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Delineation of Gas Sands Using Elastic Inversion - A Case Study

Mainak Bandyopadhyay, Avinash Singh, Ashish K. Singh, Shakuntala Mangal, and Satyesh Bhandari
Reliance Industries Limited, Navi Mumbai, India

The case study presented here pertains to an exploration block in East Coast of India. Rock properties (shear and compressional wave velocities and rock density) estimated from the Elastic inversion carried out on the pre stack time migrated seismic data were used to compute elastic rock parameters, the Lame’s parameters. Using well log data, it has been established that in terms of elastic rock parameters, the gas sand behavior is different from brine or non-reservoir facies. This inference has then been extended to rock property volumes derived from Elastic Inversion of seismic data and has been used to aerially delineate the gas sand which is otherwise difficult due to similarity of seismic responses.

The results have also supported the time to depth conversion as a result of complex velocity model building process.

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