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Sedimentary Characteristics and Geochemistry of Disang Oil Shales In Parts of Naga Hills, Nagaland State, North-East India

N. Pandey and Vekhoto Shijoh
Department of Geology, Nagaland University, Kohima

Oil shale is a kind of rock, having high content of carbonaceous organic matter, which when heated exudes hydrocarbon oils. Under natural subsurface conditions over a period of millions of years the same rock generates crude oil that accumulates in oil fields. In North East India, the presence of such rocks in the subsurface can be logically inferred as they are the source of prolific oil fields which are under production for more than a century.

Rocks having identical properties were recorded within late Cretaceous to Eocene Disang Group over an area of nearly 150 sq. km in Kohima and Phek districts of Nagaland state. Preliminary investigations on their sedimentary characteristics and geochemistry reveal that these could in all probability form a good source of crude oil in the future.

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