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Muradov, Chingiz S.1
(1) Institute of Geology of the National Academy of Sciences, Baku, Azerbaijan

ABSTRACT: Formation of Gas Hydrates in Southern Caspian Sea

The researches of geology-geochemical, thermobaric and other characteristics of water and sedimentary thickness and modeling of gas hydrate formation process has shown, that in Caspian sea, exist a wide spectrum of a combination of temperature and pressure. But having favorable conditions, formation of gas hydrates nevertheless depends basically on composition of gases, which in turn even like similar conditions changes over a wide range. In Southern Caspian Sea, it is possible to define the bottom border of formation of gas hydrates having imposed diagrams of change of temperature and pressure upon equilibrium diagrams of change of on composition of gases. Though modeling has shown, that under optimum conditions depth of formation of gas hydrates in bowels of a bottom of Southern Caspian Sea can change over a wide range and depending on structure of gas and a geothermal gradient. Under optimum conditions hydrates can be formed even on 4000 m below a surface of the sea (3000 m below a bottom of the sea). Summing up we shall note, that modeling of process of formation of gas hydrates for various mixes of gases, has shown, that in Southern Caspian sea gas hydrates, depending on composition, can be formed within the limits of the big interval as depths of the sea (80-450 м), and sub bottom depths (0-3000м).


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