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Persad, Krishna M.1 
(1) Trinidad Geological Research Centre, La Romaine, Trinidad and Tobago

ABSTRACT: Tectonic Map of Trinidad and Tobago

The author has compiled, in electronic format, a tectonic map of the Trinidad area. It is based on an earlier compilation by the author, which was published in 1984 and which is out of print and out of date. 
There are two landscape format sheets. The physical size of each sheet is 24”X 54”. 
The first sheet contains the tectonic map on an approximate scale of 1:500,000. The map extends from 48 degrees West Longitude in the east to 63 degrees 30’ in the west and from approximately 9 degrees North Latitude in the south to 12 degrees in the north. It encompasses all the land and marine areas of Trinidad and Tobago, including the ultra deep waters of the eastern off-shore. 
The map identifies all the tectonic elements in the Trinidad area, namely: The Tobago terrane and its component parts; The Northern Range Terrane; The Caroni Basin, including the Gulf of Paria Pull-apart Basin; The Fold and Thrust Belt; The “Piggy-back” Basins, namely; the Southern Basin, the Barbados Basin, the Manzanilla Sub-Basin and the Galeota Sub-Basin; The Barbados Accretionary Prism; The Columbus Shelf and Columbus Basin; and The Atlantic Abyssal Plain. 
The second sheet contains two geologic cross-sections on the same horizontal scale as the map and eight conceptual crustal sections, on different scales. It also contains three index maps (tectonic, topography-bathymetry and gravity). Finally this sheet contains a brief description of each of the tectonic elements of the area. 
The map has been published by the Trinidad Geological Research Centre and is available in hard copy and in electronic format.


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