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AAPG International Conference

September 11-14, 2005 —Paris, France


Search and Discovery Article #90046 (2005)
Posted November 3, 2005


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Play Concepts Based on New Stratigraphic Methods: Two Examples from the Dutch “Upper Jurassic” Offshore of Enhanced Exploration Potential

by Oscar A. Abbink, Harmen F. Mijnlieff, Dirk K. Munsterman, and Roel M.C.H. Verreussel


Facies and Stratigraphic Organization of the E-D-B Groups (Middle Miocene) Incised Valley Successions of the Noring Field, Malay Basin, Malaysia

by Abdul Hadi Abd Rahman, Mohd Rapi Mohamed Som, and Moh’D. Nurein Bushara


Sedimentological Interpretation and Hydrocarbon Potential of the Albian Mauddud Formation in Kuwait and Adjacent Areas

by Fowzia H. Abdullah and A.S. Alsharhan


Free- and Bound-Formation Water Correlation Within a Productive Series: South Caspian West Margin

by Elshan A. Abdullayev


Relationship Between Seismic Signals and Reservoir Properties of Tight Gas Reservoirs in Northwest Germany (Permian Rotliegend Sandstones)

by Peter Abram and Reinhard Gaupp


Acid-Generating Potential of Coals from Benue Trough, Nigeria

by T.M. Adene


Characterization of Flow Units in Shaly Sand Reservoirs: A Case Study—Hassi R’Mel Field, South of Algeria, North of Africa

by Chawki Redha Aggoun, Yassine Amokrane, and Salime Kaouche


Seismic Indications of Deep-Seated Faults and Their Impact on Trapping System

by S. Agounizera


Sedimentary Evolution of the Cenomanian to Coniacian in the Guerrero-Morelos Basin, Southern Mexico

by Noemi Aguilera-Franco, Marco A. Prado-Peña, Cecilia Santiago-Gomez


Occurrence of Stigmastanes in Niger Delta Oils: Indicators of Origin and Maturity

by Akinsehinwa Akinlua and Taiwo Rufus Ajayi


Controls on the Ara Carbonate Stringers Productivity, South Oman Salt Basin

by Nadia Al-Abry and Mia VanSteenwinkel


Successful Application of Geomechanical Fracture Models in the Jurassic Section of Onshore Kuwait

by Mohammed D. Al-Ajmi, Sunil Singh, Nikhil Banik, Neama Al-Ajmi, et al.


Innovative Technique of Reservoir Modeling in a Heterogeneous Carbonate Reservoir: Mauddud Formation in Raudhatain Field, North Kuwait

by Hussain Zayed Al-Ajmi, Saikh Abdul Azim, Shehab A.M. Abdullah, and Abdul Aziz Al-Duwaihi


Development Strategy of a Highly Stratified Reservoir in a Super Giant Field, Kuwait

by Hamdah Al-Enezi and David Jackson


Porosities of Carbonate Reservoirs of the Mesopotamian Basin: An Insight into Their Origin

by Wissam S. Al-Hashimi


Unlocking the Remaning Potential of the Thayem and Nishan Fields from Outcrop and Core Studies, Syria

by Omar Al-Ja’Aidi, Peter Homewood, Henk Droste, Jamal Al Jundi, et al.


Reducing Uncertainty in Hydrocarbon Pore Volume Estimation of Giant Multi-Layered Reservoirs, Saudi Arabia

by Hussain Al-Sabti


Midrikah Field: A Major Paleozoic Gas Discovery in a Fault-Bound Play in Eastern Saudi Arabia

by Hafiz J. Al-Shammery and Ali Y. Al-Hauwaj


Improved Techniques of Stratigraphic Modeling Controlled by Seismic Data: Application to the National Petroleum Reserve, Alaska

by Emily Albouy, Jean-Marie Laigle, and Marie-Christine Cacas


Relationships Between Seismic Data and Facies Proportions in Meandering Fluvial Systems

by Emily Albouy, Laure Philippe, Marie-Christine Cacas, Simon Lopez, and Caroline Joseph


State of the Art in Information Sharing

by Ugur Algan and R.V.L Sridhar


Hydrocarbon Habitat of Mesozoic-Cenozoic Sequences in Iraq

by A.S. Alsharhan


Decoding the Sedimentary Evolution of the Marlim Complex: The Richest Oligo-Miocene Deep-Water Oil-Bearing System in Campos Basin (Brazil Deep Seds—Deep-Water Sedimentation on the Southeast Brazilian Margin Project)

by Luci M. Arienti, Eduardo B. Rodrigues, H.E. Voelcker, R.C. Gontijo, and Waldemar de Almeida


Ocean Bottom Seismometer Wide-Angle Reflection Study of Gas Hydrate Accumulations in Nankai Trough, Offshore Tokai, Japan

by Eiichi Asakawa, Peter Ward, Maarten Vanneste, Stephanie Guidard, et al.


New Insights on the Salt-Compressional Tectonics from the Hydrocarbon Rich Province of Southeastern Gulf of Mexico

by Felipe Audemard, Javier J. Meneses Rocha, Javier Villaseñor Hernández, Jorge Varela Santamaría, et al.


Characterization of Producing Sands of Oligocene Vicksburg with Inverted Response in Gamma Ray Log in Burgos Basin, Mexico

by Hugo Avalos Torres, , José Bernal Monjaras, Manuel Morales Leal, and Victor M. Alvarez


Analysis of Niger Delta Growth Faults in 3-D Coherency Data: Integrating Tectonics and Sedimentology

by Stefan Back, Marius B. Brundiers, Christian Höcker, and Peter A. Kukla


Fault-Parallel Stretching and Evolution of Growth Extensional Faulting in the Poorly Lithified Sediments of the Tarquinia Basin, Italy

by Fabrizio Balsamo, Fabrizio Storti, Francesca Cifelli, Barbara Piovano, et al.


Deep-Water Depositional Patterns and Sequence Stratigraphic Framework of the Permian Brushy Canyon Formation across the Delaware Basin, West Texas and Southeastern New Mexico, U.S.A.

by Noelia Baptista and Michael Gardner


The Tertiary Thrust Belt Evolution of Southern Albania

by Roland Barbullushi


Valhall Permanent Seismic Monitoring—Reducing Geological Model Uncertainties Using 4-D Seismic

by Olav Inge Barkved, Kjell Buer, and Tron G. Kristiansen


Tectonic Evolution of the Middle East Since Mesozoic

by Eric Barrier, Marie-Francoise Brunet, Bruno Vrielynck, and Jean-Paul Cadet


Coupled Structural/Stratigraphic Forward Modeling of the Central Albanides

by Laurie Barrier, Emily Albouy, Sazan Guri, Jean-Luc Rudkiewicz et al.


Petrology and Diagenetical Processes in the Hawaz Formation, a Middle Ordovician Clastic Reservoir of the Murzuq Basin, Libya

by Dolors Barsó, David Gómez-Gras, Mariano Marzo, Emilio Ramos et al.


The Tampico-Misantla Basin, Mexico: New Neogene Deepwater Plays in a Mature Basin

by Claudio Bartolini


Thermal History Reconstruction in the Soroosh and the Nowrooz Field, in the Persian Gulf, Based on Apatite Fission Track Analysis (AFTA) and Vitrinite Reflection (VR)

by Alireza Bashari


Modeling Reservoir Architecture of Isolated Carbonate Platforms

by Phillip Bassant and Paul (Mitch) Harris


Role of Tectonic and Sedimentary Heterogeneities in the Localization of Sub-Seismic Fracture Zones in Compressive Context

by L. Bazalgette and J.P. Petit


Peculiarities of Oils Content in Pre-Cambrian of the Siberian Platform

by Tatjana Bazhenova, Olga K. Bazhenova, and N.P. Fadeeva


Results from a Four-Year Exploration and Development Effort in the East Bahariya Concession, Western Desert Province, Egypt

by John Bedingfield, Gregg Barker, Dave Pivnik, Thomas Maher, et al.


Tombua Reservoir Modeling: Using MPS to Facilitate Geologically Robust Connectivity

by Dale Beeson, Ricardo Van-Deste, and Sebastien Strebelle


Huge Foreland Basin Incised-Valleys Systems (IVSs) as Witnesses of Compressional Stages: Case Study of the Western Alps Foreland Basin, Southeast France

by David Besson, Olivier Parize, Robert W. Dalrymple, Noel James, et al.


Fracture Pattern as a Constraint on Fold Growth at Sheep Mountain Anticline, Wyoming, U.S.A.

by Nicolas Bellahsen, Patricia Fiore, and David D. Pollard


Modeling Faults as Conduit-Barrier Systems to Fluid Flow in Siliciclastic Sedimentary Reservoirs

by Victor Bense and Mark Person


The Impact of Faults on Groundwater Flow Patterns in the Lower Rhine Embayment, Germany

by Victor Bense and Ronald Van Balen


Stochastic 3-D Modeling of the M-19 Heavy Oil Block for Supporting Further Development, Eastern Venezuelan Basin

by Isaac Benzaqueni, Antonio Brunal, Jose Fleitas, and Jehan Anton


Analyzing Effects of Architecture and Two-Phase Flow Properties of Normal Faults

by S.S. Berg, E. Øian, N. Fredman, S.L. Semshaug, et al.


Uncertainties in Static Reservoir Models

by Helene Beucher, Didier Renard, Brigitte Doligez, Marco Pontiggia, and Giuseppe Bellentani


Demystifying Pre-Stack Depth Imaging from the Practitioner’s Point of View

by Dimitri Bevc and Walt Ritchie


Compaction of Moderately and Deeply Buried Rotliegend Eolian Sandstones from the Fore-Sudetic Monocline, Poland

by Julita Biernacka and Grzegorz Lesniak


Callovian–Oxfordian and Earlier Central Atlantic Ocean Ridge Jumps

by Dale E. Bird, Kevin Burke, Stuart A. Hall, John F. Casey, and Dale S. Sawyer


Brief Notes on the Structure of the Karachaganak Field, Kazakhstan

by T. Birse, A. Francesconi, and Claudio Toscano


The Niger Delta and Lower Congo Basins: A Comparative Sedimentological and Structural Model—Implications for Exploration Traps

by Marc René Blaizot


Geometries and Kinematics of Thrust Faults in the Zagros Fold and Thrust Belt and Implications for Hydrocarbon Prospectivity

by Eric J-P. Blanc, Mark B. Allen, James Jackson, Richard Walker, et al.


Bremer Sub-Basin, Australia: Evaluation of Petroleum Potential in a Frontier Basin Through Analyses of Sub-Sea Dredge Samples

by Chris J. Boreham, Andrew Barrett, Jane Blevin, Irina Borissova, et al.


The Unusual Carbonate Reservoir of the Dutch Lower Muschelkalk (Middle Triassic)—Learning Points for Similar Epeiric Dolomites

by Ravi Borkhataria, Thomas Aigner, and Koos Pipping


Real-Time Drilling Optimization Using Azimuthal Density Tool (ADT)

by Thomas Bouchery, Marcela Lorenzo, and Gerco Stapel


Introducing the Untested Sub-Salt Play in the Officer Basin, South Australia

by Peter J. Boult, Clerk M. Petrick, Vicki Stamoulis, and Kerry Deller


The Morum Sub-Basin Petroleum System(.), Otway Basin, South Australia

by Peter J. Boult, Jane Blevin, Roar Heggeland, Don R. Vinall, et al.


Northern Algeria: Geodynamic Evolution and Petroleum Prospectivity

by R. Bracene


Outcrop Geology of Onshore Kwanza Basin, Angola

by Mario Brandao, Carlos Figueiredo, and Murthy Inkollu


The Limón Fold-and-Thrust Belt, Costa Rica, Central America: Structural Evolution and Thermal Modeling

by Christian Brandes, Allan Astorga, Stefan Back, Peter Blisniuk, et al.


I Would Rather be Vaguely Right than Precisely Wrong

by Reidar Bratvold and Steve Begg


Sequence Stratigraphy Integrated with Petrophysical Rock Typing: A Case Study from Carbonate Reservoir Analogs (Muschelkalk, Triassic, German Basin)

by Sascha Braun and Thomas Aigner


Geophysics Immersion on Reservoir Model Workflow

by Pascal Breton, Roselyne Botton-Dumay, Thierry Modiano, and Emmanuelle Brechet


Influence of Multiple Detachment Levels on Structural Styles in the Deep and Ultra-Deepwater West Niger Delta

by Sepribo Eugene Briggs, Richard J. Davies, and Joe Cartwright


The French PICOR Project on the Storage of CO2 in Geological Reservoirs: Experimental Work and Numerical Simulations on Gas-Water-Rock Interaction

by Etienne Brosse


Preliminary Structural Results on the Makran Accretionary Wedge, Iran

by Jean-Pierre Burg, Abbas Bahroudi, Guy Simpson, Stefan Schmalholz, et al.

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Seismic Modeling Applied to Stratigraphic Models to Assess Seismic Interpretation Consistency

by Marie-Christine Cacas, Caroline Sultzer, Caroline Joseph, and Emily Albouy


Fluid Prediction in Near-Field Prospects Using PVT Modeling

by Gerard Caillet, Lucy Burns, and Francois Montel


Managing Geological Uncertainties in Oil Generation, Migration and Entrapment in the Pisco Basin, Offshore Peru

by Angel F. Callejon, Peter A. Emmet, Robert Hickman, Tarek Y. Ghazi, et al.


Control in the Localization and Geometry of Thrust by Pre-Existing Salt Structures

by Jean-Paul Callot, Sharam Sherkati, Daniel Pillot, Jean-Marie Mengus, et al.


Magnetic Characterization of Folded Aeolian Sandstones

by Jean-Paul Callot, William Sassi, Martin L.E. Guiton, Narjes Kallel, et al.


Modeling the Rise and Fall of Rocks in Salt Diapirs

by Jean-Paul Callot, Daniel Pillot, Jean-Marie Mengus, Christophe Rigollet, et al.


The Discovery of a Paleogene Carbonate Platform Using 3-D Seismic Geometry, Espirito Santo Basin, Offshore Brazil

by A. Ewan Campbell, Klaus Fischer, Matthias Stollenwerk, Wolfgang H.H.J. Ludwig, et al.


A Case Study on Redevelopment of a Giant Highly Fractured Carbonate Field in Iran

by Denis Camus, Baham Samimi, Mohammad Ghanizadeh, and Yves Coury


Occurrences and Characteristics of Brine Accumulations on Mud Volcanoes from the Eastern Mediterranean

by J.C. Caprais, P. Briand, P. Pignet, J. P. Foucher, et al.


Chemical Stability of Cap Rock Clay Minerals in Acid Gases Geological Storage Contexts—Method for Reactivity Appraisal by Geochemical Simulations

by Emmanuel Caroli, Marc Lescanne, Stéphane Teinturier, Nicolas Flichy, and Harald Johansen


New Approach for Predicting Biodegradation in a Basin Modeling Perspective

by Bernard Carpentier, Françoise Behar, Henrique Luiz De Barros Penteado, François Lorant, and Alain Y. Huc


Downscaling Basin Models with Reservoir Models: An Application of Migration Modeling to Reservoir Filling

by Dan Carruthers


Three-Dimensional Seismic Data and Its Role in the Renewed Exploration for Carbonate Reservoirs, Offshore Northwest Madura, East Java Sea, Indonesia

by David C. Carter, Dwi Mandhiri, Robert K. Park, Imron Asjhari, et al.


Deep-Water Seabed Characterization Using Geostatistical Analysis of High Density/High Resolution Velocity Field

by Eric Cauquil, Vincent Curinier, Stéphanie Legeron-Cherif, Florent Piriac, et al.


Basin Modeling of Exhumation in the Petroleum Systems of the Southwestern Barents Sea

by Andrew J. Cavanagh, R. diPrimio, and B. Horsfield


The Role of Salt Tectonics on the Distribution of Hydrocarbon Accumulations in the Santos Basin, Southeast of Brazil

by Hung Kiang Chang, Fernando Santos Correa, Flavio Luis Fernandes, Mario Luis Assine, et al.


Lithofacies Description and Fracture Evaluation of an Unconventional Reservoir in Indonesia: Critical Role of Borehole Imaging in a Geothermal Reservoir Characterization

by D.V. (Vivek)Chitale and Ramon Sanchez


Implementation of Globally Applicable Standard Workflow for the Borehole Image Interpretation in Clastic and Carbonate Reservoirs

by D.V. (Vivek) Chitale


Responsible Reporting of Petroleum Reserves

by Gary P. Citron, James A. MacKay, Mark A. McLane, James Gouveia, and Peter R. Rose


Large-Scale Marine Slides as Analogies for the Heart Mountain Fault and South Fork Fault, Rocky Mountain Foreland, Wyoming, U.S.A

by Timothy L. Clarey


Integrated Workflow for Reservoir Characterization and Simulation of a Devonian Carbonate Pool in Southern Alberta, Canada

by Juan Pablo Collazos


Amplitude Versus Angle (AVA) Simultaneous Inversion of 3-D Partially Stacked Seismic Data for Reservoir Delineation and Lithology/Fluid Characterization in a Deepwater Gulf of Mexico Hydrocarbon Reservoir

by Arturo J. Contreras, Carlos Torres-Verdin, and William Galloway


Structural Style and Hydrocarbon Prospectivity in Fold and Thrust Belts

by Mark Cooper


The Hydrocarbon Potential of Deep-Water Offshore Algeria

by Michael J. Cope


3-D Structural Controls of Contractional Fault-Related Folds on the Patterns of Growth Stratigraphy: Implications for Petroleum Exploration in Fold and Thrust Belts

by Freddy Corredor and John Shaw


Oil Potential of the Marmara Sea, Northwest Turkey

by Bulent Coskun


Characteristics and Optimal Production from Thin-Bedded Turbidite Reservoirs

by Stephen P.J. Cossey


Residual Gas Geological Storage

by Stephan Crepin, Pierre Brossollet, Marc Lescanne, and Sylvain Thibeau


Elemental Chemostratigraphy of Upper Cenomanian to Santonian Source Rock Sediments from Eastern Venezuelan Basin: A Useful Tool for High Resolution Correlation

by Sandra Crespo de Cabrera and Ian Jarvis


Evaluating Well Programs to Understand the Value of Information and Flexibility in Managing Subsurface Uncertainties

by Peter C. Cunningham


Why “Lessons Learned” Aren’t … and What To Do About It

by Marilyn Darling


Ages and Tectonics of South Atlantic Salt Basins

by Ian Davison and Robert Wynn Jones


Petroleum Implications of Gravity Tectonics

by Philippe De Clarens and Bernard Pironon


Does Group Wisdom Outperform Individual Wisdom? What We Can Learn from the Film Industry

by Pierre Delfiner


Did Time-Lapse Seismic Deliver the Anticipated Value of Information?

by Pierre Delfiner, Frederick Lefeuvre, and Jean-Marc Rodriguez


Paleogeography of the Oligocene in Northeastern Guárico State, Eastern Venezuelan Basin

by Manuel Delgado and Jair Carvajal


Impact of Realistic Shale Properties on Exploration-Scale Vertical Migration Modeling

by Kelly Dempster, William Almon, William Dawson, and Michael Hertle


Quality Control and Integration of Multi-Source Seismic Data Using Geostatistics

by Jacques R. Deraisme and Nicolas Jeannée


Diversity and Dynamics of the Processes of Mud Volcanism and of Shale Mobilization in the Southeastern Caribbean

by Eric Deville, Anne Battani, Sophie-Helene Guerlais, Siegfried Lallemant, et al.


Structure and Thermal Evolution of the Tectonic Front of the Western Alps

by Eric Deville, Alain Mascle, and William Sassi


Sedimentary Facies and Fracturing in the Upper Cretaceous Apulian Platform Carbonates of the Murge Foreland and Maiella Mountain, Southern Italy: Excellent Analogues to Better Understand Subsurface Reservoir Characteristics

by Raffaele Di Cuia, Claude Gout, Massimo Sarti, and Loic Balzagette


Hydrocarbon Discoveries in Western Poland—Future in the Permian?

by Helena Dobrova, Piotr Gawenda, and Etienne Kolly


Geological Atlas of the Subsurface of the Netherlands-Onshore

by Johannes C. Doornenbal and Ed J. Th. Duin


Automatic Fault Extraction (AFE) of Faults and a Salt Body in a 3-D Survey from the Eugene Island Area, Gulf of Mexico

by Geoffrey A. Dorn and Huw E. James


3-D Fluvial Reservoir Characterization Using Multiple-Point Statistics

by Laura Dovera, Ernesto Della Rossa, Marco Pontiggia, Livio Ruvo, and Giuseppe Serafini


Migration and Biodegradation of Hydrocarbons in the Potiguar Basin, Brazil: Assessment by Trace Elements Determination in Crude Oils and Fractions by ICP-MS

by S. Dreyfus, C. Pecheyran, C.P. Lienemann, C. Magnier, et al.


New Insights from Seismic Data into Stratal Geometries of Cretaceous Carbonate Platform Systems of the Middle East

by Henk Droste


Paleoceanographical Reconstructions of the Nile Deep-Sea Fan during Late Quaternary—Characterization and Evolution of Sedimentary Processes

by Emmanuelle Ducassou, Anne Murat, Sebastien Migeon, Eliane Gonthier, et al.


Gas Escape Structures Revealed by High Resolution Geophysics, Offshore Egypt

by Stéphanie Dupré, John Woodside, and Ingo Klaucke


Evolution and Stratigraphic Architecture of the Wonoka Submarine Canyons in Salt-Withdrawal Mini-Basins, Northern Flinders Ranges, South Australia

by Ian A. Dyson

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Heavy Oil and the Downstream–Beyond API and Sulfur

by Neil K. Earnest and Ken Cowell


Inverted Basin Petroleum Systems, Eastern Salt Canopy Trend: Deepwater Gulf of Mexico

by Richard Eisenberg, Matthew Johnson, Wes Combs, and Kevin Eastham


Submarine Fan Stratigraphy: A Jekyll and Hyde Story

by Trevor E. Elliott, Andrew J. Pulham, and Gillian M. Apps


Northeastern Part of West Siberian Basin: Subsidence History, Geodynamics, Petroleum Systems

by Andrey V. Ershov, Maxim V. Korotaev, Nikolay A. Malyshev, and Mikhail P. Gudyrin


Stratigraphic Architecture of the Siluro-Devonian Systems in Algeria and Libya: A Synthesis

by Remi Eschard, Messaouda Henniche, Milad M. Ben Rahuma, and Jean-Noel Proust


Experimental Deformation of Oil Shales: Implications for Sediment Burial and Exploitation

by Emmanuel Eseme, R. Littke, and B.M. Krooss


Stratigraphic Traps—Learnings and Mapping Techniques from Ringhorne West, Norwegian North Sea

by Kjell Espejord, Per Øyvind Seljebotn, and Odd Tangen


A Business and Sustainable Development Challenge: The Training of New Recruited Geoscientists Worldwide

by Jacques Estival, Jean-Francois Coste, Hubert Lecanu, and Philippe L. Julien


Using a 4-D Synthetic Model Derived from Outcrop Interpretation to Optimize Reservoir Characterization: An Integrated Approach

by Tristan Euzen, Aline Bourgeois, Karine Labat, Valerie Langlais, et al.


Added Value of Integrated Information Management System for EP Data

by Vena Florentina Eveline and Endro Hartanto


Impact of the Hercynian Orogeny on Hydrocarbon Accumulations in Eastern Saudi Arabia

by Mohammad Faqira, Martin Rademakers, and Abulkader Afifi


A 3-D Image of Iljaq Salt Structure, South of Alborz Belt, Iran

by Reza Farhadi


The Structure of Potash and Salt on Diapir Pol, Zagros Fold-Thrust Belt, Iran

by Reza Farhadi and Christopher J. Talbot


Sequence Stratigraphy and Sands Geometry of the Langhian Sequences in East Zeit Field, Gulf of Suez, Egypt

by Khamis Sherif Farhoud, Tarek Abdel Fattah Kamel, and Heider Osman Saad


Exploration, Production and Development Activities in Western Australia and Remaining Frontiers

by Darren Ferdinando and Greg M. Carlsen


Fault-Bounded Trap in Gamba Sandstones, Niungo Field, Pre-Salt South Onshore Gabon, Africa

by N. Ferrand and R. J. Theunissen


Uncertainty Assessment of Reservoir Flow Performance Using Discrete Smooth Interpolation

by Emmanuel Fetel and Jean-Laurent Mallet


A Fully Integrated Approach for Fracture Characterization Using Geological and Reservoir Engineering Data: The Kuyumba Oil Field, Eastern Siberia Case History

by Olivier Fonta, Luca Mattioni, Sylvain Sarda, Victor Ryabchenko, et al.


3-D Fault-Related Folds in a Rift Setting, Dannemarie Basin, Upper Rhine Graben, France

by M. Ford, C. Le Carlier de Veslud, O. Bourgeois, and M. Diraison


3-D Structural Control on Turbidite Depocentres in a Foreland Basin Setting: The Sanguinière Depocentre, Grès d’Annot, Southeast France

by Mary Ford, Sylvain Bourlange, Guillaume Caumon, Philippe Joseph, et al.


Arcuate Thrust Systems in Sandbox Experiments: A Comparison to the External Arcs of the Western Alps

by Mary Ford, Henry Lickorish, Judith Buergisser, and Peter R. Cobbold


Transfer Zones and Transfer Faults in Salt Tectonics

by Xavier Fort, J.-P. Brun, and F. Chauvel


CO2 Storage in Deep Aquifers: Towards an Evaluation of Mineral Trapping

by Brice Fortier, Magnier Caroline, Teddy Parra, and Etienne Brosse


Fluid Identification in Complex Carbonate Reservoir: An Example from Mexico’s Poza Rica Field

by Manfred Frass, Efrain Mendez, Alfredo Marhx, and Sean Boerner


The Maturing Alwyn Triassic Field, United Kingdom Continental Shelf: Improving Gas/Condensate Recovery from Low Net/Gross Low Permeability Sandstones

by Nick Fretwell and Pierre Baux


Architecture and Geometry of Clastic Injectites Network and Their Feeder—an Outcrop-Based Model to Constrain Reservoir Modeling: The Example of the Vocontian Aptian and Albian Massive Sands, Southeast France

by Gerard Olivier Fries and Olivier Parize


A Method to Estimate the Block Values Through Competitive Bidding

by Ricardo Furtado and Saul Suslick


Converted Shear-Wave Seismic Fracture Characterization Case Study: Pinedale Field, Wyoming, U.S.A.

by J.E. Gaiser and R.R. Van Dok


Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons as the Tracers of Hydrocarbon Migration in Volcanic Rocks of the Dead Sea Rift

by Yuri Galant, Yuri Pikovsky, Tania Alexeeva, and Muza Ramenskaya


Karachaganak Gas: A Resource in the Kazakh Steppes

by Ian F. Galloway


A Reinterpretation of the Misoa Facies Types: Implications of a New Depositional Model, Maracaibo Basin, Venezuela

by Helena Gamero, Carlos Zavala, and Carmen Contreras


Enterprise Document Management System: How to Empower the Organization to Engineer Company Final Documentation, Enable Employee Collaboration, and Support Informed Decisions

by Carlo Michele Garbujo, Francesco Pagetti, Dario Morganti, and Fabio Feneri


Application of an Exploration and Production Evaluation Process

by José García-Esparza


Exploring for “Giants” in offshore West Greenland: New Play Concepts and Hydrocarbon Prospectivity in an Emerging Frontier Rift Basin

by Robert I. Gardner, Neil D. Ethier, and Mark A. Cooper


The Structure of an Inverted Early Mesozoic, Intra-Continental Rift and Its Implications for Hydrocarbon Exploration: The Levantine Basin, Southeastern Mediterranean

by Michael Gardosh and Yehezkeel Druckman


Uncertainty Quantification and Ranking for Steam-Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD) Well-Pair Placement in the McMurray Oil Sands, Canada

by David Garner, T. J. Wheeler, Emmanuel Mus, and Jean-François Richy


Evolution of Morphologies in River-Connected Canyons: Examples from Northeast Atlantic and Mediterranean Sea

by Matthieu Gaudin, Pierre Cirac, Serge Berné, and Thierry Mulder


Combined Salt-Related Thin-Skinned Tectonics and Crustal Tectonics in The Deep-Water Southwest Mediterranean: Evidence from the MARADJA Cruise, Offshore Algeria

by Virginie Gaullier, Jacques Deverchere, Anne Domzig, Jean-Pierre Bouillin, et al.


Distal Multidirectional Contractional Salt Tectonics in the Deep-Water Northwest Mediterranean: Evidence from the PROGRES Cruise, North-Balearic Basin

by Virginie Gaullier, Laurence Droz, Marina Rabineau, Eliane Le Drezen, et al.


New Insights in Tectonics, Depositional Settings and Hydrocarbon Habitat of the Permo-Triassic in the Southern Permian Basin

by Mark C. Geluk


Plate-Scale Tectonic Events Inferred from Mesozoic and Cenozoic Tectonostratigraphy of the Southeastern Portion of the Arabian Plate

by Richard P. George, Bertrand de Monteynard, Martine J. Hardy, Nurlan I. Muratov, et al.


Balance and Restoration of a Regional Section: Thrust Belt Systems, Eastern Inner Ranges, Eastern Venezuelan Basin

by Pablo E. Ghinaglia P.


3-D Reversible Approach for Complex Basin Models

by Natacha Gibergues and Muriel Thibaut


Structural Styles of Shale-Dominated Gravity-Driven Thrusting, Southern Atlantic Margins of Africa and Brazil

by Ed Gilbert, Kirk Geno, Doug Ware, Clay Fernandez, et al.


The North Sea Revisited: New Insights into Normal Fault Activity in the North Viking Graben and Its Generic Implications for Rift System Evolution

by Caroline E. Gill, John R. Underhill, and Patience A. Cowie


Advances in the Application of Biostratigraphy to Petroleum Exploration and Production

by Gideon Olawumi Giwa, Adewole Oyede, and Edward Okosun


Exploration in Block 14, Offshore Angola: Geologic Insights from a Decade of Experience

by Douglas Goff, Nelson Pacavira, Joy Roth, Robert Minck, et al.


New Frontiers in Formation Evaluation Based on Information from a New Three-Dimensional Array Induction Tool, and Geological Analysis in Fluvial-Deltaic Gas Reservoirs at Area Mayor, Anaco, Venezuela

by German Gomez, Karen Blanca, Felix Merchan, Mario Gomez, and Carlos Minetto


Use of Molecular Parameters of Source Rock Extracts to Constrain 3-D Hydrocarbon Migration Models: A Case Study from West Siberia

by Ivan V.Goncharov, Alexander N. Gagarin, Vadim Samoilenko, Nikolai Oblasov, et al.


Using Neural Networks to Predict Thermal Conductivity from Well Logs

by Bruno Goutorbe, Francis Lucazeau, and Alain Bonneville


Sequence Stratigraphy and Origin of Silurian Organic-Rich “Hot Shales” of Arabia and North Africa

by George Grabowski


Influence of Salt Diapirism and Glacial Effects on the Development of the Mittelplate Oil Field, Northern Germany

by Stefan Grassmann, Bernhard Cramer, Georg Delisle, Juergen Messner, and Jutta Winsemann


Resolution of Early Cenozoic Regional Exhumation and Mid-Cretaceous Basin Inversion in the Southern North Sea Using Apatite Fission Track Analysis (AFTA)

by Paul F. Green, Ian R. Duddy, and Richard J. Bray


Recognition of Preserved Beach-Ridges in the Etive Formation and Their Impact on the Dynamic Reservoir Behavior of the Lower Brent Group in the Oseberg East Field, Norwegian North Sea

by Henrike Grünhagen, Frede Bøen, and Rolf Aasheim


Exploration Potential in the Northern Portion of the Central African Republic

by Jack J. Grynberg


Stochastic 3-D Modeling for the Giant Carito Full Field Compositional Simulation, Eastern Venezuelan Basin

by Luis Guaiquirian, Hector Marquez, Eduardo Labastida, and Wilfredo Maestracci


Ormen Lange—a Giant on the Fast Track

by Claudia G. Guargena, Ron Den Ouden, Helge Hamre, and Sigbjorn Kalvenes


Geodynamic Evolution of the Tethyan Paleomargin of Oman

by François Guillocheau, Cecile Robin, Spela Gorican, Francois Bechennec, and Philippe Razin

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Establishing Controls on Reservoir Quality in the Cambro-Ordovician of the Tiguentourine Field, Illizi Basin, Algeria

by Sasha Haddad, Craig Smalley, and Alasdair Hutchison


Post-Mortem Analysis of Exploration Results: A Model-Based Approach

by David M.Hall, Annick Richard, Eric Denelle, and Pierre Delfiner


New Developments in Hybrid Petroleum Migration Simulators

by Thomas Hantschel, Armin Kauerauf, Thomas Fuchs, and Bjorn Wygrala


Stratigraphic Architecture, Lithofacies, and Reservoir Quality: Tengiz and Korolev Fields, Caspian Basin, Kazakhstan

by Paul (Mitch) Harris, Joel F. Collins, Kevin L. Putney, Akmaral Zhumagulova, and Dennis J. Fischer


Reservoir Characterization and Performance Prediction for a Volcanic-Hosted Geothermal Reservoir: Darajat, Indonesia

by Chris Harrison, Julfi Hadi, Sri Rejeki, Joao Keller, et al.


Allochthonous Salt Base—Structure and Stratigraphy from Pompano Field, VK 989/990, Gulf of Mexico

by Holly Harrison, Lew Kuhmichel, Phil Heppard, Alexei Milkov, et al.


The Rhine Graben Revisited

by Norman Harthill, Dietfried Bruss, and Christian Hecht


Paleozoic Sequences, Stratigraphic Correlation, and Hydrocarbon Potential in Iraq and Adjacent Countries, North Arabian Peninsula

by Aboosh H. Hassan


Production and Geologic Time-Scale Compaction in Rigid Grain-Rich and Ductile Grain-Rich Sands

by Lori A. Hathon, Michael T. Myers, and Irene S. Espejo


Geodynamic Evolution and Its Significance upon Hydrocarbon Systems in Tarim Basin, China

by Dengfa He, Chengzao Jia, Xinyuan Zhou, Chaojun Zhang, and Xuejun Pi


Optimization/Inversion—a Technique to Efficiently and Effectively Calibrate Petroleum System Models

by Christian Hermanrud, Jay E. Leonard, Thomas A. Schutter, Margaret A. Lessenger, et al.


Fluid Flow, Overpressures and Fracture Sealing Events in Mesozoic Limestones, Jebel Akhdar Dome, Oman Mountains

by Christoph Hilgers, David Kirschner, Jean-Paul Breton, and Janos Urai


The Gas to Liquid Process: The Qatar Pearl Project

by Arend Hoek


Salt Induced Stress-Arching Controlling Rock Properties

by Guido Hoetz


Matching Gas Supply with Demand: Regulatory Impacts on Infrastructure Development

by Jeff Holligan


Capturing Matrix Uncertainties in a Giant Mature Carbonate Reservoir, North Oman

by Cathy Hollis, Harm Dijk, Simon Price, Mohammed Salhi, et al.


Case Study of Successful Identification of Hydrocarbon Reservoirs by Microtremor Analysis (HyMAS)

by Reto Holzner, Patrik Eschle, Hannes Zurcher, René Graf, et al.


Testing Experimental Concepts for Oblique Rifting with Outcrop Data from the Western U.S.A. and Subsurface Data from European Basins

by Robert Hooper, Ken McClay, Lech Antonowicz, Ewa Iwanowska, et al.


How Geoscientists Can Help to Build Sustainable Economies

by Mark Hope


Origin of Breccia Fabrics in the Late Cretaceous Reservoir of the Cantarell Field, Offshore Campeche, Mexico

by Andrew Horbury, Richard Chambers, David Zamora, Enrique Ortuno, and Ricardo Bello


Genesis 4-D Project Status and Preliminary Lookback

by Thomas A. Hudson, B.W. Regel, J.E. Bretches, P.J. Condon, et al.


Deep-Water Clastic Sand Injectites—Traps and Relevance to Basin Analysis

by Andrew Hurst, Joseph Cartwright, and Mads Huuse


An Integrated Petroleum System Study for the Aradeiba and Bentiu Plays, Block 4 Central Muglad Basin, Sudan

by Kamil Idris, Ahmed Mahgoub, Omer Ibrahim, Ajay Kumar, et al.


The “Mother Salt” in the Gulf of Mexico: Constraints from Isostasy and Geophysical Observations

by Patrice Imbert and Yann Philippe


Structural Styles of Hydrocarbon Traps in Angola

by Murthy Inkollu, Carlos Figueiredo, Leonor Binga, and Bessa Teixeira


Reservoir Characterization in Upper Dalan and Kangan Reservoirs, and Its Importance in Field Optimization

by Enzo Insalaco, Catherine Javaux, Christian Fraisse, Claude Legorjus, et al.


Application of Long Leg Horizontal Wells for Increasing Oil Recovery in Mature Oil Fields in Middle Ob Basin Area

by Valentin Ivanov, Mark Robinson, and Alexander Bilinchuk


Quartz Growth Conditions in Sandstones

by Jens S. Jahren and Knut Bjørlykke


Quantifying Seismic Volumetric Error Using Outcrop-Based 3-D Forward Seismic Modeling

by Xavier Janson, Hongliu Zeng, Charlie Kerans, Fred Wang, and Sergey Fomel


Sensitivity Analysis of Preserved Amplitude Seismic Images for Reservoir Studies

by Anne Jardin and Hery Rakotoarisoa


Basin Modeling: Impact of the Rate of Organic Matter Decomposition on Prospect and Play Assessments

by Daniel M. Jarvie, Fausto Mosca, Bjorn Wygrala, and David A. Wavrek


Lowstand Fans Formation and Their Hydrocarbon Accumulation Since Middle Miocene, by Yinggehai and Qiongdongnan Basins

by Tao Jiang, Xinong Xie, and Jianye Ren


Crossing the Valley of Death Between Innovation and Application: Experiences in Subsalt Imaging

by Michelle Judson, James Farnsworth, and Cindy Yeilding


Structure and Sequence Stratigraphy of an Offshore Trench-Slope Basin—Comparison with a Field Analogue, Hikurangi Subduction Margin, New Zealand

by Bailleul Julien, Chanier Frank, Gorini Christian, Mahieux Geoffroy, et al.

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Towards a Common Earth Model: Combining Seismic Inversion with Basin Modeling

by Marek Kacewicz and Wenlong Xu


Relearning How to Learn Across the Organization

by Lawrence P. Karasevich and Marilyn Darling


Petroleum System Modeling as a Tool for Prediction of Hydrocarbon Zones in the Polish Basin

by P.H. Karnkowski


3-D Stratigraphic Modeling in a Space-Time Framework Using Sequence Stratigraphy

by Pierre Kedzierski, Jean-Jacques Royer, and Jean-Laurent Mallet


Malu Field Nigeria—Contributions of Ocean Bottom Cable Seismic Data to Field Development

by Kenneth Kelsch, Fola Soetan, Eugenia Rojas, Rex Hanson, and Jim Magill


Lower Congo Basin Coupled System—Linked Up-Dip Extension and Down-Dip Contraction: Does it Add Up?

by Jerome Kendall, Richard R. Gottschalk, Ilsa Schiefelbein, and Arlene Anderson


Microbial Boundstone Slope Shedding—a Model for Carbonate Platform Growth

by Jeroen A.M. Kenter, Paul (Mitch) Harris, and Giovanna Della Porta


Sequence Stratigraphic and Tectonic Setting of Aptian (Cretaceous) Shuaiba Reservoirs, Bab Basin, Middle East

by Charles Kerans


Reservoir Modeling of an Icehouse Giant: Horseshoe Atoll Complex, West Texas, U.S.A.

by Charles Kerans, F. Jerry Lucia, Hongliu Zeng, and Fred Wang


New Oil in an Old Reservoir Through an Integrated Approach on Recharacterization of a Matured Clastic Reservoir: Lower Burgan, Sabiriyah Field, North Kuwait

by Ali Nasar Khan Khan, Nouf Abdullah Al-Mayyas Al-Mayyas, Moudi Fahad Al-Ajmi Al-Ajmi, H. B. Chetri Chetri, and Ealian H Al-Anzi Al-Anzi


Definition of New Play Concepts in the Algerian Offshore

by L.H. Kheidri, S. Ziou, and N. Abdelouahab


Unique Romashkino Oil Field in Tatarstan Republic is an Inexhaustible Source to Add Oil Reserves

by R.S. Khisamov and V.G. Bazarevskaya


Comparison of Meso-Cenozoic Tectonic Subsidence of Odessa Shelf and Azov Sea, Ukrainian Offshore

by Oxana I. Khriachtchevskaia, Sergiy M. Stovba, and Randell A. Stephenson


Application of Sequence Stratigraphy in Reservoir Characterization of a Lacustrine to Terrigeneous Succession: Green River Formation, Uinta Basin, Utah, U.S.A.

by Audun V. Kjemperud and Edwin Schomacker


Predicting the Effects of Faults on Fluid Flow

by R.J. Knipe, Q.J. Fisher, R.K. Davies, S.D. Harris, et al.


Anatomy of a World-Class Source Rock: Distribution, Depositional Model, and Hydrocarbon Implications of Silurian Organic-Rich Shales in Jordan

by Sadat Kolonic, S. Luning, Y. M. Shahin, and D. Loydell


Black Shale Deposition on the Northwest African Shelf During the Cenomanian/Turonian Oceanic Anoxic Event: Climate Coupling and Global Organic Carbon Burial

by Sadat Kolonic, T. Wagner, A. Forster, J. S. Sinninghe Damste, et al.


Predyenisey Petroleum Subprovince—a New Prospective Target for Oil and Gas Exploration in Siberia

by A.E. Kontorovich, Yu F. Filippov, L.M. Burshtein, and V.A. Kontorovich


Jurassic-to-Miocene Evolution of the Polish and Ukrainian Carpathian Foreland Based on Geological and Geophysical Data and Analogue Modeling

by Piotr Krzywiec, Jacek Gutowski, Igor Popadyuk, Hemin A. Koyi, et al.


Characterization of Flow Patterns in Turbidite Reservoirs Using 3-D Modeling of an Outcrop Analog, Ainsa Sub-Basin, South Central Pyrenees, Spain

by Richard Labourdette, Patrice Imbert, Philippe Crumeyrolle, and Eduard Remacha


Reservoir-Scale 3-D Sedimentary Modeling: Approaches and Impact of Integrating Sedimentology Into the Reservoir Characterization Workflow

by Richard Labourdette, Jo Ann Hegre, Patrice Imbert, and Enzo Insalaco


The Fractured Basement in Block 10 of Yemen: A Successfully Appraised Nonconventional Play

by Nicolas M. Langevin, Mark Been, and Jerome Vidal


Syn-Kinematic Sediment and Facies Distribution across a Growth-Fault in the Wave-Dominated Deltaic Succession of the Neogene Champion System, Northwest Offshore Brunei Darussalam: An Example of Structural Switching

by Lai Quoc Lap and John K. Warren


Modeling of Deep Subsurface Petroleum Biodegradation and the Effective Prediction of Petroleum Fluid Properties in Exploration and Production Settings

by Steve Larter, Jennifer Adams, Haiping Huang, Barry Bennett, and Dennis Coombe


Linked Diagenesis and Fracture Patterns and Their Effect on Fluid Flow in Fractured Carbonate Rocks

by S.E. Laubach, J.E. Gale, R. Marrett, and J.E. Olson


Structural Diagenesis—Linked Chemical and Mechanical Processes in Sedimentary Basins

by S.E.Laubach, J.E. Olson, R. Lander, and K. Milliken


Hydrothermal Dolomite Reservoirs in Eastern Canada Appalachians, Ordovician to Devonian Fold and Thrust Belts—The Hunt for Elephants

by Denis Lavoie


High Speed Chromatography Utilizing Semi-Permeable Membrane Technology for Direct Analysis of Hydrocarbon Gases in the Drilling Fluid—Applications for Geo-Steering and Reservoir Characterization

by Douglas J. Law, David Hawker, Aurel Brumboi, and Darrell Norquay

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Elaboration of a Giant Fractured Carbonate Field Development Based on Long Multilateral Wells and New Reservoir Characterization Model for Haradh Increment Three Field, Ghawar, Saudi Arabia

by Thierry Le Maux, Sylvain Sarda, Tony R. Pham, and Nabeel Al Afaleg


A 2-D Numerical Method to Compute the Time- and Space-Dependence Evolution of the Surface Heat Flow by Inversion of Stratigraphic Data (Well Logs or Seismic Profiles): Application to the Prediction of Hydrocabon Generation in the Paris Basin

by Antoine Le Solleuz, Cedric Menetrier, Cecile Robin, Marie-Pierre Doin, et al.


Challenges of 3-D Interpretation and Seismic Reservoir Characterization in the Depth Domain

by Le Stunff, Yves, Total, Pau, France


Reservoir Model Update Using 4-D Seismic Data

by Frederick Lefeuvre, P. Sexton, J.M. Jourdan, P. Berthet, et al.


Paris Basin: Quantitative Oil Potential Evaluation

by Manoelle Lepoutre, Jean-Marie Masset, and Gerard Sambet


Petroleum Potential of the Ghadamis Basin, Libya: A Reevaluation Leading to New Play/Prospect Identification

by Patrick Letouzey, André Reymond, Frederic Dartois, Romain Debarre, et al.


Imaging of Steep Salt Face and Surrounding Sediments Using Vertical Seismic Profile (VSP) Converted Waves

by Yingping Li, Xiaomin Zhao, and Fran Doherty


Salt Sutures in Single- and Multi-Tiered Allochthons, Green Canyon and Walker Ridge Areas, Deepwater Gulf of Mexico, U.S.A.

by Louis Liro


Improving Exploration Success for Paleocene Vaila Stratigraphic Traps West of Shetland

by Nick Loizou


Evolution of the Holocene Carbonate Ramp Complexes of Southern Kuwait

by A.J. Lomando, E. Gischler, A. Al-Dharmi, and T. Al-Adwani


Impact of the Messinian Salinity Crisis and Related Residual Bathymetric Relief on the Structural Evolution of the Nile Deep-Sea Fan, Eastern Mediterranean

by Lies Loncke, Virginie Gaullier, Jean Mascle, Bruno Vendeville, and Camera Laurent


Scenarios and Oportunities for Oil Exploration in Cuba

by Juan Guillermo Lopez Rivera and Jose Orlando Lopez Quintero


Restoration of Source Rock TOC in 3-D Basin Modeling: A New Experimentally-Constrained Methodology

by François Lorant and Luiz Felipe Carvalho Coutihno


Effects of Low- and High-Resolution Fault Interpretations on Simulated Pressure Distributions: An Example from the North Sea

by Ane E. Lothe, Øyvind Sylta, Susanne Sperrevik, and Olav Lauvrak


Geomorphology of Buried Subglacial Valleys and Horizons Interpreted from 3-D Seismic Data, German North Sea

by Rudiger Lutz, Gerhard Best, Lutz Reinhardt, and Christoph Gaedicke


Integrated Uncertainty Management Planning and Advanced Reservoir Modeling in Angola Block 14 Deepwater

by Kathleen Elizabeth Mabe, John Baillie, Mark Moon, Martha Gerdes, et al.


Reservoir Characterization and Reservoir Quality Prediction in Deepwater Turbidite Sandstones, Niger Delta

by Calum Macaulay, Irene Espejo, Chris Wojcik, and Charles Anowai

Rijswijk, Netherlands


Evaluation of Multiple Geological Models Through Assisted History Matching of Appraisal Well Tests and Early Production Data

by David MacDonald, Marianne Espinassous, Glyn Williams, and Mark Mansfield


Normal Fault Development in a Contractional Fold: Geomechanical Approach and Application to Fracture Prediction in the Tropical Anticline, Venezuela

by Laurent Maerten and Rene Manceda


Potential Tracers of Gas Diffusion in Petroleum Reservoirs and Caprocks

by C. Magnier, A. Prinzhofer, S. Kara, and A. Battani


Gas-Condensate Discovery from the Sudair Formation of Kuwait—Exploration Implications for Triassic Plays

by Salah Abdul Malek, S.K. Bhattacharya, Riyasat Hussain, Abdul Aziz Sajer, et al.


Improving Recovery from Mature Oil Fields Producing from Upper Jurassic Carbonate Reservoirs, Northeastern Gulf of Mexico, U.S.A

by Ernest A. Mancini, Thomas A. Blasingame, Rosalind Archer, Brian J. Panetta, et al.


A New Method of Curvature Analysis Applied to the Cantarell Structure, Southern Gulf of Mexico: Implications for Hydrocarbon Exploration

by Jaime de J. Mandujano Velásquez, Ruben V. Khachaturov, Duncan Keppie, and Gustavo Tolson Jones


Modeling Source Rock Quality and Distribution of the Upper Jurassic in the Northern North Sea: An OF-Mod (Organic Facies Modeling) Application

by Ute Mann and Janine Zweigel


4-D Analogue Modeling of Transpressional Structures Growing in a Rheologically Heterogeneous Medium: Methodology, Main Results and Reference Models

by Denis Marchal, Jean-Marc Daniel, and Misael Alvear


Passive Margin Deep-Water Clastic Reservoir Characterization from Rift to Drift: Lessons from Deep Ocean Drilling on the Iberian-Newfoundland Conjugate Margin Pair

by Kathleen M. Marsaglia


Systematic Swath Mapping of the Mediterranean—a Key to Understanding Past and Active Geological Processes

by Jean Robert Mascle and Benoit Loubrieu


Geological Consistency Over Geological Time: A New Constraint to Honor for Process-Based Stochastic Reservoir Models

by Gerard J. Massonat


Predicting and Updating Geopressure 1,000 Feet Ahead of the Bit at the Wellsite

by Martin Matthews, William Standifird, Ken Williams, K. Paine, et al.


Salt Tectonic Controls on Fluvio-Lacustrine Stratigraphy: Outcrop and Subsurface Examples

by Wendy Matthews, Gary Hampson, Bruce Trudgill, John Underhill, and Lutz Seiffert


The Kuyumba Oil Field, Eastern Siberia: Fracture Reservoir Characterization from a Fully and Multi-Disciplinary Integrated Approach

by Luca Mattioni, Olivier Fonta, Sylvain Sarda, Victor Ryabchenko, et al.


Basin Modeling of the Middle East at a Regional Scale

by Will Maze, M.J. Hardy, George Grabowski, Christopher L. Roll, and Leonard V. Moore


Monte Enoc Field, Southern Apennines, Italy: Static and Dynamic Modeling of a Fractured Reservoir

by Davide Mazzucchelli, Rosa Atena, Federico Cappanera, and Stefano Mantica


Reservoir Modeling, OPL 248, Deepwater Nigeria: Facies Characterization, Reservoir Modeling and Performance Prediction of Isolated and Stacked Multi-Story Channel Complexes

by David T. McGee, Douglas S. Moore, Gary Wu, David W. Burge, and Nathan Geier


Natural Fractures in the Northeast British Columbia Foothills, Canada

by Armando Mendez


The Sonda de Campeche: Thirty Years after Cantarell; New Insights to Extend the Exploration Frontier in the Southern Gulf of Mexico—Part I

by Javier J. Meneses Rocha, Adán E. Oviedo Pérez, Francisco J. Sánchez de Tagle, Arturo Soto Cuervo, et al.


Integrated Approach Coupling a 2-D Basin Model with a 2-D Thermo-Mechanical Model of Lithospheric Processes: Implications to the Hydrocarbon Generation in the Paris Basin

by Cedric Menetrier, Antoine Le Solleuz, Marcel Elie, Luis Martinez, et al.


Dual-Porosity/Dual-Permeability Modeling of a Fractured Carbonate Reservoir

by M. Ellen Meurer, Ping Li, Lester Landis, Michele Thomas, and Susan Stark


Mass-Wasting Events, Gravity Flows, and Their Impact on Channel Migration and Lobe Construction: An Example from the Nile Deep-Sea Fan, Oriental Mediterranean

by Sebastien Migeon, Lies Loncke, Emmanuelle Ducassou, Sébastien Garziglia, et al.


Basement Control on Structural Styles and Sediment Pathways of Southeast Brazil Atlantic Margin Basins (Brazil Deep Seds—Deep-Water Sedimentation in the Southeast Brazilian Margin Project)

by E.J. Milani, J.A.B. Oliveira, J. L. Dias, P. Szatmari, and J.A. Cupertino


The “BIOZAÏRE” Program: A Multidisciplinary Environmental Study on the Equatorial African Margin—Application to Deep Sea Oil Field Developments

by Jacques Miné, Myriam Sibuet, Lenaïck Menot, and Josiane Durrieu


New Software for Well-to-Well Correlation of Spectroscopy Logs

by Piotr Mirowski, Michael Herron, Samuel Fluckiger, Nikita Seleznev, and David McCormick


3-D Lithofacies Model Building of the Rotliegend Sediments of the Northeast German Basin

by Inga Moeck, H.-G. Holl, and H. Schandelmeier


Melut Basin Tectonic Evolution and Comparison of the Sudanese Rifts with the West and Central African Rift Systems (WACRS)

by Imam A.M. Mohamed


Description of Productive Intervals Using Shear Wave Velocity in Southwest Iran

by Mohammad Mohammadnia and Ali Mohammad Bagheri


High-Resolution Genetic Interpretation of Salt Structure Geometries and Their Near-Diapir Sedimentation

by Markus Mohr, Peter A. Kukla, Janos L. Urai, and Georg Bresser


Deep Exploration: The Next Oil and Gas Industry Challenge

by Alain Morash, Philippe De Clarens, and Stephane Raillard


Shallow- and Deep-Marine Siliciclastic Depositional Systems of the Santos Basin: How to Recognize Them (Brazil Deep Seds—Deep-Water Sedimentation in the Southeast Brazilian Margin Project)

by J.L.P. Moreira, S.F. Santos, R. S. F. D’Avila, and C.V. Madeira


Shelf-Slope-Basin Depositional Systems of the Santos Basin Eocene Stratigraphic Sequence (Brazil Deep Seds—Deep-Water Sedimentation in the Southeast Brazilian Margin Project)

by J.L.P. Moreira, E.T.C. Abdalla, A.Z.N. Barros, and L.F. Rodrigues


Sequence Stratigraphy of the Darai Limestone Megasequence in the Gulf of Papua, Papua New Guinea

by Glenn D. Morgan, Shane S. Schofield, and Tony L. Allan


Heavy Mineral Stratigraphy of the Lower Clair Group Succession, Clair Field, United Kingdom Continental Shelf


by Andrew Morton, Claire Hallsworth, Simon Payne, Dave Walder, and Ewan Laws


The Role of Intraplate Foreland Deformation in the Petroleum Systems of Neuquén Retroarc-Foreland Basin, Argentina

by Alfonso Mosquera and Victor Ramos


Enhanced Interpretation of Production and Geological Data in Mature Fields, Using Data Mining Techniques

by Claude Mouret, Jean-Paul Valois, and Jean Chastang


Physical Modeling of Gravity Spreading Induced by Fluid Overpressure Varying in Space and Time

by Regis Mourgues and Bruno Vendeville


3-D Parameterization of the Geological Space: The GeoChron Model

by Remi Moyen, Jean-Laurent Mallet, and Tobias Frank


The Effect of Early Marine Diagenesis on Stable Isotope Signatures in Carbonates—Implications for the Interpretation of Stable Isotope Signatures in Potential Reservoir Environments

by Anne Mueller, H. McGregor, M. K. Gagan, and J.M. Lough


Notes on a Mega-Seismic Section Across the Northeastern Slope of the Arabian Plate, Iraq

by Sabah A.G. Muhmed


Thermal Methods Applications in the Permian-Carboniferous Fractured Reservoir of the Usinsk Field (Timan-Pechora)

by Vladimir Mulyak, Michael Chertenkov, Svetlana Burakova, Grigory Tarasov, and Leonid Ruzin


Advances in an In Situ Upgrading Process for Unconventional Oils

by Steven Mut


Petroleum Prospects of Lebanon: A New Approach with Implications from Diagenesis Studies and Regional Correlation

by Fadi H. Nader, Rudy Swennen, and Rob Ellam


Integrating Basin and PVT Modeling to Improve Prediction of Fluid Compositional Evolution in High-Pressure/High-Temperature (HP/HT) Settings of the Central Graben, North Sea

by Volkmar Neumann, Rolando Di Primio, Robert Ondrak, Robert Lippmann, et al.


The Eastern Black Sea Basin and Adjacent Areas: Tectonic

History and Hydrocarbon Potential

by Anatoly M. Nikishin


Petroleum System and Hydrocarbon Prospectivity of the Simenggaris Block and Its Surrounding Areas, Tarakan Basin, East Kalimantan, Indonesia: A New Approach Using Sequence Stratigraphy

by Dardji Noeradi, Bambang P. Muritno, . Sukowitono, Eddy A. Subroto, and . Djuhaeni


Deformation Due to Shale Tectonic in Northwestern Venezuela

by Miguel Nunez, Amran Benguigui, Aisha Paez, Jorge Acosta, et al.


Seismic Acoustic Impedance and Well Data Integration Using Sequential Gaussian Simulation in Miocene Carbonate Reservoir Characterization of Tambun-Pondok Tengah Field, Indonesia

by Zamzam Nurzaman, Artini Sukotjo, Made Oka Iriana, Tavip Setiawan, and Endro Hartanto


How Multimedia Content Can Contribute Towards Enhanced Learning

by Atle Nygard and Jonny Hesthammer

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The Influence of Tectonic Activity on Drainage Networks and Hydrocarbon Prospectivity in Siberia

by Cian O’Reilly, Tom Wilson, and Jeffrey Standring


Loop-Scale Seismic Facies Analysis: Challenges in Use of Automated Versus Manual Picking Techniques in Delivering Geologically Constrained Interpretations to Reservoir Modelers

by Ciaran J. O’Byrne, Carlos Pirmez, Vaughan Cutten, Ed Kruijs, and Mike Stovall


Diagenetic Evolution and Inorganic-Organic-Interaction in riassic High-Pressure/High-Temperature (HP/HT)-Reservoirs in the Central Graben, North Sea

by Robert Ondrak, Robert Lippmann, Reinhard Gaupp, Rolando Di Primio, and Brian Horsfield


East Zeit Field, Pre- and Syn-Rift Multi-Oil-Bearing Reservoirs as a Structural and Stratigraphic Model in the Southern Gulf of Suez Rift, Egypt

by Heidar Saad Osman


Phaseous-Genetic Characteristic of Oil and Condensate, Middle Caspian

by S.B. Ostroukhov, V.A. Bochrarev, and V.I. Petrenko


Subcrop Mapping Using Seismic Attribute Extraction, Oued Mya Basin, Algeria

by Abdelkader Ouazar and Amin Bellahcene


The Sonda de Campeche: Thirty Years after Cantarell; New Insights to Extend the Exploration Frontier in the Southern Gulf of Mexico—Part II

by Adán E. Oviedo Pérez, Javier J. Meneses Rocha, Francisco J. Sánchez de Tagle, Arturo Soto Cuervo, et al.


Angola Block 14, 3-D Visualization of Seismic Gathers and Its Impact on Deepwater Field Development

by Guido Paparoni, David Bartel, Casey Simms, Peter Mitchell, and Henry Megan


Environmental and Social Challenges of Oil and Gas Developments in the Arctic

by James G. Parker


Modeling Diagenesis of Icehouse Platforms Using CARB3D+

by Richard Paterson, Peter Smart, Fiona Whitaker, Gareth Jones, and Graham Felce


Leading the Way to Detailed Geologic Description While Drilling

by Mitch D. Pavlovic


Possible Petroleum Systems in Espino Graben, Venezuela Suggest New Exploration Frontier

by Pieter Pestman, Masashi Hirano, and J. Michael Moldowan


Importance of Gravity-Driven Compressional Tectonics in Northern Offshore and Deep-Offshore Gulf of Mexico: New Observations and Implications for Subsalt Interpretation

by Yann Philippe, David Wittoesch, and Gwenael Guerin


Orogen-Parallel Strike-Slip Faulting in Frontal Dinarides and Western Carpathians, and Its Impact on the Hydrocarbon Potential of These Regions

by Frank J. Picha


Zagros Oils: Interpretation of Source Rock and Geochemistry

by Walter H. Pierce, John Zumberge, and Steve Brown


A Novel Technique for Fracture Data Analysis Using Three-Dimensional Signal Processing and Statistical Cluster Analysis: Outcrop Examples from the Grand Canyon, U.S.A. and Gulf of Suez, Egypt

by John D. Pigott, Louis C. Niglio, and Andy Rich


High-Resolution Carbon Isotope Stratigraphy: Separating Global from Local Effects on a Jurassic Carbonate Ramp of the U.S. Gulf Coast

by Kulwadee L. Pigott, Michael H. Engel, and Richard P. Philp


Hydrocarbon Play Types in the Tertiary Rocks of the Magallanes Basin, Chile, Revealed by Seismic Stratigraphy

by John D. Pigott and Sara Elgueta


Novel Steamflood Proposed to Revive Dutch Giant Oilfield

by Koos Pipping, Warren Geoff, and Duncan Green-Armytage


Understanding Dry Gas Accumulations: The Challenge

by Jean-Luc Pittion, B. Lambert, M. Sullivan, and D. Dessort


Simple Method of Determining Sand-Shale Ratios from Seismic Analysis of Growth Faults: An Example from Late Oligocene to Early Miocene Niger Delta Deposits

by Stéphane Pochat and Jean Van Den Driessche


Pressure Cell Mapping as a Tool for Evaluating Remaining Exploration Potential: Example from the Pre-Cretaceous Series in the Central Graben, North Sea, United Kingdom

by Olivier Point, Thierry Dugoujard, Neville Taylor, Thierry Rives, and Michel Sacleux


Structural Study of the Northern Edge of the Guárico Sub-Basin, Guarico State, Venezuela

by Rosa E. Polanco F


Physical-Chemical Investigation of the Recent Soils as a New Method of Detection in Oil and Gas Deposits

by Anatoliy V. Polivtsev, Lesia A. Buzhuk, Svyatoslav V. Kushnir, and Myroslava B. Yakovenko


The Recent Geodynamics and Effectiveness of Geochemical Exploration for Minerals

by Anatoliy V. Polivtsev


Mississippian Barnett Shale, Fort Worth Basin, Texas: A Model for Global Exploration of Continuous (Unconventional) Shale Gas Reservoirs

by Richard M. Pollastro


Maben Field—Analogue for Ordovician Exploration in the Black Warrior Basin of Mississippi, U.S.A

by Randy Ponder, Enzo Insalaco, Frédéric Walgenwitz, and Jean-Pierre Houzay


Prospects of Oil and Gas Presence in the Middle Caspian According to the Results of Basin Modeling

by Elena V. Postnova, I.V. Oreshkin, O.I. Merkulov, V.V. Gontarev, and M.A. Potapov


Exploration Risk Reducing by Means of Basin Modeling

by Elena V. Postnova, I.V. Oreshkin, O.I. Merkulov, and M.A. Potapov


The Growth Will Also Come from Mature Fields

by Igor Potapieff


3-D Focusing Transformation—Reliable Tool for Imaging Fractured Areas

by Vladimir A. Pozdnyakov


Geochemistry of Gas Emanations from Mud Volcanoes and Pockmarks from Offshore Egypt

by Alain A. Prinzhofer, Eric Deville, Jean Paul Foucher, Jean Claude Caprais, and Jean Mascle


Geologic Modeling and History Matching

by Brian A. Proett, John J. Lawrence, Colin J. Lyttle, David J. Fenter, et al.


Geochemistry of the Pleistocene/Holocene Carbonate-Evaporite Sediments of the Khiran Area, Southern Coast of Kuwait

by Suad AbdulKareem Qabazard and Fawzia Hussein Abdullah


Diagenesis and Reservoir Characterization of Ordovician Yeomen Carbonate Rocks, Southeastern Saskatchewan, Canada

by Hairuo Qing


Dealing with Reserves Uncertainty in Exploration—a Simple Methodology for Building Consistent, Realistic Reserves Estimates

by Dave Quirk and Rick Ruthrauff


Flip-Flop Salt Tectonics

by Dave Quirk and Robin Pilcher


The Study of H2S Origin in Natural Gas Reservoirs in South Iran

by Ahmad Reza Rabbani


The Architecture of Lower Triassic Aeolian Reservoirs Shaped by Synsedimentary Tectonics and Unconformity Development—Ems Basin, Northwestern Germany

by Dirk Radies, Harald Stollhofen, and Peter Kukla


Innovative Approach Using Geostatistical Inversion for Carbonate Reservoir Characterization in Sopa Field, South Sumatra, Indonesia

by Rusalida Raguwanti, Artini Sukotjo, and Bob Wikan H. Adebrata


Probabilistic Original Oil in Place (OOIP) in Producing Clastic Reservoirs of the Niger Delta

by J.M. Randle, D.B. Faparusi, R.E. Fitzmorris, and K.D. Kelsch


Managing Trade-Offs Between Conflicting Goals through a Portfolio Visualization Process

by Stephen M. Rasey


A Relook on Structural Style and Sedimentation Pattern: Implications on Lithostratigraphy and Hydrocarbon Prospectivity for Already Explored and New Plays of Krishna-Godavari and P-G Graben, India

by Sushma Rawat and K.B Trivedi


Back to the Rocks: Integrated Approach of Rock-Typing from Core Scale to Log Scale—Example of Upper Thamama from Onshore Abu Dhabi

by Michel Rebelle, Mohamed Al Nuaimi, Maria Teresa Ribeiro, Stephanie Gottlib-Zeh, et al.


Estimates of Oil Generation Temperature Based on a Kinetic Recalibration of Heptane Distributions

by A.G. Requejo


Technology Itself: A New E&P Challenge

by William G. Riehl


Geodynamic Evolution of the Tethyan Paleomargin of Iran: Comparison with Oman

by Cecile Robin, Philippe Razin, Spela Gorican, François Guillocheau, and Gilles Dromart


Expression and Modeling of Stratigraphic Sequence Distortion

by Cecile Robin, Delphine Rouby, Didier Granjeon, François Guillocheau, and Pascal Allemand


Fast Risking Basin Analysis (FRBA): Procedures, Methods and Case Studies

by Francisco Rocha-Legorreta


The Influence of the Salt Diapir Büsum on the Thermal and Maturity History of Surrounding Sedimentary Rocks: A 3-D Numerical Modeling Study in the North German Basin

by Sabine Rodon and Ralf Littke


Recognition of Sub-Facies Within a Miocene Canyon and Fan System by Use of Benthic Foraminiferal Assemblages

by Michael Rogerson, C.J. Van der Zwan, Brian J. O’Neill, G.J. Van der Zwaan, et al.


Analysis of a Multistage Dolomitization in the Early Jurassic Platform of Lombardy Southern Alps as an Analogue of Po Valley Reservoirs, Northern Italy

by Paola Ronchi, Andrea Ortenzi, Dario Sartorio, Paolo Scotti, et al.


Forties Infill Drilling: A Case History Documenting an Extensive Infill Drilling Campaign Driven by 4-D Seismic Technology

by Philip T.S. Rose, Stephen Adiletta, David Allard, Alistair Gray, and Donald Keir


Dhirubhai Discovery—Largest Discovery in 2002

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by Delphine Rouby, François Guillocheau, Yael Guyomard, Stephane Bonnet, et al.


Collisional Fold and Thrust Belts Involving Pre-Existing Salt Diapirs and Mini-Basins: Example of the Flinders Ranges, South Australia

by Mark G. Rowan


Deep-Water Depositional Systems of the Gulf of Guinea and the Alba Field, Equatorial Guinea

by Philip Rowell and J. D. Carballo


Sedimentology of the Reservoir Sandstones of the Middle Jurassic, Southeast Part of the Uvat Region

by Gilberto Rafael Royo, A.A. Matigorov, K.V. Zverev, E.R. Chuhlanceva, and I.S. Didenko

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Sandstone Facies Model Producing Hydrocarbon in Lower Keutapang, Paluh Tabuhan Timur Area, North Sumatra Basin, Indonesia

by Ory Sadjati, Ari Samodra, and Rusalida Raguwanti


Possible New Hydrocarbon Plays Within the Cretaceous Petroleum System of the Mesopotamian Basin, Central and Southern Iraq

by Sadooni, Fadhil N., UAE University, Al-Ain, United Arab Emirates


Infill Development Well Planning in a Mature Supergiant Oil Field

by Ahmad Ebraheem Safar


Integration of Cased Hole Logs, Openhole Logs, Seismic and Production Data to Ensure Optimal Well Placement and Ranking of Workover Candidates in a Maturing Giant Oil Field

by Ahmad Ebraheem Safar


Petroleum System Modeling in a Mud Diapir and Mud Volcano Development Region: A Case Study from the Indolo-Kuban Petroleum Province

by Macha Saint-Germes, Jean-Paul Herbin, Frederic Schneider, Roland Vially, and Bruno Taupin


Use of Seismic-Derived Attribute for Internal Reservoir Description: A Case History

by Claudio Sala, Luca Baruffini, Fabio Luoni, Anna Pizzo, and Marco Rovellini


Reactive Transport Modeling of Diagenetic Reactions in Carbonate Bedrocks: Carbonate Corrosion and/or Dolomitization

by Joaquin Salas, Conxita Taberner, Mateu Esteban, and Carlos Ayora


Sequence Stratigraphy of the Turonian—Early Campanian Formations in Selected Wells, Northeast Iraq

by Sabah N. Saleem and Mumtaz A. Ameen


Simulating Turbidity Currents Through a Cellular Automata Model

by Tristan Salles


The Evolution of Fracturing and Related Permeability Patterns in Numerical-Analytical Models (FRAPtre) of Fault Zone Growth

by Francesco Salvini, Fabrizio Balsamo, and Fabrizio Storti


Syn-Rift Systems Evolution of the Cuban Northwest Offshore (Deep Waters)

by Jorge R. Sanchez, Fabrice Gaumet, Jean Letouzey, Isabelle Moretti, et al.


Paleogeography of the Early-to-Middle Miocene in the Tácata Oilfield (Capaya and Carapita Formations), Eastern Venezuelan Basin, North of Anzoátegui and Monagas States

by Dennis Sánchez, Manuel Delgado, Solange Angulo, PDVSA E&P, Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela


Sedimentation in an Active Wrench Setting: The Upper Red Series, West Turkmenistan

by Dorothy Satterfield and Jonathan Redfern


Assessment of Unconventional Coalbed Methane Resource Potential: The U.S. Experience

by Christopher J. Schenk, Troy Cook, and Richard M. Pollastro


The Hydrocarbon Potential of Western Greece—Past E&P Results and Future Possibilities

by Ulrich Schmitz, Helena Dobrova, and Avraam Zelilidis


Geochemical Exploration in Deserts of North Africa and the Middle East: Strategies for Success

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The Impact of Cover Rock Rheology on Deformation of the Zagros Mountain Belt

by Mohammad Sepehr, John Cosgrove, and Mohsen Moeini


From Seismic Reservoir Characterization to Reservoir Simulation Models: Bridging the Project Workflow Gaps

by Gordy G. Shanor and Jonathan Bown


Simulation of Fluid Flow in Fractured Reservoirs Subject to Deformability

by Anton Shchipanov and A. Iu Nazarov


AVO Attributes for Successful Exploration and Field Development: A Case Study from Sarawak Basin, Malaysia

by Rusdinadar Sigit, Reza Lasman, and Norbert Van de Coevering


The Value of Logging While Drilling (LWD) Pressure Data in Deepwater Tracts, Offshore Angola

by Ilidio Domingos Silva, Frederico Ferraz Domingos, Chris Freitag, Eduard Van Wijk, and Arno Buysch


Oron West and North Oron—Combined Development of Two Adjacent Fields, Nigeria

by Vlasta Simantov


The Corbett Coalbed Methane Pilot Project: Untapping a Potential Giant

by Mike Simpson


Hydrocarbon Identification During Drilling Operation in Lampake Wells Using Advanced Gas Data: A Case Study

by Iranta Bona Sinaga and Umi Kurniyati


Recent Successes in North Kuwait: The Emerging Jurassic Play

by Sunil Kumar Singh, M.D. Al-Ajmi, N.C. Banik, A. Al-Khamiss, et al.


Foothill Structure Inversion Using Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithm

by Vijay Pratap Singh, Michel Léger, and Marc Schoenauer


Using an Integrated Approach to Production Optimization in a Mature Field

by Satyendra P. Sinha, Ibrahim AL-Kandari, and Khalaf AL-Anezi


CARB3D+: A New Forward Simulation Model for Sedimentary Architecture and Near-Surface Diagenesis in Isolated Carbonate Platforms

by Peter L. Smart, David Waltham, Graham Felce, and Fiona F. Whitaker


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by G.C. Smith, S. Goodworth, A. Johnson, S. Polomka, et al.


Regional-Scale Tectonostratigraphic Evolution and Petroleum System of the Tano Basin, Ghana

by Nat Smith, Gabor Tari, Thomas Manu, Nii Adzei-Akpor, and David Valasek


Studies of United Kingdom Continental Shelf (UKCS) Fields after a Decade of Production—So Really How Good Are We at Estimating Subsurface Uncertainty?

by Peter Smith


Subsurface Management of Drill Cuttings Reinjection in a Challenging Offshore Environment, Sakhalin, Russia

by Wouter.G. Smits and Dave Buller


High-Resolution Sequence Stratigraphy and Paleogeographic Evolution of the Middle Miocene Gas-Bearing Successions in Northern Malay Basin, Offshore Peninsular Malaysia

by Mohamed Som, Mohd Rapi, Abdul Hadi Abd Rahman, and Moh’D. Nurein Bushara


Stratigraphy and Sedimentation of the Paleocene-Eocene Deep-Water Section in the Central Campos Basin (Brazil Deep Seds—Deep-Water Sedimentation on the Southeast Brazilian Margin Project)

by C.E. Souza Cruz, L.A.F. Sessegolo, P.R. Blaskovski, and Eduardo B. Rodrigues


Core to Seismic-Scale Integrated Reservoir Characterization of a Permian Fluvio-Aeolian Gas Reservoir, Waqar Field, Eastern Saudi Arabia

by Ronald Allan Sprague


Niger Delta Play Characterization

by David Steele and Joe Ejedawe


Unconventional Deepwater Hydrocarbon Traps

by David Steele


Geology-Driven Depth Stretching: An Alternative for Prestack Depth Migration? Experiences from the Espirito Santo Basin, Offshore Brazil

by Matthias Stollenwerk, Jürgen Altenkirch, Klaus Fischer, and A. Ewan Campbell


Choosing the Best Integrated Model for Reservoir Simulation

by Anne-Kristine Stolz and Ramona M. Graves


Characterization of the Tayarat Heavy Oil Carbonate Reservoir, Kuwait

by Simon Stonard, Mariam Al-Saeed, Mona Al-Rushaid, Dave Sibley, et al.


Oil and Gas Traps Related to Salt Tectonics in the Dniepr-Donets Basin, Ukraine: Observations and Quantitative Modeling

by Sergiy M. Stovba, Dmitriy B. Vengrovitch, and Randell A. Stephenson


An Innovative Geostatistical Approach to Build Geologically Realistic Reservoir Models: The Multiple-Point Statistics/Facies Distribution Modeling (MPS/FDM) Workflow

by Sebastien Strebelle, Marjorie Levy, Julian Thorne, and Deyi Xie


Reservoir Modeling and Simulation Backed Up with Geological Knowledge

by Ruidong Sun and Yuhong Liu


Comparative Analysis of the Geologic Setting, Sequence Stratigraphy and Reservoir Architecture of the Canadian Athabasca Tar Sands and the Venezuelan Orinoco Heavy Oil Belt

by John R. Suter


3-D Visualization of West Africa Waterbottom Leveed Channels and Debris Flows: Analogues for Offshore Reservoirs

by Jason P. Sutton and Robert M. Mitchum


Source Rock Aspects of the Deep-Water Potential, Offshore Namibia

by Roger Swart


A Probabilistic Approach to Clay-Smear Fault Seal in Hydrocarbon Migration Modeling for the Tune Field

by Øyvind Sylta and Susanne Sperrevik


Paleogeography of the Early-to-Middle Miocene in the Tácata Oilfield (Capaya and Carapita Formations), Eastern Venezuelan Basin, North of Anzoátegui and Monagas States

by Dennis Sánchez, Manuel Delgado, and Solange Angulo


Diagenetic Modeling of Fault-Related Hydrothermal Dolomitization: Constraints for the Prediction of Porosity Distribution

by C. Taberner, J. Salas, I. Sharp, P. Gillespie, et al.


Fluid Flow and Diagenesis of Fractures in the Front of the Zagros Fold Belt: Timing Constraints of Deformation

by C.Taberner, J. Vergés, P. Gillespie, I. Sharp, et al.


Insights to Reservoir Architecture Through Multi-Penetration Pilot (MPP) Wells

by Odd Tangen and Kjell Espejord


Three-Dimensional Fracture Pattern Predictions in Thrust-Related Anticlines by Hybrid Cellular Automata (HCA) Numerical Models

by Stefano Tavani, Francesco Salvini, Fabrizio Storti, and Roberto Gambini


The “FaultWorld” Approach: A Semi-Automatic Fault Interpretation Workflow

by Jos M.J. Terken and Jean-Claude Jauffred


Exploring a Mature Field—Offshore Gabon

by R.J. Theunissen, T. Regan, and S. Johansen


Can We Change the Scale in Basin Modeling with Local Grid Refinement?

by Muriel Thibaut, Yannick Caillabet, Eric Flauraud, and Frederic Schneider


Modeling Geology from Static to Dynamic in the Eldfisk Chalk Field, Southern Norwegian North Sea

by Michel Claude Thomas, H. Alexandersen, Claus K. Clausen, and Matthew G. Reppert


Assessing Source Rock Characteristics from Calibration Against Known Accumulations in Petroleum Systems Modeling: Sensitivity Analysis and Resolution

by Rene O. Thomsen, Niels Langager Westphal, Lene F. Clausen, and Nils Lange Jacobsen


In Situ Stress and Tectonic Evolution of Brunei: Implications for Shale Dike Emplacement

by Mark Tingay, Richard Hillis, Chris Morley, Richard Swarbrick, and Steve Drake


Carbon Isotopic Balance of Kerogen Pyrolysis Effluents in a Closed System

by Eric Tocqué, Françoise Behar, François Lorant, and Helene Budzinski


Exploration Potential of an Underexplored Passive Margin: New Plays and Petroleum Systems in the Suriname Offshore Basin, Suriname

by Max Torres, Steve Hermeston, and Allan Kean


Impact of Halokinesis in a Foreland Basin, Aquitaine Basin, France: Contribution to the Study of Upper Cretaceous to Paleocene Reservoir Formations—Part I

by Renaud Toullec, Adrian Cerepi, Philippe Razin, Louis Humbert, et al.


Sedimentary and Diagenetic Models of Upper Cretaceous to Paleocene Carbonate Formations, Aquitaine Basin, France: Prediction of Their Reservoir Properties—Part II

by Renaud Toullec, Adrian Cerepi, Philippe Razin, Louis Humbert, et al.


Structural Style and Riftogenic Sedimentation Pattern of Muglad Basin, Sudan, Africa: A Sequence Stratigraphic Approach

by K.B. Trivedi, Kamil Idris, and Mustafa Eltayeb


Porosity Versus Depth: A Case Study from Neem Field of Muglad Basin, Sudan, Africa

by K.B. Trivedi, Mustafa Eltayeb, and Kamil Idris


Integrated Quantitative 4-D Seismic and Assisted History Matching in Support of Infill Drilling: An Example from the Andrew Field, United Kingdom Continental Shelf

by Robert J. B. Trythall, Ronnie S. Parr, Christopher Mair, and Roger C. Skinner


Britannia Satellites Phase One—Combining Mature, Stratigraphically Distinct Discoveries Through a Multi Field Development, Outer Moray Firth, United Kingdom Continental Shelf

by Steve Tucker, Paul McQuillan, and Kim Watson


A Basin Modeling Approach to the Prediction of Oil Biodegradation

by Are Tømmerås and Hermann M. Weiss

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Quality Control of Injection Water: Key to Maintaining Facility and Reservoir Integrity in Waterflood Projects

by Jonathan Oghenovo Umurhohwo and Innocent C. Okoro


Intrashelf Basin Development in the Cenomanian/Turonian Carbonate Platforms of Iran and Oman (Sarvak and Natih Formations)

by Frans Van Buchem, Farid Taati, and Philippe Razin


Global Event Stratigraphy

by Kees C.J. Van der Zwan


Probing the Limits of the Economic Basement in Northwest Europe

by Fred F.N. Van Hulten


A New Method for Assessing the Impact of Exploration Prospect Interdependency

by J.D. Van Wees, H. Mijnlieff, J. Lutgert, J. Breunese, and C. Bos


Insights into the Petroleum System of the Western Nile Delta, Egypt

by Claudius Vandré, Bernhard Cramer, Peter Gerling, and Jutta Winsemann


Hydrocarbon Accumulation in Jurassic Low Metamorphic and Ophiolitic Assemblage

by Taska T. Vasiljevic and Borisa R. Vuckovic


Adding Value Through Near-Field Exploration Driven by 3-D Acoustic Impedance Conditioned Reservoir Modeling: An Example from a Mature Gulf of Suez Carbonate Producing Asset, Ras Fanar Field, Egypt

by Richard D. Vaughan


Reservoir Geology of the Giant Heavy Oil Boscan Field, Maracaibo Basin, Venezuela

by Mariano L. Vela and Eduardo A. Naranjo


Case Study: Social Network Delivers Value

by Guillermo Velasquez


Salt Diapirism Generated by Shortening and Buckle Folding

by Bruno C. Vendeville and Virginie Gaullier


Timing of Onset and Destruction of the Zagros Foreland Basin in Lurestan, Iran: New Magnetostratigraphic Data

by Jaume Vergés, Stephane Homke, Miguel Garces, Ridvan Karpuz, et al.


Dynamics of Pressure Systems in the Netherlands North Sea

by Hanneke Verweij, Erik Simmelink, James Underschultz, and Claus Otto


Salt Pillows, the Mobile Substratum Controlling the Late Jurassic-Cretaceous Facies Distribution in the Hydrocarbon-Rich Province of Southeastern Mexico

by Javier Villaseñor Hernández, Javier J. Meneses Rocha, Felipe Audemard, Jorge Varela Santamaría, et al.


Differential Salt Diapirism Rise and Its Incidence in Karstic Properties Generation in the Jujo-Tecominoacan Field, Mexico

by Pedro Ernesto Villaseñor-Rojas, Clotilde Prieto-Ubaldo, Agustin Espino-Moreno, Hector A. Carmona-Pozos, et al.


Reducing Exploration Risk Within the Caspian and Black Sea Regions

by Stephen Vincent, Clare Davies, Irene Gomez-Perez, Andrew Morton, and Christine Brouet-Menzies


A Revisited: Facies, Diagenetic and Depositional Model of Miocene Kais Carbonate in Matoa Field, Salawati – Kepala Burung Block, Indonesia

by Muhammad Wahyudin, Bob Wikan H. Adibrata, and Ngakan Alit Ascaria


Quantitative 4-D Seismic as an Additional Constraint in an Automated History Matching Process: An Example from the Harding Field, United Kingdom North Sea

by Greg J. Walker and Peter M. Allan


Early Versus Late Dolomitization of the Miocene Luconia Platform: Insights from ‰13C, ‰13O, 87Sr/86Sr and Fluid Inclusions of Isolated Cement Generations

by G.Warrlich, C. Taberner, M. Esteban, A. Dombrowski, et al.


Mature Field Development Geology of a Complex Estuarine-Shallow Marine Reservoir: Bahariya and Abu Roash “G” Formations, Western Desert, Egypt

by Fred Wehr, Ali Bakr, Tarek Mansoury, Nabil Sedky, et al.


Capturing Fracture Uncertainties in Reservoir Simulation of a Giant Mature Fractured Carbonate Field, Oman

by Lingli Wei, Simon Price, Martin De Keijzer, and Salah Al Dhahab


The Sanha Condensate Project: Increasing Value and Eliminating Flaring, Angola, Southern Africa

by Brigitte Wexler, Joana Benge, Claudio Morsetti, Eric Vaubourdolle, and Mel Croft


Handling Extreme Uncertainty in Assessing Circum-Arctic Petroleum Potential

by Loring P. White, Richard S. Bishop, and Donald L. Gautier


Sandstone Provenance Studies in East Greenland and Mid-Norway Provide Insights into Jurassic Sediment Transport Paths in the Norway-Greenland Rift

by Andrew G. Whitham, Andrew C. Morton, Dominic P. Strogen, Caroline S. Pickles, et al.


Impact of Mobile Shale on Structural and Stratigraphic Evolution of the Niger Delta

by Richard W. Wiener, Michael G. Mann, Valerie Goggin, David M. Advocate, and M. Terry Angelich


Objects Versus Layers: The “Diagnostic 3-D Seismic Process”—Earth’s Seismic Duality and a New Process for Imaging, Measuring, and Evaluating Subterranean “Common-Impedance Objects” (e.g., Petroleum Reservoirs)

by Louis Edward Willhoit


Stakeholder Engagement for Sustainable Development: The Case of Sakhalin Island

by Emma Wilson


3-D Visualization and Interpretation of Branching


by Bastian Wirth, Stefan Back, and Peter Kukla


Tectono-Sedimentary Controls on a Mixed Clastic-Carbonate Shallow Marine Reservoir: Lower Sendji Carbonate (Albian), N’Kossa Field, Offshore Congo

by Jonathan Wonham, Untung Ashari, Lucile Schuwer, Marie-Corinne Devilliers, and Thang Nguyen


An Integrated Approach to Incorporate Intraplate Stress, Lithospheric Memory and Slip Tendency Into Models for Fault Zone Permeability

by G. Worum, J.D. Van Wees, A. Gartrell, F. Mulders, and S.A.P.L. Cloetingh


Uses of Cl-RSA (Chlorine Residual Salt Analysis): A New Technique for the Investigation of Waters from Cores

by V. Woulé Ebongué, N. Jendrzejewski, F. Walgenwitz, F. Pineau, and M. Javoy


Reactive Transport Modeling of Carbonate Diagenesis: Linking Fundamental Geochemical Processes to Reservoir Quality Prediction

by Yitian Xiao


Turbidite Facies Analysis Through Integration of Electrical Images with Openhole Logs, Mudlogs and Map Data, Red Oak Field, Oklahoma, U.S.A.

by Chunming Xu, Thomas Cronin, Brad Steer, Thal Mcginness, and Thomas Pickens


Fracture Prediction in Fault Damage Zones Using Elastic Dislocation Models: A Carbonate Outcrop Example from Central Texas, U.S.A

by Chris Zahm, Peter H. Hennings, and Milt Enderlin


Current Status of CO2 Geosequestration: A Policy and Regulatory Review

by Paul Zakkour


Fracture Interpretation and Discrimination Between Drilling-Induced and Natural Fractures Through Integration of Cross-Dipole Acoustic Anisotropy and Electrical Borehole Images

by P. Zarian, R. Reinmiller, M. Markovic, and M. Kozimko


Improving Recovery from Heterogeneous Clastic Reservoirs Using Borehole Image Sedimentology: Morrow Formation (Lower Pennsylvanian), Anadarko Basin, Oklahoma, U.S.A

by P. Zarian, R.D. Blumstein, S.A. Lomas, and T.A. Vandeven


Appraisal of a Supergiant: The Kashagan Field, North Caspian Basin, Kazakhstan

by William Zempolich


Multi-Azimuth Offset Vertical Seismic Profiles (VSPs) to Enhance Surface Seismic Images of Reservoirs

by Xiaomin Zhao, Yingping, Li, James Jackson, Shuangxi Wang, et al.


Visualization-Based Volume Interpretation Leads to Robust Identification of Stratigraphic Features of Deep Marine System

by Elena Zhurina, Lorena Guerra, Charles West, and Mike Liebelt

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