adedoyin Adeyilola, and Timothy O. Nesheim, #11281 (2020).
  Blockchain in Industry 4.0 – How the Oil and Gas Industry is Utilizing these Emerging Technologies, Mike A. Bingle-Davis, #70396 (2019).
  PS Stratigraphic and Structural Relations of the Birdbear Formation (Devonian) Western North Dakota, Jeffrey W. Bader, #11282 (2019).
  The Upper Cretaceous (Turonian) Carlile Shale of Eastern South Dakota and Adjacent Areas with Correlations to the Black Hills of South Dakota and Wyoming, Steven D. Jorgensen and Neal L. Larson, #51629 (2019).
  Data Mining to Build Robust Chronostratigraphic Frameworks in the Western Interior Basin, Bryan McDowell and Piret Plink-Bjorklund, #42481 (2019).
  Integrated Assessment of the Niobrara and Mowry Shale Plays, Powder River Basin, Wyoming, Yanet Cuddus, Dave Phillips, Celina Will, Lee Swager, William Ray Moore Jr., Midowa Gbededo, Yanil Del Castillo, and Matthew Belobraydic, #11280 (2019).
  What Influences Production from the Wall Creek and Turner Reservoirs, Powder River Basin, Wyoming?, Rachel N. Toner, #11277 (2019).
  The Mancos Shale in the Albuquerque Basin: A Play Limited by Structure and Associated Thermal Maturity, Ron Broadhead, #11274 (2019).
  The Mancos Shale in the Southeastern San Juan Basin: A Play Limited by Structure and Associated Thermal Maturity, Ronald F. Broadhead, #11273 (2019).
  Using Pore System Characterization to Subdivide the Burgeoning Uteland Butte Play, Green River Formation, Uinta Basin, Utah, Riley Brinkerhoff and Mark Millard, #11272 (2019).
  Helium Potential in the Holbrook Basin, Arizona, James H. Ballard, #11271 (2019).
  A New Stratigraphy for the Pierre Shale at the Cedar Creek Anticline, Montana, James W. Grier, Joyce C. Grier, Thomas Linn, Neal L. Larson, and Neil H. Landman, #51627 (2019).
  PS Fracture and Stratigraphic Analysis of the Niobrara-Equivalent Cody Shale, Bighorn Basin, Wyoming, Wesley Moots, #51625 (2019).
  W.A. Cobban, the Cookes Range, N.H. Darton, J.G. Love, and Me, Stephen C. Hook, #51624 (2019).
  Characterizing Outcrop Growth Faults, Slump Blocks, Mud Volcanoes and Other Sedimentary Deformation Features for use as Reservoir Analogues for Observed Features in Targeted Reservoirs in the Green River Formation, Uinta Basin, Utah, Riley Brinkerhoff, #51623 (2019).
  Overview of Organic-Rich Facies of the Permian Phosphoria Formation, USA, Marc S. Hendrix, #51622 (2019).
  Requiem for a Seaway: Tracking the Final Transgression of the Western Interior Sea in the Post-Apocalyptic World of the Paleocene, Anton F. J. Wroblewski, #30644 (2019).
  Geologic Modelling of Unconventional Field Using Geostatistics, Williston Basin, North Dakota, Alan Alexeyev, Mehdi Ostadhassan, and Chunxiao Li, #42476 (2019).
  Orogenesis and Post-Orogenic Collapse: Rocky Mountain Analogs and New Permian Basin Insights, Ryan C. Thompson, #30643 (2019).
  Structural Inheritance and the Role of Basement Anisotropies in the Laramide Structural and Tectonic Evolution of the North American Cordilleran Foreland, Wyoming – Towards a Unified Hypothesis, Jeffrey W. Bader, #30641 (2019).
  PS A Renewed Focus on Utah's Helium Potential, Tyler J. Wiseman and Marc T. Eckels, #80710 (2019).
  Reservoir Quality Controls on Tight-Gas Sand Productivity Insights from the Canyon Creek Field, Sweetwater County, Wyoming, Brent W. Greenhalgh, #20469 (2019).
  Field Growth in the Super Giant Wattenberg Field, Denver Basin, Colorado, Steve Sonnenberg, #20468 (2019).
  Development of Glenrock Area Fields, Converse County, Wyoming, Mark Milliken, #20467 (2019).
  Sequence Stratigraphy of Lower Madison Strata in the Greater Williston Basin Area, David M. Petty, #51626 (2019).
  PS Application of Core to Refine Thick Fluvial Successions: A Case Study of the Upper Cretaceous Mesaverde Group, Uinta Basin, Ellen Wilcox, #11276 (2019).
  Mineral Resource – Lithium – Recovery from Naturally Occurring Permian Basin Waste Water, Stephen R. Robichaud and Nicholas W. Robichaud, #42475 (2019).
  Great Scott! A Homebrewed Recipe for Regional Trend-Based Log Normalization: Various Examples from Rocky Mountain Basins, Mark Millard, Andy Hennes, Preston Kerr, Riley Brinkerhoff, and Justin Brown, #42474 (2019).
AAPG Rocky Mountain Section Annual Meeting, Billings, Montana, June 25-28, 2017

2017 AAPG Rocky Mountain Section Annual Meeting, Billings, Montana, June 25-28, 2017; Abstracts #90301 (2017).

  PS Preliminary Sequence Stratigraphic Framework for a Mississippian Shelf Margin, Madison Group, South Boulder Canyon, Southwest Montana, Murray G. Gilhooly and John A. Weissenberger, #30539 (2017).
  PS Facies Reconstruction of the Ingleside and Casper Formations: a Mixed Carbonate-Siliciclastic System, Kajal Nair, Sven Egenhoff, and John Singleton, #51447 (2017).
  PS Increased Organic Content in the Presence of Floccules: A Case Study of the Sharon Springs Member of the Pierre Shale, Cañon City Basin, South-Central Colorado, Kira Timm and Stephen A. Sonnenberg, #80619 (2017).
  PS Flow Simulation Model of the Wall Creek Member in the Frontier Formation: Powder River Basin, WY, Tuan Le, #42152 (2017).
  PS Volcanic Ash Fall - The Key to Organic Rich Shale and Coal Formation, Douglas M. Parker, #70287 (2017).
  PS Cliff Mapping of Surface Outcrops in the Powder River Basin Using Unmanned Aerial System, Emily G. Sundell, #42129 (2017).
  Company Myths and Field Extension Opportunities, Examples from Cretaceous Reservoirs in the Greater Green River Basin, Brent Greenhalgh, #70285 (2017).
  Recommended Revisions to Mid-Carboniferous Stratigraphy of the Big Snowy Trough, Central Montana, USA, Richard J. Bottjer, #51422 (2017).
  PS Keys to Niobrara and Codell Production, East Pony/Redtail Area, Denver Basin, Colorado, Stephen A. Sonnenberg, #10991 (2017).
  Sequence Stratigraphy of the Bakken and Three Forks Formations, Williston Basin, USA, Stephen A. Sonnenberg, #10990 (2017).
  Petrophysics of the Greybull Sandstone: Old Log Foundation for Further Exploration, William D. Moore, #20400 (2017).
  PS Quantifying Architectural Controls on Reservoir Behavior in the Turonian Wall Creek Member of the Frontier Formation in the Powder River Basin, Wyoming, Nathan La Fontaine and Michael Hofmann, #51418 (2017).
  Update of Horizontal Plays in Wyoming, Andrew Finley, #10980 (2017).
  The ELLA GRA Process – Concepts and Methods for the Prediction of Reservoir Hydrocarbon Type Using Ratios of Gas Chromatography C1-C5 Gases, Raymond M. Pierson, #42122 (2017).
  Re-Visiting the Ordovician Bighorn Dolomite and Devonian Darby Subcrop Geometry across SW Wyoming: New Light from an Old Well, Donna S. Anderson and Mark W. Longman, #51416 (2017).
  PS Constraining Timing of South Caspian Basin Isolation and Source Rock Deposition Using Re-Os Geochronology on Black Shales of the Maikop Series, Eastern Azerbaijan, Alex Washburn and Sam Hudson, #30514 (2017).
  PS Petroleum Geology of the Crow Indian Reservation, South-Central Montana, David A. Lopez, #10985 (2017).
  Unconventional Enhanced Oil Recovery Pilot Projects in the Bakken Formation, B. Todd Hoffman and John Evans, #80606 (2017).
  Relation of Reservoir Petrophysical Properties to Horizontal Codell Production in the DJ Basin of Colorado and Wyoming, Mick Domenick, #10982 (2017).
  Stratigraphic Framework for Basin-Margin, Sub-Unconformity Diagenesis Below the Acadian Unconformity in the Southern Williston Basin, David M. Petty, #10981 (2017).
  PS Integrated Subsurface Evaluation of 'Doyin' Field, Shallow Offshore Niger Delta, Nigeria, Adedoyin Adeyilola, #20399 (2017).
  Imaging Techniques in Seismic Geomorphology, Jim Bock and Vladimir Rybakov, #42120 (2017).
  Uniformitarianism and the Laramide Orogeny of the Wyoming Craton: The Present is the Key to the Past, and the Past…, Jeffrey W. Bader, #30513 (2017).
  Sandstone Composition Variation in Regressive to Transgressive Cycles in the Telegraph Creek and Eagle Formations in South-Central Montana, James R. Staub, #51415 (2017).
  Sequence Stratigraphy of the Inyan Kara Formation, North Dakota, Jeffrey W. Bader, #51414 (2017).
  PS Modern and Ancient Analogues for Complex Eolian Reservoirs, (30mb), Steven G. Fryberger, Caroline Y. Hern, and Nick Jones, #51401 (2017).
AAPG Pacific Section and Rocky Mountain Section Joint Meeting, Las Vegas, Nevada, October 2-5, 2016
  Petroleum Generation and Migration from the Oil Shale Interval of the Eocene Green River Formation, Uinta Basin, Utah, Ronald C. Johnson, Justin E. Birdwell, and Tracey J. Mercier, #10967 (2017).
  Evolution of the Lower Tertiary Elko Formation, a Potential Lacustrine Petroleum Source Rock in Northeast Nevada, Ronald C. Johnson and Justin E. Birdwell, #10966 (2017).
  Aliso Canyon Gas Storage Leak Disaster and Response, Jeremy Platt, #70252 (2017).
  Hitting the Jackpot During Oil-Gas Price Collapse: The Consumer, Jeremy Platt, #70251 (2017).
  Thickness and Extent of Clay Layers in the Pleistocene Tulare Formation near Elk Hills, California: Implications for Water Disposal Operations and Timing of Structural Growth, Paul Bowles and Janice Gillespie, #30496 (2017).
  PS Carlin-Type Gold Deposit Development as an Analogue for Unconventional Hydrocarbon Field Development, Daniel M. Sturmer, #30498 (2017).
  Geology and Drilling Results from Two of the Most Recently Discovered Oil and Gas Fields in Nevada, Noble's Humboldt and Huntington Oil and Gas Fields in Elko County, Nevada, William J. Ehni, #20384 (2017).
  Virtually Eliminate Dry or Sub-Economic Wells in Over-Pressured and Normal-Pressured Fields: Jonah Field and Anadarko Basin Case Studies, Rick Schrynemeeckers, #20383 (2017).
  Optimizing Lateral Placement and Production While Minimizing Completion Costs: an Eagle Ford Case Study, Rick Schrynemeeckers, #42030 (2017).
  Exploration and Development of the Neal Hot Springs Geothermal Resource, Malheur County, Oregon, Ian Warren, #80584 (2017).
  Lightning Analysis for Mapping Faults and Identifying Exploration Sweetspots, H. Roice Nelson, Jr., #41987 (2017).
  PS 2014 Wyoming Stratigraphic Nomenclature Chart, Lyn George, Don Cardinal, and Gary Winter, #42029 (2017).
  A Look Back at the Prospect Generation of Cedar Hills-East and Lookout Butte Fields Williston Basin (The First Economic Resource Play), and Codell Resource Play North Denver Basin, Steve Kirkwood, #20382 (2017).
  Origin of Petroliferous Dolomitic Beds in the Uteland Butte Member, Lower Green River Formation, Uinta Basin, Utah, Federico Rueda, Hans G. Machel, and Michael D. Vanden Berg, #51362 (2017).
  Unconventional Resource Play Potential of the Pennsylvanian Leo/Minnelusa Formations of the Powder River and Denver Basins: A Perspective via Integrated Petroleum Systems Analysis, Michael Cheng, Tony Kratochvil, Jeff Dunleavy, Brian Hebler, and Roy Fitzsimmons, #10916 (2017).
  Old Well Rescue: Don't Euthanize, Revitalize! A Workflow, Susan Nash, #41997 (2017).
  Eight Success Elements for New Ventures, Susan Nash, #41996 (2017).
  No Money Down Revitalization: Build Your Own Business Opportunities, Susan Nash, #41995 (2017).
  Historical Development of Well Stimulation and Hydraulic Fracturing Technologies, Stephen M. Testa, #60053 (2017).
  The Great Basin Center for Geothermal Energy: Past, Present and Future, Bridget Ayling, #80575 (2017).
  Characterization of Pliocene Repetto Formation Turbidites at Ventura Avenue Field, Ventura, California, Jon Schwalbach, Jay Holloway, and Elizabeth Steel, #20378 (2017).
  A Petrophysical Model to Distinguish Water-Wet and Oil-Wet Fractions of Unconventional Reservoir Systems Using Triple-Combo Log Suites, Michael Holmes, Antony Holmes, and Dominic I. Holmes, #41978 (2017).
  Our Current Working Model for Unconventional Tight Petroleum Systems: Oil and Gas, Steve Sonnenberg and Larry Meckel, #41968 (2016).
  PS Geochemistry of the Mancos Shale as Shown by the Fees Federal 2-6-8-101 Well, Mesa County, CO, William C. Hood and Rex D. Cole, #51337 (2016).
  Oil Fields in Railroad Valley Nevada, Louis C. Bortz, #20376 (2016).
  The Wildcatters, the Regulators and the Prize: Chronicles of the Cat Canyon Oil Field, Santa Barbara County, CA, Joe Nahama, #20375 (2016).
  The Graneros-Greenhorn Petroleum System, a Possible New Resource Play, Rocky Mountain Region, USA, Steve Sonnenberg, Hannah Durkee, and Craig Kaiser, #10898 (2016).
  Undeveloped Petroleum Potential of the Western-Most Santa Barbara Channel, Offshore California, Jim Ballard, #10899 (2016).
  Hydrogen Index as a Maturity Proxy – Some Pitfalls and How to Overcome Them, Mark H. Tobey and Catherine E. Campbell, #41964 (2016).
  Monitoring and Analysis of Surface Deformation with InSAR and Subsurface Data, San Joaquin Valley, California, Graham E. Brew, Mizue Horiuchi, Pieter Bas Leezenberg, and Arjan Tabak, #41963 (2016).
  Turning Brown Fields into Gold Fields with Wettability Alteration, Geoffrey Thyne, #41962 (2016).
  A Geologic Comparison of the Oil Window and Dry Gas Window within the Tow Creek Member of the Niobrara Formation in the Piceance Basin of Northwestern Colorado, Marcus J. Hinricher and Steve Sonnenberg, #10892 (2016).
  Insights into Niobrara Stratigraphic Architecture and Diagenesis, Wattenberg Field, Denver Basin, Colorado, Steve Sonnenberg, #20373 (2016).
  Wolfcamp Horizontal Play, Midland Basin, West Texas, Peter K. Blomquist, #10890 (2016).
  PS Conceptual Geological Model about Hydrocarbon Flow Trough Fractures in Siliciclastic Sequences of the Chicontepec Formation, Daniel E. Bolaños-Rodríguez, Manuel Cruz-Castillo, and Adriana Acosta-Ángeles, #41953 (2016).
  Velocity Modeling with Complex Tectonics; Example from the San Joaquin Forearc Basin, California, Lisa Alpert and Josué Rosas, #41950 (2016).
  Incorporating Complex Geology in Basin Models: Example from a Forearc Basin; San Joaquin Valley, California, Lisa Alpert and Carolyn Lampe, #41949 (2016).
  Reducing Geologic Uncertainty in Seismic Interpretation, Jim Bock, #41947 (2016).
  PS Controls on Hydrocarbon Accumulation Model for the Neogene traps, Bohai Bay Basin, China, Hua Liu, Donggao Zhao, and Youlu Jiang, #10891 (2016).
  PS A Petrographic Analysis of the Lower Bakken Shale and Pronghorn Member of the Bakken Formation, Williston Basin, Jingqi Xu, Dipanwita Nandy, and Steve Sonnenberg, #51330 (2016).
AAPG Rocky Mountain Section Meeting, Denver, Colorado, July 20-22, 2014

2014 AAPG Rocky Mountain Section Annual Meeting, Denver, Colorado, July 20-22, 2014; Abstracts, #90193 (2014).

  PS Complexities of Well Log Interpretation Observed Through Cored Samples, Mesaverde Group, Uinta Basin, Ellen Wilcox and Edmund Gustason, #11303 (2020).
  PS Noble Gas Geochemistry at the La Barge Platform, Wyoming, USA: CO2 Source and Potential Total Petroleum System Investigation Tool, Matthew D. Merrill, Celeste D. Lohr, and Andrew G. Hunt, #20299 (2015).
  Diagenesis of Organic-Rich Shale: Views from Foraminifera Penetralia, Eagle Ford Formation, Maverick Basin, Texas, Wayne Camp, #51054 (2014).
  PS Tight-Gas Produced Water Modeling of Mesaverde Group Sandstones in the Uinta Basin, Peter J. Nielsen, Rebekah E. Wood, and Thomas C. Chidsey, Jr., #51041 (2014).
  Sussex Sandstone, Hornbuckle Trend, Powder River Basin, Wyoming: Lithofacies and Reservoir Properties in a Tight Oil Play, Richard J. Bottjer, Michael L. Hendricks, Daniel H. Stright, and John A. Bettridge, #10665 (2014).
  Claude Shannon Versus Gus Archie: Information Theory as a Guide to Log Evaluation Without Petrophysics, Paul E. Devine, #41480 (2014).
  PS A Geometric Approach to the Analysis of Global Eolian Hydrocarbon Reservoirs, Steve Fryberger and Caroline Y. Hern, #41478 (2014).
  PS Visual and Analytical Comparisons of Upper Bakken “Shale” Cores from a West-to-East Transect, McKenzie and McLean Counties, North Dakota, Laura Wray, Mark Longman, Katie Kocman, Laura Mauro Johnson, Grant Sha, and Simon Cole, #51032 (2014).
  Multiphase Deformation of the Paleozoic and Mesozoic Units Within the Panhandle of Nebraska, C. M. Burberry, R. M. Joeckel, J. T. Korus, and M. H. Peppers, #30365 (2014).
  Downhole Geochemical Logging in the Eagle Ford - Hydrocarbon Detection in Vertical & Lateral Wells, Rick Schrynemeeckers, #41437 (2014).
  Natural and Artificial Cracking of Oil Source Rocks and Unconventional Reservoirs, Wallace G. Dow, #41436 (2014).
  3D Seismic Proves Its Value in Bakken Geosteering, Angie Southcott, #41435 (2014).
  Mosser Dome Field, Yellowstone County, Montana: A Giant Stratigraphic Oil Accumulation, John R. Mitchell, #20268 (2014).
  Petroleum Occurrences in Cretaceous-Age Reservoirs, Northern Bighorn Basin, Montana and Wyoming, John R. Mitchell, #10633 (2014).
  Examination of the Tyler Formation's (Pennsylvanian) Exploration and Development History using Current Source Rock and Reservoir Maps, Timothy O. Nesheim and Stephan H. Nordeng, #20265 (2014).
  Past, Present and Future Advancements in Methods for Detecting Hydrocarbon Seepage after 75 Years, John V. Fontana and David Seneshen, #41412 (2014).
  A Comprehensive Deterministic Petrophysical Analysis Procedure for Reservoir Characterization: Conventional and Unconventional Reservoirs, Michael Holmes, Antony Holmes, and Dominic Holmes, #41413 (2014).
  Permian Salt Dissolution in Silo Field, Elena Finley and Steve Sonnenberg, #20264 (2014).
  PS Upper Bakken Shale Resource Play, Williston Basin, Stephen A. Sonnenberg, #10625 (2014).
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