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About Search and Discovery

Search and Discovery is an online journal for geoscientists working in energy fields (primarily oil, gas, and energy minerals) including material in environmental geosciences, with relevance for faculty and students, linking new ideas, data, and technology related not only to the exploration and development of various energy sources but also to concepts and practices related to use of various natural resources. It is published by AAPG/Datapages, Inc.

Mission Statement

Search and Discovery strives to provide the latest geoscientific information, especially related to energy sources and other natural resources, to the greatest number of users in the most expeditious time-frame by means of the most appropriate electronic media.


Search and Discovery combines case histories of oil and gas fields and case histories of discoveries of other energy sources, with linkage of spatial information to databases, and present articles describing plays/trends.

Search and Discovery publishes articles that present data and interpretation of those data from various types of imaging--remote sensing, seismic, borehole--critical to exploration and production.

Search and Discovery publishes articles concerning plays and requisites for hydrocarbon accumulations and for other energy sources, where articles contain large and unusual databases and other types of digital data, such as maps, seismic lines, well logs, or where articles are best presented utilizing animation, modeling, video, advanced computer graphics, etc.

Search and Discovery publishes company reports that present significant concepts concerning plays and requisites for energy sources and/or represent classic contributions to scientific thought.

Search and Discovery provides a valuable platform that allows authors to illustrate applications of software that will enhance use of publications digitally in developing projects, plays, and prospects.