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SanENabled Solutions for Seismic Interpretation

Mudit K. Mathur and Davinder Singh
GEOPIC, ONGC, Dehradun, India

Interpretation of Seismic data is critical to the success of Oil Exploration Business, and the rate at which this data is being generated is increasing exponentially. The utilization of Pre-stack gather data in Interpretation projects is adding another dimension to the problem. This data must be made readily available to the appropriate users and applications as and when required in an interactive interpretation environment. The most crucial component to service this ever increasing requirement is the storage infrastructure upon which this data resides.

Legacy storage Systems (DAS) cannot provide the desired level of performance and reliability at reasonable costs. Further, these islands of data are difficult to manage, integrate and reconfigure, thereby increasing their TCO. These islands also add up to a considerable amount of traffic on the network.

The requirement is for an enterprise class of Managed storage solution that can grow along with the ever increasing requirement of an Interpretation center. NAS provide a low cost, medium performance solution to the problem. SAN provide an efficient, reliable and high performance Storage solution but at a premium. Parallel file system over SAN gives the next level of integration for different Seismic Interpretation Applications and projects. All these solutions can be managed centrally which can result in better utilization of available resources.

This paper discusses the different storage solutions that are currently in vogue in the Seismic interpretation industry. It also discusses the trends and technologies that are powering theses solutions. Advantages and disadvantages as experienced in our Interpretation facility are brought out in the paper. The paper goes on to identify the emerging technologies which can be leveraged to provide cost effective solutions in this highly performance oriented sector.

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