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Tulsa Geological Society Invitational Presentations


Oklahoma's Place in the Evolving U.S. Energy Market, Jason Slingsby, #70230 (2016).


The Current State of U.S. and Global Crude Oil Markets, Tom Seng, #70229 (2016).


Application of an OCGS Presentation Results in Economic Production: Examples from Hugoton Embayment and Williston Basin, John A. Brett, III, E. A. (Ted) Beaumont, and Dan J. Hartmann, #20355 (2016).


Using Advanced Logging Measurements to Develop a Robust Petrophysical Model for the Bakken Petroleum System, Gary A. Simpson, John Hohman, Iain Pirie, and Jack Horkowitz, #80534 (2016).


Codell Sandstone, A Review of the Northern DJ Basin Oil Resource Play, Laramie County, Wyoming, and Weld County, Colorado, Robert H. Sterling, Richard J. Bottjer, and Kevin H. Smith, #10754 (2015/2016).


Oklahoma Earthquakes, Jeremy Boak, Kyle Murray, and Jefferson Chang, #70211 (2016).


Cambrian Rogersville Shale (Conasauga Group), Kentucky and West Virginia: A Potential New Unconventional Reservoir in the Appalachian Basin, David C. Harris, John B. Hickman, and Cortland F. Eble, #10787 (2016).


The Search for New Exploration Plays: When Only the Best Will Do, Julie Garvin, #10810 (2015).


Exploring for Tight Oil in the Pennsylvanian Cleveland Sandstone on the Nemaha Uplift Using High-Resolution 3D Seismic & Stratigraphic Analysis: A New "Resource" Play Model?, Tony Lupo and Lee Krystinik, #10759 (2015).


Using Carbonate Mudrock Pore Architecture to Provide Insight into Porosity and Permeability Trends in Unconventional Carbonate Reservoirs: Examples from the Mid-Continent Mississippian Limestone, Beth Vanden Berg and G. Michael Grammer, #51095 (2015).


Recent Earthquakes in Oklahoma and the Mid-Continent: Significance and Potential for Induced Seismicity, Austin Holland, #41619 (2015).


A Maturing Mississippian Lime Play in the Midcontinent – A Perspective on What We Know and Need to Know, W. Lynn Watney, #80445 (2015).


Distribution, Thickness, Reservoir Properties, and Production Characteristics of the Tonkawa Sandstone in Northwestern Roger Mills and Southwestern Ellis Counties, Oklahoma, Alex Fitzjarrald and Jim Puckette, #10740 (2015).


Economic Development of Pennsylvanian Age Granite Wash Reservoirs with Horizontal Wells in the Anadarko Basin, John Mitchell, #10734 (2015).


Linking Diagenesis with Depositional Environments as It Bears on Pore Types and Hydrocarbon Storage – An Example from the Cretaceous Eagle Ford Formation, South Texas, Neil Fishman, #80443 (2015).


Worldwide Seismic Activity and Recent Oklahoma Earthquakes, Glen Brown, #30393 (2014).


Paleogeography and Paleotectonics of the Western Interior Seaway, Jurassic-Cretaceous of North America, Ron C. Blakey, #30392 (2014).


Synsedimentary Structural Growth as a Control on Isolated Shelf Sandstone Bodies in the Cenomanian to Turonian Succession of the Western Cordilleran Foreland Basin, Christopher R. Fielding, Search and Discovery Article #51037 (2014).


Echo from the Past: The Finney-Scott Basin, 320 Million Years Ago and Today, Finney and Scott Counties, Kansas, John R. Mitchell, Search and Discovery Article #30360 (2014).


Horizontal Drilling of Deep Granite Wash Reservoirs, Anadarko Basin, Oklahoma and Texas, John R. Mitchell, Search and Discovery Article #20267 (2014).


Stratigraphic Control on the Lateral Distribution of Hydrothermal Dolomites away from Major Fault Zones: Part 2, G. Michael Grammer, J.E. Thornton, M.R. Robinson, P.J. Feutz, J.E.Schulz, and W.B. Harrison, Search and Discovery Article #50964 (2014).


Fluvial Architecture and Connectivity of the Williams Fork Formation, Piceance Basin, Colorado: Combining Outcrop Analogs and Reservoir Modeling for Stratigraphic Reservoir Characterization, Matthew J. Pranter, Search and Discovery Article #50959 (2014).

  Natural Fracture Behavior Under Increasing Confining Pressure, Applying Helical CT Scanning Technology, Laura Kennedy and David James, Search and Discovery Article #41240 (2014).
  Mississippian Research in Northwest Arkansas, C. Liner, D. Zachry, and W. Manager, Search and Discovery Article #41245 (2013).
  Woodford Shale: Correlating Rock Properties in Outcrop and Core with Wireline Log Characteristics, Jim Puckette, D. R. Boardman and W. L. Watney, Search and Discovery Article #50885 (2013).
  Spaghetti with Marinara: Tertiary Oil Recovery in a Cretaceous Redbed Succession, Citronelle Field, Alabama, Jack C. Pashin, Search and Discovery Article #20207 (2013).
  Using Paleogeographic Maps to Portray Phanerozoic Geologic and Paleotectonic History of Western North America, Ronald C. Blakey, Search and Discovery Article #30267 (2013).
  Geology and Activity of the Utica-Point Pleasant of Ohio, Larry Wickstrom, Search and Discovery Article #10490 (2013).
  The Exploration, Appraisal and Development of Unconventional Reservoirs: A New Approach to Petroleum Geology, Richard K. Stoneburner, Search and Discovery Article #41115 (2013).
  An Integrated Approach to Characterization and Modeling of Carbonate Reservoirs, G. Michael Grammer, Search and Discovery Article #50784 (2013).
  Diagenetic Evolution of Porosity in Carbonates during Burial, Art Saller, Search and Discovery Article #50779 (2013).
  Devonian Chert, Dollarhide Field, West Texas, USA, Art Saller, Search and Discovery Article #50778 (2013).
  Evaluating CO2 Utilization and Storage in Kansas, W. Lynn Watney and Jason Rush, Search and Discovery Article #80280 (2013).
  Cherry Grove Field, Warren County, Pennsylvania: The Lot 646 Mystery Well and Its Aftermath, Raymond P. Sorenson, Search and Discovery Article #20175 (2012).
  Lithologic Controls of Pressure Distribution in Sedimentary Basins, John Tackett and Jim Puckette, Search and Discovery Article #40898 (2012).
  Sweet Spots in Shale Liquids Plays, Harris Cander, Search and Discovery Article #41093 (2012).
  The Impact of Mechanical Stratigraphy on Hydraulic Fracture Growth and Design Considerations for Horizontal Wells, Jennifer L. Miskimins, Search and Discovery Article #41102 (2012).
  The Shift from the Static Hydrocarbon Model (Hubbert) to a Dynamic Model: Re-Evaluating the Hubbert Curve and the Global Petroleum Revolution: A New Era, Thomas Ahlbrandt, Search and Discovery Article #70116 (2012).
  Devon Energy Overview: The Company, Exploration, and Technology, Herb Martin, Search and Discovery Article #70124 (2012).
  The Niobrara Petroleum System, Rocky Mountain Region, Stephen A. Sonnenberg, Search and Discovery Article #80206 (2012).
  Structure and Stratigraphy of the Mississippian System, East of the Nemaha Uplift in Oklahoma, Charles W. Wickstrom and Christopher L. Johnson, Search and Discovery Article #10442 (2012).
  An Overview of the Structure and Evolution of the Ouachita Orogenic Belt from Mississippi to Mexico, G. Randy Keller, Search and Discovery Article #30234 (2012).
  Introduction to Vitrinite Reflectance as a Thermal Maturity Indicator, Brian J. Cardott, Search and Discovery Article #40928 (2012).
  Overpressure, Normal Pressure, and Underpressure and Their Coexistence in the Anadarko Basin, Philip H. Nelson, Search and Discovery Article #41003 (2012).
  How Plant and Animal Remains Become Oil and Gas: A Geochemical Perspective, Wallace G. Dow, Search and Discovery Article #40830 (2011).
  Enigmas and Anomalies of the Lower Mississippian Subsystem in Southwestern Missouri, Kevin R. Evans, Jeremiah S. Jackson, Kevin L. Mickus, James F. Miller, and Dulce Cruz, Search and Discovery Article #50406 (2011).
  Sequence Stratigraphy, Depositional Settings, and Production Trends of the Middle and Upper Pennsylvanian Cleveland and Marmaton Tight-Gas Sandstones, Northwest Anadarko Basin, Tucker F. Hentz and William A. Ambrose, Search and Discovery Article #50417 (2011).
  Sinking Deltas due to Human Activities, Irina Overeem, J. Syvitski, A. Kettner, E. Hutton, and B. Brakenridge, Search and Discovery Article #70094 (2011).
  Mississippian Oil Reservoirs in the Southern Midcontinent: New Exploration Concepts for a Mature Reservoir Objective, S.J. Mazzullo, Search and Discovery Article #10373 (2011).
  Oil & Gas Property Evaluation: A Geologist's View, R.W. Von Rhee, Search and Discovery Article #40640 (2010).
  The Booch Sandstones (McAlester Formation, Krebs Group), Arkoma Basin, Oklahoma – Outcrops to Well Logs: An Introduction to Oklahoma Fluvial Reservoirs, Neil H. Suneson, Search and Discovery Article #10210 (2009).
  Edwards (Stuart City) Shelf Margin of South Texas: New Data, New Concepts, Lowell E. Waite, Search and Discovery Article #10177 (2009).
  Modern Turbidite System Depositional Patterns as Analogues for Subsurface Petroleum Plays in the Northern Gulf of Mexico, Hans Nelson, Hilary Olson, and John E. Damuth, Search and Discovery Article #50214 (2009).
2007, 2006, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001
  Introduction to Geological Perspectives of Global Climate Change, Lee C. Gerhard, Search and Discovery Article #70030 (2007).
  The Ongoing Eruption of Mount St. Helens, Thomas C. Pierson, Search and Discovery Article #50042 (2007).
  Production and Outcrop/Reservoir Characteristics of the Woodford Shale in South-Central and Southeast Oklahoma, Rick Andrews, Search and Discovery Article #10137 (2007).
  The Booch Gas Play in Southeastern Oklahoma, Dan T. Boyd, Search and Discovery Article #10100 (2006).
  Geologic Distribution and Exploration Possibilities, Ronald F. Broadhead, Search and Discovery Article #10117 (2006).
  The Hunt for Acquisition and Drilling Prospect Leads, Mike Cherry, Search and Discovery Article #40122 (2004).
  The Erosion of Knowledge and the Roles of Professional Societies: Is there a Responsibility Implied? Or...Larson’s Look at the Future of Finding Oil and Gas, J. B. (Jack) Thomas, Search and Discovery Article #70011 (2004).
  Lower Skinner Valley Fill Sandstones: Attractive Exploration Targets on the Northeast Oklahoma Platform, Jim Puckette, Search and Discovery Article #10050 (2003).
  Applying Fluid Inclusions to Petroleum Exploration and Production, D.L. Hall, S.M. Sterner, W. Shentwu, and M.A. Bigge, Search and Discovery Article #40042 (2002).
  3-D Seismic in the Glennpool Area, Northeastern Oklahoma, Christopher L. Liner, Search and Discovery Article #40040 (2002).
  Reservoir Geology of ERT (Penn Sand) Field Potter County, Texas: A Case For Cores, Robert W. Von Rhee, Search and Discovery Article #20010 (2002).
  Sequence Stratigraphic Control on Reservoir Quality in Morrow Sandstone Reservoirs, Northwestern Shelf, Anadarko Basin, Zuhair Al- Shaieb and Jim Puckette, Search and Discovery Article #10023 (2002).
  The Importance of Using Geologic Information to Complete Wells, J. B. (Jack) Thomas, Search and Discovery Article #40032 (2001).