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Tidal Energy Potentials and Challenges in the Gulf of Cambay, India

A. C. Julka and Tarun K. Mathuria
Western Onshore Basin Vadodara, ONGC, Vadodara, India

The Gulf of Cambay is located to the northwest corner of the India Peninsula. It has vast potential of tidal energy as a Renewable Energy Resource. In many parts of the Gulf tides can reach upto 11 mtrs. Extremely strong currents reaching upto 10 Knots are regular phenomenon. The amount of energy obtainable from these tides are enormous.

Potential of tidal energy in the gulf of Cambay has been predicted earlier and the potential lies approximately in between 5880 MW to 7000 MW. Suitable locations for tidal plant construction and the forms of larger tides in particular areas enhances the potential. The Technology applied in other parts of the worlds are mostly ebb generating system (out going tides), alternatively flood generating system or both in combination are less favoured because of several constraints.

Challenges lies in acquiring the new technology to mitigate the geological risks, high construction costs, environmental, ecological and economic problems because they make the barrage or fence system in the estuaries of major rivers of Gulf of Cambay less attractive as a renewable energy. Keeping in view the geographical position of the Gulf of Cambay and its opening towards offshore tidal stream and tidal lagoons systems seems to be good option.

However, the technological development, its transfer and economical feasibility are the concern for all type of options that can be used to harness the tidal energy of Gulf of Cambay.

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