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Freeman, Steve1, Simon Harris1, Rob Knipe1, Russell Davies1
(1) Rock Deformation Research, Leeds, United Kingdom

ABSTRACT: Rapid Approaches to Mapping and Interpreting Fault Seal Properties within Reservoir Modeling Packages

Fault seal analysis requires the integration of a wide range of variables. We present results from a new software tool that has been developed to allow the computation and visualisation of different fault seal properties with all of the major reservoir modelling packages. The tool (the Fault Seal Toolbox) therefore enables existing major reservoir modelling packages to be used as detailed fault property modelling and visualisation environments. The Toolbox allows for the computation and visualisation of geometric properties, fault rock properties and fault mechanical strength properties. Uncertainty tools also allow for multiple realisations of the geometric and property models and predictions of the resulting uncertainties. Complex interrelated uncertainty tracking is possible. This allows for the key uncertainty elements to be identified and the direct mapping of the probability of a wide range of critical results, e.g. cross-fault flow probabilities at specific locations or the likelihood of meeting the conditions needed for defined column heights.


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