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Geo India 2008 Conference & Exhibition

Greater Noida, New Delhi, September 16-19, 2008

Search and Discovery Article #90081 (2008)
Posted September 30, 2008



Atlantic and Indian Oceans Pollution in Africa and Its Impacts from Marine and Coastal Ecology
by Babagana Abubakar and Babagana Rufai

Sandbox Analogue Modelling Experiments: A Significant Tool to Interpret Tectonic Evolution of Basin Systems and Hydrocarbon Exploration
by K. K. Agarwal

Using Shale Gouge Ratio (SGR) to Predict Fault Seal Competency: From Example from Haraz-Canar Field, Muglad Basin, Sudan
by Amar A. Ahmed and Yasir M. Ghorashi

Rule-Based Expert System for Seismic Data Interpretation
by Neelu J. Ahuja and Dr. Parag Diwan

Application of Multi-Attributes Analysis and Spectral Decomposition Techniques to Identify the Reservoir Sands of Kopili Formation (Eocene) of North Assam Shelf, India
by Md S. Akhtar, Ram K. Singh, Sujit Roy Moulik, and H. J. Singh

Geotechnical Evaluation of Baktiari Hill Kurdistan District / Iraq
by Dr. Azhar A.G. Al-Khateeb

Deep Geological Structures for Iraq’s Western Desert Using Geophysical Analyses
by Mahmoud A. Al-Mufarji

Foraminiferal and Calcareous Nannofossils Biostratigraphy of Krishna-Godavari Deep Water Wells
by Qazi A. Ali, Baruah Pallav, Kapoor Pushkar, Baruah Joyshree, Sinha Sujay, and Shukla Sudhir

High Resolution Bio-Chrono-Stratigraphic Framework for Application in Basin Analysis and Sequence Stratigrphy of Jaisalmer Basin, Rajasthan, India
by Harswaroop S. Aswal, M. S. Murthy, and M. Shanmukhappa

Successful Tracking of Reservoir Sand Geometry and Its Characterization Through Wire Line Logs - A Case Study
by Veerubhotla L. Avadhani, S Rama Murty Pantulu, Kiran Kant Prasad, and Om Prakash Srivastava

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Deepwater Frontier Exploration Using Seismic and Seaseep Data, Indonesia: Implications for India
by Peter Baillie, John Decker, Paul Gilleran, Tanya Johnstone, Dan Orange, and Philip A. Teas

Heavy Minerals Assemblage Study and Its Significance in Hydrocarbons Exploration of Ramnad Subbasin, Cauvery Basin, India
by Venkataraman Balasubramanian

Facies Classification in Basaltic Volcanic Rocks Using Artificial Neural Networks
by Indrajit Bandyopadhyay, Sangeeta Singhal Bandyopadhyay, and Dedi Juandi

Delineation of Gas Sands Using Elastic Inversion - A Case Study
by Mainak Bandyopadhyay, Avinash Singh, Ashish K. Singh, Shakuntala Mangal, and Satyesh Bhandari

Source Rock Evaluation and Depositional Environment of Early Cretaceous Sediments, Pranahita-Godavari Graben, East Coast of India
by Samuel J. Bantu

Lessons Learned in the Implementation of the Intelligent Oilfield and Integrated Collaboration Environments
by Ketil Barkved, Nicholas Gibson, and Julia Vindasius

Seismic Modeling of Viscoelastic Porous Media
by Sumana Basu and Vir Narayanan Singh

Application of High Resolution Sequence Stratigraphy for Petroleum Exploration of Mixed Siliciclastic - Carbonate Associations in Middle Eocene Sylhet Formation, Dhansiri Valley, Assam Arakan Basin, Northeast India
by Anupma Baveja, A. S. Kale, U. S. Kanungo, and Md. S. Akhtar

Introducing Seismic Inversion to Reduce Uncertainties in Static Modeling
by Faical Ben Amor and Ofonmbuk Ekpoudom

Pre-Stack Depth Migration from Regional 2-D Seismic Surveys, a Cost and Time Effective Way of Optimising Structural Detail
by Chris Benson and Dane Southward

Sedimentological Insights into Upper Cretaceous Deepwater Sediments from Ramnad Area of the Cauvery Basin, India
by Dilip K. Bharktya, Pradeep Goswami, M. Nagaraj, and B. Bhaskaran

Performance Analysis of Stimulation Jobs in Multilayered Carbonate Reservoir - A Case Study of Major Offshore Field
by Satinder K. Bhatia, Ajay K. Sharma, V. V. Kamat, and S. Chandrasekaran

Implications of the Deformational Processes for Petroleum Exploration in the Fold-and-Thrust Belt of the Himalaya
by A. R. Bhattacharya

Analysis of Semi-Steady State Productivity of a Hyadraulically Benthic Foraminiferal and Geochemical Evidence for the Formation and Destabilization of Gas Hydrate at Blake Ridge Plateau, NW Atlantic
by Ajoy K. Bhaumik and Anil K. Gupta

Tectonics and Depositional Habitat of Western Offshore Basins, with Special Emphasis from the Mumbai Offshore Basin
by Prodyut K. Bhowmick, Alok Dave, M. Ayyadurai, and Pratim Bhaumik

Hydrocarbon Exploitation in Mature Areas Using Geology and Technology, Usa Examples
by Lee T. Billingsley

Role of Probabilistic Petrophysical Analysis in Rock Physics Modeling for Better Reservoir Characterization It’s Importance and Pitfalls
by Beer S. Bisht, P. K. Chaudhri, Birbal Singh, and N. K. Verma

Deepwater Depositional System in the Frame Work of Sequence Stratigraphy
by Debabrata Biswas and N. C. Mandal

Performance, Problems Encountered, Lessons Learnt in Acquiring of Full Wave Seismic Image
by Paparaju Buddhavarapu

Natural Gas in Kashmir
by Haji Abdul Majid Butt

Kashmir Sapphire; Crown Jewel of India
by Haji Abdul Majid Butt

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A New Geotechnical Classification System for Rock According to Number of Fractures Per Meter
by Arsen O.Capigian and Azhar A.G. Al-Khateeb

Depositional Environment and Sand Distribution Patterns in Rudrasagar and Demulgaon Formations of Barail Group, Lakwa-Lakhmani Area, North Assam Shelf
by Sumit K. Chakrabarti, Jayanta Bhattacharya, Mir Alam Shah Bora, and Gautam K. Ray

Exploration Dynamics under the Changed Regulatory Regime in India
by Devashish Chakravarty and Sasidharan Kinattukara

Oil Exploration Challenges in Wamaj Low, North Cambay Basin, India: A Case Study
by Debashis Chakravorty and Mohan C. Kandpal

Successful Exploitation Strategy from a Mature Oil Field, in North Cambay Basin, India: A Case Study
by Debashis Chakravorty

Identification of Thin Reservoirs, Missing Zones and Suitable Targets for Perforation: A Case History
by Trilok Chand, Sapana Sethi, Sanjeev Kaushal, Harvir Singh, Prasad Inupakutika, and Ramraj Singh

One Derivable Indicator for Subaqueous Fan in from Offshore Field
by Guangjun Chen, Guo Wei, and Helin Wang

Pore Pressure and Wellbore Stability Analysis of CB-ONN-2002/2 Block in Cambay Basin
by Balaji Chennakrishnan

Optimised, Interactive Well Placement and Formation Evaluation Using Advanced Lwd Technology for Extended Reach Wells: A Case Study from the Lakshmi Development Area, Western Offshore India
by Manabesh Chowdhury, Satyashis Sanyal, Jaysurya Rath, and Shibatosh Sarkar

The Origin of the Fatehgarh Formation, the Major Oil Reservoir in the Barmer Basin, Rajasthan, India
by Paul M. Compton and Sujoy Mukherjee

Variability in the Crustal Structure of Passive Margins: Implications for Hydrocarbon Exploration in South Asia
by Richard Corfield

From Global Geology to Hydrocarbon Exploration: Ediacaran-Early Cambrian Petroleum Plays of Oman, Pakistan and India
by Andrea Cozzi, Giuseppe Rea, and Jonathan Craig

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Refinement of Sand Dispersal Pattern in Deltaic Environment Using Multimineral Log Processing & Multiattribute Analysis - A Case Study in Nardipur Low, Cambay Basin, India
by N. S. Dangwal, Swarup K. Mohanty, D. Manna, Birbal Singh, and Narendra K. Verma

Volcanic Intrusions and Their Implications from Petroleum Systems in Andaman Basin, India
by Vinod Dangwal, R. S. Warraich, Siddhartha Sengupta, D. K. Srivastava, A. V. Sathe, and M. Asthana

Diagenetic Processes and Hydrocarbon Accumulation in Low Resistivity Shales in Cambay Basin, Gujarat, India
by Kamal K. Das, J. K. Srivastava, Nilam Niranjan, Bharati Jagtap, Jyoti Borthakur, and Sanjeev Satyarthi

Future Strategy for Exploration in Tripura, Assam Arakan Fold Belt, India
by Nirmal C. Das, Gyanesh Chandra, and M. C. Kandpal

Solution for Imaging in Logistically Constraint Areas: A Case Study from Upper Assam
by Koustav Dasgupta, Rahul Dasgupta, Mayank Banerjee, Anup Kumar, and Subhodeep Maji

Role of Time and Temperature in Petroleum Generation and Oil Properties of Mehsana Block, Cambay Basin, India
by Soumitri S. Dash and Apoorva Sahoo

Multi-Component Full Wave Data for Reservoir Fracture Analysis
by Brian Donnelly

Damage Factor in Stress Induced Evolution of Pearmeability Anisotropy: A Possible Future Implication in Petroleum Exploration
by R.K. Dubey

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Reservoir Characterization, with Emphasis from Ghazal Formation, Upper Cretaceous, Unity Field, Muglad Basin, SW Sudan
by Musab M. Elmahi and Omer Elbadri Ali

The Effect of the Reservoir Quality on Formation Water Resistivity: Case Study in Neem Field, Block-4, Muglad Basin, Sudan
by Mustafa El Tayib

Sub-Basalt Mesozoic Imaging Offshore India
by Roberto Fainstein, Chris Koeninger, Niranjan Banik, and Rolf Broetz

Benefits of It Usage Metering: Increased Accountability and Asset Efficiency
by Eistein Fosli

From Software Anarchy to Software Governance: A Customer Case Study
by Eistein Fosli

Multi-Azimuth Sub-Basalt Imaging in the NE Atlantic Margin
by Juergen Fruehn, Victoria Valler, and David King

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Using Core and Log Data to Link Depositional Environment with Oil System in Siliciclastic Reservoirs Case Study from Muglad Basin, Sudan
by Yasir M. Ghorashi and Saif El Islam S. Mohamed

WITSML - The Real-Time Geotechnical Data Management Standard
by Nicholas Gibson and Ketil Barkved

Emerging Thrust and E & P Prospects for ‘Gas Hydrates’, in Indian Deep-Water Petroleum Provinces Gas Hydrate Modeling and Resource - Assessment Perspectives in off Krishna Godavari Basin
by Jagdish P. Giri

An Econometric Analysis and Economic Modeling of Frontier Hydrocarbon E & P Business - A Paradigm Shift to Redefine Sustainable Petroleum Economics
by Jagdish P. Giri

Sand Remobilization - A Case Study of Depositional Process from Conventional Cores, Narimanam Field, Cauvery Basin
by Pradeep Goswami, Dilip K. Bharktya, and M. Nagaraj

Tectonic Control from Sedimentation in Upper Assam Foreland, Assam-Arakan Basin
by Pradeep Goswami and Pulin C. Goswami

Hydrocarbon Prospects of Growth and Inversion Related Structures of the Naga Frontal Fold Belt, Assam-Arakan Basin
by Pulin C. Goswami and Pradeep Goswami

Structural Growth Related Sand Pinch-Outs and Their Significances in Oil-Gas Exploration in South Cambay Basin, India
by Pulin C. Goswami, Santonu K. Bora, and Pss Rao

Exploitation of Bypass Oil & Control of Undesirable Water Production; a Case Study of Mumbai High South
by Uma Goyal, S. K. Anand, R. Saxena, and S. Chandrasekaran

Neogene Silicoflagellates from Deep Water Sediments of Mahanadi Basin and Their Significance in Hydrocarbon Exploration
by Anand Gupta

Cross section balancing and its applications in Petroleum Industry
by Avinash Gupta

Sustaining Production from Mature, Mainly Single Layer Reservoir Fields Through New Concepts from Bypassed “Fringe-Oil” and Delineation of New Hydrocarbon Plays for Alternate, Unconventional Reservoirs - A Case Study from Rudrasagar Field, Upper Assam, India
by Sanjiv R. Gupta and Ashok Gupta

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Low-Frequency Hydrocarbon Micro Tremors: A New Geoscience Technology for the Oil and Gas Industry
by Robert M. Habiger

Artificial Neural Network Permeability Estimation from NMR Logs in Heterogeneous Tight Gas Sand Reservoir
by Gharib M. Hamada and Mousatafa M. Elshafei

A Paleozoic Eustatic Model: An Indispensable Tool for Exploration in Paleozoic Petroleum Systems
by Bilal U. Haq

Exploration Leads of Deepwater Areas, Mumbai Offshore, India
by Venkatramana N. Hegde, Radha Krishan, Rama Paul, and S. Mayor

Collaborative Technologies: The Challenge of Standardization
by Jerry Hubbard

Effective Versus Efficient Discovery and Extraction of Oil & Gas Resources. Where Are We and Where Are We Going?
by Mike Hugentobler

Deep Gondwana Sediments of a Part of Krishna-Godavari Basin - A Potential and Prospective Area for Unconventional Gas Deposits
by Prasad V. Inupakutika, Negi S. Bharat, Saksena K. Amit, and Singh R. Ram

Facies, Depositional Environment and Evolution of the Al-Wajh Formation (Late Miocene), Red-Sea Region, Saudi Arabia
by M.M. Nazrul Islam, Osman Abdullatif, Khalid Al-Ramadan, and Arun Kumar

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Integration of Core, Log and Well Test Permeabilities in Deepwater Laminated Sand-Shale Reservoir
by Atul Jamkhindikar, Bhawesh C. Jha, Samir Dhar, and Satyajit Taware

Evolution and Hydrocarbon Occurrences of Rift Basins from the Western Margin of Sunda Platform and Relations with East Andaman Basin
by Pritam Jha, Dino Ros, and Andrea Deglialessandrini

Seismic Evaluation of the Mangala Field Through High Density 3-D - Barmer Basin, Rajasthan, North West India
by Shiju C. Joseph, Graham Bowyer, and Michael Micenko

Application of Spectral Decomposition for the Identification of Sand Fairways and Prediction of Net Sand Thickness - Cb/Os-2, Gulf of Khambat, Western Offshore India - A Case Study
by Sivasankar Josyula, Sumit Bhardwaj, Nikhilesh Dwivedi, and Kondal Reddy

Tidal Energy Potentials and Challenges in the Gulf of Cambay, India
by A. C. Julka and Tarun K. Mathuria

Value Addition by Walkaway VSP, Offshore India
by Nidhi Jindal, Prativadi Jyothi, Sanjay Tiwari, Ajoy Biswal, Pranaya Sangvai, and Ravi Bastia

Borehole Effects from LWD Logs in Large Boreholes - A Case Study in a Well of Assam Oil Field
by Prabhakara Rao Jyothula, Sairam Prasad Pasupuleti, and Ramachandra Rao Doddapaneni

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Carbon Capture and Storage: What Are the Big Issues and Opportunities Facing the Petroleum Industry?
by John Kaldi

Reservoir Characterisation of Gollapalli Gas Pay Sands of Mandapeta - Endamuru Areas of Krishna Godavari Basin, India
by A.v.v.s. Kamaraju, Dn Prasad, and Manmohan Meka

Some Observation to Constrain the Zone of Continent Ocean Boundary (COB) Along the Continental Margins of India
by Anil K. Kaul, A. Siawal, and N. C. Lohani

Server Consolidation and Virtualization for G&G Applications - A Case Study
by Gurjeet Kaur, Poonam Tomar, Davinder Singh, and Mudit K. Mathur

Understanding the Depositional Environment in Early Cretaceous Reservoirs: Application of Oil Based Borehole Imaging in Krishna-Godavari Basin, Eastern Offshore India
by Zuber A. Khan, Sanchita Ganguly, and Chandramani Shrivastva

Sustaining E&P Workforce and Containing Attrition: A Human Resource & Knowledge Management Perspective
by Brij M. Khar

Imperatives in Petroleum Exploration and Production of Northern and Eastern Parts of Indian Subcontinent: A Review
by Brij M. Khar

Fluid Engineering Solutions for Effective Shale and Pay Zone Damage Control
by Ajay Kumar, A. K. Barthwal, Vinod Sharma, and V. K. Jain

Re-Look from the Prospectivity of Uttaranchal Foothills in Oil's Kashipur Pel Area
by Akshaya Kumar, Pramitabha Barua, and Bedanta P. Sharma

Rock-Physics Modeling of Shallow Marine Sediments
by Alok Kumar

Depletion Pattern and Extent in TS6 Pay Sand of Lakwa Field, Block-6 as Revealed by Well Logs and Production Data
by Ashok Kumar, Yogesh Chandra, Jai Pal Singh, and D. Ramachandra Rao

Imprints of Eocene Strata in Purnea Basin-a Potential Rock for Hydrocarbon Exploration
by Jitendra Kumar and Mahipal Singh Negi

Modern Depositional Environments in Coastal Abu Dhabi, UAE
by Ravindra Kumar

The Development of Gps Network in Cambay Basin, India
by Senthi Kumar and Arunkumar Chauhan

Basin Modeling - from Effective Tool for Predicting Timing of Pore Pressure Development and Hydrocarbon Migration in Overpressured Basins
by Nishikanta Kundu, Sudipta Basu, and Amit Singh

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Mapping Pays and Estimating Net-Pay Thickness from 3-D Seismic Attributes in Low Acoustic Impedance Gas Sandstone Reservoirs
by Hari Lal

Identification of Subtle Geobodies and Their Hydrocarbon Entrapment Through 3-D Seismic Volume Based Interpretation in Olpad-Dandi Area, Narmada Block,Western Onshore Basin, India
by Kishori Lal, Anima Saikia, Sudhir Vir, and P. B. Pandey

Low Energy Shallow Marine Depositional Systems of SE Asia: Implications for Reservoir Characterisation
by Joseph J. Lambiase

High-Stand Fan Deltas: Exploration Targets in Indian Petroliferous Half-Graben Rift-Basins
by Ramakrishna Madabhushi, Welborn W. Momin, Shaila Dhar Saikia, Venkateswara Rao Chinta, and Asim Samanta

Enhanced Reservoir Description of Rudrasagar Field
by Rajesh C. Madhwal, Chandra Prabha Verma, and Birbal Singh

Diagenetic Controls from Reservoir Sands of Nannilam Formation, Ramnad Sub Basin, Cauvery Basin, India
by Syamalendu Mahanti

Depositional Processes and Reservoir Characterization of Kamalapuram Formation, Nagapattinam Sub Basin, Cauvery Basin, India
by Syamalendu Mahanti, Prabhakaran Selvaraj, and Harinder Upadhyay

Sandstone Petrography and Reservoir Quality of the Glacio-Fluvial Juwayl Member (Late Carboniferous-Permian) Western Saudi Arabia
by Mohamed I. Mahgoub and Osman M. Abdullatif

Geospectra Infrasonic Passive Spectroscopy (IPDS®): A Proven Revolutionary Technology for Direct Discovering Hydrocarbon Structural and Non-Structural Traps and for Reservoir Monitoring
by Monzer Makhous and Ernst-D. Rode

Inerpretation of Maturity Parameters Evaluated from Various Biomarker Ratios and Diamondoids Ratios for Oil/Condensates of Cauvery Basin, India
by Sunil R. Mangotra and Jitendra Prasad

Imaging Techniques for Minor Faults: A Workflow for Running Coherency Attributes
by Dipankar Manna and Arunkumar Arya

SanENabled Solutions for Seismic Interpretation
by Mudit K. Mathur and Davinder Singh

Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery for Seismic Interpretation Centres
by Mudit K. Mathur and Davinder Singh

Utilization of Borehole Image Logs to Estimate Permeability in a Carbonate Reservoir
by Tahereh Mirzadeh, John Quirein, and David Chernicky

Late Oligocene Clastic Depositional System in Saurashtra-Dahanu Area, Western Offshore Basin, India
by Jitendriya Mishra

Evaluating Hydrocarbon Potential Through Analogue Studies: Case Study from Proterozoic Basins; Ganga Basin, India & Beetaloo Basin, Australia
by Sujata R. Mishra

Shale Gas Exploration in India: Opportunities and Challenges
by Ravi Misra

Biodegradation and Oil Quality in Siliciclastic Cretaceous Reservoirs Case Study from Canar Area, Muglad Basin, Sudan
by Omer I. Mohamed and Yasir M. Ghorashi

Deep-sea Benthic Foraminifera and TOC from Gas Hydrate Sequence of Ocean Drilling Program Holes 991A and 995A, Blake Ridge, NW Atlantic
by K. Mohan and Anil K. Gupta

Fractured Well: A Case Study of a Tight Silt Reservoir in Cambay Basin
by Sanat Mohanty and Mohit Srivastava

Use of Seismic Attribute in Detecting Hydrocarbon Traps in Deeper Olpad Sands in Cambay Basin
by Sucheta Mukherjee, Anirbid Sircar, Kavita Bhardwaj, and Pushpal Banerjee

Geocellular Modelling of the Mangala Field, Barmer Basin, Rajasthan, North West India - A Basis for Efficient Field Development
by Sujoy Mukherjee, Amit P. Singh, Paul M. Compton, Shiju C. Joseph, Tim O. Sullivan, David L. Sturrock, and V. Ravichandran

Hydrocarbon Exploration in the NW Himalayas: A Perspective from Structural Geology
by Dilip K. Mukhopadhyay

Biostratigraphy and Depositional Environment of Olpad and Ankleshwar Pays in Dabka - Padra Area, Cambay Basin, Gujarat, India
by M. S. Murthy, Raju Grover, A. C. Baruah, and Harswaroop S. Aswal

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A Comparative Study of Mechanical Properties of Gondwana Ccoal Seams from Damodar Valley Coalfields and Their Implications in CBM Exploitation
by Kaustav Nag, S. Durga Prasad, Bhanu P. Singh, and Rajesh Kumar Srivastava

Petroleum System Analysis of the Ganga Basin, Northern India - A Systematic Approach for Exploring the Frontier Basin Hydrocarbon Potential
by Bodapati N. Naidu, John A. Clayburn, and Jim Russell

Identification of Hydrocarbon Bearing Zone in Low Resistiviy Chatral Pay (from Unconventional Shaly Reservoir) in Sanand Field, Ahmedabad Block, Cambay Basin, India
by Kameshwar Nath, P. Sai Ram Prasad, Louella Shah, Roop Chand, and Dilip P. Sahasrabudhe

Global E&P Ventures: Horizon of Petroleum Systems
by Sanjiv Nath

Prioritization of Seismic Prospects Through Geo-microbial Grading Technique - A Case Study in Panidihing Area
by D.Elizabeth Nathaniel

Utility of Seismic in Deciphering the Reservoir Contact in Horizontal Wells - A Case Study in Mumbai High Field
by Arvind K. Nauriyal, Ajoy Sarkar, V. Kamat, and Bvrrk Murthy

Improving Exploitation Strategy Through Dynamic-Oriented Reservoir Characterization
by Jai K. Negi, Aditya Kumar, and U.S. Prasad

Analysis, Modeling and Characterization of Mandawa Basin in SE Tanzania
by Sifa E. Ngasala

Petroleum Systems of Cambay Basin, India
by Neelam Niranjan, J. K. Srivastava, Leena John, Anita Sharma, S. P. Singh, and A. K. Gupta

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Integration of Core, Log and Well-Test Data to Understand a Complex Volcanic Reservoir, Barmer Basin, Rajasthan, North West India
by Timothy O’Sullivan, Vr Sunder, Yatindra Bhushan, Sumit Mishra, Paul M. Compton, Brian Bell, and V.V. Subba Rao

Laboratory Determined ‘A’, ‘M’ & ‘N’ Parameters Have a Significant Impact from Computation of Fluid Saturations in Shaly Reservoirs
by Satwant S. Pabla, Mohan Lal, and Kalika Prasad

Evaluation of Thermal Maturity in Source Rocks and Gas/Condensates of Ramnad and Southern Part of Palkbay Area
by Sukumar Pahari, Harvir Singh, Ivsv Prasad, and R. R. Singh

Mineralogy of the Ganges and Mahanadi Rivers: Implication of Provenance Change in the Offshore Bengal Basin, India
by Nabarun Pal, Sudipta Dasgupta, and Andrew Morton

Sequence Stratigraphy a Tool for Inter-Basinal Correlation: A Case Study of Paleogene Sediments of Jaisalmer and Barmer Basins
by Dhirendra K. Pandey and Balram Bhadu

Lithofacies and Heavy Mineral Studies of Disang – Barail Sediments in Parts of Naga Hills, Nagaland State, NE India
by N. Pandey, Rokokhono Nakhro, and S. K. Srivastava

Petroleum and Coal Occurrences in Tiru Upper Region, Mon District, Nagaland, North-East India: An Overview
by N. Pandey and Kezhasilie Chiezou

Sedimentary Characteristics and Geochemistry of Disang Oil Shales In Parts of Naga Hills, Nagaland State, North-East India
by N. Pandey and Vekhoto Shijoh

Understanding the Reservoir Heterogeneity for Flow Characterization: From Integrated Case Study of Advanced Logging Applications from Mumbai High Carbonates, India
by Madhu M. Panigrahi, Chandramani Shrivastva, R. D. Chourasiya, Arnab Ghosh, Koushik Sikdar, and Rudal Singh

Chemostratigraphy and Its Impact from Exploration and Development of Tertiary Oil Fields in Rajasthan, North West India
by Tim Pearce, J.H. Martin, and P. M. Compton

The Role of Sedimentological Studies for Deciphering the Reservoir from Pre-Tertiary Sections of Ganga Basin, India
by Narender Pendkar, Prabha Tirkey, and Harinder Upadhyay

Geomorphology, Pedology and Sedimentology of the Upper Gangetic Plains (Himalayan Foreland Basin) - Extensional Tectonic Implications
by B. Parkash, Satvindar Singh, A. K. Awsathi, Balaji Bhosle, Pitambar Pati, and Vivekanand Acharya

Fracture Characterisation from Basement Reservoir: A Study from Mumbai High
by Satyanarayana Pratha, P. K. Sinha, A. V. Sathe, G. C. Katiyar, and G. C. Agarwal

High Resolution Biostratigraphy and Litho-Micro Facies Analyses of Paleogene Sequences of Tapti-Daman Sector, Mumbai Offshore, India
by Beerpal S. Pundeer, R. A. Thakur, R. S. Rawat, Raju Grover, S. Uppal, P. K. Tirky, and Sujay Sinha

Applying Petroleum Geochemistry to Search for Oil - a Unique Oil Find in a New Pay Sand -Kali-Kuthalam Area, Cauvery Basin,India
by Neeraja N. Putcha, Mangalam V. Hargopal, Swamy Radha Anjeneya, and Jitendrac Prasad

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Palaeogeography and Continental Reconstruction of the Proto-Eastern Gondwana and the Occurrences of Proterozoic Oil
by Vibhuti Rai and Neetima Sateeja

Phanerozoic Cycles of Sea-Level Change from Indian Plate: From Overview with a Base Chart
by D. S. N. Raju

Plant Physiological Modelling: From Aid to Reservoir Characterisation and Quantification
by Surajeet Rath

Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage: Environmental Concerns in Petroleum Exploration and Exploitation
by Shadab Raza

Agglutinated Foraminiferal Proxies to Identify Organic Rich Sediment Facies in the Krishna-Godavari Basin, India
by Addula N. Reddy, Kotha Yadagiri, B. C. Jaipraksh, and L. Chidambaram

The Petroleum Potential of Deep Offshore West Coast India from Newly Reprocessed 2-D Seismic Data
by Glyn F. Roberts, Ken Rutherford, and Colin F. O'Brien

The Structural and Stratigraphic Evolution of the Barmer Basin, Rajasthan
by Eleanor J. Rowley, Sudhir Mathur, Srinivas Mokashi, and Biswanath Ghosh

Application of Structural Modeling from Borehole Image and Dipmeter Data in Understanding Sub Seismic Structural Complexity of Reservoirs
by Dipanka B. Roy, Chandramani Shrivastva, and Sutapa Bhadra

GIS and Remote Sensing in Disaster Management and Emergency Response
by Dulal C. Roy and Thomas Blaschke

Integrated Sedimentary Analysis and Facies Classification Using Artificial Neural Network: Case Study from Fluvio-Deltaic to Nearshore Clastic Sequences of Central Sumatra
by Eko Rukmono, Doni Hernadi, Indrajit Bandyopadhyay, Dedi Juandi, and Sangeeta Singhal

Seismic Architecture and Characterisation of Deep Water Slope-Fan Channel Plays in the Northern Bay of Bengal: A Review Based from New Seismic Data
by Kieran Ryan, David Beckett, and John Chambers

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Integrating Data from Remote Sensing, Geology and Gravity to Study the Geological Structure of Tarhunah Area, North-West Libya
by Nureddin Saadi, Essam Aboud, Hakim Saibi, and Koichiro Watanabe

Presence of Hydrocarbon Related Diagenetic Zone (Hrdz) and Evidence of Seepages in Kerala-Konkan Offshore
by Kalyan K. Saha and Siddhartha Sengupta

A Sequence Stratigraphic Interpretation of the Late Pleistocene Estuarine Incised Valley-Fill Sediments of Western Gujarat, India
by Sourav Saha, Anupam Ghosh, Stuart Burley, Santanu Banerjee, and Pratul K. Saraswati

Acoustic Impedance as a Lithological and Hydrocarbon Indicator- A Case Study in Nandasan Field of Mehsana Block, Cambay Basin, India
by Apoorva Sahoo and Soumitri S. Dash

Geologic Controls from Sequence Stacking and Architecture of Eocene Siliciclastic Deposits in Upper Assam Foreland Basin, India
by Mayadhar Sahoo and Kshetradhar Gogoi

Source Rock Characteristics of Petroleum System in the Ganesha Discovery, Cauvery Offshore Basin, India
by Jogendra Nath Sahu, Debashish Biswas, Satya Sai, Anantha Krishna, and Vishnu Vardhan

Advance Perforation Techniques for Production Maximization
by Asit K. Samadder

Modeling Petroleum System in Kerala - Konkan Basin, India
by Jatindra K. Samal, Radha Krishan, and D. Mitra

Integrated Geological Study and Preliminary Hydrocarbon Assessment in Cuddapah Basin, South India
by Jatindra K. Samal, A. Mullick, and D. Mitra

Complex Imaging Challenges Offshore South East India
by Pranaya Sangvai, Ajoy Biswal, Mohit Mathur, Ian F. Jones, Juergen Fruehn, Phil Smith, David King, and Michael Goodwin

Reservoir Characterization Based from Log and Seismic Facies Analysis: A Simple Approach to Estimate Initial Volumetrics
by Monmoyuri Sarma

K/T Transition in India Vis-a-Vis Occurrence of Mesozoic Basin in Kutch Offshore- A Study from Nannofossils
by Rajesh K. Saxena

Paleogene Biostratigraphy and Depositional Modeling in Limbodra - Gamij Area, Cambay Basin, Gujarat, India
by M. Shanmukhappa and Raju Grover

Characterization of Spm in Mining Areas in Singrauli Area
by Raj K. Sharma

Understanding Trap Mechanism and Enhancing Oil Production by Integration of Seismic Methods — “A Multidisciplinary Approach” (A Case Study of Dabka Field)
by Rajendra P. Sharma

Estimation of Reservoir Parameters of Hydrocarbon Bearing Shaley Sand Reservoir Using Well Log Data
by Shashi Ranjan Sharma

Deterministically Guided Geocellular Modeling of Deep-Water Deposits in East Coast of India : A Case Study
by Sanjay K. Shrivastava, Amit K. Sinha, Ramanathan Nachiappan, and Jyoti P. Rout

Distribution of Precambrian - Cambrian Succession along the Eastern Border of India and Pakistan, and Its Possible Presence in the Northwestern Part of the Indian Plate Occupied by Kirthar Range in Pakistan
by Nusrat Kamal Siddiqui

Biostratigraphy, Paleoenvironments and Cycles of Sea Level Change in the Subsurface Paleogene Succession of Akholjuni Area, Cambay-Tarapur Block, Cambay Basin, India
by Jagmohan Singh and Kamal K. Nayak

Sequence Biostratigrapahy and Hydrocarbon Source Potential of Mesozoic Sediments, Kutch Basin, India
by Kamla Singh, H. S. Aswal, S. N. Swamy, and L. Phor

Identification of Basement Fracture Pattern from Aeromagnetic Data-Its Significance in Hydrocarbon Exploration
by Paramjit Singh, Jitendra Kumar, and Durga Shankar Mitra

Biogenic Gas Systems in Indian Sedimentary Basins
by R. R. Singh, Harvir Singh, Sukumar Pahari, and Ivsv Prasad

Tectono-Sedimentation and Hydrocarbon Prospectivity of Paleogene Sediments in Dhansiri Valley, A&AA Basin, India
by Ram K. Singh, Pratim Bhaumik, Sujit Roy Moulik, Md. S. Akhtar, A. Siawal, and H. J. Singh

Petroleum System of Dhansiri Valley: From Example from Shelf and Foreland Setting, Assam and Assam Arakan Basin, India
by Ram K. Singh

Relation Between Global Warming and Atmospheric CO2 Level: Evidence from Vegetational Change in NW Himalaya, India
by Seema Singh, Arun K. Awasthi, and Brahm Parkash

A Remote Sensing and GIS Based Approach to Growth and Lateral Propagation of Mohand Frontal Anticline: Implications to Seismicity
by Tejpal Singh

Reservoir Characterization & up Dip Darin-Hole Modeling for Improved Oil Recovery from Depleted L-III Reservoir; A Case Study of Mumbai High - Oil Field, India
by Vijay K. Singh

Exploration of Non-Conventional Hydrocarbon in India Is a Challenge or Opportunity
by Vijay K. Singh

E&P Business and Regulatory Policy in India
by M. K. Sinha

Discriminating Hydrocarbon Alteration Zones Using Airborne Hyperspectral Remote Sensing
by V. Sivakumar

Petrofacies Analysis for Improved Reservoir Characterization-Studies in Sadra Area, Cambay Basin
by Janmejai K. Srivastav, Sanjeev Satyarthi, Sukhpal Singh, and Anil K. Gupta

Geology and Geocellular Modelling of a Saline Aquifer: From Integration of Hydrogeology and Petroleum Geology in a Study of the Thumbli Formation, Rajasthan, North-West India
by David L. Sturrock, Ashok Kumar, Anurag Pattnaik, Nigel Banks, and Michael Price

Nonlinear Inverse Problems: Depth Imaging Challenges
by Sunjay S. Sunjay

Crs Processing Technique
by Sunjay S. Sunjay

Characteristics of Fluid of Jabung Sub-Basin, South Sumatra, Indonesia
by I. N. Suta, Nugrahani Nugrahani, and Jonih Rachmat

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Accepting the Challenges of Hostile Well Conditions in Onshore Wells-a Case Study
by Manoj K. Tewari, Jaipal Singh, and Ramachandra Rao Doddapaneni

Comparison of Magnetic Resonance Bin Distribution Permeability to Observed Production
by Steven Thibodeaux, Charles H. Smith, Ken Huggins, and Sandeep Ramakrishna

Optimizing Well Productivity via Full-Wave Seismic Imaging: A Success Case from the Xinchang Unconventional Gas Field
by John Tinnin and Doug Allinson

Application of New Generation Logging Tools in Recognizing and Quantifying Dolomitization in Carbonate Reservoirs
by Rajiv R. Tiwari

Frontier Exploration of the Deepwater Indus Fan Basin, Pakistan
by Richard Tozer, Shakeel Akhter, John Bennett, Scott Carmichael, Richard Corfield, Mansoor Fatimi, Robert Jones, and Mark Longacre

Understanding Reservoir Heterogeneity in Deep Water Settings Through Sequence Stratigraphic Approach: A Case Study from Krishna Godavari Basin, India
by Kaushalendra B. Trivedi, Anil K. Srivastava, and Narendra K. Verma

Understanding the Architectura of Deepwater Reservoirs: Application of Borehole Images and Core in Krishna-Godavari Basin, Eastern Offshore India
by Anil K. Tyagi, Chandramani Shrivastva, Samhita Hati, Deepender Bora, Rupdip Guha, and Sandhani Sarmah

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Development of New Pvt Correlations for Indian Oil Fields Using Alternating Conditional Expectation Method
by Chandra P. Verma

Impact of Structural Style and History on Petroleum Systems of the Assam-Arakan Basin, Northeastern India
by Narendra K. Verma

Characterization of Subsurface Accumulations Through Geochemical Surveys
by Devendra Vyas, Mallika Vaidyanathan, Bal Ram, Jolly Joseph, and Jitendra Prasad

3-D Geological Models: What We Should Have Learnt from 2-D and How to Avoid Expensive Conceptual Mistakes and Numerical Errors in 3-D
by Ricki Walker, Dylan Griffiths, and Barrie Wells

The Application of Hydrocarbon System and Play Fairway Analysis for Unconventional Resource Plays: The Case for Shale Gas and Shale Oil Reserves
by Barrie Wells and Jay E. Leonard

Modeling Gas Hydrates Using Petroleum Systems Modeling
by Björn Wygrala and Wolf Rottke

Sequence Stratigraphy: Correlation of the Indian and Arabian Plates and Implications for Prospectivity
by Joanne Wyton, Sarah Laird, Mike Simmons, and Owen Sutcliffe

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Volumetric Curvature Attributes for Fault/Fractures Characterization - A Case History
by Malleswar R. Yenugu, Amit K. Ray, Samir Biswal, and Arindam Dutta

Offshore Oil and Gas in Different Basins and Countries of the World
by Nikolay Zapivalov

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