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Xu, Shubao1, Quan Chen2, Mao-Yuan Yan1, V. E. Gavura3, A. S. Nemchenko-Rovenskaya4, T. N. Nemchenko5, Jianjun Wang6 
(1) RIPED, Beijing, China 
(2) Daqing Oil, N/A, 
(3) Sibneft, 
(4) VNIIGeosystem, 
(5) RGU of Oil and Gas, Moscow, Russia 
(6) CNPC, N/A, China

ABSTRACT: The Comparative Analysis of Oil-Gas-Bearing Basins of East Siberia and Northern China on the Expample of Lena-Tungus and Tarim Basins

The Lena -Tunguska and Tarim oil-and gas -bearing basins are highly prospective for further addition of hydrocarbon reserves of Russia (Siberia) and China. The Tarim basin (northwest China ) is one of the Largest oil -and gas-bearing basins in which oil fields with reserves exceeding 300 mln tons have been discovered (Lunnan, Toshono). The -oil accumulations are located within a large dome-like uplift; the reservoirs are fractured carbonates of the Lower Paleozoic (Orbovician ). In the Lena-Tunguska basin of the Siberian -platform, a large Yurubchen -Takhom zone if oil and -gas accumulation has been discovered in the sub-salt formations, with the Yurubchen and Omorin fields containing the aggregate reserves of more than 1 trl m3 of gas and about 300 mln tons of oil . Here, as in the Tarim basin, the hydrocarbon accumulations are mainly retricted to the fractured carbonates of the Lower Paleozoic and, to a less degree, to the Pre-Cembrian (Riphean ) carbonates (cavenous dolomites ). A complex analysis of geological -geochemical parameters indicates that both basins are similar in their geologic structure and conditions of petroleum occurrence; sub-salt Lower Paleozoic carbonates, localization within large arches, Paleozoic source rocks with sapropel-type -organic matter, methane type of oils and condensates. The certain poximity of Lena -Tungus and Tarim basins can be found in the conditions of accumulation and distribution and oil gas bearing properties and there are some differences (modern thermal conditions) that can be used within both basins in the future explorations on new fields.


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