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Performance, Problems Encountered, Lessons Learnt in Acquiring of Full Wave Seismic Image

Paparaju Buddhavarapu
Regional Electronics Lab, Geophysical Services, ONGC, Vadodara, India

To share the experiences of testing and commissioning state of the art wire line telemetry systems and there after acquiring of the seismic full wave image. The article brings out system specific features, system related problems and solutions found.

The article is based on the practical experiences of engineers and geophysicists of ONGC, Western Onshore Basin in the acquisition of full wave seismic data using the state of the art System Four (Scorpion) Seismic data acquisition systems manufactured By IONGEO (earlier known as Input Output Inc) based at Houston, USA.

The article lists the strategies adopted for system configuration, testing and commissioning, data flow paths set for recording of data, redundancies built in the recording of data prior to deployment in field. Later the article recounts fine tuning of the system, major problems encountered along with their solutions.

The article concludes with the strategies being used for sharing of the knowledge using platforms built specifically for the purpose of knowledge sharing, both in house and of external agencies.

Audience will learn the extensive testing methodologies used during commissioning, how new technologies were absorbed and how specific problems were encountered / surmounted and the strategies which have evolved for knowledge sharing which has been one of the thrust area in our organization in the recent past.
The information is based on the day to operations of ONGC at four geophysical field parties deployed in the Western Onshore basin based at Vadodara, Gujarat. Together the four field parties have capacity to acquire 35000 seismic channels using analog and digital sensors. (Standard vector seismic modules - 3 component sensor)

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