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Segall, Marylin P.1, Robert K. Sawyer2, Greg Nash1, Jacob Umbriaco3, Christopher Kessler1, Elizabeth Dudley-Murphy1
(1) University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT
(2) BHP Billiton Americans Petroleum Inc, Houston, TX
(3) Energy & Geoscience Institute, The University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT

ABSTRACT: GIS Applications of DSDP-ODP Data for Hydrocarbon Exploration

DSDP and ODP publications are critical resources for tectonics, stratigraphic, sedimentologic and reservoir and source rock characterization as the global search for hydrocarbons extends to deeper water environments. Extraction of relevant petroleum data is a challenging task due to the large volume of available data and use of reporting units not standard to the petroleum industry. 
EGI and its Corporate Associates initiated a program in 2001 to extract, standardize and summarize DSDP-ODP data critical to petroleum system analysis. With a focus on emerging deepwater exploratory provinces, a database was created for each DSDP-ODP well consisting of location, seismic and stratigraphic columns, interpretations, and a tabular summary of sedimentary (with emphasis on reservoir properties) and geochemical data. 
Two platforms were developed - an online and a desktop format - that allow for rapid and interactive manipulation of data. The online version can be accessed by any web-based browser. The desktop version includes the added functionality of query capability. The query tool generates well down-hole information profiles for variable petroleum system parameters that can be downloaded for graphic or tabular manipulation. 
Both formats utilize the versatility of GIS, therefore our DSPD-ODP database is compatible with other industry desktop and workstation applications such as seismic interpretation, well cross section generation, basin modelling and petrophysical packages. As a result, DSDP and ODP data can be utilized in fully integrated petroleum system studies.


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