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ABOUT the Search and Discovery Mobile Meeting App   

Search and Discovery invites AAPG Sections and Regions to submit their meeting abstracts for internet publication at and now offers to produce a mobile application so users can review mobile-friendly abstracts without access to live internet.

Apps are designed to download all text material to the phone or tablet, so users can review them on a plane or even in the session hall, where internet or phone service may be restricted.

Mobile Applications
Current Apps are developed only for Apple and Android devices and are available through Apple and Google stores.

Search and Discovery issued first Android phone app in April 2013.


FEATURES of the Search and Discovery Mobile Meeting App

Primary navigation is via the icons on the top and bottom bar.

List Feature - Allows the user to browse the papers or posters, according to session.

Favorites Feature - Allows the user to mark papers or posters to read later, help create a meeting agenda, or to follow up after the session.

Notes Feature - Allows the user to make notes with the app, and during the session, for follow up after the conference.

Email Links Feature (author email address) - The speaker's email address is embedded in each abstract where one was available, such that the reader can tap the link and auto-launch his own email application for any follow up questions.

Search Feature - Tapping the magnifying glass will open a small search window at the top. Enter the single word or phrase and tap, Search. A list of papers will appear that satisfy the search criteria. Tap on the title to open the paper.

To create an App takes approximately 6-8 weeks. A full Program Schedule and Abstracts should be submitted as early as possible. Late arriving oral or poster session abstracts can be added (as an update) after the App is developed. This service is free and offered to all AAPG Sections and Regions who agree to submit their meeting abstracts to Search and Discovery on this schedule.

Recommended Work Process

1. To begin this process, first contact Ann Hutchison, Editorial Assistant, at: (918) 560-2610, or email: [email protected] to set up a delivery schedule.

2. Finalize your technical program (including times) at least 8 weeks prior to the meeting, and send us the final schedule as a Word document.

3. Send us all the completed meeting abstracts you have in hand at the same time. If you are waiting for final version of the abstracts, tell us which are yet to come and make sure they are represented in the technical program schedule.