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Downscaling Basin Models with Reservoir Models: An Application of Migration Modeling to Reservoir Filling


Carruthers, Dan, The Permedia Research Group Inc, Ottawa, Ontario


In part due to disparate lengthscales between basin and reservoir models, using basin models to predict petroleum emplacement patterns within a reservoir can be a serious chal­lenge. Techniques for dealing with these disparities will be demonstrated.

First, a method for downscaling basin models through the application of “conditioning fabrics” will be shown. Normally, these fabrics are derived from seismic or geostatistics, but high resolution reservoir models may also be used to enhance details around key areas of interest. These fabrics enable basin-scale petroleum migration calculations to be performed at reservoir-scale resolutions.

Having embedded the reservoir model within the basin model, the reservoir boundary conditions can be set. The high-resolution reservoir model may then be charged according to the petroleum fluxes predicted by the basin modelling. Detailed emplacement patterns are therefore established.

These techniques will be demonstrated through the application to selected case studies.