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Alcazar-Cancino, L. Octavio1, J. Manuel Rodriguez-Dominguez1, Luis Robles-Vega1
(1) Activo Integral Poza Rica - Altamira, Pemex E&P, Poza Rica, Mexico

ABSTRACT: Exploitation of the Chicontepec Turbiditic Plays, Central Mexico

The reactivation of oil recovery activities from the Chicontepec Tertiary sandstones is one of the most important projects of the strategic business plan of Pemex due to the geographic location and geological conditions of the proven reserve of 653.6 MMboe and probable reserve of 9,808 MMboe.
The Chicontepec project covers an area of 3,815 km2 in northern Veracruz. The reservoir sands have been interpreted as deep water fan turbidite deposits based on core and log analysis from exploration wells. A regional unconformity separating the north and central reservoirs from the south reservoirs has been identified with 2D seismic. Until now, prediction of the distribution of stacked fans has been made on the limited area with 3D seismic, but new acquisition will extend to the main prospective areas and fields. Eocene channelized and fan turbidite sandstones are the main plays. Gross sandstone thickness varies from 50 to 500 m, net pay of 30-40 m, 8-12% porosity, permeability from 0.1 to 10 md, and hydrocarbon saturation from 50 to 60%.
Recovery factor in these highly heterogeneous plays is 7%. Producing oil 19-45°API from multiple zones requires the integration of a multidisciplinary team and applying the best practices and technology for development and secondary recovery. Macro platforms from which 19 low-angle multitarget wells can be drilled have been designed for this project. If necessary, and depending on performance, each well can have up to 3 fracture zones to enhance artificial production systems and, in the future, apply secondary recovery techniques.


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