--> Geophysical Corner Articles from September 1996 – present, Compiled <br />    by Randy Ray
[First Hit]

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I. Seismic Fundamentals for Geologists

Previous Hit3-DNext Hit Seismic Survey Acquisition and Design

Land and Marine Surveys-Wave Testing

Azimuth, Offset and Acquisition Footprint

4D and Passive Seismic

Expanding Technology


Seismic Data Processing and Associated Geophysical Concepts

Seismic Velocities and NMO

Deconvolution and the Seismic Wavelet

Seismic Amplitudes and AVO

Static Previous HitCorrectionsNext Hit and Their Footprint


Seismic Image Enhancement

II. Geologic Interpretation of Seismic Data

Techniques for Well Correlation to Seismic

Linking Seismic to Geology and Tuning Effects

Sonic logs and Synthetic Seismograms

Well Check Shot Velocity Surveys

Vertical Seismic Profiles and Drill-Bit Seismic

Borehole Imagery


Seismic Stratigraphic Interpretation

Case Histories for Clastics

Case Histories for Carbonates

Seismic Sequence Interpretation


Seismic Structural Interpretation

Seismic Migration Techniques for Structural Imaging

Regional Plate Tectonics & Kinematics Overview

Fault Mapping

III. Inferring Geology from Seismic Images

Extracting Geologic Characteristics from Seismic

Workstation Techniques for Interpretation

Using Seismic Attributes


Detecting Geologic Properties from Seismic Data

Direct Hydrocarbon Indicators-Britespots, Dimspots, Flatspots and Gas Chimneys

Rock Physics for Hydrates, CO2 and Heavy Oil Sands


Multicomponent P&S-Wave Seismic Data

P&S-Wave Data

Fracture Analysis and Anisotropy

IV. Non-Seismic Tools and Techniques

Potential Field Techniques

Gravity Data

Magnetic Data

Magneto-Tellurics and ElectroMagnetics

Convolution Neural-Networks

Conventional Electric Logs

Acoustic and Radar Imaging