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Fang, Baocai1
(1) Daqing Oilfield,Co.,Ltd, Daqing, China

ABSTRACT: Discussion for Some Problems of Multiple Disciplines Research on Narrow & Thin Sand Oil Reservoir

Multiple disciplines is a new development direction that oilfield develops, but it will meet different problems in the different type oilfields under the influence of sedimentary environment. This paper summarized the questions that meets in geology modeling and simulation on underwater narrow and small sand oilfield, because of influences of depositional feature of reservoir and abundant attribute data, by opening multiple disciplines research of TAINAN oilfield, and put forward understanding methods to solve these problems. At the same time, this paper put forward " thin section technique" of reservoir subdividing in the aspects of flow units dividing. We established reservoir physical quantities token parameter, logging interpretation model and discriminant functions of all kinds of flow units using core analysis and center of gravity system cluster analysis and results of logging interpretation, so that we realized automatic identification of flow units.
TAINAN oilfield is one portion of delta depositional system of DaqingChangyuan , with the underwater narrow and small sand as the main deposition.This paper used an integrated approach to open multiple disciplines aiming at the questions that the velocity of production decline and water cut rising are quick on the one hand, and the recovery percent of reserves is lower and water cut is higher on the other hand, through use of detailed geologic analyses techniques, and flow units dividing techniques, simulation techniques and seismic analysis data etc. .On the basis of evaluating of the remaining oil of TAINAN oilfield ,we programmed reasonable developing projects and obtained well results.


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