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Zhi, Fengqin1, Qi Li2, Suwei Shao1 
(1) China University of Geosciences, Faculty of Earth Resources, Wuhan, Hubei Province, China

ABSTRACT: High Precise Seismic Sequence Stratigraphy of Hetaoyuan Formation Subtle Traps in Nanyang Seg, China

The sequence stratigraphy is an effective method for the exploration of subtle traps. 3D seismic data can provide useful geological information and the high precise seismic sequence stratigraphy become gradually a special prospecting technique. It has been established that the high precise sequence stratigraphy frame of Hetaoyuan formation, lower tertiary in Nanyang seg, China, according to petrologic, lithofacies analysis and geological modeling, and the 3D seismic data of the area is processed and explained. 
The layered data of single wells are loaded on the seismic profile and explain the third class sequence stratigraphic interfaces using the landmark software, the main sequence interfaces are regulated and closed. The maximum lacustrine-flooding surfaces and the lowstand system tracts within the third class sequence are identified and closed according to the interior seismic reflect character and geometry form, so it are got that Nanyang 3D data body including the third class sequence stratigraphic interfaces, the maximum lacustrine-flooding surfaces and the lowstand system tracts by data processing and time-depth conversion. The depth, time maps of target formation and thickness of the lowstand system tracts are plotted according to the 3D data body, geometry form and distributing of sediment systems. 
On the basis of seismic sequence stratigraphic research in Nangyang seg, we suggest that the subtle traps are mainly distributed on the slope zone and the bent zone, and the low stand systems tract fans on the north bent break zone are the most favorable reservoir.


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