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Enterprise Document Management System: How to Empower the Organization to Engineer Company Final Documentation, Enable Employee Collaboration, and Support Informed Decisions


Garbujo, Carlo Michele, Francesco Pagetti, Dario Morganti, Fabio Feneri, ENI S.p.A, San Donato Milanese (Milan), Italy


This paper will describe the system, called MyDoc, implemented by Eni to provide E&P Division with a Web-based architecture that consolidates all the vertical electronical docu­ment systems into a single infrastructure to guarantee an unique entry point in order to browse and manage the Company’s final documentation (final reports, maps, enclosures, etc).

The paper will specifically focus on a case-study related to the integration of MyDoc with corporate header information and with the strategic knowledge management architecture.

MyDoc represents an innovative document architecture in order to improve the knowl­edge management and the retrieval of essential information produced in the past E&P activ­ities; MyDoc arises from the integration of the existing E&P Document Management Systems developed through separate projects of Engineering, Well Drilling Standards and Procedures and Radio Protection areas.

MyDoc makes available a new user-friendly and innovative navigation system, which allows the storage of the documents not only by using general attributes (such as Title, Author, Document Type, etc) but also by using Business Objects referenced to the docu­ments. A business object is a living and validated header information of Well, Field, Prospect, Basin, Seismic, Concession, Project Phase, Emergency synchronized into MyDoc from the E&P corporate database. The link of the document to the Business Objects allows users to browse the system, focusing on their operating needs.

An additional innovative navigation system, introduced by MyDoc, provides an integrat­ed “enterprise search” among different categories of documents: E&P, Facilities, Drilling Standard and Radio Protection, i.e. a user can browse all the above mentioned document types starting from a common and shared set of attributes.