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Advance Perforation Techniques for Production Maximization

Asit K. Samadder
Logging Services, ONGC, Nazira, India

Different techniques are adopted for perforation like conventional perforation with casing gun in positive head, through tubing perforation with negative head, special type of through tubing perforation using pivot-mounting folded big shot charges, tubing conveyed perforation technique, stimgun perforation technique, combining perforation & perforation breakdown using propellant sleeve, perforation with extremely over balance pressure., drillable perforating system to have in one-trip perforating, packer placement and cementing. All the techniques have been discussed and compared with their relative advantages and disadvantages with special emphasis on through tubing perforation (TTP).

This technique of through tubing perforation recently adopted in the oil fields of N-E,India, has added in production enhancement and saving the rig time.