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New Articles

June 2024

An Historical Perspective of Oil and Gas Development in PA, Kristin Carter, #80748 (2024).

Using Isotopic Fingerprints to Verify Domestic Production of Critical Minerals, Michael A. McKibben, #80747 (2024).

Geothermal Play Fairway Analysis (GPFA): A Texas/Gulf Coast Case Study, Kevin McCarthy, Will Pettitt, Ole Engels, and Rich Priem, #80746 (2024).

Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS) will Deliver Abundant, Affordable, Clean, Firm Power and Thousands of Jobs for Geologists, Geophysicists, and Petroleum Engineers, Greg Leveille, #80745 (2024).

April 2024

From the Gulf of Cádiz to the Gharb Basin: What's Next?, Carlos Giraldo, #11384 (2024).

Structural Styles in the Jubba Deep Basin, Offshore Somalia, Carlos Giraldo and Marel Sánchez, #11383 (2024).

March 2024

PS Unconventional Reservoirs: Basic Petrophysical Approach for Shale Gas, Ahmed Rashed, #80744 (2024).

Tectonic Settings around a Thermogenic Gas Discovery offshore Morocco (Gharb Basin), Carlos Giraldo, #30680 (2024).

February 2024

PS Preliminary Assessment of the Phosphate and Rare Earth Element Potential in the Upper Woodford Shale on the Lawrence Uplift, Ada, Oklahoma, David Hull and Andrew Cullen, #51703 (2024).

A Facies and Flow Unit Approach to Porosity Occurrence in the Madison Reservoirs (Frobisher-Alida and Tilston Intervals) of Western North Dakota, David M. Petty, #11382 (2024).

Red River "B" Reservoir Properties on the Nesson Anticline, North Dakota, David M. Petty, #11381 (2024).

January 2024

Applying Exploration Common Process to Site Selection for Geologic Carbon Storage Complexes, Christopher Walker, Tony Espie, Jonathan Evenick, Jonathan Hodgkinson, Simon Shoulders, and Ashleigh Ross, #80743 (2024).

Low-Temperature Hydrous Pyrolysis (LTHP) on Oil-Field Core Samples for Estimating Original In-Place Retained oil in Mature Source Rocks and Tight-oil Reservoirs, V. S. Nowaczewski, J. Barton, B. Lagues, A. Tang, and M. D. Lewan, #42589 (2024).

November 2023

Water Resources Management System (WRMS) Executive Summary, Andy Clay and Jeff Aldrich, #80742 (2023).

The Water Resources Management System (WRMS), Andy Clay and Jeff Aldrich, #80741 (2023).

October 2023

Contrasting Siliciclastic-Dominated Cores from the Middle Pennsylvanian (Desmoinesian) Strawn Group, East Kent County, TX: Wallace Ranch #1 and #2, Maxwell Pommer and Dawn S. Hayes, #51702 (2023).

September 2023

Application of Unsupervised Machine Learning Techniques in Detailed Recognition of Gas Producing Subtle Submarine Channel System, Mariusz Łukaszewski, #42588 (2023).

July 2023

Beyond the Uteland Butte Part II: Delineating Stacked Pay Sweet Spots for Development Optimization, Joshua T. Sigler, Luke J. Fidler, and Matthew A. Jones, #11379 (2023).

Utilizing Borehole Image Logs to Evaluate Depositional Trends in the Uinta Basin, Utah, Joshua T. Sigler, Luke J. Fidler, Matthew A. Jones, and David Hinz, #11380 (2023).

Key Performance Drivers of Oil Production from the Upper Castle Peak Member of the Green River Formation, Uinta Basin, Utah, Matthew Jones, Josh Sigler, Luke Fidler, Riley Brinkerhoff, and EPOCH, #11377 (2023).

PS Lithospheric Flexure Maps for the Paradox Basin Using Graphic Correlation Data, Donald L. Rasmussen, #11378 (2023).

PS Evaluation of Hybrid Prediction Models for Accurate Rate of Penetration (ROP) Prediction in Drilling Operations, Abdelhakim Khouissat, Dr. Mohamed Riad Youcefi, Ghoulem Ifrene, and Doina Irofti, #42586 (2023).

June 2023

PS New Achievement in the Effect of Clay Mineral on the Movement of Hydrocarbons in the Source Rock, Fatemeh Saberi and Mahboubeh Hosseini-Barzi, #51701 (2023).

PS Investigating the Sediments of the Pabdeh Formation in Zagros Basin, Iran, Fatemeh Saberi and Mahboubeh Hosseini-Barzi, #51700 (2023).

PS Horizontal Stresses Prediction Using Sonic Transition Time Based on Convolutional Neural Network, Esmael Makarian, Ayub Elyasi, Fatemeh Saberi, and Olusegun Stanley Tomomewo, #42587 (2023).

2023 Rocky Mountain Section Meeting, Bismarck, North Dakota, June 4-6, 2023; Abstracts #91206 (2023).

PS Salts Removal as an Effective and Economical Method of Bakken Formation Treatment, Mousa Almousa, Olusegun Tomomewo, and Yeo Howe Lim, #80740 (2023).

Characteristics of Sandy Hyperpycnite Deposits on the Southern Margin of Eocene Lake Uinta, Castle Peak Member of the Green River Formation of Northeastern Utah, Riley Brinkerhoff, Matthew Jones (Presenter), Luke Fidler, and Josh Sigler, #51699 (2023).

Identification of Producible and Bypassed Pay Oil Zones in the Smackover Formation by Using API Gravity Determined on Core Samples Together with Determination of Recoverable Oil Reserves through Pyrolysis Analysis, Albert Maende, Wesley Ingram, and W. David Weldon, #42585 (2023).

PS Machine Learning Application for Shear Velocity Prediction in Ahnet Basin, Algeria, Abdeldjalil Latrach, Nassim Bouabdallah, and Aimene Aihar, #42584 (2023).

PS Machine Learning Algorithms for Predicting Liquid Loading in Gas Wells, Nassim Bouabdallah, Abdeldjalil Latrach, Aimene Aihar, and Adesina Fadairo, #42583 (2023).

The Coming Commodity Super Cycle, William DeMis, #11375 (2023).

Comparison of the Characteristics of Cretaceous Salt Deposition in Brazil with the Jurassic Salt Deposition in the Gulf of Mexico, Sharon Cornelius, #11374 (2023).

Water Ice Resources on the Moon, William A. Ambrose and Bruce L. Cutright, #80739 (2023).

Beyond the Uteland Butte Part I: If it's Not Red, Is It Even the Wasatch?, Luke Fidler, Joshua T Sigler, and Matthew A. Jones, #11376 (2023).

Carrier Beds as Reservoirs, John A. Breyer, #11373 (2023).

PS Integrating Borehole Imaging and Full Waveform Dipole Sonic Data to Estimate Fracture Porosity in Tight Formations: A Workflow for Accurate Characterization of Natural Fractures, Doina Irofti, Ghoulem Ifrene, Fethi Ali Cheddad, Safouane Djemai, #42582 (2023).

PS Exploring Underground Hydrogen Storage Options in North Dakota: A Review, Aimen Laalam and Dr. Olusegun Stanley Tomomewo, #80738 (2023).

PS Characterization of Fractured Reservoirs: Mapping Fracture Networks and Linking Fracture Density to Reservoir Properties using Core and Borehole Image Data a Case Study, Ghoulem Ifrene and Doina Irofti, #51698 (2023).

PS Advancing our Understanding of Non-linear Flow Behavior in X-Crossing Fractures through 3D Printing Technology, Ghoulem Ifrene, Sven Egenhoff, Doina Irofti, Nicholas Bittner, Tyler Newman, #42581 (2023).

2023 GeoGulf, Houston, Texas, April 23-25, 2023; Abstracts #91205 (2023).

PS Comparing Fishbone Drilling and Hydraulic Fracturing in Ultra-Low Permeability Geothermal Reservoirs, Aimene Aihar, Nassim Bouabdallah, Ghoulem Ifrene, and Doina Irofti, #80737 (2023).

Petroleum Geology of the Lake Kickapoo East (Caddo) Field Archer County, Texas, Dennis W. Browning, #11372 (2023).

March 2023

Characterization of the Eocene-Oligocene Black Shale Deposits for Biogenic Gas Extraction in Beni Suef Area, Egypt, Zakaria M. Abd-Allah, Yasser F. Salama, Mohamed I. El-Sayed, Samar R. Soliman, #51697 (2023).

2023 Middle East Oil, Gas and Geosciences Show(MEOS GEO), 19 - 21 February 2023, Bahrain; Abstracts #91204 (2023).

February 2023

Basement Structure Offshore Dahomey Basin, Nigeria: New Insights from Aeromagnetic and 3D Seismic Interpretation, Eze Okoro, Jibrin Babangida, and Mosto Onuoha, #42580 (2023).