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AAPG/SEG International Conference and Exhibition

Energy for the Next Fifty Years

13-16 September 2015, Melbourne, Australia

Hosted by PESA

Posted Oct. 5, 2015
Search and Discovery Article #90217 (2015)

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ABSTRACTS (by Author)



Reinga Basin: Access Through Innovation

New Insights on Potential Sources of Hydrocarbons in the Gippsland Basin

Seven Cretaceous Low-Order Depositional Sequences From the Browse Basin, North West Shelf, Australia: A Framework for CO2 Storage Studies

High-Resolution Stratigraphy and Sedimentology of Upper Khartam Member of the Permo-Triassic Khuff Formation; Outcrop Reservoir Analog Approach From Central Saudi Arabia

Overpressure Prediction Challenges in Deepwater Sundaland

Detailed Stratigraphic and Structural Analysis of the Early Cretaceous Gippsland Basin Outcrops, West Gippsland, Victoria, Australia

An Insight Into the Southern Fringe of Peshawar Basin as A New Frontier for Hydrocarbon Exploration In North Pakistan

Rare Earth Element Geochemistry of Northwestern Niger Delta Source Rocks

Integrating Diffusion-Based NMR and Multi-Frequency Dielectric Measurements to Identify Moveable Heavy Oil Zones in Lower Fars Formation: A Case Study From Kuwait

Integral Sequence Stratigraphy of the Arab-D and Hanifa Reservoirs in the Khurais Area: Stratigraphic Solutions for Modeling and Development

Integrated Reservoir Characterization and Modeling of the Umm Gudair Minagish Oolite Reservoir, Kuwait

3-D Seismic Reservoir Characterization and Delineation in Carbonate Reservoir

Innovations in South Australian Cooper Basin Acreage Management

Geochemical Stimulation in Siliciclastic Reservoirs to Enhance CO2 Injectivity

Estimation of Migration Velocity by Forward Modelling of Old Seismic Stacks

Cenozoic Carbonate Deposition in the Eastern Papuan Basin

A New Borehole Resistivity Imager for Non-Conductive Mud System: Field Case for Unconventional Reservoir Characterization in Saudi Arabia

50 Years of Carnarvon Basin

Building a Realistic Geological and Reservoir Model for a Stratigraphic Unit Displaying Varying Depositional Environments: Greater Burgan Field, Kuwait

Geophysical Exploration of a Potential Geothermal Energy Source in Eastern Mexico

Integrated Rock Classification in the Eagle Ford Shale Formation Using Well Logs and Geological Evaluation

3-D Trishear: Parameters and Possibilities

Adaptive Dip Estimations on Post-Stack Seismic Data

Determination of Stress and Strain Evolution From Faults and Calcite Twins on the Western Margin of the Indochina Block

Cyclic Deposits and Hummocky Cross-Stratification of Probable Storm Origin in Upper Paleogen Rocks of the Ujoh Bilang Formation, Upper Kutai Basin, Borneo, Indonesia

Predicting Fractured Carbonate Reservoir Characteristic in Tiaka Field, Sulawesi, Indonesia

A New Generation of Digital Maps Showing Potential Petroleum Habitats in New Zealand's Offshore North-Western Province (Reinga-Northland-Taranaki Basins)

Half Graben Series and Its Implications to Petroleum System in Barito Basin, Indonesia

Overpressure in the Abadan Plain, Iran

Evaluation of Spectral Proxies in Unconventional Hydrocarbon Plays: A Case Study From the Southern Georgina Basin, Australia

Borehole Stability and Field Stress Analysis With Azimuthal Logging-while-Drilling Technology: A Case History in Multilayered Reservoirs


Tectonostratigraphic Evolution of the South China Sea

Sedimentology Facies Model From Modern Tropical Rift Basin of Lake Singkarak, Research Study for Central Sumatera and Ombilin Basins, Sumatera, Indonesia

Discussion About Some Factors Affecting Wettability Alteration

Structure and Tectonic Evolution Controls on Hydrocarbon Accumulation in Fractured Basement: A Case study From Melut Basin in South Sudan and Bongor Basin in Chad

The Australian Structural Permeability Map

Testing the Tertiary Basin Floor Fan Play in the Gulf of Papua, PNG

The Internal Architecture of Kumunsu and Kinurat Formation Mass-Transport Complexes Offshore Sarawak/Sabah, South China Sea

Discriminating Stratigraphic and Acquisition Discontinuities From Natural Fractures Using Multi-Attributes Neural Networks

Stratigraphy, Age and Provenance of Madura Shelf Sediments, WA: Implications for the Evolution of the Bight Basin and Australia's Southern Margin

Geological Modelling for 3-D Seismic Survey Design and Acquisition—A Case Study From Offshore Malaysia

Integration of Sequence Stratigraphy, Petrophysics and Geomechanical Analysis for Planning and Design of Shale Gas Reservoir Stimulation: A Cooper Basin Case Study

Integrated Shelly Fossil Biostratigraphy and Carbon and Oxygen Chemostratigraphy: Applying a Multi-Proxy Toolkit to Correlating the Lower Cambrian of South Australia

The Stratigraphic Forward Modelling for Investigating Hidden Reservoir Geometries and Connectivity: Springbok Formation (Surat Basin, Queensland)

Comparison of the Crustal Scale Architecture and Basin Fill of the Exmouth-North Carnarvon Basin with the Browse Basin, Australia: New Insights from Deep Reflection and Refraction Seismic Data, Gravity and Magnetic Data

Assessing New Zealand's Petroleum Endowment: The Atlas of Petroleum Prospectivity

Caravel-1: Lessons Learned in the Deepwater Canterbury Basin

Vincent Quad-Lateral: Use of Hi-Tech Geo-Steering, Drilling, Completion and Anti-Collision Technology to Re-Develop a Thin Oil Field, Offshore Carnarvon Sub-Basin, Australia

Characteristics of the Frontier Northern Houtman Sub-Basin Formed on a Magma-Rich Segment of the Western Australian Margin

Palaeo-Gas Discovery in Pinjarra-1, South Perth Basin, Evidence From the Fluid Inclusion Record

Gas, Salinity and Temperature Evolution of the Formation Water in the Plover Formation and Brewster Member, Browse Basin, Australia

Innovative 3-D Reservoir Characterization in the Papua New Guinea Fold Belt

Australian Palaeogeographic Studies—Outcomes and Future Opportunities

Watsonella crosbyi and Definition of the Base of Terreneuvian, Stage 2 (Lower Cambrian) in South Australia

Rediscovering North Perth Basin in Unconventional Arena

Paleozoic Basins of Western Australia: Conventional Plays Abound

3-D Architecture of the Wilton Package and Geological Attribute Distribution in the Greater McArthur Basin, Northern Territory, Australia

A Global Interactive Database of Rift Obliquity for the Last 200 My

Mid-Late Holocene Development of the Mixed Carbonate Clastic System of the Faure Channel-Bank Complex and Wooramel Delta (Shark Bay, Australia)

Late Pleistocene and Holocene Reef Growth in Southern Kimberley, North West Australia

The Bauer Field: Case Study of a High Productivity, Low Relief Oil Field

A Regional Model for New Zealand's Taranaki Basin: The 4-D Taranaki Project

Highly Resolved Pleistocene Surface Drainage Revealed by Seismic Survey Data in the Offshore Gippsland Basin


Pressure and Basin Modelling in Foothills: A Study of the Kutubu Area, Papua New Guinea Fold and Thrust Belt

CarbonNet Storage Site Selection Process

Basement Architecture of the Onshore Gippsland Basin: Insights From 3-D Gravity Inversion

Success of Structural Stratigraphic Combination Trap, Arthit Field, Gulf of Thailand

A Novel C7-Based Star Diagram Applied on Oil-Oil Correlations From the Pearl River Mouth Basin, Southeastern China

Gas Hydrate Related Fluid Flow Study Offshore Southwestern Taiwan

Geomorphology, Architecture and Genesis of Miocene Isolated Shelf Sand Bodies in the Pearl River Mouth Basin, Northern South China Sea

Genetic Types and Origin of Natural Gases in the Nanpu Oil field, Bohai Bay Basin, China

Variability in Forearc Deformation During Subduction: Insight From Geodynamic Models and Application to the Calabria Subduction Zone

Can Subduction-Induced Mantle Flow Drive Backarc Extension?

Comparison of Source Rock Kerogen Kinetics Using a Data-Driven Model and Based on Rock-Eval Pyrolysis Data

Identifying the Sedimentary Facies Through Analysis of Seismic Facies in Non-Marine Sedimentary Basin: A Case Study From the Offshore Bohai Bay Basin, East China

Point-Bar Morphodynamics and Hydrodynamics in a Macrotidal Channel, Gomso Bay, West Coast of Korea: Their Impact on the Stratigraphic Architecture of Channel and Abandoned Channel-Fills

Comparison of Satellite Altimeter-Derived Gravity Data and Marine Gravity Data

Quantitative Pore-Throad-Fracture Characterization of Tight Sandstone: A Case Study in Tarim Basin of China

Diagenetic Controls on Reservoir Quality in Lower Cretaceous Bashijiqike Sandstones From Ultradeep Burial (Over 6000m), Kuqa Foreland Basin, China

Structural Evolution of the SE Margin of the Browse Basin

Multiphysics Characterization of an Albian Post-Salt Carbonate Reservoir, Brazil

A New Standard Method for Palynofacies Analysis: Preliminary Results From New Zealand

Enhancing Oil and Gas Production in Carbonate Turbidite Fields by the Study of High-Resolution Biostratigraphy, Facies and Fracture Variability: An Example From the NW Palawan Basin of the Philippines

Towards a Tectonic Geography of Neoproterozoic Australian Gondwana

Coquina Beach-Ridge System Sedimentary Architecture and Evolution in Hamelin Pool, Shark Bay

Seismic Stratigraphy and Tectonic History of the Tasman Frontier

Fundamental Discrimination Between Fluids Originating From Source Rocks of Jurassic Age versus Triassic Age in the Dampier Sub-Basin

Constraining Fault Seal Risk Using Seismic Velocities and Well Data

Integration of Gas Chimney Processing and Fault Stress Analysis to Evaluate Top Seal Integrity in the Gippsland Basin, Australia

The Missing Rheic Suture in the Central Atlantic and the Role of Structural Inheritance During Breakup

The Global Storage Readiness Index: A Global CCS Institute Analysis

Speculative Petroleum Systems of the Southern Pelotas Basin, Offshore Uruguay

A Stratigraphic Study of the Crayfish Group in the Penola Trough, Otway Basin

A Rare Insight Into the Sedimentology and Stratigraphy of a Salt-Withdrawal Minibasin: Outcrop Investigation of the Neoproterozoic Billy Springs Formation, South Australia

A Clastic Fluvial-Deltaic Highstand System From the Neoproterozoic of South Australia: An Excellent Outcrop Analog for Marginal Marine Deposits in the Subsurface

Advances in Vibroseis Technology Enhance Low Frequency Recording and Provide Significant Operational Benefits

The Exploration of and Lessons Learned From the Satyr and Achilles Gas Discoveries, WA-374-P, Carnarvon Basin, WA, Australia

Distribution of Sedimentary Heterogeneities in Shale Plays: Insight From Sequence Stratigraphy, Multi-Proxies Analysis and Stratigraphic Modeling of the Montney and Doig Formations (Trias, Alberta-British Columbia, Canada)

Paleocene Dinoflagellate Cyst Biostratigraphy in Eastern New Zealand

Cretaceous Fault Growth and Linkage in the Ceduna Shelf, Bight Basin, Southern Australia


Use of Comprehensive Two-Dimensional Gas Chromatography/Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry for the Characterization of Biodegradation and Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Petroleum

Swath Topographic Analysis, Critical Taper, and Structural Styles of the Papua New Guinea Fold-Thrust Belt: Influence of Mesozoic Stratigraphic Architecture?

Analogue Modeling of Fold and Thrust Development Above Existing Basement Structures for the PNG Fold and Thrust Belt

Fault Linkage Styles in Rifts: Observations From Northern North Sea Rift Basin

Upscaling of Pore Scale Digital Rock Properties to Whole Core Scale

Integration of Deep Crustal Seismic Imaging With Measured Heat-Flow Data Significantly Improves Thermal Maturation Modeling, Offshore Brazil and Uruguay

Fluid/Rock Interactions in Porous Carbonate Rocks: An Integrated Mechanical, Ultrasonic and Micro-Structural Study

Tithonian Sand-Dominated Marine Gravity Flow Deposits and Related Hybrid Flow Deposits in Producing Fields in the Dampier Sub-Basin, North West Shelf of Australia

Tectono-Sedimentary Events of the Xuan Cheng Basin (Anhui Province, China) From Early Paleozoic to Present: Implication for Shale Gas Exploration

Obtaining a Social License to Operate: What Can We Learn From the Mining Industry?

Early Permian Stratal Architecture and Depositional History, Northern Perth Basin, Western Australia

The Characteristic and Origin of Lacustrine Source Rocks in the Lower Cretaceous, Erlian Basin, Northern China

Source Rock Characteristics and Potential of the Lucaogou Organic-Rich Sediments in the Jimsar Sag, Junggar Basin, Northwestern China

Quantitative Seismic Sedimentology of the Neogene Shawan Formation in the Chepaizi Uplift, Junggar Basin, China

From Gondwana Paleozoic Basement Source-Rocks to Atlantic Mesozoic Rift Reservoirs—Examples From the Western Iberian Margin

Underappreciated Cenozoic Tectonism Along the Southern Australian Margin and Influences on Hydrocarbon Prospectivity

The Importance of Accuracy of Facts Supporting Justice Based Social License-to-Operate Arguments for CSG Development: Information From Four Decades of CBM Production in North America

Evaluating the Veracity of Scientific Reports Used to Argue Against a Social License to Operate for CSG: The Curious Case of the Pavillion Wyoming Deep Monitoring Well Study

Integrated Interpretation of Magnetics and Seismic Datasets in the Outer Browse Basin (Australia)

The Petroleum Potential of the Late Cretaceous-Palaeogene Sediments of the Reinga, Northland and Deepwater Taranaki Basins

A New Approach to Imaging and Pore Pressure Analysis in Depth Domain in Complex Geologic Areas: Use of Rock Physics Constrained Velocity Modeling and Reverse-Time Migration


A Geochemical Overview of Gippsland Basin Hydrocarbon Accumulations

Survey Design Optimization by Data Simulation

The Pre-Permian history of the North Perth and South Carnarvon Basins, Western Australia

A Hierarchical Approach for Evaluating Carbon Storage Resource Estimates in Deep Saline Formations

Using Biodegradation to Date Hydrocarbon Entry Into Reservoirs: Examples From the Cooper/Eromanga Basin, Australia

Water Washing: A Major Hydrocarbon Alteration Process. Part 2 – Processes, Controls and Hydrocarbon Type Prediction

The North Rankin Gas Field, Carnarvon Basin, Australia—Late Authigenic Pyrite Evidence of Early Oil Entrapment and Oil-Charged Fluid Flow

Geodynamic Reconstructions and Deep Crustal Structure Interpretation of the East Africa Margin, and Implications on the Margin Stratigraphic Architecture

Increasing Reserves Through the Characterization & 3-D Static Model of Thin Beds in a Middle Burgan Reservoir, Raudhtain Field, North Kuwait


Reservoir and Gas Migration Characterization of Tight Sandstone in Kuqa depression of Tarim basin, China

Basin Architecture From Gravity Gradiometer and Seismic Data, South-Western Margin of the Fitzroy Trough and Gregory Sub-Basin, Canning Basin, Western Australia

Origin of Formation Water Salinity Variation in Ultra-Low Permeability Clastic Reservoirs

Drought Alluvial Fan Reservoir Architecture Model Based on Architecture Analysis of Modern Deposition, Outcrop and Underground Reservoir

Basin Screening for Seal Rock Quality, New Zealand Region

Feasibility of Storing Carbon Dioxide on a Tectonically Active Margin: New Zealand

A Reappraisal of Large, Heterolithic, Channel Fills in the Upper Permian Rangal Coal Measures of the Bowen Basin, Queensland, Australia: The Case for Tidal Influence

Facies and Stratigraphic Analysis of the Permian Succession in the Denison Trough, SW Bowen Basin, Queensland, Australia

Deriving 3-D Structural Geology Data From Full Tensor Gravity Gradiometry: A Case Study From a Rift System

An Early Permian, Postglacial, River-dominated Paleopolar Delta: Hyperpycnites and Shelf Channels at the Mackellar-Fairchild Transition, Turnabout Ridge, Central Transantarctic Mountains, Antarctica

Evolution of Large-Scale Topography and River Drainage Direction From Mantle Flow Models

Stratigraphic Prediction of Deepwater Clastic Systems Along the Exhumed 900 km Karoo/Falklands Basin Margin

The Crown Gas & Condensate Discovery, Browse Basin, NWS, Offshore Western Australia

Impact of Structural Complexity on Migration Pathways—Basin Modelling Study Based on a Natural Example, Northern Termination of the Moab Fault (USA)

Late Neogene Structural Inversion Around the Northern Gulf of Tonkin, Vietnam: Effects From Right-Lateral Displacement Across the Red River Fault Zone

SE Cambodia and SW Vietnam Geology, Burial and Uplift History


Perched water, the concept and its effects on exploration and field development plans in sandstone, and carbonate reservoirs

Using Time-Dependent Borehole Failure to Understand Diffusion-Driven Weakening and Strain in Reservoir Rocks and Seals

Exploration of the Frontier Phu Khanh Basin

Diagenesis of Unconformity Semi-Weathered Rock Layer and Its Influence on Reservoir Physical Property: A Case of Unconformity on the Top of Triassic in Xia 9 Wellblock, Junggar Basin, NW China

Gas Generation as the Dominant Overpressure Mechanism in Jiaoshiba Shale Gas Region, Sichuan Basin, China

Continent-Ocean Transition at the Northern Margin of the South China Sea

The Application of Nitrogen Compounds to Indicate Oil Migration on the Biodegraded Oils: A Case Study From Hashan Region, Junggar Basin

Multiscale Characterization of Coquinas Reservoirs in Analogues Outcrops, Sergipe Alagoas (Brazil) and Lusitanian (Portugal) Basins

Resource Cost Analysis of Continuous-Type Resources in the Cooper Basin, Australia

Braided River Delta Sand-Body Distribution and Reservoir Predication in a Transfer Zone: Example From the Paleogene Wenchang Formation, HZ-A Block, Huizhou Sag, Pearl River Mouth Basin, China

Carboniferous-Permian Carbonate Platform Development, Loei-Phetchabun Foldbelt, NE Thailand

Papua New Guinea: Mesozoic Rift Basin Evolution and Its Control on Basin Fill

Quantitative Formation Evaluation of Hith-Gotnia Evaporites by Integrating Logging-While-Drilling and Cased Hole Wireline Measurements

Petroleum Systems of the Perth Basin, Western Australia

The Triangle Zone of the Argentine Precordillera: Insights From the Integration of Geological and Geophysical Data

Basin Modelling and Geothermal Evolution of the Exmouth-North Carnarvon and Browse Basins, Australia: Insights from a New Integrated Crustal Scale Study

Reservoir Oriented Non-Linear Full Waveform Inversion of Seismic Data

Integrity of Wells in the Nearshore Area Gippsland Basin

Mineralogical and Petrophysical Characterisation of a Fine Grained Sandstone With Significant Clay Coating Using 3-D Micro-CT and SEM Imaging From a 5mm Plug

Nirvana Regulation for Petroleum Operations

Frontier Exploration on a Petroleum Block in Eastern Mongolia

Petroleum Potential Onshore Southern Madagascar Morandava Basin

Compound Specific Carbon Isotope Analysis of Palaeo Gases Trapped in Fluid Inclusions: Implications for the Source of Gas in the Browse Basin, Australia

A Visual Journey into the Unexplored Realm of Rocks: Pore Network Investigation in Marcellus Shale Rock Matrix

Deepwater Taranaki Basin, New Zealand—New Interpretation and Modelling Results for Large Scale Neogene Channel and Fan Systems: Implications for Hydrocarbon Prospectivity

Drilling a Volcanic Complex at Toro-1 Provides Insights Into Jurassic Rifting in the Exmouth Sub-Basin, Western Australia

Basin Inversion in the Alpine Foreland of Austria: The Impact of Tectonic Wedge Mechanics in Petroleum Systems

Episodic Regional Burial and Subsequent Exhumation Exert a Major Influence on Hydrocarbon Prospectivity

A New Look at the Petroleum Potential of the Caswell Sub-Basin, Browse Basin

Reservoir Characterisation of the East Coast and Pegasus basins, Eastern North Island, New Zealand

Structural Architecture of the Ceduna Sub-Basin: The Effects of Older Fault Orientations, and More Recent Exploitation of Weaknesses

Recent Advances in the Understanding of the Structure and Stratigraphy of West Luconia, Offshore Sarawak: Implications for Petroleum Systems and Prospectivity

The Source of Oil and Gas Accumulations in the Browse Basin, North West Shelf of Australia: A Geochemical Assessment

Environmental Controls, Growth History and Fabrics of Lake Richmond Microbialites, Western Australia

Late Neogene History of the Bird's Head Area, West Papua, Indonesia: An Insight From Detrital Zircon

Paleogene Igneous Rock's New Model for Hydrocarbon Accumulation in the South Slope of Huanghekou Sag in Bohai Bay

Elemental Capture Spectroscopy and Electrical Image Logs in Shale Gas Reservoir Characterization, Longmaxi Formation of Lower Silurian, China


Innovative Sub-Micron SEM-EDS Mineral Mapping and Analysis Applied to Australian Shale Samples

Enhanced Reservoir Characterization by Continuous Mineral Composition Logs

Formation Conditions of High-CO2-Content Hydrocarbon Pool and Its Implication for CO2 Geological Storage

Study of Origin and Accumulation Period of Mass CO2 in Paleogene of Bohai Area: A Case Study of QHD29-2 Oil Field in Qinnan Depression

Utilising BP's 3-D Seismic to Give New Insights Into the Great Australian Bight

Tracing the Exhumation of Central Southern Australia and Fingerprinting Detrital Pathways and Sediment Sinks in the Ceduna Basin

Petroleum Systems Modelling for Unconventional Play Analysis in the Cooper Basin

Models for Fault Development and Linkage in Extensional Systems and Their Relationship With Sediment Migration and Supply Into Potential Hydrocarbon Reservoirs

Structural Inversion and Channel Evolution in a Transition Zone Across the Boundary Between Passive and Active Continental Margins: An Example From Offshore Southwestern Taiwan

Coal Failure With Continued Depletion of Coalbed Methane Reservoirs and Resulting Jump in Permeability

The Palaeogeographic and Palaeoclimatic Evolution of Australasia: Palaeo-Productivity Modelling and the Predictive Mapping of Source Rock Environments

A New Look at the Offshore Canning Area: Locality of the Largest Offshore Oil Discovery in Australia in Over 30 Years

Tectonic Evolution of the Tarera Audina Fault, Aru Trough and Adi Trough, Indonesia

Tiaka–Tiara Fault Bend Fold Structures and Its Implication to Hydrocarbon Entrapment Within Eastern Arm of Sulawesi, Indonesia

Carbonate Reservoir Characterization Using Sequential Hybrid Seismic Rock Physics and Artificial Neural-Network: A Case Study of Tiaka Field

Marine and Continental Ichnology of Permian-Triassic, High-Latitude Depositional Systems During Greenhouse Conditions: Victoria Group (Beacon Supergroup), Central Transantarctic Mountains, Antarctica

The Neoichnology of the Modern Fluvial and Estuarine Sediments in Moreton Bay, Queensland, Australia: Relationships of Terrestrial, Freshwater and Marine Organisms to Physicochemical Characters of Sedimentary Systems

New Chronostratigraphic Model for the Lower Qusaiba Member—Shale Gas Exploration Areas of Northern Saudi Arabia

Organic Pore Structures and Origin in the Lower Paleozoic Marine Shales of Jiaoshiba Region of Sichuan Basin, China

Modeling of Evolution Histories of Thermal Maturity and Hydrocarbon Generation for the Lower Paleozoic Black Marine Shales in Jiaoshiba Region of Sichuan Basin, China

Magnetotelluric Monitoring of a Hydraulic Fracturing in Moomba, South Australia

Hydrocarbon Type Discrimination Using AVO analysis, Sama Field, Offshore, Nile Delta, Egypt

Rock-Physics Guided Seismic Exploration

Reservoir Heterogeneity Resulting From Bottomset Deposition in the Lee of Dunes and Unit Bars

Mesozoic Sedimentary Cover of Puntland State of Somalia and Its Hydrocarbon Potential

Structural Style in the Eastern Papuan Fold Belt, From Wells, Seismic, Maps and Modelling

Chemostratigraphic Framework for Changing Depositional Conditions of Prospective Late Cretaceous-Paleogene Marine Source Rocks of the East Coast Basin, New Zealand

Site Characterisation for Carbon Sequestration in the Nearshore Gippsland Basin

3-D Mapping and Correlation of Intraformational Seals Within the Latrobe Group in the Nearshore Gippsland Basin

Thermochronological and Geochronological Constraints on the Origin and Evolution of the Cretaceous Ceduna Sub-Basin, Great Australian Bight

Reconciling Contemporary Stress Data With Neotectonic Structures: Evidence From Southeastern Australia

Hot Rocks in Cold Basins—A Guide for Petroleum Explorers in Regions Containing Intrusive and Extrusive Igneous Rocks

Distributional Patterns of Reservoir Sandbodies and Hydrocarbon Traps in the Simple Slope Area of a Continental Basin: A Case Study From the Western Slope of the Songliao Basin, China

Microseismic Monitoring at the CO2 Geological Storage Site—Initial Results Observed at Cranfield in the US

Regional Evaluation of the Entire Gulf of Mexico Basin—Analysis and Observations

Frontier Exploration off the Continental Shelf of the Great Australia Bight: Early Delivery of an Integrated Regional Seabed and Shallow Overburden Model for Conceptual Well Planning

Nanopores in Longmaxi Formation Shale, East Sichuan Basin, Southwest China

Quantitative Modelling of Depositional Processes and Sedimentary Facies of Shallow Water Deltas

Hydrocarbon Accumulation Model of Large-Scale Anticline Structure in Strike Slip-Extension Complex Tectonic Area and Exploration Significance: A Case Study of Laizhouwan Sag in Bohai Bay Basin

Typical Tectonic Styles of Strike-Slip Zone and Their Significances on Hydrocarbon Accumulation in Eastern Laizhou Bay, Bohai Offshore Area of China

Channels and Scours—A Newly Described Exposure Revealing the Axis of the Proximal Leveed Channel Complex of Fan 3, Tanqua Karoo turbidites, South Africa

Calculating Estimated Ultimate Recovery in Unconventional Petroleum Systems using Common ‘Recovery’ Segment Mapping. An example from the Montney Play, Western Canada

Variability of Jurassic Hydrocarbon Plays and Controls on Their Prospectivity in Kuwait

Mud-Diapirism Induced Structuration and Implications for the Definition and Mapping of Hydrocarbon Traps in Makran Accretionary Prism, Pakistan

Hith and Gotnia Formations: Emerging Frontier Tight Oil Exploration Targets in Kuwait


Coal Seam Gas in the Galilee Basin, Australia: Insights From Burial History and Exhumation Analysis


Seismic Expressions of Thermogenic Seeps

Fines Production in the Walloon Subgroup, Surat Basin Queensland

Transverse Palaeovalleys Pass Up-Dip Into Conformable Strata in a Foreland Basin Setting

Pre-Migration Receiver Deghosting and Amplitude Fidelity: A Case Study From NWS Australia

New Theory Systems of Base Level Cycle and Its Preliminary Application

The Morphology and Evolution of Turbidity Channel System and Seabed Pockmarks: Case Study From the X Oilfield in Niger Delta Basin, West Africa

Seafloor Pockmarks and Linear Pockmark Trains Linked to Buried Turbiditic Palaeo-channel in the Niger Delta Basin, West African

Tectonic Effects on Gas Accumulation, Production and Hydraulic Fracturing of the Lower Paleozoic Marine Shales on the Yangtze Platform in South China

Exploring for Unconventional Plays in the McArthur Basin, Northern Territory, Australia: The Application of an Integrated Regional Evaluation in a Data-Sparse Frontier Basin

The Turrum Field—Reeling in the Latest Fish on the Line

Basement Terranes, Basement Composition and Present-Day Heat Flow Models for the New Zealand Extended Continental Shelf


Early Bajocian to Early Maastrichtian Calcareous Nannofossils Biostratigraphy of Onshore Kuwait

Seismic Expression in Edge Enhancing Attribute to Resolve the Major Strike-Slip, Morris Fault Zone in Sumandak Cluster Field, Sabah Offshore Basin

Lithological Assemblage of Coal Measures and Its Influences on Coalbed Methane Development in Shouyang Block, Qinshui Basin, Central China

Pre-Salt Limestone Plays in Campos and Santos Basins, Brazil: Additional Potential Identified

New Pre-Salt Exploration Opportunities in the Deepwater of the Campos Basin, Brazil

Tectonic Characteristics and Evolution Banda Sea Region

The Mananda Anticline, Papua New Guinea: A Third Oil Discovery, Appraisal Programme and Deep Potential

Paleo Stress Contribution to Fault and Natural Fracture Distribution in the Cooper Basin

Hydrocarbon Exploration Challenges in Fold and Thrust Belts—Bhittani Range, Trans Indus Range, Pakistan

Laser Scanning and Hyperspectral Imaging of Eagle Ford Formation, West Texas

Sedimentological Evaluation From Six Cored Wells for CO2 Geological Storage in the Southwest Ulleung Basin, East Sea

Fracture Mapping in Sedimentary Basins from 1-D Anisotropic Magnetotelluric Modelling

The Gobe Field, PNG: Influence of Basement Architecture on Fold and Thrust Belt Structural Style

Palaeogeographic Mapping and Depositional Trends of the Patchawarra Formation Within the Tenaperra Region

Mechanisms of Gas Accumulation in the Yinggehai Overpressured Basin, South China Sea

Drowned or Smothered: The Semantics and the Processes of Carbonate Demise

Hydrocarbon Generation and Long Distance Migration in the Foreland Part of the Papuan Basin

Reassessment of Exploration Risks in Taranaki Basin Related to Gondwana Margin Evolution and Establishment of an Active Plate Boundary in New Zealand Using Integrative 3-D Basin Modelling

Insights Into the Tectonic Stress History and Regional 4-D Natural Fracture Distribution in the Australian Cooper Basin Using Etchecopar's Calcite Twin Stress Inversion Technique, 2-D/3-D Seismic Interpretation and Natural Fracture Data From Image Logs and Core

Overpressure Mechanisms in Deep Drilling in Western Offshore India

Integrated Pore Pressure Prediction Approach for Successful Drilling in Tectonic Area

Geomechanics Considerations for Safe Drilling of ERD Wells in Western Offshore, India

Source Rocks of the Cooper Basin


Stratigraphic Trap Identification Based on Restoration of Paleogeophology and Further Division of System Tract: A Case Study in Qingshui Subsag

Morphology, Sedimentology and Architecture of Megafan-Shoreline Systems: A Case Study of the Mitchell River Delta, Gulf of Carpentaria, Australia

Seismic Visualisation of Mixed-Influence Coastal-Deltaic Depositional Systems

3-D Characterisation of CO2 Containment in the South West Hub, Perth Basin

Biogenic Mounds in the Central Ceduna Sub-Basin: Implications for Hydrocarbon Migration

Evaluating the Consistency of Plate Models With Geologic Observations

Local Process-Regime Variations in Shelf-Edge Deltas: Implications for Shelf-Margin Progradation, Stratigraphic Traps, and Deepwater Sediment Delivery

The CA-IDTIMS Method and the Calibration of Endemic Australian Palynostratigraphy to the Geological Timescale

The Paleozoic Hudson Bay Basin in Northern Canada: New Insights Into Hydrocarbon Potential of the Last North-America Conventional Frontier Basin

Laboratory Experiments for Calibration of Petrophysical Properies for CO2 Sequestration Monitoring: CO2CRC Otway Project Case Study

Petroleum Potential of the Gage Submarine Fan, Offshore Perth Basin, Western Australia From Palaeogeographic Mapping and Geological Modelling

Paleogeographic Evolution of Early Campanian to Maastrichtian Supersequences in the Caswell Sub-Basin—Implications for CO2 Storage and Hydrocarbon Entrapment

Seismic Data Inversion for Characterization of CO2 Storage Prospect of Ulleung Basin

Evaluation and Analysis of Frontal Structures in the Papuan Fold-and-Thrust Belt—An Integrated Approach to Refining Structural Uncertainty

Depositional and Diagenetic Controls on Reservoir Quality of Deep-Lake Turbidite Sandstones: Examples From Palaeogene Sha 3 Sandstones in Bonan Oilfield, Bohai Gulf Basin, China

Recent Advances and Future Prospects of Tight Oil in China

Gravitational Detachment Fault Controls Hydrocarbon's Accumulation in the Slope Area: A Case Study of Laizhouwan Depression, Bohai Bay Basin

Integrated Provenance Analysis of Fluvial Sandstones From the Middle Jurassic Shaximiao Formation in Western Sichuan Depression, China

Time-Lapse Seismic Interpretation Method of Thin Reservoir and Its Application in Monitoring Channel Reservoir of Deep Water in West Africa

Two Sources of Magnesium for Dolomitization in the Permian Changxing and Triassic Feixianguan Formations in the Northeastern Sichuan Basin, China

Shale Oil Geological Characteristics and Resource Potential of Mesozoic Yanchang Formation in Ordos Basin, North-Central China

Distinguish TSR by FT-ICR MS Combined With Carbon/Sulfur Isotopic Analysis for Condensate Oils in the Tarim Basin, China

The Characterization of Carbonate Fracture-Cavity Reservoirs in Tahe Oilfield

Determining the Timing and Impact of Break-Up Related Igneous Activity on Reservoir Development Within the Browse Basin

A New AVO Attribute for Hydrocarbon Prediction and Application to the Marmousi II Dataset

Predrill Prediction of Formation Pressure Using Seismic Data: A Case of Huaguang Depression, Northern South China Sea

Origin and Evolution of Overpressure in the Changji Depression, Junggar Basin, Northwest China

Using Pre-Stack Seismic Data to Predict the West African Deepwater Reservoir

Expulsion Process of Overpressures Indicated by Vertical Venting Structures in the Dongfang Area of Yinggehai Basin, Northwestern South China Sea

Timing of Xunhua and Guide Basin Development and Growth of the Northeastern Tibetan Plateau, China

Integrated Sedimentary Characterization and Reservoir Architecture Analysis of Coastal Sandstone in the Hadeson Area, Tarim Basin, NW China

Why Bother? The Five Reasons Why Play Based Exploration Worthwhile in a Modern, Busy, Understaffed and Overworked Exploration Company Environment

The Stratigraphic Scheme of the Albertine Graben-East Africa

Geochemical Characterization and Correlation of Crude Oils and Potential Source Rocks From the Semliki, Southern Lake Albert and Kaisotonya Basins in the Albertine Graben, Uganda

Multiple Stratigraphic Reservoirs Related With Weathered Granite Buried-Hill in Betara Uplift, South Sumatra Basin, Indonesia


Fault Controlling of Non-Exposed Karst Reservoir in Halahatang District in North Tarim Basin

Quantitative Research on History of Adsorption Capacity on High Rank Coal Reservoirs: A Case Study From Hancheng area in Ordos Basin, China

Predicting Sub-Surface Fracture Systems by Modelling the Associated Deformation in Move: Examples From La Concepción Oilfield in Venezuela

Geological Application for the New Fault Response Modelling Module in Move

History of Petroleum Exploration and Development in the Cooper and Eromanga Basins

A Permian-Early Triassic Deep Shelf System Along the NWS Margin With Oil-Prone Potential

Integrated Sequence Stratigraphy of the Cretaceous Lower Goru Deposits, Lower Indus Basin, Pakistan

Regional-Scale Structural Modelling Along a Geological Transect Across the NW Fold and Thrust Belt, PNG

Fluvio-Lacustrine Incision and Deltaic Processes: Insights From an Integrated Sequence Stratigraphic and Modern Analogue Approach, Early Cretaceous, Eromanga Basin, Australia

Where's the Data? Acquisition and Processing of Seismic Data in the PNG Highlands

Mapping Sub-Surface Geology From Magnetic Data in the Hides Area, Western Papuan Fold Belt, Papua New Guinea

Time-Varying Waveform Representations as an Aid for Identification of Uncertainty Related to Seismically Tuned Events in the Presence of Hydrocarbons

Seismic Shift: Challenges to Meeting E&P Seismic Needs

New Broadband Seismic Unveils the Complexity of the Timor-Leste Offshore Subduction Zone

Reservoir quality controls for the Sandpiper Sandstones (Upper Jurassic), Bonaparte Basin, Offshore Australia: Pre-drill predictions and post-mortem

The Triassic Hawkesbury Sandstone, Sydney Basin

Analogue Models of Contractional Thrust Wedges—The Dynamic Effects of Syntectonic Sedimentation and Syntectonic Erosion

Deepwater Fold and Thrust Belts in Passive Margin Deltas and Contractional Terranes—4-D Evolutionary Patterns

Igneous Intrusions and Volcanic Complexes in the North West Shelf Passive Margin

Extensional Fault Architectures and the 4-D Evolution of the Exmouth Plateau and Exmouth Sub-Basin, NW Shelf, Australia

Unconventional Gas Reservoir Productivity in Australian Proterozoic Rocks – Studies From the McArthur, Beetaloo, Mount Isa and Amadeus

Evolution of the West Baram Line Syntaxis, Borneo

The Great Australian Bight: A Break-Up Story Told With Deep Seismic

A New Look at the Williams Fork Formation: Tight-Gas Sands in the American Rocky Mountains

A Review of the New Ireland Basin, Papua New Guinea: Architecture, Sediment History and Petroleum Systems

Understanding the Geographical Distribution of Historical and Modern Asphaltite Strandings Along the South Australian Coastline

The Vesta Structural Complex and the Elm Sandstone—Tectono-Stratigraphic Evolution in the Vulcan Sub-basin, Timor Sea, Australia

The Origin of Meso-Cenozoic Offshore Magmatism Along the Australian Southeastern Continental Margin: New Insights From Seismic and Geochemical Data

Stochastic Time Lapse Seismic Inversion for Monitoring CO2 Sequestration: CO2CRC Otway Project Modelling Study

Origins of Kaolinite Controlling Porosity and Permeability in the Mungaroo Formation, Carnarvon Basin, Australia

Marine Source Rocks in Platform-Ramp Settings—An Example From the Early Permian Arckaringa Basin, South Australia

Numerical Simulations of the Effects of CO2 Geological Storage on the Flow and Salinity of Formation Water in the Gippsland Basin

Making Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage a Reality: Integrating Science and Engineering into a Business Plan Framework

Grain Assemblages in Organic-Rich Mudstones Dominated by Extrabasinal Sediment Sources, Yanchang Formation (Triassic), Ordos Basin, China

Petrophysical Challenges and Triumphs in the Gippsland Basin

A Collaborative Approach to Seismic Interpretation for Offshore Field Development—A Case Study

Controls of Mechanisms of Salt Diapirism: Experimental Modeling and Natural Examples

Basin Inversion Along Passive Margins: Insights From 2/3-D Numerical Modelling

Improvement of Seismic Depth Imaging on Carbonate Reef Through the Application of Common Reflection Angle Migration: An Example From Salawati Basin, Indonesia

The Structural and Tectonic Evolution of the Andaman Sea During the Cenozoic, and Implications for Petroleum Systems

Contrasting Contemporaneous Fluvial Styles in a Tropical Depositional Basin—Implications for Modelling of Hydrocarbon Reservoirs

Bridging The Gap Between Morphodynamic and Stratigraphic Models: A Study of The Formative Conditions of Anabranching Rivers

Mesozoic Evolution of the West Australian Margin: A Landlubber's View

Gas Hydrate Recovery Optimisation by CO2 Injection and Methanogenesis

Rock-Typing: An Integrated Reservoir Characterization Tool for Tight Najmah Sargelu Formation in Dharif Abduliyah Oil Field, West Kuwait

How Australian Plate Interaction With Subducting Slabs and the South Pacific Superswell Drove Multi-Phase Uplift and Paleogeography in Eastern Australia

Construction of 2-D and 3-D Models of the Kutubu Oilfield, Papua New Guinea Fold Belt

Review Of West Sea Horse Field (Gippsland Basin) Using Quantitative Stochastic Trap Analysis for Stacked Pay

Multi-Scale Geological Characterization of the Lower Silurian Qusaiba Shale, the Rub' Al-Khali Basin, Saudi Arabia

Opportunities in Frontier North Papua Basin, Indonesia: Constraints From Oil Seep of the Teer River and Its Expected Petroleum System

Structural Evolution of the Ainsa Deep-Water Fold and Thrust Belt in the Central Pyrenees and Syn-Tectonic Evolution of the Related Sedimentary Systems


Reservoir Architecture of the Late Triassic Mungaroo Formation, a Case Study From the NW-Shelf, Western Australia

Fifty Years Since Australia's First Offshore Oil and Gas Discovery: Key Elements for Success in the Early Exploration of the Gippsland Basin

Springboard 3-D: New Insights Into the Seismic Stratigraphy of the Western Ceduna Sub-Basin

Unconventional Resource Potential of the Taroom Trough in the Southern Surat-Bowen Basin, Queensland, Australia

Remotely Monitored PAM

Browse Basin 2014 Marine Survey—Investigating Containment for Potential Late Cretaceous CO2 Storage Plays

The Impact of CA-IDTIMS on the Understanding of Permian and Triassic Lithostratigraphy and Correlation in Eastern Australian Coal Basins

High Resolution Sequence Stratigraphy Correlation and Sedimentary Model of Braided Rivers: A Case on the Yabus Formation in Pal Block of Palogue Oilfield, South Sudan 3/7 Area

High Resolution Seismic Attribute Analysis and Lithological Trap Identification of Thin Layer Braided River Delta Deposits: A Case on the Yogou and Sokor Formation in the Yogou 3-D Area of Agadem Block, Niger

Seismic Geomorphology of Fluvial Systems, Pattani Basin, Gulf of Thailand

Manui Basin's Petroleum System Elements: Insight From Surface Geological Observation for Frontier Hydrocarbon Exploration in Indonesia

Structural Evolution of Extensional Phanerozoic Rift Blocks: El Hamrawein Area, Northwest Red Sea, Eastern Desert, Egypt

Stacking Pattern and Sequence Stratigraphy Analysis of the Oligo-Miocene Rajamandala Limestone, Padalarang Area, West Java

Compositional Variations and Analysis on Carbonate Turbidite and Debrite of Oligo-Miocene Rajamandala Limestone (Rajamandala Formation), Padalarang Area, West Java

Sequential Evolution and Associated Sedimentation Styles in a Fluvial Channel Belt: Three-Dimensional Outcrop Study of the Cedar Mountain Formation, Utah

Economic Appraisal of Unconventional Gas Development in the United Kingdom

Overburden Estimation: A New Model for the UK Sector of the Central North Sea


Quantifying Subsidence and Assessing Sinkhole Potential in a Texas Oilfield Using Airborne LIDAR, Radar Interferometry and Microgravity

Sedimentology and Characteristics of Miocene Shallow Marine Carbonate as Reservoir Alternative Based on Outcrop Analogue in Madura and Puteran Island, Northeast Java Basin

Sublaucustrine Landslides and Implications for Deep Hydrocarbon Exploration

Formation Mechanism of Reforming Hydrocarbon Pools in the Ordovician Carbonate Reservoir of Tazhong Area, Tarim Basin

Research on the Mechanism and Patterns of Hydrocarbon Accumulation in Deep Petroliferous Basins

The Characteristics of Storage Space of Tight Oil in Shelly Limestone of Da'An'Zhai Member in Sichuan Basin, China

Changes in Structural Style Along the Frontal Papuan Fold Belt From Seismic Imaging

Palaeogeography of the Gippsland Basin Hydrocarbon Play Elements

A Case Study to Evaluate and Explore the Upside Potential of a Mature Field (Ras El Ush) Located in One of the Best Exposed Continental Rift of the Late Cenozoic Gulf of Suez Basin

Stratigraphic Evolution of the Barrow Deltas, Northern Carnarvon Basin, North West Shelf, Australia

Engineering CO2 Storage with Co-Contaminants

The Dark Art of Palaeobathymetry: How Can We Reconstruct the Shape of the Sea Floor in Structurally Active Regions?

Investigation of the Mineral Composition of Shales by Far Infrared Spectroscopy

Enhanced Carbonate Reservoir Characterization Based on a Dual Constrains Provided by Forward Stratigraphic Modeling and Seismic Inversion

Reducing Facies Uncertainty Distribution in Carbonate Fields Using Forward Stratigraphic Modeling Tool at Appraisal Scale

The Evolution Model of High-Quality Source Rocks in the Lower Part of the Third Member of Shahejie Formation in Bonan Sag, Jiyang Depression

Specific Surface Area and Characteristics of Nanopores Structures in Jiaoshiba Area, China

The Unconventional Global Endowment: Results of BHP Billiton's Global Assessment

Improving Land Seismic Repeatability Using Buried Geophones: CO2CRC Field Study

Beyond the Blue Horizon—A View From Two Perspectives

Simultaneous Autoregressive Models for Fluvial Channel-Belt Facies and Paleomorphodynamics of the Lower Wasatch Formation, Uinta Basin, Utah, USA

The Relationship Between Fluvial Channel-Belt Morphology and Internal Heterogeneity: Insights From Satellite, Seismic, Numerical Models, and Outcrop Datasets

Halokinetic Deformations During the Development of Detachment Folds on Multilayered Syn-Orogenic Evaporitic Sequences: Results From Analogue Modeling and Comparison With the Sanaüja Anticline (Ebro Foreldand Basin, Iberian Peninsula)

Uncovering Stratigraphic Plays With Point Source Point Receiver Acquisition in Environmentally Sensitive Areas

3-D Modelling of Geochemical and Reservoir Properties of the Lower Paleozoic Gas/Oil Shale in the Baltic Basin (N Poland)

REDBACK: An Open-Source Highly Scalable Geomechanical Modeling Simulator

The Role of Convection in Basin Modelling: Lessons From the Perth Basin

Evaluating Carbonates Embedded in Anhydrites to Identify Better Reservoir Sections: A Case Study

Geomechanical Modeling for Optimizing Production in Tight Sand Reservoir in K-Field, Malacca Strait, Indonesia.

Fracture Detection via Double Beam Focusing and Image Filtering

Basement Structure of the Barents Platform

The Role of Structural Inheritance in Strain Localization During Continental Breakup: Examples From Australia, Canada and Greenland

Crustal Structure of the Bonaparte Basin: Evidence From Deep Seismic Data and Gravity Models

East Natuna Basin: Perspective of CCS Application in High CO2 Gas Field in Indonesia


Pore Structure and Mobility of Pore Fluids Within Source Rocks of an Unconventional Middle Cambrian Petroleum System, Southern Georgina Basin, Central Australia

Characterization of Dolomite Bodies in Carboniferous Host Rock, Picos de Europa, Northern Spain

A Revised Calibration of the New Zealand Geological Timescale: NZGT2015

Enhancing the Penetration Depth of Stimulating Fluids in Carbonate Reservoirs Using Nickel Nanoparticles

The Pattern of In Situ Stress in Onshore Basins of New South Wales

The New Release of the Australian Stress Map: Controls on the Stress Pattern From the Plate to Field Scale

An Enhanced Seismic Attribute as a Different Perspective to Identify Carbonate Bulid-Up Reservoir: Case Study Mila A-01 Well, Mila Field, Southeast Sumatera, Indonesia

The Role and Impact of Microseismic Monitoring in Hydraulic Fracture Stimulation

Monitoring Coal Seam Gas Depressurisation Using Magnetotellurics

Modelling the Complexity of Continental Breakup and Basin Formation Including the Role of Magmatism

Horizontal Image Analysis Applied to Fracture Stage Optimization in a US Gas Shale Reservoir

Transtensional Tectonism and Its Effects on the Development of Submarine Fan in Changchang Sag, Qiongdongnan Basin, Northern South China Sea

Unlocking Potential for Unconventional Petroleum Resources in the Frontier McArthur Basin, Northern Territory, Australia

Asthenospheric Flow and Evolution of Continental Margins

Connectivity Analysis of Regional Aquifer Systems: Foreland, Fold & Thrust Belt, Papua New Guinea

Halite Microstructures Reveal Deformation Mechanisms Occurring in Salt Detachments Underlying Resource-Rich Fold-Thrust Belts

How is Onshore Gas Development Benefitting Rural Queensland?

Salt Tectonics in the Sivas Basin (Turkey): Outstanding Seismic Analogues From Outcrops

From Fold-and-Thrust Belts on Salt to Salt Deposition and Tectonics in a Fold-and-Thrust Belt, Sivas, Turkey

Potential Field Analysis of the East African Rift in Eastern Tanzania—Guiding Seismic Survey Planning

Planning and Operating a Transition and Land 2-D Seismic Survey Using a Combination of Integrated Source and Recording Equipment in a Remote Location, Lake Tanganyika – The East African Rift Valley

Source Rock Character of Tight Oil Systems in Lower Cretaceous Dollar Bay, Sunniland, and Pre-Punta Gorda Anhydrite Formations, South Florida Basin

Normal Fault Growth Analysis of Australia's Southern Margin: Evidence From 3-D Seismic Reflection Data in the Ceduna Sub-Basin, Great Australian Bight and Deep-Water Otway Basin

3D Seismic Analysis of the Structural Evolution of the Ceduna Sub-Basin, Great Australian Bight

Maturation Profile at the Glyde Gas Discovery in the Southern McArthur Basin, Australia

Presalt to Salt Paleogeography and Stratigraphic Architecture in a Rift Basin: Insights From a Basin-Scale Study of the Gulf of Suez (Egypt)

Cretaceous Stratigraphic Play Fairways and Risk Assessment in the Browse Basin: Implications for CO2 Storage

Palynofacies Analogues and Applications to Hydrocarbon Exploration in New Zealand

Some Surprising Ways That Plate Tectonic, Paleogeographic, and Paleoclimatic Models are Used in Resource (Hydrocarbon & Mineral) Exploration

Characterization of the Aquistore Project Site, Saskatchewan, Canada

Fingerprinting Stray Formation-Fluids Associated With Hydrocarbon Exploration and Production

An Overview of the Aquistore Project: Canada's First CO2 Storage Project Associated With a Commercial-Scale Coal-Fired Power Plant

Seismic Stratigraphy of the Fairway Basin, Northern Zealandia, Southwest Pacific: Geodynamic and Petroleum Implications

Complexities in Lithostratigraphy and Chemostratigraphy of the Bakken Formation, Williston Basin, USA, Along a 200-Kilometer Core Transect

Chemostratigraphy of a Mixed Carbonate-Siliciclastic Succession From South Texas: A Dip Transect of the Lower Cretaceous Pearsall Formation

Chemostratigraphic Insights Into Fluvio-Lacustrine Deposition, Yangchang Formation, Upper Triassic, Ordos Basin, China


An Experimental Study on the Flood Characteristic and Fluid Rock Interactions of a Supercritical CO2, Brine, Rock System

Facies Distribution and Impact on Petroleum Migration in the Canterbury Basin, New Zealand

The Role of the Lithospheric Stretching History on the Evolution of Continental Rifts

Geomechanics and Fractures Characteristic of Pre-Tertiary Basement Fractured Reservoir in Sumatra Basins

Geology and Geomechanics Evaluation of CCS Pilot Project in The Gundih Field, East Java Basin, Indonesia

Evolution of Oblique Extensional System in Flexed Regime, North-Western Bonaparte Basin, Australia

3-D Seismic Analysis of Fault-Degradation Complexes, Exmouth Plateau, NW Shelf, Australia

Cenozoic Velocity and Topography Change of the Australian Plate Linked to Fossil New Guinea Slab Below Lake Eyre and the Murray-Darling Basin

Micro-Ablation: A New Technique for Removing Hydrocarbon Contaminants and Facilitating Biomarker Analyses of Cuttings

Petroleum Exploration in Geologically Complex Areas: Opportunities for Geochemical and Non-Seismic Hydrocarbon Detection Methods

Improving Success of Surface Geochemical Surveys: 7 Pitfalls to Avoid

Hydrocarbon Exploration Survey Strategies for Frontier Basins and Other Under-Explored Areas

Polygonal Faulting and Seal Integrity in the Bonaparte Basin, Australia

Dinoturbation of the Broome Sandstone – Implications for Petroleum Geology

Analogue Modelling of the Effect of Lobe Switching on the Gravity-Driven Deformation in Ceduna Deltas System (Bight Basin, Southern Australian Margin)

Strategy For Developing And Calibrating Shale and Mudstone for Unconventional Resource Exploration And Production On Drill Core And Cuttings Using Handheld X-Ray Fluorescence Units and the Adaptation to an Automated Core Scanner

Facies Control on Selective Dolomitization in the Samana Suk Formation (Middle Jurassic), Southern Hazara Basin (NW Himalaya, Pakistan): Implications on Reservoir Characterization

Using Multi-Azimuth Walkaway VSP Data to Image a Tight Gas Bearing Permo-Carboniferous Glaciogenic Reservoir

Using Homogenization Temperature and Trapping Pressure of Fluid Inclusion to Doubly Constraint on Hydrocarbon Charging Times: As an Example of the Ordovician in Yubei Slope, Tarim Basin

Modeling of Electromagnetic Response on Rugged Seafloor by Using Finite-Difference Method

Integrated Reservoir Modelling of a Deep Water Canyon Complex From Exmouth Sub-basin, Northwest Australia

Depositional Model for Oligocene-Miocene Deep Marine Deposits of Pamaluan Formation: New Insight to Turbidite Reservoir in Southern Kutei Basin

Paleotopographic and Depositional Environment Control on ‘Sweet Spot’ Locations in Some Unconventional Resource Shales

Geological Factors Affect Horizontal Well Completions

Resistivity not Required: Fluid Identification From Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Logs

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Response to Textural Reservoir Changes

Middle Cambrian Chemostratigraphy and Biostratigraphy in the Southern Georgina Basin: Correlating the Arthur Creek “Hot Shale”

Direct Oil and Gas Evidences from Punta Del Este Basin, Offshore Uruguay: New Data From Fluid Inclusions

The Petroleum Prospectivity of Reinga Basin, NW New Zealand

South West Hub CCS Project: Site Characterisation and Latest Results

Establishing Hydrocarbon Charge to the Ashmore Platform, Browse Basin, Australia: A Natural Seeps Study

Geodetic Measurement of Deformation Within the Papuan Fold and Thrust Belt

New Insights Into the Basement and Crustal Structure of the Australian NW Margin Along Newly Analyzed Seismic Refraction Lines

Structural Evolution of the Rub' Al-Khali Basin, Saudi Arabia

Pattern and Evolution of the 3-D Subduction-Induced Mantle Flow in the Laboratory: From Generic Models to Case Studies

Predictive Stratigraphic Forward Modelling of the Ceduna Sub-Basin; Application to Fault Sealing

Rift to Drift on the Edge of Gondwana: Two-Phase Cretaceous–Paleocene Rifting In The Taranaki Basin, New Zealand

Integrating Multiple Datasets to Characterize Heterogeneity Across a Lateral Well-Bore

Tectono-Stratigraphic Evolution of the Deepwater Qiongdongnan Basin, Northwestern South China Sea: The Emerging Prolific Gas Province

Digital Pathway From Core Barrel to Oil Barrel

Reviving Non Prospect Field: Insight from Modern Delta, Cores, Outcrops, and Statistic to Subsurface Interpretation

Stress Orientation and Subsurface Natural Fractures Model Along the Rosedale Fault System, Gippsland Basin, Australia—Implications for Fault Related Fluid Migration Along Inverted Normal Fault Planes

A History of Extensional, Compressional, Foreland and Now Extensional Tectonics in South Eastern Papua New Guinea


4-D Evolution of the Maranhao Deepwater Fold Belt, Offshore NE Brasil

Depositional Pattern in the Lower to Middle Miocene Succession From Subsurface of North Kuwait

What Enlightenment Can We Gain From World Conventional Oil and Gas Discovery in the 21st Century?

Petroleum Systems Modelling of Presalt Source Rocks in Lower Congo Basin Angola

Mineral-Chemistry Quantification and Petrophysical Calibration for Multi-Mineral Evaluations

Geochemical Evaluation Mitigates Potential Productivity Loss in Gorgon Field, Offshore Western Australia

The Most Complex Structure Ever to be Dynamically Modelled? State-of-the-Art Workflows Allow New Insights Into North Rankin, a Producing Giant Gas Field on Australia's NW Shelf

Phoenix South: A New Petroleum System in the Bedout Sub-Basin

The History of Oil Exploration in the Union of Myanmar

Assessment of the Coal Bed Methane Resource Potential Within Coal-bearing Strata of the Karoo Supergroup, South Africa

What Caused the ‘Lusi’ Mudflow Disaster in East Java, Indonesia?: Using Geomechanical Models to Test Earthquake and Drilling-Trigger Theories

Permian Deposition in the Eastern Nappamerri Trough, Cooper Basin

A Pragmatic Approach to Exploration Petrophysics in Lacustrine Shales

Regional Assessment of the Toolebuc Formation: A Shale Oil Play in South-West Queensland, Australia

Cooper Overpressure, Natural Fractures and Velocity


Pore System Changes During Experimental Polymer Flooding in Ben Nevis Formation Sandstones, Hebron Field, Offshore Eastern Canada

Regional Gravity and Magnetic Interpretation of the East Coast and Pegasus Basins, Offshore New Zealand

Neoproterozoic Basement Control of New Guinea Deep Structure

Geomechanical Instabilities In Diagenetically Altered Unconventional Reservoirs Enhance Fluid Pressure And Production.

Environmental Setting of the Chela Formation in the Onshore of Cabinda Province, Republic of Angola


Mires in the Dark: High Latitude Coals in the Jurassic Walloon Subgroup of the Surat Basin, Australia

A Time-Slice of the Lake Eyre Basin: Towards Better Facies Models

Characterization of Crude Oils From the Nanpu Depression by High-Resolution Mass Spectrometry and Its Geochemical Significance

Application of High-Resolution Paleogeomorphology Reconstrution Technology in Reservoir Prediction—A Case Study About Southern Section of Liaoxi Doming in Bohai Bay Basin

Salient Features of Giant Fields in Marine Carbonates in the World

Geological Features and Distribution Patterns of Giant Fields Discovered in the New Century

Petroleum Systems Analysis to Refine New and Existing Play Concepts: A Case Study of Mahu Sag, Junggar Basin, China

Paleogene Tectonic Evolution Controls on Sequence Stratigraphic Patterns in the Fushan Sag, Northern South China Sea

Bring the Geophysical Data Onto a High Performance Data Node

Application and Effect of Multi-Azimuth AVO Fractural Detection Technique in Wangjiatun Field

Tracing the Charging Directions of Biodegraded Oils: A Case Study of the Large Oil Fields on the Shijiutuo Uplift, Bohai Bay Basin, China

Quantitative Analysis of Sublacustrine Fan in Lacustrine Transgressive System Tract by Numerical Sedimentary Simulation, Take LiaoZhong Sag as an Example in Bohai Bay, China

Numerical Simulation of Hydrocarbon Migration in Tight Sandstones

Hydrocarbon Accumulation Regularity of Donghe Sandstone in Tazhong Area, Tarim Basin, China

Temperature as Key Factor for Porosity Development in Brine Flooded Chalk at Realistic Reservoir Stress

Hydrodynamic Characteristics of Hydrocarbon Accumulation in Paleogene Ziniquanzi Formation of Huoerguosi-Manasi-Tugulu Structural Belt, Southern Junggar Basin, China: Constrains From Fluid Inclusions

Hydrocarbon Fluid Inclusions in Halite From the Eocene Salt Deposit in Dongying Depression, Bohai Bay Basin, China: Evidence for Sealing Capacity of Rock Salt

The Sand-Rich Lobe-Complexes in the Central Canyon, Deepwater Qiongdongnan Basin, Northwestern South China Sea: Insights From New Wells

The Analysis and Assessment of Two-Dimensional NMR Technology in Shale

Using Basement Exposures to Constrain the Structural Evolution of the Southeastern Georgina Basin, Northern Territory, Australia

The Prospectivity and Reservoirs Characteristics of the Triassic Depositional Systems of the North West Shelf, Australia: New Insights

Early Potential for Geological Storage Of CO2 in the Darling Basin of New South Wales (NSW), Australia

Seismic and Well Interpretation of Fluvial Clastic and Coal Packages for Stratigraphic Traps Within the Patchawarra Formation, Cooper Basin

The Phoenix South Discovery: A New Hydrocarbon Province on the Northwestern Shelf of Australia

Evaluation Techniques of Wellbore Stability on Complex Formation based on Wettability

Near-Field Discovery and Optimisation of Complex Forelimb Structures in the Papua New Guinea Fold and Thrust Belt

The Logan Discovery, Southern Walker Ridge, US Gulf of Mexico: An Oil Accumulation in a Complex Setting

A Physical Model for Primary Expulsion of Hydrocarbons From Petroleum Source Rocks

Application of Fourier Transform Infra-Red Spectroscopy in Determination of Reservoir Properties

Prediction of Source Rocks Distribution in the Low-Exploration Fields With Seismic Data: A Case Study in Baxian Depression of Bohai Bay Basin, China

An Experimental and Numerical Modelling Study on Stability of Wellbores With Pre-Existing Breakouts

Development of Cenozoic Carbonate Platform in the Conjugated Margin of the South China Sea: Response on Tectonic Evolution


Increasing the Reliability of Geological Models of Complex Fluvial Deposits Based on Spectral Decomposition and Interactive Analysis of the Seismic Data

Depositional Environments and Sediment Dispersal Patterns of the Jurassic Walloon Subgroup in Eastern Australia

An Experimental and Numerical Study of Fluid-Rock Interaction Under Continuous Diagenesis Conditions During Basin Evolution

Influence of Shale Composition on nm-Sized Pore Structures of Longmaxi Shale of Lower Silurian in Jiaoshiba Area, Southeast Sichuan Basin, China

Geochemical Characterization and Shale Gas Potential of the Longmaxi Shale Formation of Lower Silurian in JiaoShiba Area, Southeast Sichuan Basin, China

Is the Coulomb Wedge Model Applicable to Passive Margin Deformation?

Micromodelling in a Complex Shaly Sand Reservoir: A Case Study in Greater Burgan Field, Kuwait

Application of Milankovitch Cycle Analysis to Achieve High Definition Erosional Map From Yubei Area of Tarim Basin, China

A New Geochemical Tool to Screen Carbonates for Strontium Isotope Stratigraphy

Burial History and Hydrocarbon Generation Modeling of the Jurassic-Cretaceous Succession in the Northern Western Desert of Egypt

Distribution, Depositional Environments and Organic Matter Enrichment of Marine Shale in China

Selective Dissolution of Feldspars in the Presernct of Carbonates: The Way to Generate Secondary Pores in Buried Sandstones by Organic CO2

Reservoir Characteristics of High Abundance and Low Thermal Stage Lacustrine Shale

Methods to Determination of Brittle-Ductile Transition Zone of Shale

3-D Modeling of Transportation Framework of Tight Sandstone Reservoir in Foreland Thrust Belt, Kuqa Depression

Modeling of Gas Accumulation Dynamics in Foreland Thrust Belt, Kuqa Depression, Tarim Basin

Identification and Evaluation of Organic-Rich Shale in Kuqa Depression, Tarim Basin, Western China


3-D Plate Tectonic Reconstructions of New Guinea Since the Triassic

Large-Scale Retreat and Advance of Shallow Seas in Southeast Asia Driven by Mantle Flow

Data-Driven Paleogeographic Reconstructions as Constraints for the Advance and Retreat of Australian Shallow Seas

Differences of the Chlorite Origin, Occurrence and Their Influence on Petrophysical Properties in the Paleogene Deep Reservoir, Offshore Bohai Bay Basin

The Impact of Accumulation Condition of CO2 on Authigenic Minerals of Paleogene Clastic Reservoir at Actic Area, Qin Nan Sag

Predicting Geometry and Stacking Pattern of Thinly Interbedded Depositional Systems

Thrust Tectonics of the Canning Basin, Western Australia — An Alternative Interpretation

Diagenesis and Origin of Porosity Formation of Upper Ordovician Carbonate Reservoir in Tazhong No.1 Slope Break, Tarim Basin

Reservoir Quality Variations Within a Sinuous Deepwater Channel System in the Niger Delta Basin, Offshore Western Africa

Rudists Reservoir Characterization in Middle Cretaceous Mishrif Formation of Halfaya Oilfield, Iraq

Influence of Diagenesis on Reservoir Properties of Shahejie Sandstones in Dongying Depression, Bohai Bay Basin, China

Development of a Novel Method to Analyze Saturated Hydrocarbon in Crude Oil by SPME

Global Deep Siliciclastic Reservoirs: Distribution Patterns and Geological Features

Characteristics of Hydrocarbon Accumulation in Paleozoic Marine Carbonates in the World

Diagenesis and Reservior Quality in the Upper Triassic Xujiahe Formation, Yuanba Area, Northeastern Sichuan Basin, China

Application of a Novel Petrophysical Model for the Development and Validation of Elemental Spectroscopy Log Interpretation

Response of Neogene Deltaic Depositional Systems Migration to Sea Level and Sediment Supply Changes, Northern Shelf of the South China Sea

Origin, Pore Structure and Recognition of a New Kind of Low Permeability-Tight Sandstone Reservoirs: High GR Sandstone

A Novel Molecular Indicator for Sedimentary Environment in Pearl River Mouth Basin

Study on Granite Buried Hill Reservoir Characterization and Modeling of Offshore S Oilfield in Bohai Bay

Application of High Resolution Q-Tomography: A Case Study From North West Shelf, Australia

Growth Patterns and Dynamics of Mud Cracks at Different Diagenetic Stages and Its Geological Significance

Fine Characterization of Volcanic Rock in the South of Huanghekou Sag of Bohai Sea

Chian's Shale Gas: The Developing Unconventional Play

Genetic Mechanism and Quantitative Evaluation of Overpressure in Strike-Slip and Extrusion Zone of the Tan-Lu Fault: Taking JZ27 Section of Liaodongwan in Offshore Bohai Bay Basin, China, as an Example