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Production and Outcrop/Reservoir Characteristics of the Woodford Shale in South-Central and Southeast Oklahoma*


Rick Andrews1


Search and Discovery Article #10137 (2007)

Posted October 4, 2007


*Adapted from presentation to Tulsa Geological Society, September 11, 2007

1Oklahoma Geological Survey, Normal, OK  ( [email protected] )



The Woodford Shale and equivalents have long been recognized as a petroleum source rock in Oklahoma and in parts of the eastern US. In Oklahoma, production was established from several oil and gas wells during the early 1930’s. To date, over 250 wells are completed in the Woodford with a cumulative production of about 69 BCF and 4 MMBO. When considering commingling (and/or inaccurate reporting), the Woodford probably is productive from more than twice this many wells. Since 2000, about 160 Woodford (only) wells have been completed with cumulative production of about 23 BCF and 74 MBO. Interest in the Woodford skyrocketed in 2004 largely because of success in the Barnett Shale play in Texas. With extremely high TOC contents and natural fractures, production from this formation became even more lucrative with improvement in horizontal drilling technology and huge fracture treatments. 

This talk includes outcrop photographs of the Woodford Shale of southern and eastern Oklahoma. Although many geologists are interested in this emerging unconventional reservoir, few really comprehend its physical appearance and megascopic characteristics. Additionally, production decline curves will illustrate the performance of this reservoir from vertical and horizontal wells.