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New Articles

March 2023

Characterization of the Eocene-Oligocene Black Shale Deposits for Biogenic Gas Extraction in Beni Suef Area, Egypt, Zakaria M. Abd-Allah, Yasser F. Salama, Mohamed I. El-Sayed, Samar R. Soliman, #51697 (2023).

2023 Middle East Oil, Gas and Geosciences Show(MEOS GEO), 19 - 21 February 2023, Bahrain; Abstracts #91204 (2023).

February 2023

Basement Structure Offshore Dahomey Basin, Nigeria: New Insights from Aeromagnetic and 3D Seismic Interpretation, Eze Okoro, Jibrin Babangida, and Mosto Onuoha, #42580 (2023).

December 2022

Chairman's Reflections on the AAPG Energy Transition Forum 2022: Pathways for Geoscientists in a Net Zero Future, Max Brouwers, #141900 (2022).

November 2022

Middle Miocene Organic Carbon Accumulation Rates in the Monterey Formation in the Santa Barbara and Santa Maria Basins, California, Scott Hornafius, #51696 (2022).

Influence of Tectonics, Burial History and Sediment Composition on the Temperature and Depth of Diagenetic Transition from Opal-A to Opal-CT in the Subsurface San Joaquin Basin, California, Kenton J. Crabtree, Richard J. Behl, and Allegra Hosford Scheirer, #51695 (2022).

Using Sequence Stratigraphy to Refine Estimates of Sediment-Component Accumulation Rates in the Monterey Formation, Jon Schwalbach and Kevin Bohacs, #42579 (2022).

Reservoir Characterization of the Trenton Limestone, Illinois Basin, William F. Bandy Jr., #11371 (2022).

2022 The Mediterranean and North African Conference and Exhibition (MEDiNA), Tunis, Tunisia, 12 – 14 September 2022; Abstracts #91202 (2022).

2022 CGS & PSAAPG Monterey Formation Research Conference, Nov. 4-5, Ventura, CA; Abstracts #91203 (2022).

Monterey Formation Overview and Context for New Research, Richard J. Behl, #51694 (2022).

Tephrochronology of the Monterey and Modelo Formations, Jeffrey R. Knott, Andrei M. Sarna-Wojcicki, and John A. Barron, #42578 (2022).

New Horizontal Play Targeting Fluvial Sandstones in a Basin-Centered Gas System around Jonah Field, WY, John Hoopes, Greg Gromadzki, William Drake, Cory Christie, Amanda Johnson, and Adam Midgley, #11370 (2022).

Evolution of a Modern Ooid Sand Island (South Joulter Cay, Great Bahama Bank) and Implications for Subsurface Studies, Paul (Mitch) Harris and Juan Carlos Laya, #51693 (2022).

October 2022

Takutu Basin Rift as a Late Cretaceous Conduit for Continent-Interior Drainage into the Guyana Basin, Robert E. Webster, Ken Nibbelink, and Dick Boyce, #30679 (2022).

Looming Crisis for Humanity not Oil but Water: The Indian Example, Naresh Kumar, #80736 (2022).

Relating GOM Shallow Water Flows to Drainage of Pleistocene Proglacial Lakes, Thomas W. Bjerstedt, #42576 (2022).

Importance of Probability Distributions on Volumetric Characterizations in Resource Assessment, David M. Advocate and Kenneth C. Hood, #42577 (2022).

Niobrara Production from the Lowry-Bombing Range Area Denver Basin, a Deep-Basin, Paleostructural Trap, Stephen A. Sonnenberg, #11369 (2022).

Permian Wolfcamp Low-Temperature Hydrous Pyrolysis SEM Study, Delaware Basin, Texas, Wayne K. Camp, Michael Lewan, Tim Ruble, and Marvin Floyd, #42575 (2022).

September 2022

Structural Geometry, Kinematics, and Timing of the Duchesne Fault Zone, Uinta Basin, Northeastern Utah, USA, Riley Brinkerhoff and Douglas A. Sprinkel, #11368 (2022).

The Duchesne Fault Zone's Impact on Horizontal Development Within the Burgeoning Green River Oil Play, Uinta Basin, Northeastern Utah, USA, Riley Brinkerhoff and Douglas A. Sprinkel, #11367 (2022).

2022 AAPG Rocky Mountain Section Meeting, Denver Colorado, July 24-27, 2022; Abstracts #91201 (2022).

2020 AAPG Annual Convention & Exhibition Online, September 29 - October 1; Abstracts #91200 (2022).

Depositional Architecture of a Turbiditic Sandstone Complex, Lower Green River Formation, Uinta Basin, Utah, Matthew A. Jones, Joshua T. Sigler, Lucas J. Fidler, Tanner A. Posy, and Dusty L. Parker, #11366 (2022).

Characterization of an Unconventional Resource, Uteland Butte Member, Lower Green River Formation, Uinta Basin, Utah, Lucas J. Fidler, Joshua T. Sigler, and Matthew A. Jones, #11365 (2022).

Using Pore System Characterization to Subdivide the Burgeoning Uteland Butte Play, Green River Formation, Uinta Basin, Utah, Riley Brinkerhoff, Mike Vanden Berg, and Mark Millard, #11364 (2022).

Strain Segregation between Ductile and Brittle Stratigraphy – Characterizing the Sand Wash Fault System, Uinta Basin, Utah, Riley Brinkerhoff, John McBride, Sam Hudson, Douglas A. Sprinkel, Ron Harris, Kevin Rey, and Eric Tingey, #11363 (2022).

Pitfalls of Model Driven Unconventional Development – The Stratigraphic Trends that Drive Oil & Gas Productivity in Divide County, North Dakota, Riley Brinkerhoff, Tim Nesheim, and Mark Millard, #11362 (2022).

August 2022

Well Music: Translating Well Data to Music for a New Perspective, Alan Lindsey, #42574 (2022).

History of Structure Contour Mapping in the Appalachian Basin: 1870-1917, James McDonald, #70412 (2022).

Practical Tools, the Beginnings of Professional Practice, and the Founding of AAPG: 1900-1917, James McDonald, #70411 (2022).

Regional EOR Potential of the Utica/Point Pleasant in Ohio, James McDonald, Christopher B.T. Waid, Michael P. Solis, Samuel R.W. Hulett, and Erika M. Danielsen, #11361 (2022).

Methodology to Estimate Thermal Maturity from Petrophysical Calculations of Gas/Oil Ratios, Michael Holmes, Antony M. Holmes, and Dominic I. Holmes, #42572 (2022).

Multidisciplinary Approach to Niobrara Gas Development in an Overlooked High Temp, High Pressure Reservoir: A Southeast Piceance Case Study, Barrett A. Lavergne, Keith Jagiello, Steve Sturm, and Salar Nabavian #42573 (2022).

Market Evidence of Reserve Adjustment Factors and Risk Adjusted Discount Rates in a North American Unconventional Play, Nicholas D. Kernan, #11360 (2022).

The Offshore Mancos Play in the San Juan Basin: Productive Carrier Beds within the Mancos Petroleum System, Ronald F. Broadhead, #11359 (2022).

Organic Petrography of the Ordovician Red River Kukersite Tight Oil and Gas Play, Williston Basin, North Dakota, U.S.A., Wayne K. Camp, Juergen Schieber, Maria Mastalerz, and Timothy O. Nesheim, #11358 (2022).

Salt Tectonics in the Timan Pechora Basin, NW Russia: Structural Setting and Petroleum Exploration Opportunities, Konstantin Sobornov, #11357 (2022).

Onshore Structural Movement Revealed Through the Presence of Volcaniclastic Deposition Offshore. Cholula-1EXP, Miocene Salina del Istmo Basin, Mexico, David 'Stan' Stanbrook, Nicola Capuzzo, Michael Durcanin, Brian LeCompte, Gabriel Perez, Craig Farley, and Adam Seitchik, #51692 (2022).

How to Interpret Turbidites: The Role of Relative Confinement in Understanding Reservoir Architectures, David 'Stan' Stanbrook, Mark Bentley, and Ed Stephens, #51691 (2022).