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Benefits of It Usage Metering: Increased Accountability and Asset Efficiency

Eistein Fosli
OpeniT,Inc.,Houston, TX

This will focus around five business cases on how organizations benefit in introducing IT usage metrics into their environment. They are all global organizations that are partly operated and supported by virtualized environments, but where the business units want to plan, budget and pay according to usage based activities.

The five key business cases that will be highlighted and are enabled by usage metering are the following:
1. Reduce Risk - how to ask for more flexibility in your software license agreements so you can stay compliant
2. Reduce Cost - how to consolidate, standardize and globalize, only buy what you really need
3. Introduce Accountability - how can chargeback give you the transparency you need for good communication between IT and the business units
4. Increase Services and Performance - How to improve Asset and User Efficiencies
5. Support Business Process Improvements - How to analyze skill and workflow patterns and document best practices

This will focus on real case studies. There will also be two group exercises to give you insights into how your peers are collecting usage information and what processes/projects they are supporting.

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