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Scheepens, Claude1 
(1) Rocks-R-Us Corporation, Sugar Land, TX

ABSTRACT: An Illustrative Example for Determining the Influence of Geologic Economic Drivers for Clastic Coast Reservoirs Utilizing Stochastic Reservoir Modeling Techniques

A conceptual model of a clastic coast reservoir is used as a basis for a stochastic reservoir modeling project to determine the influence of three major characteristics on reservoir production. The three determined drivers are structure, reservoir connectivity and geologic heterogeneity. For the connectivity and heterogeneity drivers, the net-to gross is also varied as part of this exercise, to see and determine the influence of net-to-gross on these two drivers. 
Multiple model scenarios are defined to investigate the influence of each of the three major characteristics and multiple realizations of each are generated to capture the range of variability. These multiple model/realizations (on the order of 100) are then ranked on volumes, streamline simulation results and simulated future production (flow simulation). The influence of the three selected major characteristics are examined to provide insight to this synthetic reservoir. This insight can serve to focus future modeling efforts on the characteristics that have the largest influence. 
The workflow employed will be highlighted along with the analysis of the results. This type of workflow for reservoir modeling facilitates a risk analysis of projects, more optimized development planning, and improved insight of the reservoir.


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