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George, Robert A. "Tony"1
(1) C & C Technologies, Inc, Lafayette, LA

ABSTRACT: AUV Investigation of Bush Hill and Bush Lite Sites

An AUV survey was conducted by C & C Technologies, Inc. of the Bush Hill and Bush Lite hydrate sites of Blocks 184 and 185, Green Canyon Area in the northern Gulf of Mexico. Although the geology of the sites has been well documented, the AUV survey provides a data set of higher quality than those previously available. Multibeam bathymetry, side scan sonar and subbottom profiles were collected across the site at a 200-meter line spacing interval and an altitude of the 40 meters. This paper highlights the seafloor topography of the hydrate sites using the Simrad EM-2000 200 kHz multibeam bathymetry data and 3D visualization techniques. These 200 kHz data are processed at a 3-meter bin size. Side scan sonar imagery was collected with an Edgetech 120 kHz side scan sonar. The side scan sonar mosaic imagery of the sites is draped over the bathymetry. A comparison of this sonar imagery with that extracted from the multibeam system is presented. Edgetech subbottom profiles collected in the frequency band of 2 to 8 kHz are hung from the seafloor in the 3D visualization scene. Visualization provides the complete picture of all the data gathered during the survey and allows the interpreter to gain maximum value from seeing the complete picture.


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