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Lithofacies and Heavy Mineral Studies of Disang – Barail Sediments in Parts of Naga Hills, Nagaland State, NE India

N. Pandey, Rokokhono Nakhro, and S. K. Srivastava
Department of Geology, Nagaland University, Kohima e-mail [email protected]

A study of the lithofacies and heavy mineral distribution in Disang (Late Cretaceous – Eocene) – Barail (Oligocene) sediments was carried out in vertical and lateral sections. All together twelve lithofacies and more than thirty five heavy mineral species have been identified and interpreted in terms of sedimentary environments and tectonic provenance. Presence of Disang- Barail Transitional Sequences (DBTS), hummocky cross stratification, large scale loading and the sapphire among heavy minerals is spectacular. A satellite basin model for the deposition of DBTS has been envisaged.

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