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The Petroleum Potential of Deep Offshore West Coast India from Newly Reprocessed 2-D Seismic Data

Glyn F. Roberts1, Ken Rutherford2, and Colin F. O'Brien3
1GGS-Spectrum, Woking, United Kingdom
2Consultant, Ewell, United Kingdom
3Consultant, Bideford, United Kingdom

To date, the main deep (>400m water depth) offshore exploration efforts offshore India has concentrated on the East Coast where a number of large discoveries have recently been made in the Krishna Godvari and other basins.

Now attention is turning to the deep offshore area of the West Coast of India where outside the petroliferous (shallow water) province of the Mumbai High, exploration to date has been frontier in nature with very little wells drilled to date.

Using recently re-processed seismic data (from a 12,000 km regional 2D seismic survey collected for the DGH in 2002) we show how the application of modern seismic techniques (Radon Demultipe, PSTM and PSDM) has upgraded the petroleum potential of the area - showing plays both in the Tertiary and in the deeper Mesozoic section where a potential petroleum province can now be recognised below the Deccan basalts. Our interpretation of this dataset shows that this Mesozoic province extends over 200km offshore and into waterdepths of up to 3500m - covering a large number of open blocks in Indian territorial waters.

The talk is illustrated with numerous seismic examples showing the different plays in the area.

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