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Reservoir Characterization Based from Log and Seismic Facies Analysis: A Simple Approach to Estimate Initial Volumetrics

Monmoyuri Sarma
Paradigm Geophysical Pvt Ltd, Mumbai, India

Reservoir characterization proves to be very challenging with a limited dataset and/or when correlation between the data is poor. Full utilization of the available data to extract maximum information is the goal of every geoscientist. We have followed a procedure of geobody (distinct geological features) extraction based on the facies analysis. This approach can be summarized in two steps:

1) Structural: Extracting the main reservoir body based on seismic envelope.
2) Reservoir Characterization based on log and seismic facies analysis.

The seismic facies classification is based on principal component analysis which is a seismic pattern recognition methodology. The well logs have high reliability in the sample point but are restricted laterally. Thus calibrating the seismic facies with the log facies provides a trend for the interpolation of these facies.
On the basis of facies classification the seismic amplitude features are clustered, thereby exposing geobodies. A connectivity analysis is performed throughout and each geobody is given a unique ranking and volumetrics is calculated respectively. This approach is illustrated on a 3D seismic data set of a channel deposit.