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Jang, Heeran1
(1) Korea National Oil Corporation, Anyang, South Korea

ABSTRACT: Hydrocarbon Exploration and Petroleum System in the Domi (Fukue) Basin, Southern Offshore Korea

The Domi Basin, as a northern extension of the East China Sea Shelf Basin, lies along NE-SW trending of Tertiary back-arc basins developed parallel to the western margin of the Pacific Plate. Initial rifting of the basin began in the late Paleogene, and half grabens created at the rift stage were filled with Tertiary non-marine clastics. 
The basin has not been received attention in the view point of hydrocarbon exploration since a few drilling activities in early 70's. Two exploration wells penetrated the Tertiary sediments near bounding faults and recorded oil shows. In 90's, an extensive seismic survey was renewed over all potentially favorable area of the western flank of the basin. Seismic data integrated with two wells provided information about sedimentary filling and structural features of the basin in detail. 
Two petroleum systems (the Paleogene and the Miocene petroleum systems) are expected in the Domi Basin. The Paleogene petroleum system is defined on the flanks of the half grabens in which Paleogene lacustrine shale charged into late Paleogene and/or early Miocene sandstones. The Miocene petroleum system includes the Miocene coals and late Miocene fluvial sandstone reservoirs in inversion anticlines. Most of oil is expected in the Paleogene petroleum system whereas gas is expected in the Miocene petroleum system.


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