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AAPG International Conference & Exhibition

The Spirit Between Continents: Energy Geosciences in a Changing World

September 14-17, 2014, Istanbul, Turkey

Hosted by Turkish Association of Petroleum Geologists and AAPG European and Middle East Regions.

Posted August 21, 2014
Search and Discovery Article #90194 (2014)

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ABSTRACTS (by Author)



Source Rocks at Svalbard: An Overview of Jurassic and Triassic Formations and Comparison with Offshore Barents Sea Time Equivalent Source Rock Formations

Messinian RST's: The Key to Exploration Future Success in Nile Delta (Egypt) Incised Valleys

Basin Modeling and Petroleum System Analysis of the Beni Suef Basin, Egypt

Evolution of Exploration Concepts in Arabia

Reverse Magnetized Lava Dome Interpreted from 3-D Seismic, Gravity and Magnetic Data in the Turkish Black Sea

Geodynamic Framework and Petroleum Potential of the Cap Bon- Gulf of Hammamet Province –Tunisia

Deepwater Hydrocarbon Charge Systems of Offshore NW Sabah, Malaysia

Potential New Play in Triassic – Jurassic Saldaña Formation, Putumayo Foothills Colombia

Pressure Regime and Hydrodynamic Study of Niger Delta Coastal Swamp: Implication for Hydrocarbon Recovery and Production

Enhanced Reservoir Heterogeneity Description; Khartam Member of the Permo-Triassic Khuff Carbonate: Outcrop Reservoir Analog Approach from Central Saudi Arabia

Fossil Fuel Deposits of Benue Trough: A Potential Source of Future Hydrocarbon Reserves in Nigeria

Source Rock Characteristics, Burial History Reconstruction and Hydrocarbon Generation Modeling of Late Cretaceous Sediments in the Chad (Bornu) Basin, Northeastern Nigeria.

Importance of Time of Hydrocarbon Expulsion and Erosion on the Petroleum System in Gemrik Field, Southeast Turkey

Sedimentological and stratigraphical analysis of Upper Cretaceous (Late Santonian- Campanian) pelagic successions of Mudurnu-Göynük and Haymana Basins of the Sakarya Continent, Turkey

Reconstruction of Upper Strzelecki Stratigraphy based on Vitrinite Reflectance and Palynology Analyses, and New Ideas on the Amount of Erosion and Present Day Thickness.

Controls on Fluvial Architecture During the Syn- to Post-Rift Transition in the Gulf of Thailand

Unconventional Resource Field Development: Transitioning from Pilot Wells to Full Development

Integrating Early and Late Diagenesis Models for Enhanced Reservoir Quality Prediction in Deeply-Buried Eolian Sandstones

Petrophysics and Petrography of Paleozoic Rocks in Kuwait

Continuous Seismic Time Lapse Trail in Saudi Arabia Using a Seismic ACROSS Source EOR and CCS Applications

The Impact of the Messinian Salinity Crisis on the Petroleum System of the Eastern Mediterranean: A Critical Assessment Using 2-D-Petroleum System Modelling

An Innovative Approach to Monitor Depletion of Reserves Integrating 3-D Static Models and Time-Lapse Saturation Logs

Rock Physics Models for Constraining Quantitative Interpretation of Ultrasonic Data for Biofilm Growth and Development

Characterization of Thinly Bedded Reservoir and 3D Static Model, Open up Reserves in Middle Burgan Reservoir Sabiriyah Field, North Kuwait

Integration of TFEM, Seismic and Well data to Reduce Uncertainty in the Search for Oil and Gas: Case Study From South Oman

Mixed Carbonate-Siliciclastic Sequence Development on a Distal Fore-Land During Miocene Glaciation, Eastern Saudi Arabia

Tectonic Controls on the Stratigraphic Architecture of the Permo-Triassic Khuff Formation, Eastern Saudi Arabia

Beginning of Petroleum Exploration in Turkey

Parity in Rock Typing for Geology, Petrophysics and Engineering by Tackling Interconnectivity with a Fractal Leaky-Tubes Description

Microfacies Analysis, Diagenesis, Paleoenvironments, and Reservoir Quality of Early Ordovician El Paso Group of the Southern Hueco Mountains, Hudspeth County, Texas

Structural Restoration of the Jurassic Section at Kra Al-Maru and Riksah Structures, West Kuwait

Structural Modeling of North-Western Tunisia Inferred From Gravity Data

Every Step of the Way: A Full Cycle Basin Modeling Case Study from Deepwater Sabah, Malaysia

Integrated Cleat Analysis and Coal Quality on CBM Exploration at Sangatta II PSC, Kutai Basin, Indonesia

Enhancing Signal Decomposition Using Adaptive Frequency Distributions

Organic Matter Characterization of the Upper Ordovician Utica and Lorraine Shales, Southern Quebec, Canada

Updating GGR Study Using Tracer Test Data As a Part of Integrated Planning For Chemical Flood In Rantau Field

Cenozoic Tihamah Rift Basin, Yemen Red Sea: Geological Setting and Exploration Potential

Carbonate Reservoir Characterization Using Electrical Borehole Image – Revisited Existing Methods Using Textural Analysis Workflow

Shales in Shear Zones and Their Effect on Cross-Fault Fluid Flow

Identifying Carbon Loss in Rondonia, Brazil by Estimating Above Ground Biomass

Tidally Influenced Asymmetric Deltas: A Case Study of the Fraser River Delta Front and Prodelta, British Columbia, Canada


Lithofacies and Geochemical Analyses of Lower Triassic Upper Khartam Member of the Khuff Formation: An Outcrop Analogue for the Permo-Triassic Khuff Reservoirs, Saudi Arabia

Regional Prospectivity, Offshore the Republic of the Congo

Stratigraphy, Architecture and Depositional Model of the Ponta do Mel Formation, Potiguar Basin – Brazil

Application of Seismic Stratigraphy, Artificial Neural Networks and 3D Seismic Geomorphology to Improve Reservoir Understanding of Lower Goru Sequence in Central Indus Basin, Pakistan

Assessing a Petroleum System on the Frontier of Geological Time: the Mesoproterozoic of the Taoudeni Basin (Mauritania)

Deep Oligocene Reservoirs as Potential Oil Play in Deep Waters of Western Black Sea Basin

An Interpretation of the Basement Structure and Formation of the Black Sea Based on Deep Seismic Data and Gravity Modelling

Linking Thermal Erosion of Mantle Lithosphere with Episodic Heating-Cooling Cycles and Surface Uplift in Hyper-Extended Rift Systems: the Example of the Alpine Tethys

The Bakken Formation, New Light Through Old Windows: Implications on the Origin and Formation of Organic Matter and Hydrocarbon Generation

Fractures and Fracture Networks in Carbonate Reservoirs: A Geological Perspective

The Regional Geology of the South Turkey – North Cyprus Domain: New Perspectives and Consequences for Hydrocarbon Plays

Pseudo-Source Rock Characterization

Presence of Oleanane in Oil as Evidence of Contamination

Contribution of Overall Basin Moderate Uplift on Coal-bearing Tight Sand Gas Accumulation— Case Study of Xujiahe Formation in the Sichuan Basin and Upper Paleozoic in the Ordos Basin

Recovery Rate of Frac Fluids and Provenance of Produced Water from Unconventional Shale Exploration in Saudi Arabia

Lessons for Subsurface Fractured Reservoir Studies from an Outcrop-based 3-D Model of Fluid Flow in a Fractured Carbonate Fold

New Insights on the Mauddud Formation (Upper Albian): Characterisation of Sedimentology, Diagenesis and Reservoir Quality

Tectonic Controls on 2nd/3rd Order Sequence Architecture, Istria ‘Depression’, Romanian Black Sea Shelf

From Geomechanical Modeling to Seismic Imaging of 3-D Faults

Hydrocarbon Prospectivity in Salt-induced Structures-Sahel area- Tunisia

Volcanogenic Sedimentary Facies Analysis through Integrated Conventional Core Data and Borehole Data Imaging in Meruap Field, Central Palembang Sub-basin, Jambi -Indonesia

Refining the Chalk Group Stratigraphy of the Danish Central Graben


Discoveries and Developments: Deepwater Exploration, Offshore Israel

Albian Rift Systems in the Northeastern Brazilian Margin: An Example of Rifting in Hyper-extended Continental Crust

Diagenesis Impact on Permeability of a Large Carbonate Reservoir

Determining the Accumulation Limits of the Physical Properties of Tight Sandstone Reservoirs in Eastern Ordos Basin

Kinetics of Oil Generation in Saline Basin: Case Study on the Source Rock of Tertiary in Qaidam Basin, China

Far-field Tectonic Effects of the Arabia-Eurasia Collision in Anatolia and the Caucasus

Petroleum Geology of Cameia Field, Deepwater Pre-Salt Kwanza Basin, Angola, West Africa

Developing a Hydrocarbon Exploration Tool in a Foreland Basin: Arkoma Basin, Oklahoma and Arkansas, USA

Extensional Basins in Western Anatolia Extended Terrane, Turkey: Their Age, Structural Development and Economic Significance

Detailed 2000 Year Climate Record in the Mixed Carbonate/Siliciclastic Belize Central Shelf Lagoon

The Modern Carbonate Contourite System of the Little Bahama Bank During the Last Million Years

Structural Evolution and Active Tectonics of the Damour – Beit Ed Dine Fault Zone and the Southern Central Mt-Lebanon

Lithofacies of Deepwater Fine-Grained Depositional System and Its Significance for Shale Gas and Oil Exploration in Lacustrine Basin: An Insight from Qingshankou Formation, Qijia-Gulong Depression, Songliao Basin, Northeast China

Multi-scale Lineament and Geological Mapping Elucidates Subsurface and Regional Tectonic Influences in Kuwait

Architectural Development of Inclined Heterolithic Stratification (IHS) and Relevant Hydrodynamics in a Macrotidal Channel, Gomso Bay, West Coast of Korea

The Influence of Structural Geological Attributes on Hydraulic Fracture Geometry – A Case Study From the Marcellus Formation in Tioga County, Pennsylvania, USA

Unconventional Reservoir Characterization with Upscaled Permeability Using SEM

Depositional Environment and Facies Architecture of the Lower to Middle Ordovician Carbonate Ramp Succession, Öland, Southern Sweden

Intraplate Deformation and Sedimentary Basin Evolution: Insights from Thermo-Mechanical Modeling

Reservoir Quality of the Northwest Shelf of Australia in a 3rd Order Sequence Stratigraphic Framework.

A Modern-Ancient Comparison of Inclined Heterolithic Stratification Across the Tidal-Fluvial Transition in Rivers: Modern Fraser River and Lower Cretaceous McMurray Fm, Canada

Integrating Sedimentology, Ichnology, Palynology, and Geochemistry Towards a Process-Response Facies Model for Tidally Influenced River Deposits: Fraser River, BC, Canada

New E&P Potentials in the Western Mediterranean Area (Valencia Trough, Balearic Basin and Provencal Basin)


Diamondoid Concentrations in Onshore Surface Sediments as Evidence of Petroleum Seeps and Microseeps

Identification of Novel Deep Sources in Mature Basins Using Diamondoids

Neoichnological Characterization of a Storm-Dominated Muddy Shelf

Description and Interpretation of the 1927 Earthquakes and Catastrophic Methane Outbursts Offshore Crimea, Northern Black Sea, by Soviet Geoscientists

Rifting Along the South Atlantic Margins and Some General Principles for Exploration in Rifts on Continental Margins

Miocene to Recent Sediment Delivery to the Northwest Black Sea

Field-Scale Reservoir Quality Variations and Predictability in Uncored Intervals Within the Arab Formation, Offshore Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates).

The Role of Regional Play Based Exploration in Recent Exploration Success in the Dinarides

Rift Evolution of the Equatorial Margin Basins in the Brazilian South Atlantic

Types and Distribution of Tight Oil of the Lower Cretaceous in the Jiuquan Basin, Western China

Determination of Carbonate Rock Types at Multi-Scales

Damage Zone Characterization of Kizilin Fault and Its Relationship with Crossing and Converging Neighboring Faults

Early Carboniferous Magmatism and Rift Tectonics in the Western Sector of Paleotethysas Evidenced by the Misho Mafic Complex (NW Iran)

Tracking Oil from Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill in Barataria Bay Sediments

Initial Results of Direct Multivariate Modeling of Sandstone Reservoir Quality Using Whole-Rock Elemental Data

E&P Activities and Basin Overview of the Western Black Sea (Bulgaria and Romania)

The Neal(Floyd) Shale of Alabama: Evaluation of Petroleum Generation and Development Potential

Petroleum Systems and Thermal Modeling of the Western Iberian Margin – From the Onshore Lusitanian Basin to the Deep Offshore Peniche Basin

A Success Case of Revival of an 80 year Old Oilfield through New 3D Seismic Interpretation and Reservoir Modeling, Lak Ranch, Weston County, Wyoming, USA

Multi-phases of Coral Reef Development in the Late Pliocene (3.6–2.6 Ma) Along the Gulf of Papua Shelf Edge: Potentially Excellent Reservoir for Oil and Gas Generated in the Underlying Upper Slope Prograding Organic-rich Lowstand Muddy Sequences.

Once upon a time…in the Colombian Foothills: The Cusiana-Cupiagua Story


Application of Seismic Attributes and Facies Modeling to Analyze The Reservoir Characterization In Intisar “103A” Field, Sirt Basin, Libya.

Innovations in Borehole Microresistivity Image Data Analysis

Late Authigenic Pyrite - An Indicator of Oil Migration and Entrapment in the Bonaparte Basin, Timor Sea, Australia

Structure, Geochronology and Tectonic Evolution of the Ulukisla Successor Basin, South-Central Turkey

Characteristics of Lower Silurian Rocks as an Unconventional Resource in Diyarbakir Basin, SE Turkey

Source Rock Potential of The Middle Triassic - Lower Jurassic Cudi Group Units, Southeast Anatolia, Turkey

Production Performance Analysis of Shale Gas, Coal Bed Methane, and Tight Gas Reservoirs With Different Well Trajectories And Completion Techniques

Fluid Flow Systems Within the Plio- Quaternary Succession in the Levant Basin, Offshore Central Israel

Fracture Potential of Evaporite Seals

Chimaera, a Large Abiotic Gas Seep in Turkey

Geologic Controls on Formation Water Salinity Distribution, Southeastern Greater Natural Buttes Field, Uinta Basin, Utah


Integration of High-Resolution Satellite Imagery and Surface Geochemistry: A Case Study from the Kurdistan Region of Iraq

New Insights into the Origin of Gas Based on the History of the Thermal Regime in the Levant Basin (Eastern Mediterranean)

High Resolution Imaging Integrated Approach to Solve Pay Count and Turbidites Reservoir Architecture Dilemma, Offshore Nile Delta, Egypt

Remote Sensing and Geophysical Footprints of Microseepages in Brazilian Onshore Basins: Possible Vectors towards Petroleum Plays

Matzen Field Redevelopment, Pitfalls and Ways to Improve

Complex Cainozoic Rifting and Pulsed Inversion in the Northern Song Hong Basin, Vietnam


Ascendancy of Continuous profiles of Grain-Size Distribution for Depositional Environment Studies Gamal R. Gaafar*, M. Mehmet Altunbay*, Adriaan Bal**, and Norfazlina B Anuar** Petronas Carigali SDN BHD,** Baker Hughes

Depositional Architecture of Inland Lacustrine Facies in Sanhu Area of Qaidam Basin, North of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, Northwest China

Enhancing the Sedimentological Understanding Within the Arab Formation (Upper Jurassic), Abu Dhabi - Constraining the Future Reservoir Model Build

Depositional Environment of the Kinta Limestone, Western Peninsular Malaysia

The Mesozoic and Cenozoic Tectonic Evolution of the Eastern Mediterranean's Levant Basin: Interplay Between Inherited Structures and Regional Geodynamics Causing Basin Inversion

Biogenic Permeability in the Bakken Formation, Canada

The Norwegian Storage Atlases

Rifting and Subsidence Following Lithospheric Removal in the Western Anatolia Back-arc Region

Stratigraphy of the Messinian Sequences in the Deep Basin Setting of the Eastern and Western Mediterranean Basins

Integrated Formation Evaluation Using Advanced Logs to Understand Reservoir Productivity

Application of Sequence-Stratigraphic Models to Organic-Rich Rocks of the Middle East

Dave Roberts, the French Connection and the Alpine Passive Margin

Structural Architecture of the NW Kurdistan Thrust Belt: Elements of the ‘Dohuk Passive Roof’

Producing Pore Pressure Profiles Based on Theoretical Models in Un-drilled Deep-water Frontier Basins

“Sweet Spots” at the Sub-Lateral (Decameter to Kilometer) Scale: Target-Zone Heterogeneity Seen in Mass Spectrometry of Mud Gasses

Diagenetic Processes Near the Gas-Water Contact: The Case of the Austrian Alpine Foreland Basin

Design of the Acoustic Zoom Method for Non-Specular Backscatter Imaging of the Eagle Ford Formation

Adaptive Eigen-structure Classification and Stochastic Decorrelation Filters for Coherent Interference Suppression in the Acoustic Zoom Method

Miocene to Recent Tectonic and Kinematic Evolution of the Florence Rise and It's Linkage with the Anaximander Mountains at the Junction of the Cyprus and Hellenic Arcs, Eastern Mediterranean

Relative Contribution of Different Source Rocks Determined by Enhanced End-member Oil Mixing Experiment in Zhuyi Depression, Pearl River Mouth Basin, South China Sea

Reconstructing Deepwater Channel-lobe Depositional Environment in Highly Complex Multi-gravity Flow to Traction Flow Deposits using Borehole Image, Core and NMR Log, Yinggehai Basin, South China

Detection of Hydrocarbon Rich Reservoir Intervals Prior to Well Testing by Using Volatile and Semi-Volatile Organic Compounds in Drill Cuttings: Preliminary Results From Western Turkey

Evaluation of Mezardere Formation as an Unconventional Shale-Oil Reservoir, Thrace Basin, Northwestern Turkey


Evolution of the Sefidrud Delta (South West Caspian Sea) During the Last Millennia

Structural Configuration of Middle Miocene Carbonate Buildup and Its Impact on Hydrocarbon Prospection in Central Gulf of Suez Rift, Egypt

Regional Chemostratigraphic Correlation of the Silurian Qusaiba Formation, Central Saudi Arabia

Palaeogeography and Palaeo-Earth Systems in the Modelling of Source Rock Depositional Space: The Predictive Mapping of New Oil and Gas Source Kitchens in the Atlantic Margin Basins of Morocco

Diagenetics and Facies as the Key Controls of Carbonate Reservoir Quality in The Senoro Field, Central Sulawesi, Indonesia

Petroleum Source Rock Potential of Cenozoic Sandy Facies of NW Borneo: Deepwater Submarine Fan of Crocker Formation Versus Shallow Marine Deposits of Meligan Formation, Onshore Sabah, Malaysia

Carbonate Cementation in the Middle Jurassic Reservoir Sandstone, Changji Depression, Junggar Basin, NW China

Enhanced Two Dimensional Grain Size Analysis Through the Use of Calibrated Digital Petrography

Petroleum Potential and Stratigraphic Architecture of Siberian Frontier Basins as Revealed by Long Offset, Long Record Seismic Surveys

Devonian to Basal Permian Lithostratigraphy in Southwestern Hakkari: A Perspective from Northern Arabian Mixed Carbonate–Siliciclastic Platform

Evolution of the Fahliyan Carbonate Platform (Zagros Fold-Thrust Belt, Southern Iran) in the Early Cretaceous

A Composite Stable Isotope Curve for the Jurassic of Kuwait: An Important Step Towards Cross-Border Correlation in the Middle East Region

Geochemical Investigation of the Upper Cretaceous and Tertiary Succession in the Zelten Platform and Ajdabiya Trough, Sirt Basin, Libya

Back-arc Opening Based on a Rifting Model for the Ulleung Basin, Offshore Korea

Source, Migration and Exploration Potential of Gases in the Deep-Water Area, The Qiongdongnan Basin, South China Sea

Late Jurassic Callovian-Kimmeridgian Sequence Development and Carbon-Isotope Signature of Adriatic Platform, Croatia

Petrophysical Evaluation of The Potential of Shale Gas Resource, Haenam Basin, Korea


Permian to Recent Geodynamic and Landscape Evolution of the PalaeoTethys and NeoTethys

Understanding of Petroleum Systems from Palaeo-Petroleum Present in the Fingerdjupet Sub-Basin of the Bjørnøya Basin, Norwegian Barents Sea

History of Petroleum Geology in Georgia

Implications of Lessons Learned from US Shale Plays to China Shale Reservoir Evaluation and Development

Sedimentology and Stratigraphic Architecture of Outcropping Tertiary Facies of The Anambra Basin


Inference on the Potential of Hydrocarbon Resources in the Gyeongsang Basin, South Korea, Based on Petroleum System Modeling

Petroleum System Criticals of Cenozoic Rift Basin in the Northern East China Sea from Seismic Stratigraphy and Borehole Basin Modeling

Study of Ground Subsidence in Northwest Harris County Using GPS, LiDAR and InSAR techniques

Shoreline Architecture and Sequence Stratigraphy of Campanian IIes Clastic Wedge, Piceance Basin Colorado: Influence of Laramide Movements in Western Interior Seaway

BMS-50/52 and Adjacent Areas: New Giant Hydrocarbon Opportunities, Santos Basin, Brazil

Structure of the Aksu Sedimentary Basin and the Late Cenozoic Tectonics of the Western Taurides, SW Anatolia – Turkey

Sequence Stratigraphy of the Lower Pierre Shale in Southern Powder River Basin, Wyoming, USA

Geological Characteristics of Black Sea Basin: Inferences from New Black Sea Seismic Data

Salt Tectonics in the Sivas Basin (Turkey): Mini Basins Compared to Seismic Analogues

Enhancing Oil Production from a Matured Reservoir by Drilling NCWs with Intelligent Well Completions in the Lower Burgan Reservoir of North Kuwait- A Case Study

Reservoir Potential of Marwat and Khisor Trans Indus Ranges, Northwest Pakistan

Coniacian Douleb Carbonates Member at Jebel Khsham El Artsouma, Central Eastern Tunisia; Reservoir Characterization and Subsurface Analogue

Characterization of Organic Matter in Shale from the Gyeongsang Basin, Korea

Successful Characterization Using Images in Real-Time Interpretation A Challenging Lateral Well from Ultra High Resolution Microscope* Measurement

Cenomanian-Turonian Black Shales of the Tarkhankut Peninsula as Emerging Shale Gas Play: A Small-scale Replica of the Eagle Ford Formation?

Unconventional Potential of the Interior Basins of Turkey; Central Anatolia

Regional Prospectivity of Offshore Namibia and the Angolan Namibe Basin

Establishment of Malé Island on Pleistocene Karstified Topography During the Holocene Transgression and Its Slope Stability (Republic of Maldives)

Organic Geochemical and Organic Petrological Analysis of the Murray Harbour Formation: A Potential Unconventional Reservoir in the Sverdrup Basin, Canadian Arctic

Angola's Oil Industry - A Century of Progress in Exploration and Production

Global Accumulations of Oil & Gas in Fractured and Weathered Basement: Best Practices for Exploration and Production

New Approaches to Enhanced Oil Recovery Techniques in Various Categories of Hard-to-recover Reserves in Carbonate Reservoirs

Stratigraphic Forward Modelling of Lacustrine Carbonates in a Tectonically Active Basin

Tectono-sedimentary Evolution of the Lower Paleozoic Basin Developed Above the East European Craton in Poland and Its Bearing on the Unconventional Petroleum System – New Insight From Regional High-effort Seismic Reflection Data

Salt Tectonics and Mesozoic Petroleum System of the Central Mid-Polish Trough


A Sequence Stratigraphic Approach to Identifying Plays and Reducing Risk in the Porcupine and Rockall Basins

A Depositional Model for Transgressive Fluvial Channel Sandstones in SE Asia

A Coupled Remote Sensing and Surface Geology Approach for Petroleum Exploration in Parnaíba Basin, Brazil

Quantification of Fracture Attributes from Terrestrial Laser Scanning to Improve Input Parameters for Discrete Fracture Network (DFN) Modeling

Baseline Geological and Geochemical Near-Surface Data: The Case of Upper Ordovician Shales in Eastern Canada

Structural Evolution of the Northern South China Sea Continental Margin

The Ophiolitic Sequence of the Sivas Basin (Turkey) : Implications for Tethyan Dynamics in Anatolia

Lacustrine Deltas in the Fula Sub-Basin – Mrphology, Type and Significance in the Oil Exploration of Sudan

Play-level Identification of Sweet Spots: Integrated Shale Play Resource Assessment Methods

Exploration Theory and Technology of Buried Hills in Western South Turgay Basin

Depositional and Diagenetic Processes Controlling on the Quality of Tight Sandstone Reservoirs in Middle Permian, Ordos Basin, North China

The Depositional Environment of Dolomite-Rich Oil Shale from Northwest China: A Model for a Potential Shale Oil System?

Unconventional Jurassic Carbonate Source Rocks, Saudi Arabia

Rediscovering The Arab-D Reservoir

Deciphering an Unconventional African Reservoir: Geological Characterization of Granitic Basement from Bongor Basin, Chad

The Formation Mechanism and Distribution of Volcanic Hydrocarbon Reservoirs in China

Interpreting δ13C Reversed Gas Produced from the Silurian Qusaiba Shale in NW Saudi Arabia

Play Fairway Evaluation of the Eastern Nova Scotia Passive Margin – New Data, New Insights

Play-scale 3-D Modeling and Novel Risk Ranking Concepts for Developing Unconventional Assets


Genesis of Coalbed Methane in Hancheng, Southeastern of Ordos Basin, China, as Revealed from Chemical and Isotopic Compositions of Gas

A Decade of Exploration in The Kurdistan Region of Iraq

Seismic Reservoir Characterization with Geostatistical Approach to Delineate Sand Bodies in a Complex Fluvial/Lacustrine Rift Basin (Melut Bain), Sudan

Pilot System to Remediate Contaminated Groundwater in Arid Regions: Challenges and Achievements

Stratigraphic Analysis of the Eagle Ford Formation, South Texas, USA: Application of Geochemistry and Quantitative Facies Analysis

Application of Formation Pressure in Evaluation and Risking of Prospect

Imaging Horizons and Fracture Patterns in Coal Using Magnetic Data for Coal Seam Gas Exploration in Eastern Australia

Sedimentary and Reservoir Structuring of Aptian Deposits in North- Central Tunisia

Tertiary Sarawak Basin Origin: A Small Step in Demystifying the Ambiguity

Integrated Formation Evaluation to Optimize Production Stimulation of Low Permeability Oil Sandstones, Nagayalanka Field, India

Unraveling the Paleozoic “Basement” Structure and Its Impact on the Petroleum System in the Western Gulf of Cadiz (Southwest Iberia)

A Global History of Upstream E&P Innovation

Journey Through Oman's Exploration History – Lessons from the Past

Albania: Structural Opportunities in a Complex Mediterranean Setting

JOSCO Delivering Value Through Innovation

Bitumen Deposits in Middle Magdalena Valley, Colombia, South America

Geological Controls on Coalbed Methane Reservoir in East Bokaro Coalfield, Jharkhand, India

Speculative Petroleum System Analysis in the Nigerian Sector of the Chad basin: Implications of Hydrocarbon Generation, Migration and Accumulation Scenarios.

Empirical and Numerical Geomechanical Approaches to Unconventional Resources

Timing of Source Rock Formation and Hydrocarbon Generation Based on Re-Os Geochronology in the Georgina Basin, Australia

Pimenteiras Shale: Characterization of an Atypical Unconventional Petroleum System, Parnaiba Basin, Brazil.

Oil-Source Rock and Gas-Source Rock Correlations in the Dniepr Donets Basin (Ukraine): Preliminary Results

Novel Geochemical Technologies Reveal Everything You Wanted to Know About Heavy Oil

Discovering and Quantifying Oil Mixtures for Correct Petroleum Systems Modeling

Prospective Trends in the Putumayo Foothills of Southern Colombia from Integrated Data Analysis

The Search for Oil in Yemen

The Evolution of the Rotliegend Play in the Permian Basin (NW Europe) Through Geological Time and Industry Wisdom

Paleogeography and Sedimentation History of the Western Libya Offshore, Central Mediterranean

Depositional Environments and (Bio-)stratigraphy of the Upper Triassic Kapp Toscana Group on Svalbard and the Barents Sea Shelf

Improved Resolution of a Subtle Stratigraphic Play in a Mature Basin: Integration of Traditional Geological Techniques and Seismic Geo-modeling Technology

Outcrop Scale Sequence Stratigraphy of the Derdere and Karababa Formations in the Adiyaman Area, Southeastern Turkey

Deciphering Oil Mixing from Jurassic, Triassic and Paleozoic Source Rocks in the Hammerfest Basin, SW Barents Sea

Seismic and Surface Geology Evidence of a New Petroleum System in Kharan Forearc Basin, Balochistan - A New Frontier Unfolds

Remarkable Penecontemporaneous Deformation Features Produced by Seismic Waves in Cambrian Carbonate Deposits, WEestern Colorado, USA


Petroleum System Analysis of the Barmer Basin, India: A Case Study

Chemostratigraphy of the Greenhorn, Carlile, and Niobrara Formations, Denver Basin, CO

Giant ACG Field, South Caspian Basin, Azerbaijan – Peculiarity of Oil and Gas Content.

Challenges Associated with an Unconventional Tight Sand Exploration Program in Central Saudi Arabia

Basin Analysis and Petroleum Systems Modeling of the Lokichar Basin (Kenya)

New Insights in the Geodynamic Evolution of the Atlantic Margin Offshore Essaouira (Morocco)

Petroleum Systems Modeling of the Salt Province and Outer Margin Offshore Essaouira (Atlantic Margin of Morocco)

Depositional Facies of the Deep Lacustrine, Oligocene Syn-rift Succession of the ENRECA-3 well, Bach Long Vi Island in the Song Hong-Beibuwan Basins

Salt Tectonics in the Northern Lusitanian Basin: Interplay between Regional and Local Stress Fields and Late-Variscan Heritage


What is the impact of GeoPressure on Unconventional Plays?

Lower Cretaceous Turbidites of the Pontides and the Opening of the Black Sea

Understanding of the Petroleum System(s) of the Western Black Sea: Insights from 3-D Basin Modeling

Dynamic Fault Seal Analysis Technology and Well Test Matching to Condition Full Field Reservoir Models in Corrib Field

Characterization of the Organic Matter in Upper Jurassic and Cretaceous Basins Southeastern Mexico

Prospectivity and Petroleum Systems Modelling of the Offshore Lamu Basin, Kenya: Implications for an Emerging Hydrocarbon Province

Outcrop-Scale Geometry and Architecture of the Reservoir Units from an Analog to the Early Triassic Khuff-A Reservoir, Central Saudi Arabia

Geochemical Assessment and Petroleum Systems in the Sinú-San Jacinto and Sinú-San Jacinto Offshore Basins, Northwestern Colombia

Controls on Evolution of Pore Networks in the Eagle Ford Mudstones, South Texas, USA

Using Cathodoluminescence Imaging to Identify Forms of Quartz in the Middle Devonian Marcellus Formation, Pennsylvania, USA


The Characteristics of Storage Space of Tight Shelly Limestone Oil: A Case Study of Daanzhai Member of Sichuan Basin

New Approach for the Generation of the Geological Conceptual Model with Limited Information, Understanding our Green Fields

Geochemical Study on the Origin of Organic Matter and Depositional Environment of Late Quaternary Sediments in the Ulleung Basin of the East Sea

The Northern European Atlantic Margin: Promises and Challanges of a World-Class Frontier Area

Computation of High Resolution Variable ‘m’ for Heterogeneous Reefal Carbonate System; A Case Study from Western Offshore India

Characterization of Petroleum Compositions and the Causes for Large Heterogeneities in Deep Offshore Settings in Eastern Brazilian Marginal Basins

Petroleum Generation Kinetics: One- Versus Multiple-Heating Ramp Open-System Pyrolysis Experiments

Impact of Evaporites on the Diagenesis of Minibasin Fluvial Deposits of the Sivas Basin (Turkey)

The Messinian Mediterranean Crisis: A Model for the Permian Delaware Basin?

New Developments in the Understanding of Pre-Salt Reservoirs (Offshore Brazil)

Outer Marginal Collapse Separates the Rift and Drift Stages of Continental Margin Formation

Polygonal Fault System in the Cretaceous of the Magallanes Basin, southern Chile

Core-Seismic Correlation and Sequence Stratigraphy at IODP Expedition 317 Drillsites, Canterbury Basin, New Zealand

Assessment of the Pore Pressure Distribution in The Presalt Santos Basin, Brazil: A Regional Approach for Prospect De-Risking

Influence of Local Topography on Gravity-Driven and Current-Controlled Sedimentary Processes

Petroleum Exploration in East Africa - a Brief History

Origin and Alteration of Natural Gas and Liquid Hydrocarbons Accumulated in the Austrian Molasse Basin


Petrophysical Evaluation of Unconventional Lower Creataceous Shale Gas. A Case Study From Kuwait

Reservoir Description Using Hydraulic Flow Unit and Petrophysical Rock Type of PMT Carbonate Early Miocene of Baturaja Formation, South Sumatra Basin

Thermal history and hydrocarbon generation potential of the southern Western Black Sea Basin (Bulgaria)

Undiscovered Petroleum Resources in the Norwegian part of the Barents Sea

Hydro-Fracture Monitoring Using Vector Scanning With Surface Microseismic Data

Finding New Exploration Targets in the ‘Mature’ Petroleum Basins Offshore Thailand: All About Nuance

Outcrop Analogues for Subsurface Sand Body Geometries in Regressive and Transgressive Mahakam Delta Successions, Indonesia

Controls on Sedimentation of a Fluvial System: the Case of Salt Related Mini-basins (Sivas, Turkey).

The Uniqueness of Santos Basin Among all Other South Atlantic Marginal Basins

Structural Evolution of the Kopet Dagh Fold-and-Thrust Belt (North-East Iran) and Interactions with the South Caspian Sea Basin and Amu Darya Basin

Morondava Basin, Offshore Madagascar – New Long Offset Seismic Data Highlights the Petroleum Prospectivity of this Emerging Frontier Basin- an Update

The 3-D Seismic Anatomy of a Strike Slip Fault System; The Great Glen Fault, Inner Moray Firth Basin, Scotland, U.K.

Uncertainty Reduction in Modelling Deltaic Reservoirs Using Intelligent Sedimentological Prior Information

The Szamotuly Salt Diapir and Mid-Polish Trough: Decoupling During Triassic-Jurassic Rifting and Alpine Inversion

Megaflaps Along the Edges of Steep Diapirs and Beneath Salt Sheets: Models and Examples

Chasing the Extension of the Prolific Levantine Basin Trend in Offshore Eastern Egypt


Tight Gas Development Within Thrace Basin, NW Turkey

Tectono-sedimentary Keys to Understanding the Functionality of Petroleum Systems in Rift Basins: an Example from the Cameros Basin (N Spain)

The New Perspective in Gravity and Magnetic Studies Using the Tilt Angle Methods: The Target Structure is Hazro Region in Southern Turkey

Petrography and Petrophysics of the Faults Associated to Typical Features in Hypogenic Caves in the Salitre Formation (Irece Basin, Brazil). Preliminary Results

Tectonic Evolution and Hydrocarbon Potential in the Fore-arc Basins of Western Indonesia

Cleats Analysis and CBM potential of The Barito Basin, South Kalimantan, Indonesia

Triassic Reworking of Palaeozoic Palynomorphs and Acritarchs: Observations on The Origin of The Beduh Shale and the Basal Part of Geli Khana Formation, Zagros Mountains, Northern Iraq.

Regional Structure of the Western Black Sea Basin: Constraints From Cross-section Balancing

Finding New Plays in Old Plays: Applications for Surface Geochemical Exploration in Mature Basins

Seepage-Induced Magnetic Anomalies Associated with Oil and Gas Fields: Onshore and Offshore Examples

Geochemical Exploration in Deserts of North Africa and Middle East: Strategies, Methods, and Exploration Case Histories

Unloaded Rocks due to Secondary Pressure Mechanisms - Cause for False Negatives?

Shale Oil Assessment of the Jurassic- Cretaceous Formations of the Taurus and Northern Arabian Platform, South Turkey

The Development Scheme in the Oilfield with Subtle Stratigraphic Trap, a Key to Extent Mature Field Life-span in Sangasanga Field, East Kalimantan, Indonesia

Subsurface Structural Geology of the Büyük Menderes Graben, Western Turkey: Implications for the Structural Evolution of the Alasehir and Büyük Menderes Grabens

Poroviscoelasticity of The Eagleford Shale Depending on the Drilling Mud and Fracturing Fluid Chemistry

Dissolution Related Collapse Breccia within the Eocene Margalla Hill Limestone in the Southern Hazara and Kashmir Basins: Mechanism of Brecciation and its Impact on Reservoir Properties

Reviving a Dormant Opportunity: The Mabrouk Deep Gas Discovery

Geochemical Analysis and Studies of the Effects of Retorting Conditions on Oil Yield from Oil Shale from the Nekheil Area

Evolution and Evaluation of a Shallow Marine LRLC Reservoir With Advanced Well-log Measurements: A Case Study from Offshore Nigeria

Facies Characteristics and Static Reservoir Connectivity of Some Siliciclastic Tertiary Outcrop Successions in Bintulu and Miri, Sarawak, East Malaysia

Changes in the Eocene-Miocene Marine Carbonate Factories Along the Tropical SE Circum-Caribbean Region

Cretaceous Plays of the Black Sea

Brunei Shell Petroleums Exploration Rejuvenation

A New Method of Fluid Identification from Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Logs

Comparison of Image Logs to Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Logs

New Opportunities for Petroleum Exploration in the Urals Foreland Fold and Thrust Belt

Petroleum Potential of the North Uralian Foredeep, Timan Pechora Basin, Russia

Geological and Technological Components of Bakken and Three Forks Reservoirs, Williston Basin, USA

A New Mesozoic Siliciclastic Fairway with Coaly Source Rock in the Rub’ Al Khali, Saudi Arabia

The Volcanic Margin of the Pelotas Basin: Evolution of Rifting, SDR Formation and the Breakup of Gondwana

High-Resolution Palynostratigraphy, Northern Arabian Plate – A Correlation Tool for Clastic Sequences

Geology and Oil and Gas Potential in the Kirinsky Block Offshore from Sakhalin Island

Deposition of Oil Shale in the Huadian Basin (Eocene, NE China)

Tuning Assessment Methods for Shale Oil and Shale Gas in Germany

Evolving Genetic Concepts and Their Influence on Hydrocarbon Systems Predictions, an Example from the SubAndean Foldbelt of Argentina


Underexplored Jurassic Rift Sub-basins in Northwestern Desert of Egypt

Production Studies Using NMR and High-Frequency Dielectric Permittivity

Triassic Fluvial Reservoir – Do You Know How to Find Your Sands?

The Importance of the Malm-Neocomian Carbonate Buildups in the Petroleum System of the Moesian Platform

Sedimentological Synthesis and Reservoir Development in Upper Berriasian-Valanginian Ratawi Sequence in Kuwait.

The Geochemical Characteristics of Tight Sandstone Gas on the Upper Triassic Xujiahe Formation of Middle Sichuan Basin in China

Interpretation of the Silurian Basin of Central and Eastern Europe as a Pro-foreland Flexural Basin: Implications for Shale Gas Exploration

Regional Structure of the Western Black Sea Basin: Map-view Kinematics

Messinian-Style Drawdown in the Black Sea at the End Eocene

South Adriatic – New Plays in Hydrocarbon Exploration

The Potential Environmental Impacts of Disposing Drilling Wastes in Drilling Pits Constructed in Sabkha Deposits: A Case Study

Integrated Approach Using Subsurface Geology, Aeromagnetics, Surface Geochemistry and 3-D Seismic in Discovering New Conventional Reservoirs

Testing Tethyian Play Concepts in a Frontier Maltese Basin

Petroleum System of Early Cretaceous Forearc Basin: Sinop Basin, Central Black Sea Onshore – Northern Turkey

Electrofacies Analysis and Shale Gas Potential of the Carynginia Formation (Perth Basin, Western Australia)

Structural Inversions in Western Hungary and Eastern Slovenia and Their Impact on Hydrocarbon Trapping and Reservoir Quality

Morphologies and Controls on Development of Pliocene-Pleistocene Carbonate Platforms: Northern Carnarvon Basin, Northwest Shelf of Australia

Petroleum Potential of the Territories With Areas of Abnormal Structure of the Bazhenov Formation in a Number of Areas of West Siberia

Highly Oil-Prone Source Rocks Offshore North Vietnam: 1st Results of the ENRECA-3 Core Well Drilled on Bach Long Vi Island, Gulf of Tonkin

Advanced Workflows Coupled with Quantitative Interpretation: Improving Prospect Structural Delineation


Petroleum Systems in Mexico

Cretaceous Tectono-stratigraphy of the Danish Central Graben, the Chalk Play Revisited

Structural Setting of Turbidite Systems: A Global Comparison

When Conventional Meet Unconventional, Applications Of Advance Acoustic Logging In A Not So Conventional Brown Field

Oil From Granitoid Rocks. Reservoir Characterization of The Fractured Basement of The Neuquén Basin, Octogono Field, Argentina

Late Jurassic-Earliest Cretaceous Reef Analogues for the Eastern Black Sea; Palaeogeographic Setting, Facies, Strontium Isotope Stratigraphy and Reservoir Potential


Seismic Interpretation and Geomechanical Reservoir Modeling – a Case Study from the Upper Rhine Graben

Initiation of Arabian Plate Exposure During the Oligocene, Evidence from the Galilee, Israel

Cyclic Gas Emission From the Seafloor and the Possible Connection to Climatic Feedback: Insights From the Eastern Mediterranean

Kearl Oil Sands Mining: Challenging Unconventional Wisdom

Comparison of Reservoir Quality from La Luna, Gacheta, and Eagle Ford Shale Formations

Eagle Ford Lateral Wellbore Analysis using Drill Cuttings

Overpressure Genesis of the Tight Gas Sandstone Reserviors of the Southwestern Ordos Basin in the Upper Paleozoic

Geochemical Characterization of Daanzhai Shales in Fuling Area, Eastern Sichuan Basin, China

Sedimentary Evolution of the Lingshui Canyon System in the Qiongdongnan Basin, Northern South China Sea

A Tectonic Model for the Phanerozoic Evolution of Southeast Asia in a Global Framework Using Rigid Tectonic Reconstructions

Incorporation of Spatial Variations in Elastic Rock Properties in Geomechanical Reservoir Models – Workflow and Case Studies

Model to Predict Tight-gas Sands Porosity of West Depression in Liaohe Basin, China

Stratigraphic Play in Active Margin Basin: Fluvio-Deltaic Reservoir Distribution in Ciputat Half Graben, Northwest Java Basin

Role of Relay Ramp Evolution in Governing Syn-Rift Sediment Dispersal and Petroleum Prospectivity

Using Neo-tectonic and Subsurface Data to Guide the Search for Large Oil Fields: Examples from Colombia, Ecuador and Peru

Storage Space Characterization and Its Implications on Lacustrine Shale Oil in China

Characterization of the Upper Ordovician Wufeng-Lower Silurian Longmaxi Marine Shale of Well Xiye-1 in Northwestern Guizhou Province, Southwest China: Implication for Shale Gas Potential

Structural Diagenesis in an Upper Carboniferous Tight Gas Sandstones Reservoir Analog

Mixed Biogenic and Thermogenic Petroleum Systems in the Levantine Basin


Characteristics, Origin and Respective Petroleum Systems of Natural Gas Occurrences of Turkey

Basin Structure and Tectonic Evolution of a Detachment Rift Basin at Magma Poor Rifted Margin: A New Perspective on Basin Structure of Baiyun Sag, Northern South China Sea

Semi-automatical Sedimentary Analysis From a New High Resolution Oil-based Mud Borehole Resistivity Image

A Simple Geotracer Correlation Analysis Reveals Charge and Filling Patterns

Investigation of the Interaction Between Salt Movement, Faulting and Deposition, Using High-resolution 3-D Seismic Data; Eugene Island South Addition, Gulf of Mexico

Modeling Naturally Fractured Basement Reservoir: A case Study from Melut Rift Basin, Southeast Sudan

Cenozoic Reconstruction of Magmatism and Basin Development Within the South China Sea and Their Implications to Regional Tectonic Evolution

Subsurface Fracture Analysis Using FMI Logs: Implications for Regional State of Stress Prediction in the Black Warrior Basin, Alabama, USA

3-D Basin Model of the Serbian Banat Region of the Pannonian Basin

Shallow Water Carbonate Transportation into Pelagic System: Derdere Formation, Arabian Platform, Mardin-Mazidag Area, SE Turkey

The Drowned Arabian Carbonate Platform and Associated Phosphate Deposits, Coniacian- Campanian, Mardin-Mazidag Area, SE Turkey

Tectonic Development of The Southeast Anatolian Suture Mountains and the Northern Edge of the Arabian Platform

Sweet-spotting the Niobrara LTO Play, NW CO, USA: Three Key Learnings for Emerging Plays

Facies Distribution of Alluvial Fan: Implication for Genetic Types and Heterogeneity of Conglomeratic Reservoir

Facies (Rocktype) Modeling Using Inverse Static Model Process from Porosity Distribution, Case from Baturaja Formation