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Server Consolidation and Virtualization for G&G Applications - A Case Study

Gurjeet Kaur, Poonam Tomar, Davinder Singh, and Mudit K. Mathur
GEOPIC, ONGC, Dehradun, India

Server Consolidation has become an integral part of IT planning for better system administration, reduced cost implication and overall improvement in efficiency in today’s Seismic Data Centres. This enables an organization to move from a One Server, One Application model toward a One Server, Multiple Applications model. Server Virtualization is a way of consolidating computing resources by running multiple instances of an OS / multiple instances of different OS on one physical server. This helps organizations in reducing the TCO of the systems over their entire lifecycle.

Virtualization partitions a server into several virtual machines (domains), each able to run its own OS and application environment. If one virtual system fails, another can be configured to take over instantly and perform the same tasks without any significant downtime. Further, these domains can be dynamically reconfigured on-the-fly without shutting down the other domains.

Server Virtualization is a perfect solution for a Seismic Interpretation Centre where a number of G&G applications are used. These applications have specific OS, patch and environment requirements. These requirements can be configured on different domains on a single physical server. The other benefits include saving on physical space, reduced hardware costs and power consumption.

This paper examines the practical approach to server consolidation and virtualization in one of the Seismic Interpretation Centres of ONGC. In this case study, the server has been configured into different virtual domains catering to requirement of different G&G Applications. Domains are centrally managed thereby reducing system administration costs, lowering downtimes, improving overall efficiency and maximizing the utilization of resources. Failsafe domain has also been configured to provide uninterrupted application services to the geoscientists.

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