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        Editorial Board and Contact Information
Search and Discovery


  Brandon Nuttall ([email protected])

Editorial Board

William A. Ambrose
James (Jim) S. Cokinos*
Paul M. (Mitch) Harris
Laura Mauro Johnson
Melissa Klinger
Stefano Mazzoni
Randi S. Martinsen
Ellen W. Nodwell*
Brandon Nuttall
William D. (Bill) Raatz
Randy Ray (Deceased)
John W. Shelton
Charles A. Sternbach
Steven (Steve) P. Zody
*GIS Editor

Editorial Assistant

  Ann Hutchison
  Phone: (918) 560-2610
  Toll Free: (800) 364-2274
  Fax: (918) 560-2632
  email Ann Hutchison
  AAPG Datapages/Search and Discovery
  1444 South Boulder Avenue
  Tulsa, OK 74119