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Labourdette, Richard1, Jo Ann Hegre2, François Temple1, Enzo Insalaco1 
(1) Total S.A, Pau, France
(2) Total E&P UK plc, London, England

ABSTRACT: Modeling of Fine-scale Sedimentary Heterogeneities of Laterally Offset Stacked Channels in Turbiditic Channel Complexes

Based on the production from fields consisting of turbidite deposits, it is evident that fluid flow behavour are more intricate than anticipated. The cause is linked to the fine-scale sedimentary heterogeneities, which complicate the reservoir characteristics, especially in turbiditic channel complexes having a laterally offset stacked channels organization. 
These very fine-scale heterogeneities, often below seismic resolution, are rarely represented in the initial reservoir models designed for the field. Thus, it is difficult to match the production history or to identify methods to improve the production and reduce the associated risks. 
The method we propose to characterize these fine-scale heterogeneities is based on a deterministic method combined with a geostatistical object-based approach. The creation of a fine-scale model, incorporating all available data and concepts for the internal reservoir architecture, is essential in understanding the impact these phenomena have on reservoir management. 
gOsed is an in-house 3D sedimentary modelling toolbox which aims at constraining 3D reservoir characterization with well data, seismic data, sedimentological concepts. On the example shown, taken from a turbidite field recently discovered, gOsed is used to model the overall stratigraphic and sedimentological concepts of the main channel complex. 
The geostatistical object-based approach allows the introduction of various objects which represent the internal reservoir architecture, e.g. variations in the sedimentary filling of the channel, in particular bank collapse deposits and high permeability basal lags. 
The resulting models will serve as input to a reservoir simulator in order to determine the influence these heterogeneities have on flow simulation.


AAPG Search and Discovery Article #90026©2004 AAPG Annual Meeting, Dallas, Texas, April 18-21, 2004.