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Ogundiran, Ayodele Olatunji1 
(1) The Polytechnic Ibadan, Oyo State Nigeria, Ibadan, Nigeria

ABSTRACT: The Geology and Mineralization of Enyigba Lead-Zinc(Pb) Lode, Enyigba, Ebonyi State. Nigeria

The dominating features of the surface geology of the area mapped is a sequence of shale and limestones deposit of Lower Cretaceous age. These were gently to moderately folded about an anticlinal axis that trends in a north-easth-south-west direction during the Santonian. 
The associated steeply dipping north-west-south-east trending fissures control the mineralisation of the deposit. The minerology is relatively very simple,these are galena,sphalerite,siderite,chalcopyrite,azurite,malachite,pyrite,marcasite,quartz, and sericite. 
The only economic minerals for which the lode is worked are galena and sphalerite.A paragenetic sequence worked out on the bsisof contact relationship between any two mineral pair is from the earliest siderite,sphalerite,galena,chalcopyrite,quartz and marcasite. 
On the basis of mineral associations and the structural characteristic of the lode,it is concluded to be of the hydrothermal origin,probably mesothermal.


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