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Xu, Qiang1, Ye Jiang1 
(1) Peking University & CNOOC Research Center, Beijing, China

ABSTRACT: Sequence Stratigraphy Pattern of the Yinggehai Transform Extensional Basin, South China Sea

Yinggehai basin has undergone a special transform extensional development process, with thick basin infilling. On the basis of former research, the integrated analysis on sea level, tectonic subsidence, source supplies are done in detail. The tracing work is finished on the complicated space-time alternation between the Honghe River and the Hainan island source. Combined with the study on the sequence boundary shape in seismic profile, the sequence stratigraphy pattern of transform extensional basin is established. This pattern shows that the sediments of the shelf margin system tract (SMST) and the lowstand system tract (LST) mainly come from Hainan island source, but the ones of the highstand system tract (HST) often were controlled by the direction-changeable Honghe River Source. Because of the transform extension in the Yinggehai basin, the property of the sequence boundaries varied along with the different suborder tectonic structures. Moreover, the sequence type, interior structure, evolution characteristic and space-time distribution rule are detailedly studied beneath the Huangliu formation (sequence S30-S40) in the Yinggehai basin.


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