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Barbosa, José Antonio1, Ebenezer Moreno Souza1, Mário Lima Filho1, Virgínio Henrique Neumann1
(1) Federal University Pernambuco, Recife, Brazil

ABSTRACT: The Stratigraphical Evolution of the Paraíba Basin, NE Brazil: a Basic Analysis Using Sequence Stratigraphy Tools

This work presents a proposal of stratigraphical evolution for the Paraíba basin, located in the coastal zone between the cities Recife and João Pessoa, in Northeast Brazil. The knowledge about this area is extremely important because this basin is different from the rift basins of the northeast Brazil. The study of the evolution of this basin is critical to understand the Atlantic Ocean evolution in this area. In the absence of detailed geophysical data (seismic sections) we try to interpret the stratigraphical evolution using the data from previous researches, well sections made with existent data from the ground water companies and new data collected in several outcrops (paleontological and sedimentological aspects). We used the sequence stratigraphy concepts to review the stratigraphical evolution, mainly integrating the previous researches, which was made before the development of the modern concepts of sequence stratigraphy. This work proposes the existence of 3 sub-basins between the Pernambuco Lineament to south, and the Mamanguape fault to the north. The proposal model shows a initial fast subsidence phase with continental deposition (Turonian?-Santonian), a fast transgressive phase (late Campanian?), a high stand system tract domain (Maastrichtian), a fast regressive system tract with platform exposure followed by erosion phase (Danian-Eocene?) and finally a Low stand system tract with the occurrence of a shallow reefal system.


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