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Geotechnical Evaluation of Baktiari Hill Kurdistan District / Iraq

Dr. Azhar A.G. Al-Khateeb
Chief Geologist, State Co. of Geological Survey and Mining, District 322, Baghdad, Iraq

A comprehensive geotechnical study was carried out in Northeastern part Iraq for a site in Sulaimaniya Governorate for foundation purposes where a grand hotel is to be constructed of twenty eight floors. The site is evaluated by studying the core of 9 boreholes with 200 m length. Three engineering parameters, Rock Quality Designation RQD, Fissuration factor C-Factor, Number of fractures per meter F/m, and two laboratory tests, Unconfined compressive strength sc and Porosity Po are measured, each of them classify the rocks into five ranks from very weak to excellent, with a rank value from one to five, were adopted to reach the final evaluation of the boreholes. Each borehole was divided into geotechnical horizons according to the similarity of the engineering parameters value, weathering state, color, bedding, etc... Subsurface correlation chart were drawn depending upon the evaluation of each horizon which was gained by matching the rank values of each parameter to get the final rank values of it, from weak to excellent, which is used for the first time by the authors.

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