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Integrated Quantitative 4-D Seismic and Assisted History Matching in Support of Infill Drilling: An Example from the Andrew Field, United Kingdom Continental Shelf


Trythall, Robert J. B., Ronnie S. Parr, Christopher Mair, Roger C. Skinner, BP, Aberdeen, United Kingdom


This paper describes the workflow used to apply Top Down Reservoir Simulation Modelling (TDRM*) in support of infill drilling on Andrew - UKCS. In particular it details updating & incorporation of static uncertainty within TDRM, inclusion of 4D Seismic as an observed data stream within TDRM and optimisation of horizontal well placement across multiple History Matched models.

Andrew has a noisy 4D seismic response. Simulation results were used to help constrain the 4D interpretation. By careful examination the Andrew Mobile Oil Water Contact (mOWC) could be identified and mapped. This was then used as an input into TDRM

The strongest case for infill well reserves could be made where equi-probable models generated by TDRM have been matched to both production and 4D Seismic data. The range of incremental reserves was felt to fully represent the P90-P10 range.

Finally mOWCs from TDRM were converted to time and visualised with the 4D seismic. This helped show areas of low and high confidence in the interpretation of the mOWC.