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Petroleum and Coal Occurrences in Tiru Upper Region, Mon District, Nagaland, North-East India: An Overview

N. Pandey and Kezhasilie Chiezou
Department of Geology, Nagaland University, Kohima
* e-mail [email protected]

Petroleum and coal occurrences have been recorded in the Tiru Upper region, Naginimora circle of the Mon District, Nagaland. The area forms a part of the Belt of Schuppen, bordering Assam plains along western margin of the Nagaland state. The Belt of schuppen is one of the most significant morpho-tectonic unit of the Naga Hills (northern extension of Indo-Burmese Ranges) resulted due to Indo-Sinian collision during upper Cretaceous through Palaeogene.

In the present area Barail (Oligocene) sandstones serve as the reservoir rock where petroleum appears to have been trapped due to tectonic movements. Preliminary investigations in the area record presence of crude oil at a very shallow depth i.e. 12 feet only. In addition, at places in the vicinity, coal seams with sub-bituminous coals are found completely oil-wet.

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