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A New Geotechnical Classification System for Rock According to Number of Fractures Per Meter

Arsen O.Capigian and Azhar A.G. Al-Khateeb
State Co. of Geological Survey and Mining, District

Fractures are considered as one of two principle parameters affecting rock mass strength, besides the intact rock strength, in addition, it is combined with other parameters (field and laboratory) to classify the rock mass. The aim of the current study is to introduce a new rock mass classification according to the number of fractures per meter for different engineering purposes. More than 3000 meter of full core drilling boreholes represented by 3069 drilling interval (run) is logged to determine number of fractures per meter F/m besides rock quality designation RQD, fissuration factor C–Factor, uniaxial compressive strength σc and porosity Po consequently each run is classified into five ranks according to each one of the four mentioned parameters, matching these classifications a final one is gained according to number of fractures per meter. Frequency distribution charts for number of fractures per meter shows that class number one characterized by more than 8 fractures per meter while class number five characterized by less than 2 fractures per meter and the rest

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