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Exploration of Non-Conventional Hydrocarbon in India Is a Challenge or Opportunity

Vijay K. Singh
Western Offshore Basin, O.N.G.C. Ltd, Mumbai, India

India faces formidable challenge in meeting its energy need and in providing adequate energy of desired quantity in various forms in a sustainable manner and at competitive price. To deliver a sustained economic growth rate of 8% to 10% through 2030 and to meet the lifeline energy needs, India needs, at the very least, to increase primary energy supply by 3 to 4 times. To meet this energy target, only conventional hydrocarbon exploration will not be a correct and suitable option, in future. The explore of the non-conventional hydrocarbon, in form of CBM( Coal Bad Methane), LBM(Lignite Bed Methane), Shale Gas , Gas Hydrate & BCG( Basin Centered Gas) will have major thrust.

In India, as per geographical area is concern, the prosperity of non-conventional hydrocarbon is very high, out of 26 sedimentary basins comprise 3.14 million square Km, only six basins are well explored and recognized as proven category in view of hydrocarbon potential. Rest basins, which are comprised about 56% of total sedimentary basin, are either poorly explored or unexplored.

Exploration of Non-Conventional Hydrocarbon needs high grade technology, infrastructure and huge financial investment. Under these assumptions, the exploration of Non- Conventional hydrocarbon in India, needs detail techno-economic analysis, in view of future opportunity, demand, technology and geo-political scenario with respect to the world.

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