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Miller, Marc1, David Johnston2 
(1) Schlumberger Oilfield Services, Addison, TX
(2) Schlumberger Oilfield Services, Dallas, TX

ABSTRACT: Hydrocarbon Typing With Neutron Sonic

In today's world of unconventional reservoir exploitation, the neutron and sonic can provide valuable information for hydrocarbon identification and hydrocarbon typing. Using the data from the neutron and sonic, an overlay can be created which keys off the hydrogen content in the reservoir. This technique can also be used to identify bypassed pay in older wells and in wells with difficult logging environments. The poster session will show this techniques viability based on information gathered from over 300 wells in the Fort Worth Basin. Now perfected, the examples will clearly illustrate how this technique can be used across all basins in North America. As we move into unconventional reservoirs around the globe, this type of interpretation will prove invaluable in unlocking the secrets of the reservoir.


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