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Sand Remobilization - A Case Study of Depositional Process from Conventional Cores, Narimanam Field, Cauvery Basin

Pradeep Goswami, Dilip K. Bharktya, and M. Nagaraj
Geology, Oil & Natural Gas Corporation Ltd., Chennai, India

Narimanam area is a prolific hydrocarbon producer from Santonian sediments of Nanilam formation in central part of Cauvery basin. Sand layers of Nannilam formation are dipping gentle to steep with traction current generated sedimentary features and associated with sand injections comprises of randomly oriented/ floating quartz granules, claystone clasts and fossil fragments. The sand layers showing sharp but irregular contacts with host sediments. The sediments were deposited by mixed processes of sandy debris flow and bottom current reworking. These sediments were later remobilized / injected and redefine the sand geometry. These sands show calcareous quartz arenite composition with poor to moderate reservoir characteristics.

The sand geometry prediction for such area need much caution. The well log correlation may also be very complex keeping in mind the remobilization of sands.

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